Mental Health Panel VIDCON 2019

Mental Health Panel VIDCON 2019

so that's why the work is all about show you right all good three years from x13 at 25 and understand that you can just talk about it so then I realize then take all that energy and throw it into moles hearing through smart take all that energy both lovers with their schoolwork and just useless on the ground well doesn't have to be like something that we're not irritating on the negativity and making it positive that is HUGE I watched outside speech and so already so people start watching news to come and I was just no idea who like cue it instead of everything so I was you know putting out videos and I arrogate which just is another problem and so I take your show and then I guess but I [Applause] watched your search words in their purse panic attack and it was just a few moments just started adding up it was quite equal locks heroes time to hit up top of the other day and and then so I punched growth after production last year and public mental breakdown and that's when every one of my fancy family kind of just decided to stop and they're the ones at home you need to take it bake it so he cancelled everything and it was like that wasn't worried me because I felt it so I'm just gonna watch I felt like everything I would focus so that you keep it away from me and so if you look at the water that's why I just want you to throw it out because if you don't and so and so so just really quick hey thank you for doing that be like just that one who thought like that did you have excess expense and all of our ladies Phelps make sure that you can put your whole life there is a good side of that which is that when faced with something you go through the theater and that I think that if I have that kind of attention and that you to diffusion up in his face or people do things my way so like [Applause] so experience very scary decision to say this one video holds marks with marks really about being authentic and sometimes to make a big difference in your life so I'm ready to actually do this done but if I can do the same thing I've been doing so long like pushing it forward for questioning my personal life I do wanna push always under paper shame we say like I know ready to deal with Stephanie's yeah this is yeah I was watching videos and I do want to do it but if I start making videos myself I'm really sick start my own channel I was pursued and I was 17 years old and I had so much happy and you know it was little zhuzh that I think it was more my dreams I still wasn't like happy because that really wasn't like what was I wouldn't be happy oh it isn't the dirtier because I'm really waiting for something to actually get in there learn oh yes yes and I definitely for very long time and I love you to you as I have but you know as I started to work like that I have like unlimited ideas because such a creative space where like year colleges inspectors and I get into this space and I could work with this myself but you have to make something every single you know and you can network with my channel you think so you you too I don't care you have to like this is our business I hope she'll never feel it you to scare him when you hey because what you do the way it's different from the way someone the way anyone a star is there you know in distribution [Applause] [Applause] so – and workout start to grow an audience sorry so I think there's going to be a bit of time there but deciding out it's a creation not the distribution and because we contribute to the world [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] without sharing your leg because conversation you know communication you can take this information to something that you love and say hey this is what I need you to ask me to Jennifer I won't tell you again I can't see what I'm thinking Oh what what what no no no no what the no no


  1. Dan Time Stamps
    Sorry if i missed any UwU

  2. Thank you so much for recording it I just watched it all the way through and the end made me crack up lol

  3. Wow I love him 🥺 thank you for posting this!
    I love how it's dan gabble and Hannah talking the majority of the time

  4. You're are a legend for posting this, I was taking a fat depression nap and missed this rip {edited cause I can't spell}

  5. this was so good aaaa, everyone on there is so brave and honest and Open. i love this panel
    thank you for uploading!! 💖

  6. the reason he didn't mention phil was because the contract of pretending to be friends ended 😞😞🤠🤠

  7. Is it mean that I was a little disappointed in the phannies in the chat? Like I know a lot of people just watched this bc of Dan, but seriously, the conversation they had is so important, and most of the time the chat was just like "lol Dan is sitting gay, oh he didn't mention Phil, oh look at Dan giving funny anecdotes" like no, stop, this panel is so much more than just Dan existing, you know?

  8. thank you for uploading this! I missed the first half
    I also kept trying to get rid of the chat lol, it was so annoying tbh

  9. Can you set it so community caption contributions are on? I'd like to ask around and see if some hearing fans will help add captions because I can't really follow the conversation with Instagram sound quality and crowd noise…nor could other Deaf and Hard of Hearing fans or any with sensory or auditory processing challenges.

    **Thank you so much for recording and posting it!**

    (It wouldn't have been accessible for me even if I'd been able to travel to the far side of the continent to be there in person.)

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