Marc Lobliner Live Q&A July 15, 2019

Marc Lobliner Live Q&A July 15, 2019

yo everybody what's going on just thought I'd uh give a little shout out well heads up I got an event coming up just need a little snack well I'm yes way with a little bit of berries in it whip cream that Hotel wife I mean Michigan right now got an event that size up supplements in Berkeley um I leave it about a half hour so I decide say what's up I haven't done a youtube live in quite a bit thought I'd answer some of your questions if you have any of them anything you want to ask me just go ask away there's a lot of cool things going on a lot of videos going on um let's see what videos do I have in the queue for this week so check it out so we have let me get um just bring this up real quick let's see see what videos we have going on what's going on side my pronouncing it correctly MB what's going on so we have let's see what videos we got going on we got the hormone replacement video went up today we have a few videos anyway mark look great without a shirt on thank you man I appreciate that please show sac New Mexico in the house what's going on Calvin Oh what's going on our buddy love not live yet mark will blow on your love I'll take that too I'll take that too anyway here's the videos coming up this week it's going pretty awesome man we got one going on on strong man Robert Ober saying that you shouldn't deadlift they're too risky that would be a good one bodybuilding training is over eight action an article on Tiger Fitness right now if you don't fly them on Instagram follow me at mark globe liner we got one should you listen to fat fitness experts this simple trip can help you lose weight and eating this food can improve your cognitive function a lot of cool things going on Pech bouncing got that um the shawn rhoden things gone absolutely crazy so what I know about the Shawn Rhoden thing he is um if he hasn't already I know he was gonna forfeit himself to the police officers what's really going crazy about the Shawn Rhoden thing is that um you know people are just assuming that he's guilty and I've read some things online I think they released who this woman is we need a due process right if they do find out that shawn rhoden did this throw the book at him put him in jail for life hell death penalty if he raped a woman I'm all for that however dude I really don't think that we need to jump to conclusions there have been false accusations of rape in the past he's not the first one if it is false I'm not saying he didn't do it I'm just saying it's amazing how people are just going out Shawn like he's some evil person I've known Sean for years Sean's a a very quiet well-mannered guy again like you don't know like for example when I was in high school I actually was friends with he later on became the west side rapist dead serious he's a seer look him up serial rapist Oscar used to spend the night at my house was my boy when I was 13 14 years old and after I graduated high school I'll remember I'm like I think I was like 20 years old and I was watching the news and there was this picture Oscar the Westside rape so you never know who's a rapist and who's not so you know I'm just saying due process man don't throw the book at him just yet best area to get involved in for an NBA marketing management fight oh no man I don't have an MBA I'm an entrepreneur an MBA would do nothing for me so I'm not the guy to ask about that can you give some suggestions for natural body builders about diet and nutrition – same way non natural bodybuilders man I'm eat for your goal if you're trying to gain weight I have a good diet good book out it's called mass diet calm that's mas s diet calm am trying to lose fat drop factor McCollum generally speaking here's my rule of thumb if not again it's protein you the only difference is protein can be higher in steroid users because they're increased protein synthesis however get a gram of protein per pound of body weight around 0.3 to 0.5 grams of fat per pound of body weight or about 20% of your overall caloric intake pinin words Hatfill the rest of carbohydrate as far as training train with overload train within your limitations but don't be afraid to use some volume all right but if all that volume is affecting your recovery your ability to function in your day-to-day life cut it back but natural body builders and enhanced body builders it's generally the same you have to overload the muscle you have to provide proper food and nutrition to either grow lean mass lose fat and maintain lean mass such as such yada yada yada the only difference will be steroid users recovery in my opinions about the same because I mean your muscles are gonna recover just fine the main issue it's gonna be central nervous system overload and you know steroids do not they do not I repeat they do not help your nervous system that much at least in my experience so bottom line is eat for your goals provide progressive overload whether your natural or enhanced and don't be afraid to train hard don't also don't don't train for like three hours a day but don't be afraid to go in there and really fucking tear it up for sixty to ninety minutes again training intensity is a huge variable I don't know my TSH is that offhand I'm sitting in a hotel room I don't memorize that shit how can I join the Tiger Fitness team go to affiliate Tiger Fitness comm that's affiliated that Tiger Fitness column what is your opinion of Fido at the steroids and we're using them effect nonsense I do not believe they are on any banned list I like actor starin in very high amounts I believe it was like six hundred milligrams I used to have a product called antigen when I owned saivation it was a great product and as an atty I noticed when I was natural I noticed we had that product when I went up in dosing I'm talking like it was expensive as fuck acta starin I did notice results phenomenal tremendous results but for the cost it wasn't worth it so they do work in super high dosages in my opinion contrary to science and again I don't sell it I'm just giving you personal anecdote I don't ever plan coming out wound over he's gonna come out no I'm not coming out with a fucking FD product however you get good quality there's cyanotic or um sigh nada says one source entrepot to come as the other source again contrary to science I'm not claiming it's fucking has any evidence because it does but it's shitty my anecdotal evidence is I fucking liked it and I have nothing to gain from saying that good luck finding a good source though is hard for us to find a good source why is there no free shipping to Canada I love you because it's fucking expensive it's a different country at the end of the day we would lose money significantly I some orders we do lose money in the US you order heavy shit but um if we were to offer free shipping to Canada we would literally be negative in orders like we would be negative it would be it would literally we'd lose money on your order and that's no way to sustain a business I hate charging shipping I hate charging tax but I also have to maintain a profitable company so that's why we charge shipping to Canada do you think many of today's team sponsored athletes are all gear oh no people thought I was on gear when I was a teenager and I didn't take my first steroid shot till I was 27 so um and that was prescribed so I'm not gonna guess it's not my it's not my fucking business and I don't really care that's between them and their parents and God and whoever the fuck they want to be all you've been drinking nectar daily since we came out with it I believe that's like my first fucking perfect blood test was after we came out with then I believe was like four years three years three years three years going once going twice three years sold full body workout today even if still a tad sore oh yeah why not in fact go lighter it'll actually help facilitate recovery get that blood flowing what did you take on strongman and Jerry podcasts and deadlifts are not worth the reward I actually just filmed a video on that two minutes ago which swam topless I'm decided to my videos without a shirt because viii it's a fucking let's tickle with that shirt no I am in Joel I just did an entire video on it the bottom line is I believe in done correctly deadlifts are rehabilitative not an injury sustaining workout and I believe you're worried about any kind of injury do not do over under grip and go with a hex bar but I have a full ten minute video going into the details of that coming out probably tomorrow or Wednesday if a teenager wants computer wants to get sponsored by a company what would you recommend go in the steroid round no I never recommend going the steroid route never ever ever unless you have a medical condition where you are deficient naturally in testosterone I am not a fan of people jumping on gear and what are you can do is sponsorship get free supplements like come on dude get it the risk reward is much too high how long does it take to build muscle well I mean you can build a muscle in an hour how long does it take to change your body depends on a lot of factors genetics adherence yeah I mean you build muscle every time I mean you're building muscle right now probably a team s sledge so what natural bodybuilding reps depends so let's say your natural you've never touched a weight in your life are you telling me you're supposed to do the same amount of weight and reps as someone like Marshall Johnson who's in his 50s that it was in training for 50 years for like 35 years no highly individual genetically speaking you got guys who can recover much faster for example steroids are not I can never keep up with Kai green with sets and reps like he's an animal he's a beast look at look at fucking Dana Lynn Bailey um there's genetics there's experience there's there's a lot of things involved there's no cookie cutter way to say everybody should train this way it depends on a lot of individual Barratt variables that I don't have an answer for and nobody does and if they say they do they're lying order for case of outright bars oh my god mark amazing actually is there anything he's about redneck crumble outright bars over my sludge bandits real fitness trainers new versus fake ones Amanda Buchi what are the dead give away so you don't waste their time or efforts um oh no just watch me I don't know it's a possible loose fat without a cardio and a side and agile assault I plan yeah there's a lot of people who don't exercise at all who lose fat like the morbidly obese so absolutely mark what is that red goo you're eating it's not red dude this is sludge MTX nutritional sludge I have ice cream sandwich way made into a sludge with some berries and an outright bar crumbled on top if you just google MTX sludge or a few youtube search MTS sludge you'll see how to make it love the videos and full transparency keep it up question how effective storms are I don't think they're worth it because we don't know where they're made unless you get a prescription for one um I don't trust any where they're made in these research chemical sites who knows what the fuck's in with a powder you're getting how much of an effect if any does not eating for about a week because the flu affect your physique while you're severely hypochlorous I think it would affect it quite considerably how do you balance life fall and prep for example making time with the wife it just don't eat I mean there's no your training the same right prep training should be about the same as regular training basically just don't eat with them what if someone scoliosis keeps entering their back squatting your deadlift is a decent alternative yes stop squatting and dead lifting go to you in more unilateral movements you don't have to squat and deadlift you do variations regressions or progressions from deadlifts and squats if you keep hurting yourself doing something it's like what's different of definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result I would move away and do some progressions or regressions of those movements like for example I would do single arm overhead kettlebell squat because that'll help strengthen the core I would do kettlebell reverse lunges reverse lunges I would do Bulgarian split squats split squats you don't need to do squats and deadlifts it's not for you it's not for everybody that's why there's no there's no fucking way to really you know could you offer some fruit flavors a yes way we already have it we already have strawberry you need to just look at what we have we already have it like we have it and we did have appleís stuff but nobody fucking bought them but we do we have strawberry cheesecake men should I stick with bulking cutting cycles a team or should I just do a recom while bulking and cutting cycles are kind of a recom I don't know so I don't know what this beautiful recompute doing is but usually you have to choose between you know gaining lean mass and losing fat it's hard to do both at once slowly I believe in a fully on ticket twice daily my shakes do you believe for this product more is better now I think I'm one dough one or two doses a day is all you need could you offer said I already answered that benefits of cycling off creatine none other than maybe saving some money but you're losing gains so no I don't think you should ever cycle off routine what is the next collaboration with the hodgetwins I don't you know I my wife talks so Elizabeth one of their wives a little bit here and there and they're friendly I haven't really set up a time I haven't talked to them in a good bit but yeah I'd love to see I haven't seen them in a good while I still consider them some of my friends but we've been we both both just been so busy I bought one of your t-shirts but my shoulders still don't look like yours what the fuck well you need to buy more t-shirts and outright bars what is the newest packaging for that right bar umm yeah basically we made the packaging change so it looks better and we made it to look worse is it possibly get things shipped in dry ice no it's not gonna melt they're not gonna well they're not gonna melt at all we do have some stores in Arizona there's a a retail locator but the wafers and all wafers are an online product but also realize Joe we're shipping those wafers out of Vegas so they're really only in transit for one day I wouldn't worry about it I wouldn't worry about I don't think they're gonna melt you're amazing such an inspiration thank you what or who inspired to make a YouTube channel I don't like having a youtube channel I'd love to get rid of it um honestly when we first started MTS nutrition when I first partnered with Chad at Tiger Fitness after selling salvation in 2011 he's like hey man we should do product reviews on a youtube channel I said dude that YouTube's a waste of time and so I did a video review on oxyelite pro and it got like eighty thousand views and I just kind of kept it going from there but you know I think YouTube's pretty toxic for example I can't read the comments section because it's fucking toxic but um overall I like getting out information that I feel will help people reach their goals it is a Avenue of marketing for our companies which I appreciate that's free and so we'll continue to do it as long as I'm a part of these companies you know um what is the best program to get licensed as a personal trainer you don't need to get licensed as a personal trainer and they're all individual like you know there's not like a governing body in the USA that says like didn't you know you can't like the board of doctors right we don't have that um I think the most widely accepted right now would probably be NASM and ASM but but I really think correspondence and internet training program I pretty much think they're a joke and a waste but they do add some validity and credentials to what you're doing so you know I think NASM would be a good good choice and it's not that hard from what I can tell best way to increase my benchpress would be to bench and also throw in some dumbbells some unilateral is to balance it out strengthen your triceps and make sure to perfect your form make sure you're driving your feet into the ground you're testing your glutes and your quads and and make sure that you're essentially utilizing your entire body force and activating your lats where can I get nectar mark go to Tiger Fitness com it's an ek ta are in case you're searching for it go to Tiger Fitness we have a great sale for Amazon Prime day today hey Mark come from Australia currently in the US there anywhere in New York and config of mts Embera yes there is a natural body in Queens they have a few locations do you see chin ups is beneficial for athletes and more dangerous why would chin ups be dangerous for injuries fixes for distended ABS when lean well you're probably bloated you could have a food allergy if your abs are distended you have a food allergy you're you've just eaten you have to shit or you're fat generally speaking the fixes for distended stomach is usually you know not having food in there you know and and you know distension or or sucking it in so to speak um if your if your abs are distended then you have to look at the cause and it might not be muscular um that upper chest shelf I tend to get some chests going on I love your videos we'd love to see more diet strategy videos for the bulking and cutting maybe for you long as you both four to eight weeks rich yeah well rich Piana died not not someone I want to really model myself after I started my videos like that what was it 30 pounds in 30 days they're bigger by the day I think that that really from what all accounts that hurt his health pretty badly I've done a lot of things but I have no reason to bulk or cut because I just maintain I mean I just live life this is my body when I'm just kind of chillin you know I'm not dieting for a show I'm not bulking for anything I have no reason to bulk I'm not competing again I don't want to get any bigger as it is 220 to 225 is what I weigh now and I mean that's too fucking heavy it's too much pressure on my joints and I've tried to get lose weight and I just can't even when I stopped training so much just went to boxing I just keep holding onto muscle I know that's some first world problems but it's it's not a problem at all but you know and what am I gonna die it to like I already have chest pains and you know I have AB veins you know what I mean where am I gonna like what am I going to diet to seriously I like there's there's really no where to go from here like what why would I die like have a veins just chillin why the fuck would I dye it I mean look I mean it'd be a cool series but like what am I gonna dye it to and I don't want to gang cuz I don't want to gain any more muscle it is what it is I mean I'm not complaining I'm very blessed to have the genetics I have and I'm not saying I mean look I've been training for 25 plus years I eat on point all the time but like dude I have good genetics and a lot of people can't look like I do year-round so I have no need to bulk or cut I and I travel I have a family I coach there's no way anywhere in Maryland I get out right bars um you can order it off Tiger Fitness or if you go to MTS nutrition com there's an outright bar locator MTX nutrition calm and go into stores and demand it please can you make your forms workout video I already have one type in forearms lo planner I have like five of them I have five thousand videos guys I guarantee if you've thought of it I've done a video on it it's top ramen and tuna really a great bulking tool um no it's fucking micronutrient lacking and horrible and there's no fat do you drink natural green tea to speed up metabolism I don't I don't drink green tea I don't really like it how often should you go on and off creatine never you should always be on creatine creatine should be a mainstay and it's a daily supplement for the rest of your life is getting stronger on compound movements important for Naturals to make gains I think it helps how much cardio should i do at eight weeks out from first body blowing show anywhere between zero to fourteen sessions a week there's no answer it depends on how fat you are it depends on where your cardio is that already like there's no nobody has the same prep in fact the same person will have different different different results well peaches make me gain weight keto expert ski anybody who's an expert at keto is is you're not an expert okey doke so the reason you losing fat on keto is not because of the macro nutrient composition it's because you're literally in a caloric deficit because you're cutting out in an entire macronutrient group so honestly what will make you fat is eating too many calories and if if those peaches put you over or in a hyper caloric State yes it will make you gain weight but overall having carbs will not make you fat having too much food will make you fat and that's why I always do videos blasting the keto tarts because they just huh they just fucking neglect reading like it's like they don't want to read data or research they're so stuck in their fucking stupid movement it's just ridiculous it's ridiculous what training intensity should I consider if I do a push-pull legs and arch I'll get my maintenance I don't I don't like calculators I think they're fake news I think the best way to calculate your maintenance is to measure your food for a week and if you don't gain or lose weight that's your maintenance if you gain weight lower it a little and if you lose weight raise it a little but your tdee or your your own your baseline or your maintenance changes literally by the minute by the hour by the day and though calculator again like different people are different like if I was to put in my body weight for a calculator and eat what they told me to I'd lose 12 pounds you know I don't like ratios I just don't and I never will I've hit my goal way to being lean 170 pounds to help from drop factor my question should I keep taking drop factor maintain you can you absolutely can rank the out rate bars flavors by your personal tastes chocolate chip and butterscotch and banana and then white chocolate cranberry almond butter oatmeal raisin should you always train to failure no I do not think you should really ever train to failure I think you should chop just short of failure it's very very very harsh on the central nervous system when you train to failure too much did you read Jordan Peterson's book no I haven't any books recommend type-in top 5 books lobe liner on youtube search top 5 books low bladder it'll give you my top 5 books do your kids train every day do you give them one day off before game my kids exercise daily do they train every day specifically for sport no their kids weight training is two to three times a week max their kids their kids I want them to play for example if it's a training day and they're outside playing with their friends on the play equipment in the backyard I'm not gonna stop that I'm gonna let them be kids and play because they're kids when they go to soccer practice that's when they can be focused and if we have some free time that's great but I'm never gonna interrupt them being happy healthy children to train that would be stupid and that's not saying you're stupid I wouldn't do that if I'm struggling to curl my chest would you say I over train or just stick to the same split honestly the recent data shows changing your split doesn't really prove much just keep progressive over a little take time remember I've been training for 25 plus years do you have abs and what are the best thing do I have abs do I have ah see ain't no Photoshop here motherfuckers ain't no Instagram in here yeah I got it um what are the best exercises none of them unilateral movements I do a lot of overhead kettlebell movements if you see my um if you look at my um my Instagram I'm doing a lot of overhead kettlebell movements a lot of unilateral movements which activates the entire core I squat every day I deadlift basically compound movements do an AB movements is usually a waste of time but if you're gonna do them do planks do you feel the catsuit training blood flows I like BR PFR I don't think it does much for muscle gain unless you're injured and you're just trying to you know not lose too much well injured how do I get over a breakup go fuck your best friend what do you know what do your did use tracker macros um I use a diabetic exchange which you can find and drop factor book calm a couple times I did track my macros I think I use the program I don't know if it's out still called daily burn it's an app have you ever had a rotator cuff injury um no I haven't but I have to so k2 my shoulders twice playing football how many times a week should i do tabata I think two to three is good some mark tried to bar stay normal this year there were the bombs especially the peanut butter ones awesome I'm vegan what protein do you like the one I own Kira ambrosia planta planta I get either the banana maple or the peanut butter cup go to be at the limpio in the booth we have a huge booth we're gonna share it with MTS and ambrosia she ever take a stim break to reset your tolerance if not why you don't need one you ever see like fucking 40 year old housewives taking time off of Starbucks is testosterone support classified as a steroid no natural testosterone boosters like to insurgent Barracuda no currently undecided whether I should bulk or cut didn't get as lean I wanted to but I haven't struggled into his weight stomach cutting I have no idea Diego I don't know where you're at how you look hey Mark what's your opinion on weight loss camps this is camp I think they're kind of silly unless they can teach you a lifestyle I don't like weight loss diets I like lifestyle changes do you have any videos on posing I actually don't have any tutorials on posing but I do have videos of me posing if you type in more globe line or posing it'll come up on the search on YouTube but honestly no I don't someone's maintenance calorie intake mm but is still in a buff fat phase like all the fats in the stomach and no no um you should gradually reduce calories or else you'll blow your wad and then you'll hit a stick point you have nowhere to go yes I will be at the natural body block party dotson alpha destiny I really know who he is is it a dude no I'm serious I've no idea is it a guy or is it a channel with a couple guys our intro workouts useful oh absolutely I'm going to pioneered that category that's the reason I have a really nice house I'm the one who came out with I'm the one who basically launched that category and pioneered it I'm absolutely machine Phil is what I take what's a good three-month plan in the gym one that you'll do for the next three years a man is 65 with type 2 diabetes trains three times per week with weights and cardio weighs 210 I work out what he eats it's only 12 to 15 or college day has lost weight I guarantee he's eating more fat more and more calories than that he might need a diet break but chances are he's eating more than that front delts exhaust before chest on bench fix well for me I'd have to look at the form current biggest pet peeve I don't know if I can pinpoint one I'll get back to you on that do you think faster weight training is good I don't think it's bad but I don't think it's any better than fed weight training was your opinion on animal stock I reserve my right to say it sucks how would you correct strength imbalances example if one side is always two more reps behind the other such as ten on one side and Elena on the other unilateral movements unilateral movements um do them but make sure the weight is such you get equal reps on each arm good macro ratio for bulking I might say a gram of protein per pound of body weight 0.5 grams of fat per pound of body weight fill in the rest with carbohydrate what is TRT testosterone replacement therapy it is basically giving yourself exogenous or injectable testosterone to bring your levels up to where they would be if you didn't have a deficiency I'm just trying to figure out how you're such a beast mark I'm not a beast I'm an old man a soccer dad nothing beastly about me except maybe I'm not very attractive mark Loeb liner how would you increase forum size and do you care but I do care I do a lot of grip training I do a lot of kettlebell work which inherently uses your grip but I also I like farmer's walks and things like that static holds whey protein or mass builder well mass builder can't have whey protein in it if I'm asking or look up epic gains but I have chest nutrition do you think fillers go and they'll up you haven't talked to him lately have no idea what was your thoughts on the GS craze controversy where the ones who started it man y'all don't know history today we're the ones who play if you look up craze lobe liner you notice that we were the ones who lab tested it and kind of got them kicked off the market it's TRT the only way to flicks low free test it depends on the condition and why you have it it's a symptom of something and we got to figure out what the problem is how would you recommend training if my goals were to capture big I have no clue what that means would you ever go skydiving no even though my mom was a paratrooper in the Israeli military do you vision or manifest your business to be where it is um honestly didn't have any expectations other than to do my best everyday thanks you might answer my question my pleasure do you have a long bicep or short I have this one I don't know it looks pretty long what's your best for tea time I ran a four six eight if the Reebok combine what's your PIN I meant in fast to maintain weight I think intermittent fasting is retarded and I think as long as your calories are the same at the end of the day it does nothing best way to cut fat being a caloric deficit how much I gf1 should I take to repair ligaments and nerves I have no fucking idea what the dosing on that shit is I don't take it that's why I never have what advice would you give to younger guys who want to be an entrepreneur 94% of all businesses fail know what you're getting into be an expert at what your gonna be an entrepreneur what's your opinion on people's stormy area 51 good luck being shot what's the best weekly split for me to bring up my legs while training upper body um train legs at least twice a week and do whatever else you do when looking to be a trainer was the best route versus the quickest learn mentor ships classes things like that what's next for him chester Trishna ambrosia you know we're gonna continue to do some badass shit I got a lot of new cystic use coming out for MTS nutrition and the distribution on the out right bar keeps growing of course you have the s'mores flavor out right bar coming in August does rad ten cause hair loss a few I have no clue at rad tetrad 140 is is that food coloring like I'm serious guys I don't know what the fuck you guys are injecting anymore can ligaments and nerves be repaired or rehabilitation only I'm not sure which ligament and nerve you're talking about are you aunt Aikido I'm not anti Kido I just don't think it's necessary do you think swimming is a good supplement for cardio swimming is I'm one of my favorite forms of cardio I have no clue who might get as riot l is alright I I've heard his name but I don't watch any of this stuff pick me for the Olympia giveaway from tiger that defeats the whole purpose of random saw your house on Zillow man it's nice for less than fun I'm glad you looked up my house yep if anybody wants to buy a house I got a nice one for sale what's the best way to improve hip flexibility for squats and deadlifts squat and deadlift goblet squats are a good start is it hard for us long biceps guys to get bigger by just me give it 20 years I guarantee you they'll grow at least a little bit see what's going on in the world hey Mark should you train less if you're trying to put size on well relative train less than white you know it's like are you training at all I think if somebody's not training at all do I tell them to train less to try to put on size should a 15 year old drink energy drinks the 15 year olds to talk to their parents about that kind of thing and don't bring me into that shit I don't let my 13 year old daughter drink energy drinks but you know kids are fucking vaping at 13 years old at my daughter's school so I guess it is what it is do you believe push-pull legs is one of the best ways to burn more calories while putting on lean muscle I think it's a solid split mark I learned everyone more or less has the same muscle assertions but different ratio of 10 is muscle in the muscle belly ain't that same who cares like who cares what is your favorite accessory movements from the big three um I would say single arm unilateral benchpress hey mark the recommended macros on drop factor book we're over my maintenance check scale no start high what that'll act as is a diet break and then you start adjusting down it'll make sure that you're it's it basically will act like a diet break bring all your hormones back to where it is again you could always start high and go down you can't start low and go high oh I'm 6 5 and 210 pounds 16 years old I struggling enough as a burn off for seven calories a day how can I get enough food in eat like it's not rocket science you just have to eat I feel like I eat too much protein so eat more fat eat more fat and carbs what do you think about your haters I believe there's no reason why people hate you um I think I'm polarizing I get it um you know um let's be real here like I basically in my life as you see it is pretty much what it is I'm honest about my shortcomings I'm honest about my wife and I being separated people believe that I'm on more than HRT and I might feel the same way if I was on the outside looking into honestly I I hate I have ill feelings in my heart towards people too I just don't and the internet gives people a chance to verbalize things without being punched in the face so I really believe that people hate me because on me and that's okay because I don't want everybody to like me because I stand for things you know I stand for my views and I love my family and and you know what people might think that's disingenuous and that's easy to think because you know I wasn't always a perfect husband and you know right now have a perfect life of a perfect wife perfect kids and I understand that there's some resentment for that you know that I'm so happy and people think it's fake but it really isn't fake you know I got to tell you well like I've been you know my daughter's at soccer camp up in um she's at an Olympic Development Program soccer camp up about an hour and a half from where I'm at so I decided to schedule business in the area over the weekend and I got to tell you like I haven't traveled like this for a long time but man it's fucking hard being away from my family it really is it's just not my strength anymore and I can understand how you see a guy and we're in a very polarizing day and age and you know I'm I am the face of conservative America even though I'm not a Republican you know I'm married I have three kids I love my kids I am a business owner like I am basically I think people like it's I'm almost like the anti liberal you know it's like I am very socially liberal which is weird so I understand like a lot of people are like dude you guys are you just fake you know or or whatever they just don't agree with my ideals and that's fine and that's what's beautiful about America you could hate me and there's really uh there's really nothing I could do about it and that's fine I mean that's the beauty of being in America is you have the right to hate me you have the absolute right to hate me and I have the right to hate you back is eating 10 eggs excessive only if it goes over your macros what's your thoughts on hit cardio I think it's a good form of cardio it depends on overall training routine anyway I'm always formulating new supplements as far as MTS subs canon never before bodybuilder winner gets stage of a competition after the age of 30 absolutely I think I don't think Tony Friedman won his first show T was 36 I'm a 48 year old guy that's been working out since 20 hernia on let me do squats and deadlifts for a while I'm just go get your hernia fixed go get it fixed been enjoying your channel lately honest factual information giving a no BS approach thank you I struggle drink protein shakes they're too sweet any alternatives you can always eat food have you ever thought about owning land and animals like horses it's not my thing I'm not really good at that hey Mark how you been I've been fantastic 48 and still lifting I'd settle for pull-ups and hit cardio good for you men have bad joints two years of lifting in military service and have a pinch c1c2 my cervical vertebrae okay how much have you been spending on Andrew I don't know what that means mark how do you feel about fitness models athletes that are open about their apple juice consumption I think he's talking about steroids it's their prerogative just know that it's illegal and at anytime the DEA could come to your house and raid it fasting help guy no I have seen no data to indicate it does hey marks they're different body composition when cutting when eating 30 70 carbs and 200 grams no as long as as long as you are you're in a similar hypochlorous state as long as you are losing one or two pounds a week and as long as you're getting adequate protein I don't believe there is I don't know what dronabinol is I love Joe Rogan the only podcast I listened to him in uh steven crowder interested in any long-distance tiger fitness ambrosia athletes why what what is my return on investment thoughts on storms I don't trust the quality and the data is on much less than people are taking that's still doing well he's doing fantastic I just posted a video last week Brad Casper just reads too pissed piece of flair and mass gainer um why do we still talk about that idiot do you selling lactose-free protein powder absolutely we have MTS nutrition isolate and we also have ambrosia planta I just lost one or 60 pounds of stomach cancer getting muscular using your products all awesome and glad Joe I'm happy for you man congratulations hey Mark I'm Buster dental school I'm worried about losing strength the gym due to time it's any advice make time go to the gym you'll find time you just got to make it just put my gym on out right bars told them to toss the quest bars okay um how are you in Katy designing your own home katy has exactly what she wants in mind and it's fucking it gonna be amazing we just picked our lot next week how long she live in Inglewood and where were you a Crip or a blood neighborhood good question chest um I lived in Inglewood for four years and we were in a blood neighborhood so um we're a lot of red our multivitamins necessary feed Whole Foods they they're not necessary but they help ensure that you get adequate vitamins you got a few injection holes in you um I inject twice a week so yes you're absolutely correct I use an insulin pin though I could actually show you in my bag when I take with me but I use an insulin pin because I'm auntie Artie and I don't need to use much Mike Tyson's hot box has a great podcast – I'm I haven't heard that how do you handle fit shaming for someone who's been you know I don't really get fit shamed um in fact to get a lot of complimentary comments I'm like I went into Kroger the other day to buy some berries yesterday and guy came up and complimented me on my body it was nice to do verses milk thistle the took on the market I fail to I do not think it's legit would you recommend bodybuilding for what reason what's one of the best ways to grow legs without doing squats while you can do other things lunges um you do reverse lunges a lot of good moves you do when you're cutting do you ever feel like a walking zombie I haven't cut in a long time but I felt pretty bad when I got contests ready thoughts on no machine training only barbell and dumbbell that's pretty much what I do can you flex your form for me it was if I have no idea but there's my forearm I have no idea we tried if you could pick two workouts ability why didn't think back what would it be exercises are workouts I I'd say Pendley rows and deadlifts best home gym flooring Fitness factory calm coupon code mark Loeb liner for 10% off Fitness factory calm yeah Fitness factory calm get the interlocking ones that I have in my basement and my floor is still in perfect condition you're looking vascular's help well thank you anyway guys I got an event to go to I got to get ready for that and I really appreciate you guys looking we have a or watching we have a cool sale going on at Tiger Fitness right now for prime day go check that out if you haven't tried the outright bar try it you're missing out and do me a favor I mean there's a car there's a few people out here right now if you guys have a chance go just go into your local convenience store gas station grocery store whatever just go into one store for me and just ask them to carry the outre bars that goes a long way anyway guys thanks so much for watching really appreciate you guys it's time and this is me when I'm not in the video mood you know the boom mark oh but no that's just me talking you guys sighs did you tell them a pretty calm you know guy we're not in a crowd or doing a video and if you guys ever go to any of my events like I got one right now it's eyes up something it's in Berkley Michigan you guys all know that I'm very out there I'm very extroverted but in my free time I'm extremely extremely kept I'm just kind of an introvert kind of an introvert I don't do much my idea of fun is going on bike rides and hikes and spending time with my kids so um what you see on the internet it's me but a much more hyperbole version of me thanks for watching guys I appreciate you


  1. There you go with the death penalty for rape again. Do you know how ignorant that sounds Marc?

    Very few states in the nation will carry out the death penalty on someone who has been convicted of murder/homicide. Has anyone in recent history been given the death penalty for a rape conviction? Yet you want to make Shawn the first? How white privilege of you.

  2. Fuck steroids, it will shrink your balls make you impotent and at the end of the day all the muscles gained will be gone, just look at all the past mr. Olympia’s

  3. As someone in the supplement industry is their such a thing as vegan creatine that actually works? I have seen products online and someone who claims to be vegan on YouTube but they take take creatine.

  4. Can I get a bday shout out 40th. Just hit new bench pr 340lb and last week 455lb deadlift raw no straps or belt wooooooo lol

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