Meet MMA CHAMPION UMAER HAQ!!! (Champion Fitness & Training Principles)

Meet MMA CHAMPION UMAER HAQ!!!                  (Champion Fitness & Training Principles)

here as far as footwork goes I got a special guest today his name is Luo man the Hulk boom era ha thanks for being with us today man of course Ron it's a blessing to be here with you as always just enjoyed my time with you and learn from you amen listen guys I want to tell you something you know we're gonna be bringing champions on the channel and there's somebody that I'm working with and I just thought you know just him to share a little bit about who he is what he's done worries come from but this here is a champion you're gonna get a chance to see some of what he does now he does the MMA he's done the MMA fighting 28 championship belt and I'm telling you this guy when you mess with him you go to sleep and you're gonna see a video kind of that in just a little bit but just talk to us a little bit about why MMA fighting why what really motivated you to to do what you do and how did you become the champion in that yeah yeah well again thanks Ron I'm really just happy to be here to share with you guys my journey but I didn't have the best best childhood you know I grew up in an area where there's a lot of drugs alcohol and just was trying to find my way through life and a lot of my friends now or even family of mine are unfortunately in jail so really Ron I was looking for a better path after going through a rough start I got involved in boxing mixed martial arts and a lot of self-development a lot of this has been about me learning to be my ultimate version and Lemieux since you mentioned that all the other people that you go because I had something similar happen yeah what was it that motivated you to take another path that it didn't motivate them to do the same thing what's so different do you think about you I think early on in life I picked up some self-development books and those really had a huge impact on my thinking and just from then on I wanted to be better I want to be stronger I wanted to I wanted to be an example for other people that may be going through the same struggles a hiker and and that's really what led me to our business working on having a successful marriage and you know really taking care of the most important real estate which is our health in our bodies yeah now when you say struggles what kind of strokes just struggles everywhere right because it's it's never the easy road so struggles with injuries struggles with you know and I'm not embarrassed to say that struggles with alcohol struggles with relationships just because of the things I saw growing up and so as I started to explore different avenues of exercise health business relationships I realized that it's all synonymous and so I love to just now connect with amazing guys and being coached by you has been boom boom you know he's really I thought I was an athlete and I knew everything and just learning from coach ron has taken my game to the next level I'm now understanding that my body can accomplish things that I thought that I just I made up excuses and he goes no oh man there's a science behind that and it's really helped me to start seeing a new path so but again some of the failures have just been widespread but I've done a lot of failing forward yeah although I encourage people to make mistakes learn from them and keep growing I'm still stuck on your upbringing yeah I'm I'm sure they're wondering what is this what what was that go to I mean talks about that the hard times and I mean what does what does he consider to be a hard time and what does that really mean well growing up around gains games getting beat up not knowing how to protect yourself you hear what he's saying guys some of you have experienced the same thing he's willing to say I used to get beat up but guess what not anymore I want you to see this clip guys you're gonna love it so games getting beat up games getting beat up being influenced by by older people that you just wanted to be like like you I realize it just wasn't right so gangs again the environment other things every month it was just with family just just stuff that you don't realize is really affecting you and until you get older and and some of those emotional things affect you physically like that posture you know a lot of this stuff weighs on you physically yeah and so what I've been learning from Ron is the connection with physical and emotional things that happen to you and it's you know it's really been taking my life my family my marriage my business to the next level so just a lot of things like driving without a license you know going going to alternative schools growing up because I didn't fit him to the regular school program just you know and those things emotionally affected me and by default affected everything and so now that we've been able to really start pinpointing what that is I'm just grateful to say that that life is starting to make a huge turnaround well waited but now he's been really really extremely modest now let me tell you this and then I'm gonna start it and I'm late and that's this that he was an adult grown man living with his mother in the basement making less than $30,000 $30,000 a year now he makes that in a month and more can you imagine that I mean and a lot of life might be telling you guys it's mindset he changed his thought process and his mindset and that changed his whole world tells ya and I don't mind sharing you know I was I was living in a basement I I don't I don't have a college degree and I really got down on myself for that don't have a college degree and prior to us starting our business in my bodies of business too but prior to starting this whole path I was delivering food for for a company I was a food deliverer I was a part-time personal trainer because I've always liked helping people I was personal trainer I was doing the professional boxing MMA and really fighting for a living where it wasn't anymore it wasn't fun anymore right yeah so I was doing all these things I started learning business initially from the University of YouTube right where you're at now and it led me on this amazing journey and I just wanted to be around the right people with the right knowledge resources and tools to take me to the next direction and now just I've been doing this guy's not that well it's been four and a half years made my wife for both full-time real estate investors business owners entrepreneurs and you know we just want to give back and be able to share a more value than what we're taking and and having that whole synergy and it's led me on a journey guys so but you've got your own office I've we've got our own office we've got projects going on we're doing everything from buying ins like mortgage notes to fixing and flipping houses wholesaling apartment buildings I'm now getting into Airbnb and you can't do that you can't do that it's just I know and then that that's what I have to tell myself until I I really uncovered the the dark spots right yeah and I was holding myself back and so if you're holding yourself back but you know that there's something there the only thing I can tell you today is just go for it and and I don't even know you but I believe in you because this guy didn't know me but he took the time to get to know me in it and he believed in me so what you did is you took the limits oh yeah Umair and you got a chance to see this wide world and what you could accomplish and you said hey how about some of that and you by taking those limits and the chains off of your mind you're able to reach into doing something that most people would have thought is impossible yeah so you may think some of the goals that you have are impossible I want you to know that they're not impossible this guy is proof of it he he doesn't have a college education guys yeah but yet he makes more than most college educated people because his mindset is different he's broadened his thinking change your mindset some of you say well my body can't do this mindset who told you your body couldn't do that who told you you couldn't have a business I mean physically spiritually mentally emotionally this is a different man than what it used to be and we're gonna hear more from him and about him coming up in the future but we want you to watch this video and if you want to get in touch with him to see more about him his YouTube channel is below and he said that he cares about you guys so much that even if he gave you his phone number if you wanted to know more that he would even give his phone number out is that is that something you said and I see and then you want all these people to call on you guys I love connecting with people the way we built our business is off of relationships and I want to get to know you so yeah I'd love to share my number with you it is a seven zero three five three nine five zero three zero office is located in Virginia it doesn't matter where you're at call me I'd love to get to know you and hear more about what your story is Wow that today I'm not gonna give you my pack number done just so you know this guy wonderful coaching him and I mean I'm learning more from him than he's learning for me but don't tell him that okay god bless you till next time


  1. He only has 7 pro fights, 2 amateur fights and hasn't fought since 2015. How does he have 28 mma championship belts?

  2. That's not a UFC champion.
    I checked his record he is 3-4 in whatever fucking promotion he is fighting at.
    That's not a UFC champion at all!

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