Measuring & Managing Healthy Living – RJL Systems

Measuring & Managing Healthy Living - RJL Systems

rjl systems technological advances are the benchmark within the BIA instrument industry 31 out of the top 50 america's best colleges purchase BIA devices from our jail systems this represents a sixty-eight percent market share the company's BIA analyzers are the instruments of choice for scientists researchers clinicians physicians and many other medical professionals are jl systems is doing their part to assist in the scientific research of the depletion of habitats and animals in the polar region due to the proven effects of global warming when tagging andry tagging the Bears of this region the BIA analyzers calculate how much body fat polar bears are losing or gaining based on fluctuating ecological conditions a scientists and research try to gauge the overall effects of global warming rjl systems is proud to assist in providing its products in support to better understand how the environment is changing South Carolina high schools have created an initiative focus on improving the health of students by using our jl quantum bia analyzer to measure and maintain body composition the teachers utilize the analyzers within the classroom physical education departments student body and community while working with the CDC's eight-part classification system I'm dr. Anton dietzen i worked at chicago health and physical therapy chicago illinois i started using our jl systems p ia quan for about a year and a half ago the biggest help is having a visual tracking of the patient's body composition I'm now able to show them visit to visit not just their weight loss but also changes in their muscle mass fat mass water weight and that enables me to wrap the progress you know actually show them you know where they were when they started where they are now and you know how much further they have to achieve their goals the BIA analyzers applied to the base of the fingers and the toes and conducts an alternating current the detecting electrodes measure the voltage drop due to this circuit at the anatomical landmarks of the ankle and wrist bones the current flows through the body finding a varying of resistance depending on the density of body fat and muscle encountered rjl systems is committed to making a difference in the medicine and science communities and will continue to do so to help educate provide reliable products and support a better healthier future for all of us measuring and managing healthy living is our jails model and that's our goal for our patients you

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