MIKE O'HEARN — Why Nutrition Is The Key To Getting Ripped With Clark Bartram

MIKE O'HEARN -- Why Nutrition Is The Key To Getting Ripped With Clark Bartram

what if you had the opportunity to talk to one of the strongest men in the world on how to get bigger stronger and leaner and stick around okay so here we are in the home gym of a longtime friend of mine Titan right here Michael hermano so maybe because of those but I very much taller than me his dad's always trying to stand me up but listen I asked you if you had the opportunity to talk to one of the strongest guys in the world what kind of questions would you ask him so let me be that person right now to ask for time mr. universe power Lincoln champion judo champion bodybuilding model of the Year honor Muhammad and pounds I never was but he was and as you can see by his office this has been honored for so many things not only in the strength world but in the physique development world he's smart too on top of all that this guy is smart certainly Mike these guys here at Six Pack Shortcuts they all want to get bigger man and so let's give them three tips that you would say would help them get bigger and stronger okay as you and I know the first thing in anything is nutrition we understand this and we understand the importance of this I always say that I can change a person with nutrition alone without weightlifting where I cannot change somebody if it's weightlifting alone without the nutrition that's huge so the first thing is nutrition so we know that if you want to get bigger they eat more take in more calories and be smart when it comes to the gym today I understand that everyone wants to go in the gym they want to be animal is trying three hours a day that's not training smarter that's training harder get in the gym do the work you need to do minimize it the second thing is the gym is about doing the least amount of work possible I'm down for that now understand the least amount of work possible but still making changes still getting better and that's something that people seem to forget it's about going in there and being animals barbaric I understand that I'm that kind of guy but it's about getting in there doing the right amount of work you're getting out nutrition let's go back to the nutrition thing people are probably wondering okay how much let's use my bike Sony for example 2028 he's probably your height you know six three is and he's having a hard time so you just got on this diet and after the first day he's are just tired of eating what does the guys do when they're just like they give them they watch these guys these programs and they're just eating mass amount of calories and you know they're not going to be able to maintain that for any way around I think a lot of people do this just like weight lifting or anything else when you take time off and you come back to a program start slow you don't go back into the gym the first day up to three months up and jump on the treadmill and start reading ten miles an hour too much too much comeback in you start walking so the same thing for food whatever you're taking in now put in another $250 let your body adapt to that then move up from there this is not gonna be the first month you're going to be here take your time 250 calories are a good amount of calories to get the body going the metabolism going and it enhances you that's great advice that's really good advice guys because I see people all the time they go back you laid out their numbers right yeah I'm taking for thousands yeah yeah no no your body is used to something everybody's individual everybody's different so every six three guys shouldn't take in 4,500 calories whatever you certainly just had sympathy not asking if you were to go that's that's worth this time alone that you stay here dogs you here so you get a noise in the baggage on the puffs man everyone knows Michael Byrne has puffs annotated there you got straight here you got teddy bear you got the panda bear over there we got police you go around you're somewhere the wolf is here somewhere yeah so as far as lifting weight code word here's my home gym and you can see that just by looking at Mike gym want to go ahead around here to that squats deadlifts in benchpress it looks like it's what you're set up or you don't give the cardio that is true I stay with the basis in the where I stay with the basics is because the basics work and it works for me something I believe in wholeheartedly is don't get carried away in sense I'm scary wait what's the new thing it's not saying the basics and then to expand from that and so something that still works for me today after 35 years of lifting is this lots of that so that something that I can maintain four times a week I can get that in if I need to get ready for a shoot all adding to it but I'm not one guy and nobody really is football players play for how long three years average but three months at a time I'll catch up then they take time off yep then they go back to the basics then they start again for some reason in the fitness world people think they need to be on 24/7 every workout a beast workout there's times you got to step back step forward step back recover step forward and so for me it this is me working on the basics and then I can always enhance because you're getting really solid information from literally I introduce Mike as one of the strongest guys I know because he literally is one of the strongest guys I know he's maintained a healthy body for a long time because he understands the basics of nutrition and he sticks with it he understands much more than that but he sticks with the basics all the time and then he sticks with the basics of lifting and you heard him say when needed he'll add in additional things so I want to continue to have you on these videos so these guys can get more information I got one final question for you as a 50 year old guy is this normal that's most people like that it should look like that but you know what in the world was all that very I was good fit nobody was thinking I would be 50 fixes so nobody would figure that at 40 or 35 you said that my heart from my favorite now I'm going to rate is a protein captain in the house that's it Michael Hernon you guys got it okay so to get more information about Mike where can they go Mike and Michael Byrne diagram which our YouTube channel everything's like a warrant so there's my facebook Instagram Twitter website YouTube YouTube the whole world the whole world Michael ever wants to be world domination he's on an Apple box by the way really nothing so I didn't miss my did I was joking in popped off


  1. Been lifting 42 years, seen thousands of lifting vids and can say, without a doubt, Mike O'Hearn is the real deal. Effectiveness – Doing the right thing. Efficiency – Doing things right.

  2. I want to start off by saying I love Mike 2 but with that being said what he does may not always work for everybody especially when it comes to diet not everybody has his genetics you have to experiment and figure out what works for you and obviously stay away from junk food

  3. Mike you have other acounts in instagram with other names : Natural Sups, Strykers World etc…not all your acounts are with your name 😏..Im your follower in all your acounts of facebook, in instagram 4 acounts : Mike O'hearn, Mike O'hearn Life Style, Natural Sups, Strykers World…and here in youtube…Keep training hard and inspire us…Legends never dies

  4. "Minimal effect dose." Lifting, running, tanning, stretching. It's all the same. Consistency and long periods of time = results

  5. I dont care if the guy is on Steroids or not, I enjoy Mikes videos and remember steroids are not a magic drug you have to work god damm hard to get a body like that, ps steroids dont make you look older Wine Maker keith, Alcohol and smoking does though.

  6. Shit I’m 29 years old and don’t have abs like them 😩 they are amazing πŸ’―β€οΈ

  7. The guy may have great genetics….. but he is also fake head to toe, HGH, Testosterone, Botox…. genes and nutrition will get you so far but there is no way you can get that size and ripped and look that good without some aid.

  8. Mike is such a butt plug. All these made up achievements, power lifting, martial arts…. yet no records or footage of any.

  9. I liked the video. …however. …there's a "hand gesture " that Mike did….and it bothered me…yeah Mike we get it you are tall and your friend is short, but there's no need to make a mockery, I think that hand gesture was unnecessary and insensitive.

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