Madalin Giorgetta Can't Handle FACTS | Every Damn Day Fitness

Madalin Giorgetta Can't Handle FACTS | Every Damn Day Fitness

previously on tea bagging the George Etta your girl Madeline George Etta is back again it's important to question our use of fitness tracking devices do we need them do they help us or do they cause us more stress and negatively impact our self-worth delete My Fitness Pal and try not to look at the calorie information on labels throw out your diet books or donate them to charity so she wants you to delete a free fucking app and purchase her app as she tags it just above this comment which is 20 bucks a month the following program is rated tv-ma and OC it contains a big pair of nuts directly on your chin it is intended only for mature audiences viewer discretion advised so here's where it gets really fucking juicy really fucking juicy I'm gonna read you a response to her post and now I want to go down the thread because it gets really fucking insane with how she's responding to people and how she's pushing off reality just to suit her narrative you sit on a throne of lies and Lancaster responded to her post the same post I was talking about and said most people aren't in danger of having an eating disorder most people are in danger of being overweight and inactive and at risk of many diseases and earlier death because of it I don't think you're giving very good advice to most people who are overweight and or inactive they've been eating quote intuitively all their lives and they are bearing the brunt of it with their ill health and possible future problems most people could benefit from an activity tracker to get their caloric deficit and weight trained you're living in a weird diet fitness bubble if you think you're giving good advice to most people her response is no most people have been dieting their whole lives not eating intuitively at all we have forgotten how to eat intuitively I suggest if you want to learn about this blah blah blah you read someone else's book so you can probably properly understand the concept she doesn't understand the concept Madeleine has no fucking idea what she's talking about we've established that with many videos already so she has no idea what the fuck she's talking about so she keeps on pushing it off and all these other people that write these books are on this social justice train so there's other ideas and ideologies that are wrapped up in health I made a video about this the other day you can't lump fucking like obesity with a social justice issue we're forgetting the fact that the health like people are fucking dying yoga living 24 responded I have to disagree with this I am overweight not due to the excess dieting at all I've eaten quote intuitively and as a result I'm incredibly overweight and unhealthy I don't have good hunger cues nor willpower meaning I will eat far more than I need far past satiation I am in the process of working through this and tracking has made me realize how many calories I truly intake how much excess I'm eating a relation to a little I move literally everyone is different tracking is so helpful to me to make better habits and work through my destructive behaviors blanket statements like most people have been dieting their whole life and quote is irresponsible also people like to rail against diet culture and how much money people spend on it but how about soda companies fast food restaurants those industries contribute heavily to obesity and you know damn well they're taking in billions so Madeline's expert response is what you have described is not intuitive eating unfortunately if you want to learn what it means to eat intuitively I suggest you read these other fucking books that other people with other agendas have written this is where it gets really fucking Shady she responded to the same person she added a couple more comments she said you know you can use it if you have a good experience with tracking but if you have a positive experience which really should be the same with everyone if you have a positive experience fucking use it and if you don't don't use it but you need to educate people and not just lead them to this social bullshit she says quote in response to that previous comment from yoga living 24 dieting is extremely prevalent an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year and Americans spend 33 billion dollars each year on weight-loss products she responds Madeline George Etta I don't doubt it but on the other side of the coin the fast-food industry alone brings in about 200 billion per year in the US and here's where it gets extremely fucking juicy because our boy Alan Roberts over at every damn day Fitness who has made videos on Madeline George Etta before – as well so we've been kind of like going after similar topics and he's done so much content on obesity so make sure you go follow and subscribe to his channel if you're not already and she has me banned so I'm looking at this from another account and I noticed that he is in the comments here with his second account because he was banned as well which is fucking hilarious she can't take criticism especially when she's fucking wrong because I'll affect her bottom line of course so he responds he jumps in and says Madeline George ADA Americans spend approximately 245 fucking billion dollars on type-2 diabetes each year and another approximately 100 billion on other obesity issues what else you got so she originally came out with 33 billion on weight loss products what do you think is worse 33 billion on weight loss products or 350 billion on type 2 diabetes and associated obesity related issues fucking slam dunk that's why we're raging about it so much because it's fucking brutal so she responds Alan Roberts I don't have anything for somebody who doesn't want to engage in a meaningful conversation what the fuck is she talking about this is what he said again Americans spend approximately two hundred forty five billion boda what else you got that's not a meaningful conversation you mean facts oh I forgot I forgot no facts allowed fam no science allowed here no facts allowed here fam no facts you got numbers get the fuck out get the fuck out you're now welcome Alan diet culture motherfucker mm-hmm can't even keep a straight face she feels like facts attack her if you want to have a fair respectful conversation you can DM me and I'm sure she wants him to DM her so she can keep it off her main page so no one else sees it because she's going to get smashed so someone else responded right after that pretty sure he's being respectful and meaningful facts pretty sure he was speaking respectful and meaningful facts that's all they are and facts are not emotionally tied okay that's what a fact is it doesn't have an emotion attached to it a fact is a fact is a fact just like a dumb motherfucker is a dumb motherfucker is a dumb motherfucker does that make sense Madeline he is not being rude he is stating a fact that blatantly destroys your approach and you can't fucking handle it so Allen responds that was meaningful and just as respectful as you were speaking to the person you quoted about the spending on Fitness the simple fact the valid number you gave is about one-tenth the combined valid numbers I gave doesn't make them disrespectful right on as for a DM conversation we can discuss facts statistics and viewpoints right here you put information out in public what is the harm in people seeing valid statistical provable counterpoints I smashed already she's afraid to have the conversation in the open she responds we were in a conversation together already that was not the first thing I opened with we were having a fair conversation prior to this if you read the whole thread you would see this when you respond to someone in your comments and matt'll let me help you out I'll explain how Instagram works which is shocking cuz you have a million fucking followers when someone drops a comment anyone can reply to that comment that's what a conversation is and on a public forum that's what you want to happen it's called engagement post engagement you can google that it's a little bit completely mint engagement I mean you can google that spelling too this is what happens on Instagram anyone can reply because if you just drop another comment you don't know who you're answering to so you reply to that person's comment other people can get in on the conversation so she goes on to add about posting in the comments because he doesn't want to go to DM cuz he feels like it should be open which it should be she doesn't want to do in the comments because quote it's a pain in the ass he could screenshot DMS if you like I'm not going to make things up about you however if it's a DM it could be photoshopped and you could bias things if it's out in the open you can't hijack shit she's just caught off guard because he came at her with a second account which I'm sure has probably blocked at this point anyway so the best screenname in the world leaves a response jabroni pepperoni this is fucking amazing name it's just seems like you're avoiding the question Madeleine I don't believe it was unfair or disrespectful because it wasn't it was factual so Madol responds to jabroni pepperoni I'm not I'm just busy and I have hundreds of comments so I can't possibly engage in a conversation in a comment thread as she's engaging in a conversation in a common thread because she posts a couple more times as you'll soon see like a brick wall you're gonna trust someone that's why she's passing it off to these other social justice people because there's nothing upstairs it's like a hamster on a fucking wheel ghost town so Allen responds Madeleine yes on an open public forum so I put other facts to go alongside your facts that is not disrespectful at all now why would you think it is good advice to avoid knowledge of the caloric density of the food they are ingesting she responds Allen I never said it was disrespectful I said if you want to engage in a respectful conversation you can DM me well why not just engage in the respectful conversation you're currently are in right there in the comments because you're already in the conversation if you said you want to engage passive-aggressive much if you say if you want to have a respectful conversation DME that is with the context that the current conversation is disrespectful otherwise why isn't it just fine where it is is he being scary Madeleine it's a big bald man scaring you oh my god you're the jabroni pepperoni so he responds Madeleine why would we not have our conversation here for everyone to see that way my words cannot be misconstrued or misrepresented and people would be able to see both sides of the conversation I have absolutely no issues with presenting my views stances experiences facts and interpretations for everyone to see openly I have no need to have my critical thinking and logic be only indirect messages now how again is it that a person that has no idea how many calories are in an item they are eating in a time when processed foods are so calorically dense that is intuitively eating to their food queues a good idea rightfully so this goes back to what I originally said and I talked about why food quality does fucking matter food quality and food volume they both matter you don't want someone on a calorically restricted fast-food diet you want both both so he adds again Madeline Howe is typing here versus typing in dm's any different I am perfectly good having the conversation here think of it this way you have an opportunity to prove to your fans that not only do you have conviction in your new mindset of intuitive eating and healthy at every size but you will get to refute the points of someone that does not believe in them publicly this would reassure those of your fans that may have some doubt which should be all of them at least at this point now if a person is intuitively eating bread as they are listening to their food cues and the bread has 250 calories a slice versus a hundred calories a slice which is what the person thinks the slice has and they eat six slices a day how was the extra 900 calories going to affect them if they do this every day for a year pretty much fucking hands down for reference in the bread question I just asked if the person at the time was not gaining or losing weight and they did not change our activity level at all this 900 calories swing by intuitively eating a more calorically dense bread every day over the course of the year would lead to rapid weight gain anywhere from 70 to 100 pounds and this is exactly how weight gain happens gradually over time no one gains 50 pounds in a month by accident it's this slow excessive caloric intake it's this lack of understanding of how many calories you're consuming is this complete disconnect with what you're doing versus what you think you're doing and if you base all of your nutrition all of your health on how you feel you're going to wake up one fucking day and be like what is going on with my body we this fat come from because you are intuitively going through your life in a fucking bubble she doesn't have any facts she doesn't have any knowledge about fitness she's promoting this nonsense that other people are writing books about because just have command of this material herself she's very slick with her words and even the Laura Thomas PhD person using phrases like or how does food make you feel and body food choice congruence what the fuck is body food choice congruence body food choice congruence these are over complicated terms for very simple concepts you want to gain eat more you want to lose eat less you should be tracking your calories you should be focusing on the quality of your foods and you should be understanding how much of those foods you're eating because you could gain weight with healthy food you can lose weight with healthy food understand and you're going to avoid a lot of the health issues and the risks of overly processed and overly calorically dense foods this is mind blowing fucking nonsense on a sidenote the healthy and every size the all inclusionary the very kind and not scary at all Madeline George Etta is sponsored by writer we're healthy at every size are we are we hmm how come when you go to workout leggings and pants at writer where it only goes up to size large you don't want XL ladies wearing your pants what about double XL what about triple XL what about 4 X 5 X you hypocritical fucking twon't I'm angry fam this is frustrating because people with very large audiences like Madeleine they are putting people at risk this is a massive massive massive massive issue and if you don't think it's a big deal and you think that myself that Alan that we're ganging up on these cute little girls you're missing the point social media is really fucking powerful this is how people are communicating this is literally the number one way that people are communicating in this world so when you have 1 million 1 in 1 million subscribers when you have 1 million fucking people following you on instagram alone and you're posting this nonsense you are corrupting a lot of people that are vulnerable to listening to this bullshit if your cerebral each allenge maybe this will work for you and maybe this will be your comfort zone but for anyone with a few peanuts for an IKE you can look through this and see this as a fucking charade you're making people feel happy you're being very very passive and indirect with your approach you're being very vague with your diet if you're very vague with diet you don't take any real responsibility for giving people real fitness advice this is a fucking problem it's a virus and it has to be stopped so drop your comments below what do you think I know this was long-winded but fuck if she isn't just a bag of fucking bricks and I had to unpack every single one of them so what are your thoughts drop in the comments below make sure to subscribe to my second channel daily school podcast so you get more nuts in your chin like this every single day I'll send the cards in the description down below and you can subscribe to the podcast everywhere all on Apple on Android so I will see you over there on the daily school podcast thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed these fucking nuts on your chin Papas wooly Oh out I know I know can you believe that Beach can you believe that a little beach healthy get every size my ass she just want people to track calories what do you think her pants only go up to a large that's not fair she's not all-inclusive you can't you can't be a part of her group because you're a pup you are in LA so that's not my check you are guest guessing a whip whip it up fast and Fastenal furious I'm sorry this best getting all curious you put me on blast blast bad areas kids in the back back to the future the future is black then later Tyler what kind of attack


  1. Swlolenorempus pretty much the male ugly version of madalin. Both scumny whites trying to bank off no effort attention industry

  2. This schtick gets regurgitated over and over. Idiots are everywhere, you’re just as much of an idiot by pointing out this idiot females idiocy. There will always be idiots who follow idiots to the volcano. You screaming to those people it’s a volcano never changes their mind.

    Sheeple gon sheep……

  3. Man, that bitch is so passive aggressive and immature with her lame ass emoticons at the end of her stupid responses. She's the one not interested in engaging in a meaningful dialogue, guess she's too busy just trying to exploit vulnerable or naive minds looking for confirmation bias to make them feel better about themselves without having to put any actual work in.

  4. As someone who needed a calorie tracking app to properly understand the nutritional content of foods even though I was eating clean to effectively lose weight, it is DISGUSTING that someone with ZERO education in nutrition and a simple PT license feels they are qualified to advise people to ditch effective and as you mentioned, free tools that educate people on what they are putting in their bodies. Research is not based off of anecdotal evidence, you don't advise hundreds and thousands of followers to just read a book and eat intuitively, I can only imagine how people like Rhonda Patrick and Layne Norton who have dedicated years of research to this topic feel when they see uneducated "infliuencers" dish out BS "advice". So unbelievably frustrating for those who are not well versed enough to know her info is trash.

  5. Oh my gosh, did you say “tw-unt”?!?!?!😂 I think that is my new favorite word! Love your videos, I always laugh!

  6. Dude! You are killing it with these gifs man👍🤙
    Love your content & really enjoyed this video.
    These people need to understand the information they’re putting out is dangerous when they don’t know or can’t back up their statements.

  7. ITS SCIENCEEEEE yessss. Idk how many times I think of people who don’t understand that it’s just facts. It’s. Just. Science.

  8. Gawd, what an arse. That’s not a compliment, Madalin.

    Jabroni Pepperoni just made my day.

    And I ♥️your puppy.

  9. I agree with you but Dude make your own content, stop riding Alan Roberts coat tails. Tell everyone your Natty and put on a shirt. No shirt no service.

  10. Yikes. As a PT and Nutritionist I wouldn’t EVER tell anyone to ‘eat intuitively’.

    A) vague and can be interpreted by people differently
    B) really really irresponsible
    C) a money maker for these people, considering so many people are overweight and want to look like this girl and will think that eating whatever they want will help them get there.

    How does this work anyway? I could eat ‘intuitively’ but I still subconsciously know what calories are in most things and roughly what I should and shouldn’t be eating without checking the calories for everything. So, without actually tracking calories I won’t exceed my daily intake anyway?

    Yet someone who knows nothing about nutrition, to tell them to eat intuitively is just grossly irresponsible. I used to be overweight before I was qualified and if someone had said that to me I know how I would have taken it, and I would have ended up being even bigger than I was.


  11. She really is as dumb As she looks. Honestly her ass needs a good beating maybe that would knock her down to reality. Who ever raised her failed and should never have children again. Shame on her and her parents for bringing her up like this.

  12. Thank God I don’t have this problem. I’m truly blessed. I feel bad for people who gain weight easily. I don’t eat a lot though. I can tell she’s fake from the jump.

  13. I'm not even close to overweight and I still will track what I eat just to get an idea. I'm pretty consistent with what I eat so I don't need to really track every day but if I change something I'll go back to logging it to see what I ate in that day. GUESSING at what you eat and not reading LABELS is how you get in trouble. It should be a crime to be able to give bullshit information to that big of a following.

  14. i dunno how i feel about this. yeah, she's a fuckin' scumbag, but if people can't be fucked to do a little research on their own, they're not trying to lose weight. they think spending money on stupid shit is making an effort to lose weight. it's indicative of the decay of the world we find ourselves in today, dwindling personal accountability and discipline, everyone wants shit without earning it, etc.

  15. I’m sick of these chicks making an influence on people’s health and choices just so they can get a fat check in the mail. It’s disgusting

  16. I’m part of the body positive fat acceptance movement. I’ve accepted that I’m fat due to caloric surplus and decided to be body positive and loose weight. Its that simple why do all these people need to over complicate it??

  17. I agree these tracking apps are BS and I wont ever use them; I think they are for idiots. most athletes dont even use them. I dont know why people can ONLY resist a pizza if they have an app that tells them: "Wait, this has many calories!" Shouldnt you know this shit by yourself? But eating intuitively is (obviously) not the answer and also BS.

  18. I swear down I'm gonna get indigestion from watching this while eating my dinner. Another brilliant, informative, funny video from Mr More Nuts On Your Chin. And the clips you add in? Pure genius. We applaud you sir.

  19. What I love is. She preaches fat acceptance (I refuse to use body positivity as a term for fat acceptance…because body positivity ia about things you can't change like strerch marks, scars, birth defects and lost limbs…not obesity that CAN be changed)…so she preaches that we should love ourselves and that you are healthy while heing obese…yet she ia skinny, eats clean and healthy and works out. I can see how it is in an obese person's mind…she looks skinny and tells us we can do whatever we want and we will end up like her. But what it takes is education…educate yourself on the right macros and caloric intake. I just find it so comical that a skinny girl is telling a fat person to ignore dieting, all while she diets and works out.

  20. So…. she says.. don’t care about anything and do whatever you want…. 🤔 while she clearly does the complete opposite….

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