MALE Model Vs FITNESS Model: Who Do Girls Prefer? | Connor Murphy

MALE Model Vs FITNESS Model: Who Do Girls Prefer? | Connor Murphy

yo what's up guys welcome to another blogs we're here at Venice Beach there's so much content in this vlog that's epic I could have broken up into two videos but now we're just gonna jam pack it into this one layer my friend Brett who is a model is actually gonna come to Venice Beach we're gonna have like this contest and we're gonna see who grows things more attractive so get super excited for that all right guys the first manscaped actually hooked me up with this really cool electric razor and so we're gonna go have some fun with it we're gonna talk to girls about what they think about you know the hair down there and then we're gonna see if they'll uh shave me it's gonna be super funny so stay tuned for that yeah let's go how much do you like a fistful of pubic hair if it's like coming out of your what do you think about body like like a baby's butt like this is a shape I don't like the hair like down there don't like it pushy but you just like it like kind of fans hate and it was like absolutely shame what about like that's good are you okay with like completely how much hair would turn you off yeah so like forest there's this company called manscape that actually gave my chest yeah you thought his ball sack no you can help her too we can all do this together you can shake everyone should probably shave his nipple shave his nipple too I think that does my alright guys so the census was pretty much the same they just like a trim most girls you know they like a little bit of hair down there but they want it ann's names but yeah big shout outs and manscaped for making that little segment of the vlog possible so manscaped is the only brand dedicated to below the waist roomy and hygiene so what we're using is actually called the lawnmower 2.0 so the ceramic blade uses safe skin technology so it completely keeps you from cutting yourself it's super cool I actually did not believe it at first I used to be so careful trimming with my electric razor when I trimmed down there and I would still cut myself but with manscaped you don't have to worry you're not gonna cut yourself it's absolutely awesome this thing is waterproof cordless super super super quiet you guys probably didn't even hear it at all and you guys can just charge it with the USB just like your phone man save also has a bunch of other cool products for hygiene and grooming down there that you guys need to check out this is called crop preserver otherwise known as as ball deodorant would you like some some Vault probably just took a shower you know Lauren what happens if you like go to give a dude a bj and it just smells terrible I start throwing up and not the good kind of girl that would like ruin the moment for you yeah okay exactly guys you guys should definitely check it out all their products come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you guys have absolutely no reason not to check out manscape and they hooked you guys up alright if you use my code connor 20 you guys get 20% off your purchase plus free shipping the link is in the description below I know you guys have been working hard to build your aesthetic physique you don't want to ruin it with smelly ungroomed untrimmed small sack lower body region okay hey guys brette is gonna be here soon so let's go have a cool contest with ya man so we decided we're feeling very competitive today and since some people would consider me a fitness model I would like I'm not that cocky you know I just consider myself like an ascetic god anything then instead of God and Brett is a male model I have done a bit of male modeling my past we decided that we should do a video and see who wins in a girl contest man who has been a speech think is better girls are gonna raid our Instagram I'm gonna show girls Brett's Instagram they're gonna write him and then vice versa Brett is gonna do the same but the problem is Brett is gonna be literally right there when the girls are rating it and I'm gonna be right there all the girls are ready me which could make you super extra fun when we reveal who we actually are but to make us truly don't recognize this at first I think we need disguises don't you think Brett I think so man I think we need to get some sunglasses definitely a hat and a hat well that was easy sunglasses and hat that's exactly what we needed I feel like if it's too crazy of a disguise like people will know you're in disguise that is like a famous hat right there I'm sure you've seen that happen many viral videos alright guys to check out the disguise I think it's pretty good man I don't think anybody's gonna know wait wait Rick oh wait have you guys seen Brett have you seen Brett no have you seen Brett Brett Brett maverick why I like his hair and this hair is pretty luscious huh yeah he has arms yeah he doesn't miss arms what about you [Laughter] so this is my stretches yeah what do you think about it yeah he's hot huh what do you what do you think yes what would you rate him I haven't anything oh damn oh shit I don't know you don't know like what would you do if he was like walk around like you're number one girls are so nice Bali what would you rate him out of ten diamonds do you want to like meet him no would you like he's our friend you want first impression let me have it I if you met him would you talk to them in real life approached I wouldn't actually girls if you helped us out with the thumbnail because you're not wearing clothes and people like that okay licking my ass what's your attitude alright so we just finished the prank I guess you could call it the social experiment and got some pretty good reaction some not so good but we learned a lot actually yeah we learned well I was just that we could find a girl in a swimsuit on the promenade for the thumbnail but other than that yeah man as far as the ratings go you know girls aren't always completely honest yeah you gotta take it from face value you know take everything with a grain of salt because uh we are in LA as a matter of fact but yeah so um guys I appreciate you guys watching the video make sure to LIKE comment subscribe go check out manscape link in the description or go buy all of it trim your pubes make them look amazing around your pubes I know you have to you especially you you know who you are this whole video was about Instagram man so you should go check it out for yourself see what these girls were looking at my Instagram dou by dou stories go follow my Instagram to brett MV RK you haven't already subscribed post notifications on and i'll talk to you guys soon yeah peace


  1. Yo! Hope you guys enjoyed the vid! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code CONNOR20 at!

  2. conor youre starting to look like a guy who used to work out alot but has stopped recently and now just does pushups, every other day.

  3. connor murphy goes to philippines….

    do this kind of videos on the street


  4. 2:00 min in to the video you can hear cumbia playing in the background ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚ only my mexican people would know ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. I'm inspired by your work bro.
    Not for picking up girls ( that's useless to me)
    But I m really inspired to grow a body like u before I die.
    So I can make myself feel proud that I took care of my body that God gave me.
    It will be really good if I get some guidelines from u.

    Huge fan of yours.

    Please give me your Instagram I'd and dm me some of tips from u. ๐Ÿ˜

  6. These guys get so many girls.
    You don't need to be jacked for that though.. just need to be confident.
    Hit up UnbreakableConfidence,com if you don't believe me.
    Those guides are epic for learning how to attract women.
    Read those, then put it to the test.

  7. Finally we see connor fluffy which means hes healthy cause before he was just cutting all year keep going and keep the videos up great job Connor!!

  8. Oh, that Venice Beach, the other Venice Beach, I thought you were at the one in Florida.

  9. Hey, Connor I m Giving you an advice if you like it try it, Try this same prank at night, Girls give you better reaction at night than in Day ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜Ž

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