Maintaining healthy aeroponic roots part3

Maintaining healthy aeroponic roots part3

so we're checking out some more roots here in the tree frog by multi ponics this is video number three and our on our series documenting the progress and roots you looking at right now we're about six and a half weeks into into flowering and we're running probably in the neighborhood of twelve to maybe as much as fifteen hundred ppm and you can see the roots have darkened up a little bit that's because we're adding in some really dark additives we've got some general hydroponics floral Isha's Plus which is kind of a really dark molasses based product and we're adding in right around 15 mils per gallon of a really concentrated beneficial biological supplement and what that really does that allows the roots to stay healthy even in a high-pressure aeroponics setup with the the really hi new modes basically by adding in the beneficial biologicals were able to keep any new firm under control any high pressure arrow guys or even low pressure air guys out there get up around the 12 to 1500 level without adding any beneficial biologicals and you'll see exactly what I mean so we brought these up right up to the point where we have a little bit of maybe a tiny bit of burn and a little bit of and in Arlen some of the leads that shows that we're a little bit too concentrated on our nutrients and pretty soon here we're going to have some test results back that will tell us exactly what this new load is here and I know you guys can't see it but as I'm looking down through here I can see thick roots there's some nice thick tap roots that are running down deep in the in the trays that are really tapping into that that a nutrient film runoff that's running down through the bottom there and just nice thick ropey roots running down deep and then little thinner wispier roots up near the top and like said these are about six and a half weeks into flour and we were vegging for a couple months before that so even with all that time we haven't even filled up the root chamber we still have maybe a couple weeks to go until we harvest completely but you can tell just looking down in here that several months in somewhere in the neighborhood of three and a half months in really hard to maintain in in most systems to have high pressure or phonic roots like this so keep checking it with our videos check out our website multiphonics comm and check out some of our other videos and coming soon we've got our DIY high pressure arrow kits and it started $1.99 so be sure and check back with us on the web site and here on youtube you can get more information about our DIY kits and hopefully they'll be coming soon to a store near you


  1. @Gangus Green, thanks for the question. Indeed we have! Although techy and adaptable in a small footprint, our products are modular and certainly still thrive in commercial settings. We can also source special pumps, electronics, etc. for custom commercial/industrial situations.

  2. @gangusgreen911 Thank you!! Yes, we have. Our systems are designed to be modular for use anywhere from a closet to daisy chaining hundreds of units together! Feel free to contact us for more details or a custom quote.

  3. @briancallanan Contrary to popular belief, our tests show it's likely that any good beneficials would do their job in keeping salt buildup and sludge down in our HPA systems. We received samples from both Beneficial Biologics ("Sea Green") and "The Other Tomato" and we were very pleased with both products. When using these products we didn't even have to clean our nozzles!

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