Mark Lowry & Bill Gaither Comedy: Ducks & Diets | More Than The Music Ep. 08

Mark Lowry & Bill Gaither Comedy: Ducks & Diets | More Than The Music Ep. 08

[Applause] why not and we're here in beautiful Memphis Tennessee at the historic [Applause] staying at the Peabody Hotel Marquez had a wonderful hotel beautiful hotel did you have a good sleep last night I was sleeping all right till about early this morning when I heard y'all singing early this morning we were singing early about 11 a.m. sharp mark we weren't singing that Lavenham yes you worried you sounded like a bunch of ducks [Applause] mark hey Tay this those word us those who are the very very famous Peabody Hotel duck parade that happens every morning at the Peabody they come out of that elevator all in a row about five or six of them and they they're good what do you mean bays they were singing give the world a smile I heard him my but were not singing give the world a smile trust me they were not they were quacking they were quacking oh they were quacking on the offbeat because I heard him and and George was quacking where there weren't two George all right in fact you know George George's you know George is leaving the Cathedral quartet retiring and on he's starting a new group he's called George Johnson the Quackers Archie George and you come on up here and give them you don't want to hear George Johnson the Quackers bald and you give them a row listen to this step back just listen [Applause] why-why-why [Applause] quack-quack-quack [Applause] they're good crackers however those debts at the Peabody been quacking Oh what is it it's a 50-year tradition right they've been they've been quacking for 50 years like that you're kidding saying ducks what what I suppose they've had to get a new duck every now and then when the kitchen runs low Oh or did they replace them sort of like you do every now and then with the bocal been built oh it's a revolving door don't tell me Bill's got an extra baritone or two waiting in the wings just in case the kitchen calls me huh and speaking of kitchen you've lost weight hasn't he lost weight and okay how much have you lost I've lost 25 pounds or so maybe we should get a haircut did you lose your TV did you blow that knows what happened you know bill you should never weigh less than your hair that's what I mark I've been on a diet now I know that is a foreign word to you it's not discipline I hope it's not that foreign I'm on three different diets right now I couldn't get enough to eat on just one but you know I have a philosophy about dieting you know being an independent baptist and all we have our philosophies you know bill you have to have wisdom you have to apply wisdom to anything you do in this life you've got to not from whence you came that would God created the heavens and the earth and the birds of the air when he spoke the world into existence and talked galaxies and stars out of like Milky Way's he also created man and woman and he created fat and he only made so much of it and when someone loses it somebody else has to pick it up [Applause] and I'm just doing my Christian duty and I do it with joy if you've enjoyed this video click the subscribe button to get the latest content and check out the other great clips on the Gaither music TV channel


  1. I Love You All Everytime I Drive My Van I Have The Music Blasting What I Get I Listen To It Every Day 😊 What An Up Lift

  2. Oh. Mark and the famous Bill Gaither you all are hilarious!!
    Thought. I would also share this. Thank you all very much!!

  3. Oh Mark!! You just gave me the best comeback to all the "You've got such a pretty face, but ….." comments. God only made so much fat!!

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