Michelle on how our health is our responsibility

Michelle on how our health is our responsibility

the NHS is something we are all blessed to have but it's no secret that it's creaking at the seams if we wish for it to continue radical new ways of thinking and needed the answer can always be simply more money sorry Greg I was pleased then to see the new NHS 10 year plan unveiled this week which aside from just money focuses on new digital technologies tic mental health services in schools tech commitment to reducing waste tic and a major focus on prevention / cure double tick if we wish for our supposedly beloved NHS to be ever present we must all start to look inward and take better care of ourselves if we can't even be bothered to help ourselves then why should we expect the state to like you Michele I am broadly happy to see the government announced some more long term thinking for the NHS we all know we need it and I think it's good to acknowledge that there are some really positive things in there the mental health crisis as you mentioned improvements to ite lots of positive things however we're starting the year agreeing Fiorina Bianchi will be up there wasn't it but we'll a few things actually first of all if you ask patients and people who work in the NHS their greatest concern its staffing the government hasn't announced what it will spend on staffing yet we have no idea and I feel that this is all you post frenzy well I was going to then say Braxley even without brexit that is a concern but brexit is actually moving us in the wrong direction of staffing is concerned 12% of NHS workers are from overseas their future is more uncertain than it ever has been and that really puts at risk other advances in treatment in improvements to service and the other thing I wanted to say is that I'm a bit conflicted about your line on taking responsibility I'm not conflicted about taking responsibility we should all take responsibility for our well being but something that happened over the last few weeks was that medical professionals called for obesity to be reclassified as a disease not a lifestyle choice and the reason they said that was because they recognize that obesity an area without heavily influenced by health inequalities by genetic influences and by social factors now I'm not saying we don't take responsibility for our well being and diet but I think that the idea of recognizing that there are structural reasons why we have a huge crisis of obesity a quarter of adults I don't believe a quarter of British people are just greedy I think it's something much deeper than that and it's another reason why we need to fund the NHS properly to deal with the projects that we're facing Nick's gonna Rex just learn the reason people have fat is because they eat too much or they drink too much lost quite a few pounds but I'm a keen student of history Michelle I am the NHS is you know celebrated its 70th anniversary last year how many five year reviews ten year reviews or radical revolutions have there been in those seventy years 14 I just suspect you've got the answer so this is the 14th either 10-year plan five-year plan or radical review simply throwing more money at something doesn't necessarily make it better no no there needs to be there needs to be more accountability so while you're heralding much of it the reality is this they take now 20 billion pounds of our money our viewers money and there's no there's no accountability for it but where is it that we can hold Hospital chief executives even health secretary do you agree with me most of it where is the accountability so that you know you know that this won't completely work nothing ever will people need to be fired when they screw up with this amount of money so just to pick up on athis points about social factors I think when we're looking at preventable illnesses often there's an emotional reason behind it like you said a quarter of people in this country aren't just greedy and I think what we actually need to do you think are based tears a disease yeah and I think the way – I mean I think we need to intervene earlier I think where we see children perhaps becoming obese that's where the school needs to intervene we need to educate parents there's lots of things that we can do earlier to make sure that we save money in the future and I have a clip that I'd like us to look at which is Joanne Keeling and this is a woman who's a former patient at the rubber room Institute for obesity it is only down to me but I don't think anyone can succeed without support you know I don't want people sympathy it's just I wish people had more empathy because they don't know mastering they've not walked in my shoes Greg yeah Michelle you're gonna I'm gonna surprise you but saying I agree with most of what you're saying thank you there's an interesting quote from the professor of health economics at York saying the extra 250 billion funding it's a woman called Maria Goddard 20.5 the extra twenty point five billion of funding finishes is actually not remarkable in terms of historical trends it works out at as a three point four percent increase in real spending an average annual increases in spending on the NHS since it was founded have been around three point seven percent so no point three percent higher in other words the money is only a fraction above the three point three percent estimated to be needed to keep the NHS at current standards but what I liked about the review is that and Knicks fight you know is it it's just another reviewer then nothing changes or are they actually going to use the digital technology in the world to actually change it I mean I've said I've said before on this and this program I'm going to your GP is no different to when I was a kid you know you made an appointment or you sat in the waiting as you sat there you went in you witness saw the GP they had maximum about five ten minutes and that was it the consultation with a GP I haven't yet has anyone I know I've had three how is it done it is because I've tried to get into my local NHS GP surgery and I've had a month waiting list and I haven't been able to wait a month so on three separate occasions I've had to pay a private lately so I have a private app based digital it has to be saying technology work yes has one of the most lamentable records of bringing in new to their attempt at bringing in a patient database and patient date we went down as the worst implementation in the whole of you that is down to change that sounds a poor project management prop poor project governance there's been many many disastrous IT implementations and just because that's you shouldn't try to avoid it that was that was trying to that was trying to put that everybody in the community onto one database which was just too difficult but do you think things would be slightly different under man Matt Hancock either because of his job before and his and his relationship with the digital community perspective because I agree with everything to say about tech and the NHS can't afford to keep messing up mmm its operate we need to get into the digital era but you can't have an NHS with a great IT system and no staff and I just want to play you a clip from the shadow health secretary on this point we've got shortages of a hundred thousand staff across the NHS we're short of 40,000 nurses were short of 10,000 doctors and there isn't any proposals today from the government on how they're going to recruit the staff for the future what is the point in on bailing this big plan for the NHS if we can't have the basics yet as a nurse and where is the government's response to the fact and it's a fact that brexit is currently putting the NHS in jeopardy and all of us who depend on it so that is our biggest concern i can't think you can say it's putting the entire NHS in jeopardy there are aspects of it but the NHS kids train to be nurses they're artists out of theater as well to be fair to him let's see what he says the focus needs to be on making sure that we support people in the community that we support people through for instance through GPS and that we ask people as well as giving them rights for free care free at the point of use we also ask them to take responsibility to keep the pressure off the NHS and and make sure that it's there for people who really need it so yeah and I do agree with you after that the whole staffing thing has doesn't Philippines of its nurses in Australia health professional is a serious problem it's not one that you've been doing anything about or any other movement about the EU and we really should we still Romania nurse solution is not to suddenly starve the NHS and stuff which is what's happening right now what's your answer training by quite a significant amount but it's gonna take some use


  1. Addiction is not a disease ..
    not alcoholism and not drug abuse nor obesity ..
    is all just sloth ..

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