Merkel's third shaking bout renews health fears | DW News

Merkel's third shaking bout renews health fears | DW News

now there are renewed fears for the health of Germany's Chancellor after she was seen shaking again it's the third time in the past month that Angela Merkel has been seen in public in this condition this latest occurrence happened as the Chancellor stood with Finland's visiting Prime Minister aunt Irene while watching military honours to mark his arrival we'll get more from DW political correspondent Fabian la fonda mark welcome Fabian and what more can you tell us well what was already said she had these incidents before it was always in situations like that where she had to stand still the first time it occurred when the Ukrainian president Solinsky was in Berlin at that time it was a very hot day in Berlin so maritally herself said afterwards that she drank three glasses of water and fell fine afterwards and that she was obviously dehydrated and at that time that was very understandable for everyone but then a week later she had a similar incident and that was inside it was cool and so that was the moment when people started to speculate and worried a little bit because one always has to bear in mind Angela Merkel has a reputation for being in very good physical conditions she has hardly ever missed a day due to illness and so this third incident now today is somewhat irritating for many year in Germany and so what is the Chancellor saying well she held this press conference she seemed perfectly fine and she was laughing and she also said that she had met the Finnish Prime Minister just a couple of days ago ago at the longest EU summit ever so just to give you an idea of her her schedule lately and then she was asking this press conference directly on on the shaking and maybe we can just listen what she said to this I'm fine I said recently that I've been dealing with this since the last military honours with president Solinsky this is obviously not completed but I've made progress and I will have to live with this for a while but I feel very good and there's no need to worry about me yeah so this is the such of Angela Merkel I'm fine there's no need to worry but obviously there are people that do worry about her so clearly this is a personal issue for the Chancellor but she is the Chancellor there are political implications and ramifications yes I mean one has to say that in Germany there's a culture of great respect in dealing with personal matters health matters like this and we haven't heard a politician for example demanding more information on these incidents and it might as well be that she just goes on holiday now later in the summer she will go on holiday relax and come back and everything's fine I mean we know that she has already said that this will be her last term in office and so far she hadn't had to skip any of her appointment she held her schedule as planned every day even during those those little incidents so maybe she just returns and everything's fine from holiday if not those questions will remain on her her state of health calendar Fonda masks thank you



  2. It happens to me the same I am thin no Parkinson’s disease it’s neurological mine happens if I am sitting and get stressed when it stops I have to go to sleep it shatters me trust me I am under doctors I have brain scan bloods done and nothing shows up mine started after an opp and I had a mini stroke due to the opp I have no control over when or were it happens or fo how long it’s Embarrassing when people stare

  3. Remember when Hilary Clinton had a similar health problem…you see they haven't fully adapted to our planet's atmosphere yet and need to slip back into the water to re-hydrate…

  4. It's either pathological or a reaction to some medication she is taking……but she is not well by any means.

  5. Jeez She should give up her power. It's insane to let power hungry people to stay in power until they retire. Let the young generation rule the country

  6. Anxiety due to the fact her agenda will be exposed as being against all the people of Europe or Kuros disease

  7. You had a weird day. You’d better pony-up. I hate to see you this way. I gather I’m last to my own party.

  8. the german people should give her break maybe she is very sick….give her indefinite leave b4 its to late …

  9. Side effect of certain medications, I'd say (cancer, depression or high blood pressure). If so, she should say but at the end it's her decision.

  10. Its too obvious this is Parkinson's disease & she's taking medications that have side effects while being head of government.

  11. She says she is fine. Unfortunately if you are well and fine your body doesn't shake like this.
    So what is the real reason she is shaking like crazy ?

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