Making GAINS on BAD DAYS – Fitness Vlog

Making GAINS on BAD DAYS - Fitness Vlog

what's up everybody and welcome back to
my channel in this video I documented me coming back to California after all of
my travels as well as a little bit of me just vlogging my time management journey
that I'm going on right now I'm trying to figure out a different routine given
my work schedule my new cardio like everything that's going on I have to
figure out my flow so in this vlog I kind of just document me figuring it out
trying different things and then I share two very very real moments with you it
is my goal not just to provide the exciting content and show you guys when
things are going great but I I want to shed some light on when things are
really difficult when they're not going as ideal or as planned so that you guys
can one not look at me as like a perfect person that always has it together or
like if you just look at me on Instagram you may think wow this girl is always
making progress things are always going well for her but that's why I love my
youtube videos because I can really share with you guys the moments when
things aren't so good so sit back relax enjoy the video and at the end I'm gonna
do a quick little recap and talk about the last clip as well so enjoy give it a
thumbs up make sure to subscribe if you'd like to see more videos and I'll
see you on the way out take knew enough your hugs and closer
the best you're so cuddly we're actually gonna pop today are you
excited do you like to vlog with me hello
everybody and welcome to the vlog it's been a hot minute since I've logged by
myself if you guys saw the last few videos I've been with her videographer
and Houston I am just a few weeks out I will tell you guys I am competing soon
but no should I yet like I said you guys will know as soon as I sign the contract
and I know for sure and then I will let you guys know but I will tell you that I
hit a new prep low way in this morning and that was freaking amazing I was so
happy with that and I actually want to show you guys what skill I've been using
so this is the skill that I have been using it's a body analyzer skill so it
shows you way more than just your weight you see I put in here I'm five foot five
twenty eight years old I'm a female that's in a fitness weight there we go
and I saved it so I'm gonna go and step on the scale it's middle of the day I
just ate I'm holding the camera oh wait hold on so put it back on my setting the
end 133 and then if you look it'll tell you body fat percentage and water and
muscle so this morning when I weighed in which was not with holding a camera and
all my food in me I was 126 point six I'll put the screenshot here on the
screen now and you can see it tells you your body fat percentage it tells you
your water your muscle your bone density so it's a really good overall scale to
just kind of let you know where you're at I always say unless you're doing
something like a DEXA scan I wouldn't really account for the accuracy of the
number but if you're simply just trying to track okay am i losing body fat
percentage or not and when you weigh on this every single day and you're always
consistent with the method that you measure you can track okay yes I've lost
one percent body fat you know in three weeks or something so I really like it
because it just gives me a consistent way to track my progress every single
day I can't go get a blood DEXA scan every single day let alone
every you know week or something so if you just want something that is easy to
use at home and provides you with all of that data in addition to your weight
then I definitely highly recommend the scale if you guys go back and watch all
my old prep vlogs I've used the scale for literally years so I'll give you
guys a code or a discount or link or something down below make sure to check
that out if you guys want to grab one for yourself you are just so cute today
with that little nip I love it I am bout to hit the gym for the second time today
so I'm trying out a new routine where I go and I do my cardio in the morning and
then also do something like hot tub or sauna if I have access to it depending
on where I do the cardio come back shower and I have breakfast I take money
for a nice walk I do a morning session of work so I get all of my first form
work done and then right now it's about 1 p.m. and I'm stir-crazy and computer
crazy and I've literally been staring at the computer so it's like 8:30 in the
morning and I just honestly need a break so originally I scheduled to work out
later but I'm gonna go work out now so I'm gonna change I'm just wearing alphalete joggers and this cute awfully cropped
long-sleeve and it's like a jersey like netted long-sleeve if you can tell right
here so it's nice because it's a long sleeve but it's very airy so I get hot
easily and it's nice since it's cropped and it has like these holes in the
sleeve it's nice and cool but if you guys didn't scoop this one on July 6
which I'm not sure if that's before after this video is posted but if you
haven't grabbed one yet definitely grab one I'm wearing a size small I think
they're so cute and pair perfect with joggers or leggings so I'm gonna change
because I don't want to workout in this this is like comfortable to me but it's
also a little I feel a little restricted maybe I could do a size medium I'm not
sure but I want to wear something that's a little more freeing for my left
because I am training upper body today and I usually like to do something like
a tank top so I'm gonna get changed and I'll see you guys in a minute
tada ready for the gym it's got my bag I always bring my heels inside my gym bag
so that I their kind of dirty so that I can do my boozing along with my training
session so I'll go and do my posing and my training come back for my
post-workout meal and then finish up my work day all righty just made it to Gold's Gym
and that my head is kind of just like all over the place because I've been
staring at a computer screen literally all day long so I need to make a quick
phone call so I'm gonna make the phone call while I go warm up on the treadmill
I've already done well my cardio for the day so the treadmill warmup is literally
just to get blood flowing and mainly more than anything to get my head right
and head in the right space so I'm gonna finish this phone call it's kind of hard
for me working out in the middle of the day because I have so many things that
go on throughout my work and what I do like I've talked to probably like 50
different people today literally so it's kind of hard for me to shut my brain off
but I'm hoping this is a good lift I don't know I'm experimenting with a
different routine a different morning routine and I've got to fight find out
what is my best flow as far as training and cardio and when's the best time to
do my first worm work when's the best time to work on my stuff and like also
just fitting it all in within the same 24 hours plus maid hours of sleep so
I'll figure it out I know I will I'm so thankful more than anything that I'm on
my own itinerary my own time schedule because you guys know what the hot
events for the last like five weekends in a row so it's amazing to be back in
my own spot and I do have control over everything so if it doesn't work no
worries I will just do my best tomorrow and figure out a different plan and
program to make sure that I operate in my best in every sense of the way so
sometimes you should have to do trial and error to figure out what works best
for you and sometimes that changes based on whatever you're handling or energy
levels or focus level if you need creativity for a certain project you
might want to do that in the morning before you do all the mind bringing
numbing work so yeah I don't know I'll figure it out I'm sure so I'm gonna have
a good workout and see you guys after I feel terrible just feeling like weak
mentally like so not in it I just feel like I don't know it's like such a
terrible tricking workout I'm trying to like get my mind right
really creative we find I'm like so weak right now
like everything so hard good morning is the following day oh my
gosh yesterday's workout was literally so terrible I wanted to cry after every
set for no reason other than the reason I was just like exhausted and it doesn't
make sense so I think what I decided to do is switch around my schedule so that
I do my workout in the morning and cardio at night I think that's gonna
help a lot I feel really good and fresh in the mornings my mind feels good my
mind's not distracted by all the things in the world and work and all that stuff
so I think I'll have a much better session today
I just spent 3540 minutes going over posing I'm constructing an entire new
posing routine and I'm just playing around with a bunch of different things
like I want it like an incredible posing routine so in order to do that I've got
a practice like different routines got to practice different poses and honestly
just takes a long time so still have not figured out what I'm doing yet I have a
good idea but and also like I love being on stage and I know that I'll make it
flow I'll make it pretty no matter what I do but I really want to nail that like
winning posing routine and in order to do that I've simply just got to put the
time in over and over and over again and I will figure it out my body will lean
up I'll see what looks the best and I'll choose from there so I am gonna go train
booty today let's go train a little booty and then I'll see you guys in a
bit oh by the way it's July 4th if you didn't notice my man outfit so happy
Independence Day everybody good morning everybody and happy July
5th I hope you all had a fun and safe July 4th I clearly did July 4th
correctly my getting sunburned joking I do not condone getting sunburned it's a
bad idea it's not good for your skin I did put sunscreen on but I just didn't
do the whole reapply everything but it's the day after and I just have to share a
real moment with you guys because I feel like it's exciting to update you guys
and prep when things happen and it's exciting to update you like when I feel
good and things like that for example I posted this photo on my Instagram the
other day and I was feeling amazing like felt so good and I was like yes photo
for the gram posted you know feeling good and then like the very next day I
wake up and I feel watery I feel loaded I feel not lean at all listen I
know that I'm like lean for the normal you know public eye but what I'm talking
about is like I don't feel like that stage you know ready leanness when like
the previous day it felt great so I wake up and honestly like I'm just gonna say
it and this is offensive to some people if you compare yourself to others and it
makes you feel bad based on how that human feels maybe don't watch the rest
of this because I'm gonna be really blunt with you guys but girls anyone
who's had any of these days ever in your life you know that girls just feel this
way somedays and I felt fat I said it I said the f-word I did I woke up and was
like I feel fat why do I feel this way this is ridiculous now don't let that
confuse you to think that like I think I'm fat or something I know the F word
is really sensitive but I just felt that way I just had a day of feeling fat okay
and I'm a female feel like I'm allowed that if you're man you're allowed that
as well but I just felt that way so like I guess my reason for sharing this with
you is that like I like I said get really excited to share when all the
great things happen but I still wake up and have those days where I'm like what
the hell I'm looking worse I'm you know I don't look that great today and guys
especially as a female there's so many things that can go into your weigh-in
for that day because not only did I feel that way but my weigh-in was two pounds
heavier after just hitting a prep low I was like what's why well I Satan know
I'm kidding but the day before I hit a low weigh-in little lowest weigh-in I've
hit all of prep the next day I wake up I feel fat I weigh heavier I don't look as
good and I'm like what's going and there's a lot of things that can
affect that I did have a ton of vegetables the day before I also had a
diet soda and I had my protein ice cream late at night before I woke up the next
day there's just so many things that can make that happen so you have to learn
how to take the good days with the bad and know that there are going to be both
and not every single day is gonna be a new Lillian and not every single day is
gonna be a day of feeling better and feeling leaner so you just have to like
have the right mindset to not be like well I feel crappy prep manaos must not
be working and then you just like I don't know don't feel good and you're
lift and you can't let it affect you that way you have to be able to know
what's going on know how you feel be like well I'm gonna kill it just as if I
was feeling lean and feeling stage ready so yeah I don't know hopefully that
helps you with your mindset next time you have one of those days and hopefully
you guys were able to just allow me a human moment because I'm human I'm
female and some days okay thumbs up if any of you guys can relate with those
real moments that I just shared with you but I wanted to share with you one of
the time management tips that I have for you and it's just recognizing when a
certain activity is best for you for example I tried to work out middle of
the day and I think there was a lot going on I know that there was because
Flo's here to say what's up and maybe I should have known that but honestly
sorry guys I know TMI for all the males that are watching
but being your regular is pretty regular for me so it's hard to predict always
what's going on sometimes I think it's definitely not that and then it ends up
being not anyways so that was for the reason for the weight increase that was
a reason for feeling super weak in the gym and it all makes sense now
Wow anyways so my tip for the time management was you know I told you guys
mentally I like could not get into it I could not get myself there because of
everything else that was going on in my life and in my head so what I do by
training in the mornings is I know that mentally that's just my best possible
time to Train I can do cardio no matter what's going on I can do cardio no
matter what how many people have talked to you that day how much after I put out
I can push through cardio but my weights and my lifting regimen really suffers
when mentally I just I can't get my mind there so that's you know time management
tip 4 like that I have for you guys it also applies if you have to have
creativity for working knowing when is your best creative time for me that's
always in the morning so that's why I'm really just trying to figure it out
right now but I feel like I'm very good at time management because I've had to
do it for so many years and I use Google Calendar if you guys don't use that app
I color code everything and while you're trying to figure out what the best flow
is for you my advice is to simply just do it by trial and error so one day try
something and really assess was I able to give my all during that session of
work during that session of training or cardio you know do I need to switch my
meal timing around so I have more mental focus
I need more mental focus I make sure to have more fats because fats are slower
digesting they give you good brain energy good mental focus and keep you
full and satiated so there's a lot that goes into everything that I do and right
now my body is so sensitive to absolutely everything that I have to
just have to be so crazy about all the tells of my food my water my caffeine my
cardio my training everything so it truly it does come down to a science if
you guys have time management tip questions that make sure to comment them
down below in the comment section and I'll make sure to get back to you guys
as soon as I can so I'm gonna finish editing this video get it up for you
guys and that's it I'll see you next month love you


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