MASSIVE Food for a MONTH! Large Family JANUARY Grocery Haul | ALDI, Sharp Shopper, LOTS!

MASSIVE Food for a MONTH! Large Family JANUARY Grocery Haul | ALDI, Sharp Shopper, LOTS!

– So, I am in Sharp Shopper today for a Large Family Sharp
Shopper grocery haul, but we’re also going to Aldi. Let’s see what deals
we’re gonna get today. So, I think I’m gonna get a
case of this Sparkling Ice. They have a limeade, and then they have a strawberry lemonade. These are my mama treats. (whimsical music) These are a really good deal, but I’m having them go back
and get me cases of them. (whimsical music) Okay, so that was a good,
successful time at Sharp Shopper. Now, I’m gonna run into Aldi. (whimsical music) These are really cool, and even cooler that they are collapsible. Look at that, I love it. (whimsical music) Okay, so hey, everyone, I got tons of fruits and
veggies, et cetera at Aldi. Now, we’ll go home and show
you everything that we got. Well, friends, I am back
from Sharp Shopper and Aldi, and I’m gonna show you
everything that I got, and the price total as well, and what I’m doing with
a bunch of this stuff. Okay, so here is an overview of our table. We’re gonna come all the way down here, and start on the Sharp Shopper end. What I’d like to do, I’m
gonna show you the table, and then you can tell me your guess at what you think all of this cost. That’s always fun. Then I’m gonna let you
know the grand total. So Sharp Shopper, big hearts
coming out of my eyes. Now, if you’re new here, Sharp Shopper is a discount grocery store that’s located in Virginia,
and also Pennsylvania. I’m sorry, they are not worldwide, but I can still show you the
great deals that I got there. Lots of people like to see them. So, the biggest thing I always
love to get at Sharp Shopper is of course, yogurt deals. So they have these
Stonyfield Organic Kids. It’s strawberry and then
mixed berry yogurt tubes, like a Go-GURT. 24 tubes in each box. Each of these big cases has six in a case. So, I got two cases. So, let me open it up and I’ll show you exactly what they look like. So, here we go. So, I got 12 boxes total of these. The date on these, let’s see, I am filming this on January 9th. The date on these yogurts is January 28th. What we don’t have eaten by the date, although a lot of yogurt
eating goes down here. Anyway, what we don’t have eaten these can be frozen and
then defrosted, no problem. I’ve talked to several moms who tell me that they freeze these tube yogurts, put them in their kid’s lunches, and they’re perfect by lunchtime. So, that’s what we will
do if there’s any left. These were $2.49 a box. I didn’t want to clear the shelf, because there were lots of
other young mamas around with their little like two and
four year olds in their cart, and I didn’t wanna be the
mean mom with a bunch of kids, like taking all the yogurt, so what I do a lot of
times at Sharp Shopper, I’ll ask if they have cases, and I’ll have them go to the back, and they’ll bring me out cases. So, each case was $14.97. Yay, yogurt deals. And so Sharp Shopper is
always great for snacks, also yogurt, also fruits and vegetables, also all the things, but I’ve always used them
heavy for snack deals. Basketball season is upon us. We have practice two nights a week, and then games all day on Saturdays. I think our first game’s at 10:30, and our last game starts at five. So, it’s a busy day with
five kids playing basketball, and games every weekend. All that to say Mama needs snacks, so actually, Daniel and Benjamin are currently having
some of these right now. But I got just eight boxes
of these Baked Flats. This is banana honey
nut flavor for 99 cents, and then I got one case of
Nutri-Grain Bars for $1.49 a box. Then, these are all the way
back from Halloween time. They still have them in there. They’re dated for March 22nd. And the only reason I tell
you all about the dates is because a lot of
people are always curious, well, are things past the date,
are they close to the date. We will have these bags of pretzels done before March, I tell ya. So, they were 199. Now, they’re marked down to 99 cents. Yes, there’s little bats
on them, I don’t care. So, I got four, four of these bags, and they’re 24 bags each. So, that will be great
for basketball snacks. I also got some of
these dried apple rings. These will be gone here. I mean they’re already gone, definitely. (chuckles) We got, I got
two boxes of Wheat Thins. These were only 99 cents a box. Two boxes of these pita
crackers, sea salt, $1.69 a box, and then two boxes of Club
Crackers, $1.69 a box. Then also, Sharp Shopper will have different little packaged
items that they package there. So, I got some chia seeds. I got these little alphabet soup noodles. Not on my meal plan at all. This is just a mom inspiration. I thought, you know what? I bet Daniel, and Amelia, and Benjamin would love making some
alphabet soup with Mama. That would be fun. Got some quinoa. Also got some couscous. This was only $1.49. It’s not quite a pound. So, even with the quinoa, it
was just something I picked up, because I was at Sharp Shopper and those are decent prices there. Not necessarily like write home and tell you mama deals like the yogurt, but good enough because I was there. Then I got this two pounds of
sliced pepperoni for $3.99, and two packs of these beef sausage. Again, a great little
snacky things on the go. Two bags of popcorn. We do have a popcorn air popper. We’ve been out of popcorn for awhile. These were $1.99 a bag. Again, not necessarily write
home to mama price about, but I was there and yay, yay for that. Two things of sauerkraut for 99 cents. Also this rosemary balsamic dressing and quick marinade, only 99 cents. I can dump that on something
and dinner is done. Got some garlic salt and then
I got some extract flavors. We have almond, and lemon, and orange. I like to have a variety
of things in my cabinet. I also got some frozen
vegetables while I was there. Two more bags of
broccoli, and two bags of, they call this Pennsylvania blend, but it had some, had
some squash and carrots, and different veggies in there. Also at Sharp Shopper, I
just got this case of soup, 79 cents a can. It’s a chunky chicken noodle, why not? Great for the pantry. Then I got two cases of
this Sparkling Ice water. You can see we had some
of these in the van for the kids on the way home. Strawberry lemonade, that’s what’s in it, and they were $6.99 a case. And then this, I think, yeah, this is a cherry limeade flavor. So, just something fun to grab and go. I honestly bought that more
thinking like as a mama treat, but I’m already sharing, so there you go with
the mama treat, right? So, my Sharp Shopper total,
total’s there, was $167.94 for all of these goodies, yes, yes. Oh, that also included, they
had, it wasn’t Lunchable brand, but it was some other brand
and I got 10 of those. That’s what they have little crackers, and kind of like a little
banana square similar to these, and then it had a juice, and
that was lunch on the go. Then later at piano, the
kids needed another drink, so that’s when we got
out those ice waters. And that’s our Sharp Shopper haul. Now, we’ll look at what I got at Aldi. I am so sad. Just like behind the scenes
doing YouTube and filming stuff. I just filmed about half my Aldi haul. You have to feel my pain in this. Filmed about half my Aldi haul, and then my camera started blinking with a memory card error, and it turned off and on
on me, and I’m like ugh. So, the rest of my footage is okay. Gonna change out memory cards now. I’m gonna burn this memory
card when we’re done with it, but man, I hate that. Okay, wa, wa, wa. Aldi haul, take two. Now, I’m gonna feel like I’m lying, but I’m gonna remember everything. I feel like I’m lying, because I’ve said all
this like five minutes ago on the other memory card. Anyway, yay, never done this before. So, at Aldi I got two whole chickens. These chickens are 95 cents a pound. I got the whole chickens, because on my brand new membership site, Large Family Table Community, I’m doing some stuff
with chicken over there. You ladies who have joined, you shall see. I also got two bags of carrots. I’ve got two packs of yellow squash, two packs of zucchini,
two things of tomatoes. Now, do you remember what
I said about the cherries? No, you don’t. You don’t remember because
you didn’t see that. What I was saying about the cherries is I don’t even think
these are quite a pound. They must be, they must be a pound, but anyway, it was $2.99. So, they were on the pricey side, but who doesn’t love some cherries in the middle of January, right? Got another bag of Stevia,
two things of cocktail sauce, just one thing of broccoli, almond milk, because Mama has been out of almond milk, and I just enjoy that. It goes along well with
my quick mama snacks. So, then I got a bag of peppers, just one little thing of almond flour. Now, I love getting
these pretzels at Aldi. I think they were like
69 cents a bag though, and today they were $1.29, but it’s so ingrained
in me to get them there, because they’re a good deal, and I mean that’s still an
okay price, but it did double. So, but again, that goes
a long with car rides, and basketball, and stuff coming up. Spaghetti squashes, why do I have so many? Well, I have some things coming
up with spaghetti squash. Right now as I’m filming it,
these look like a decent size, but in Aldi they felt small
to me, so get six right? Spaghetti squash is also great, because it lasts quite awhile. I may not get to some of
these for several weeks, and they’ll still be okay. But I have plans for all
of you spaghetti squash. Three things of cottage
cheese and some eggplant. Now, Benjamin came running
in here and he was like, blueberries, mommy, blueberries. Probably thought like the
most giant blueberries. Why has mom been holding out
on me with these, that’s funny. I got four packs of radishes,
two things of green beans. I got here some quick and
easy spring mix salad, and some spinach. Hopefully they don’t recall
it now that I bought it. Two packs of shrimp. I do have a large Costco bag
of shrimp in the freezer. Some of us really love our shrimp, hence the two bottles of cocktail sauce. But anyway, I bought these, and I thought we’ll just get
some extra to have on hand. This all to me goes along
with a once a month haul. Even though I broke it up in a few different parts this month, because I just had my
new video that came out. We got a talking hand here,
talking hand got nails done. New video where I showed 20 slow cooker dinners for under $200, and I wanted to show
you that haul separate, and those meals will be coming out. Anywho, so this is my Aldi
haul for the next four weeks, and also Sharp Shopper and stuff
for the next month as well. Two packs of salted almonds. I hate it whenever I get
almonds and they’re not salted. So, salted almonds, one thing of cabbage, two bags of banana chips. This is again, just a fun little snack I can have with me in my purse, and little kids will
enjoy it when we’re out. Two packs of the hard salami. Okay, and so then, Aldi, I
was not expecting this of you. So, you know these things
of YoCrunch are like, at least in my neck of the woods, they end up being like
564, almost $6 a case. Sharp Shopper has had times where they have these marked
down, so I buy a bunch. Today at Aldi, these were only $2.50, so we got six of them
because we are who we are, and (chuckles) this is just a
really fun treat for the kids. I have to go have my workday tomorrow, and then again, Saturday’s
basketball, Sunday’s church. Like there’s just tons of times that they will enjoy having these. I think these will probably
be gone in a week or so. Yeah, so because this is such a treat, it’s like run through it
like locusts when we have it. So, you may remember, this can be your Large
Family Table quiz, right? Last winter, last Christmas, my mom got me two really nice new silverware
sets, and we were loaded. Like we could hardly close our drawers for spoons and forks and everything. I just realized we had a
snowstorm the other day. We had some other family
that were here with us that couldn’t get out for a few days. I’m like, okay, wait a minute. All these people, I think I
have like eight or nine forks, and less than 10 spoons. Something has happened,
this is not gonna work, so these were $16 each,
but again, they were there, and I didn’t have to think. I mean, that’s a pretty
decent price for silverware, but anywho, so I got two of them. Gonna move forward in life now. It’s funny, because like with the spoons, the only spoons that we
have like the most of are these giant spoons. I haven’t had to do this in a year, because again, what my mom
got me for last Christmas, but I will also go to like
Walmart or Family Dollar, and they have bundles of
forks and bundles of spoons for like 79 cents or 99 cents each or so, and I’ll just get several bundles. So, today while I was
at Aldi, I thought okay, so I don’t have to run into another store, let’s take care of this problem now. So, real quick before I
give you my Aldi total, I wanna remind you that right
now through January 20th, you can join my brand new
Large Family Table Community. Now, I know, I know, hold
the phone, stop, screech. I know in my first couple of
videos where I mention this, I said that membership
was gonna be $15 a month, or $99 for the whole year, but whenever I went to launch it, I thought I’m gonna make
this an even better deal, so it has been $12 a month. I just could not go back and refilm my pregnant lasagna
video with all of that. So, it’s $12 a month or
it’s $72 for the year. So if you join at the $72 a year mark, that breaks down to only
being six bucks a month. Members get one of my products from my Large Family Table shop, and there’s many new
products coming out as well. They get one product every month. There’s gonna be a product of the month. It’s a 14.99 or higher value. They get that included. In their membership, they also get an exclusive master
class with yours truly. I am designing these months in modules, and each month is gonna
have an overarching theme. So, right now for January, it
is all about the slow cooker. And I have a special class that has some of my top,
longtime, tried and true favorite Large Family recipes in the slow cooker. Members also get exclusive sanity saving videos from yours truly. Now, I am doing a lot of member requests for certain recipes, and meal planning, and just ideas that
members are requesting, and then I have special videos that go along with every month’s theme. I also have a special guest, like expert ninja mom level
special guest every month that’s going to be doing a master class with us
and teaching us all. For instance, this month in
January, one of my good friends, who is a ninja mom expert with
slow cooker freezer meals. She’s teaching a class for all of us, and it’s going to be fantastic. Members also get access to my
exclusive printable library where I have meal planners and eBooks. I actually have a brand new eBook that’s called “Freezer Meal Cooking Pro”, and it has tons of tips and tricks for doing Large Family freezer meals, and all kinds of freezer
meals to get you started, and that is a members only
item for right now as well. We’re gonna dive deep into meal planning. We’re gonna tackle the pressure
cooker, the roaster oven. Probably get into the
air fryer at some point. There is just so many topics to cover. Tons of freezer meals,
tons of all the things. Now, one of the questions
I’ve been getting a lot is, what if I’m not a large family? And I’ll say I already
have single folks joining. I have several empty nesters
that are already in membership. It’s gonna be a whole lot of fun. So, I do talk a lot to the
mamas with a whole lot of kids, and a whole lot of people to feed. But even if you’re just
feeding one person, a lot of the tips and the tricks in the community there
can be helpful for you. Don’t forget to click the first link in the description below, so you can go over, read
all about membership. Again, it’s $12 a month,
or 72 for the year. But it’s only open now
through January 20th. After that, the doors are gonna be closed, because I have to dive deep, and focus on serving those members, in our special little
place on the internet. Okay, so, Aldi, Aldi, what
did you do to me Aldi? Okay, so Aldi ended up being $207.59, but let me go to that silverware. Where are you silverware? Okay, the silverware was $16.99 each. So, the total this evening, I
spent $374 for all this stuff. That’s a grand total for everything that’s back on the table, and then if you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll link it down in
the description below. In my last grocery haul that
I shared just a few days ago, I got everything that I needed
to make 20 slow cooker meals over the next four weeks for under $200. So, for the next four weeks
for our large family of was 10, one flew the coop, family
of nine still at home, teenagers, adults, middle kids, all the ages and stages down to two. Total I’ve spent, under $600
for the next four weeks. Lots of fruits and veggies. Now I do have things on hand already. We’ve got bread in the freezer. I’ve got milk in the outside refrigerator. I’ve got probably about 10 dozen eggs. So, whenever I share like these
less expensive grocery hauls I’m not totally wiped out with nothing. I do have other things in the pantry and other refrigerators and freezers, but these are all the
fill-ins that we need. I may have to go out in another two weeks to do a little fill-in haul, and then by the middle of February, you’ll be seeing other things
that we’re doing foodwise. Those 20 slow cooker
dinners are in my brand new Large Family Slow Cooker
Dinners four week meal plan. That is the featured product that members get this month in January
included with their membership. Thank you so much for watching today’s Large Family Grocery Haul with tons of stuff from Aldi, and tons of stuff from Sharp Shopper, and I’ll talk to you in those
comments below, bye, bye.


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