Manage your health with a smartphone! (QARDIO Health Tech)

Manage your health with a smartphone! (QARDIO Health Tech)

hey what's going on everybody this is DOM and we are out here at the cordial booth and we're checking out some pretty cool devices that not only make a big impact in the technology space but also change the way that you manage your health now first up we are checking out this guy and this is cordial arm now this is a connected blood pressure monitor that actually is pretty slim and sleek and easy to use there are absolutely no buttons on this thing and it just straps your arm connects to the app and does its job cordial arm is connected via bluetooth it's slim and sleek as I said and there's really not much else to it all of the magic happens within the app which we'll check out here in a second alright so next up we are checking out core do base and this is what I'd like to call a smart scale so as you can see here we have a very slim and sleek design and this will connect to your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth now the cool thing about core do base is that it actually provides haptic feedback and we have facial expressions as opposed to numbers to detect your weight now you can also set it to numbers if you'd like to see that as well but all that data is stored and analyzed within the core do app available for iOS and Android now along with that this is one of the first scales of its time to feature a pregnancy mode and we also have specific profiles that you can set for different people in your house so overall core do base is pretty cool it's actually made out of stone it's lightweight and can look good just about anywhere as you can see finally we are checking out core do core and this is actually an EKG / ECG monitor now I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about this kind of stuff because I'm no doctor but I do know that it's equipped with some pretty cool features cordial core is compact and portable as you can see and like I said it straps to your body and this thing can monitor a ton of stuff including your body temperature Galvis skin response activity tracking heart rate and respiratory rate now in addition to that this features rechargeable batteries which will last you quite a while and I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about this technology or EKG monitors in general but I'm excited learn more about it in the future so that's about it here at the core do booth during CES 2015 we got Cordy alarm core do base and core do core I'm excited to check these out more in depth in the future and if you enjoyed this video feel free to leave it a thumbs up also subscribe to the channel for coverage on these devices in the near future so thank you very much for watching everybody this is DOM and have a great day


  1. This is a High quality tech Video! I have been watching you since 10,000 Subscribers! You deserve more Subs!

  2. From someone who has heart problems that ekg/ecg device is useful if you get a review unit in and do videos on that I'd appreciate it 😀

  3. I'm not homossexual (no racism), but this guy haves style! It's like, Dom is the YouTuber that makes a good pose during the recordings… Good work, Dom!

  4. Why you need all this tech to be healthy, is it that difficult to just sport a bit and don't eat mcdonalts every day

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