Mental Health (Psychiatric) – Introduction

Mental Health (Psychiatric) - Introduction

this is Kathy with level up RN this is the first video in my updated mental health nursing video series so in this video series I will go over the key concepts and information you need to know to be successful with your mental health nursing exam or it can be helpful if you are studying for NCLEX so these videos can be used by both RN students as well as pn students or practical nurse students there is a ton of overlap between those two programs the most important thing if your pn student is to know your scope of practice and as long as you know that then a lot of the information i'm going to go over should be very beneficial to you as well so in this video series i will not be using or referencing any particular textbook or referring to any chapters of a textbook i will be following along with my study cards that are available on my website level up RN comm and if you don't get these cards you can make your own cards or you can follow along with whatever textbook your nursing program uses i will be sure to include the content of my video in the video title as well as in the thumbnail so you can easily look up that applicable information in your textbook if you wish so this video series will be broken into five parts the first part will cover some mental health basics the second part will talk about some non pharmacological therapies the third part will go over mental health disorders the fourth part will go over from a collage achill therapies and then the fifth part will go of our loss and grief as well as psychiatric emergencies so there's a lot to cover but I will pick it up in my next video and thanks so much for watching


  1. I will admit, I was a little panicked about the removal of your videos, but I really appreciate everything you do and I have all of your study cards which are VERY HELPFUL! Thank you for what you do for us!

  2. I bought the mental health flash card, I hope u can upload the videos for mental health soon so I can follow along..thank u so much… I bought your fundamentals card last time and I got level 3…

  3. I will be purchasing some flash cards from your website. My mental health class starts on July 8th, is there any idea when you'll have the updated mental health content up? Thank you, keep up the great work!!

  4. Thank you Cathy for all your hard work. I am currently using the cards now and it is so helpful. Hopefully all the videos will be uploading soon 🙂

  5. WE HAVE ATI MENTAL HEALTH on Monday!!!! In 2 days!!!! Please keep your old videos up until you put new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking out right now about this

  6. HI I was watching the Mental Health series and they all deleted out of no where. Are they no longer available?

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