Mon médecin m’a parlé du jus de tomate et ses propos m’ont laissé la bouche ouverte! 😱

Mon médecin m’a parlé du  jus de tomate et ses propos  m’ont laissé la bouche ouverte! 😱

My doctor told me about tomato juice and
his comments left me open mouth! 😱 my doctor told me about tomato juice
and the results left me speechless That’s why I judge everyone
should know, everyone should know
Because this will allow us to avoid a lot of
diseases, welcome to your health channel and beauty,
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So the tomato is an excellent fruit.
It is usually used as a vegetable in
salads and hot dishes, this is a ingredient widely used in
weight loss diets because that this
is very low calorie and has diuretic properties. In addition to its
abundance in water and vitamin c she improves the immune system
tomato is an essential fruit in our meal because it improves our
health by helping to prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.
which is composed of good quantities
Lycopene that is found in quantity huge in the tomato the gold that she is
cooked before telling you what
are the benefits that the doctor mentioned The killer whale we drink juice
tomato I would like you to tell me how
Are you tomatoes in your beautiful nation? is do you like tomatoes? How do you prefer
you consume it raw or cooked? In salad or alone?
I invite you to watch the full video to know
What are the benefits that tomatoes give us brings
In number 1 it prevents cancer of the prostate
the tomato is rich in lycopene which is a potent carotenoid pigment, that
it has a antioxidant action in the body, it protects
cells of free radicals free radicals especially the
prostate cells the quantity of
Lycopene varies depending on the condition, of
the maturity of the tomato and how she is
consume suddenly a raw tomato contains 30
milligrams of lycopene while the tomato juice can exceed 150 and
Ripe tomatoes also contain more lycopene than vegetables
some studies indicate that juice consumption
tomato increases the concentration of lycopene in the body two or three times
more than when it is consumed under form
fresh or in juice before continuing
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Well continue in number 2 the tomato intervenes in the problems
cardio because of its high antioxidant composition
the tomatoes help to
keep the blood vessels healthy because
They are packed with fibers that help reduce the
bad blood cholesterol plus some
studies show that the consumption of The tomato in the diet also reduces
the risk of heart attack
In number 3 it allows take care of your skin and your hair
because the tomato is rich in carotenoids, which are the out of the consumer
converted to vitamin in the body
Tomatoes ensures the maintains visual health and skin
by restoring shine and brilliance to that this
In Number 4 it helps to regulate blood pressure.the tomato is rich
in potassium a mineral that helps regulate
blood pressure she is also rich in
water that also creates an effect diuretic in addition to maintaining the pressure
blood, By eating the tomato you prevent
the weaknesses and muscle cramps
during intense physical activity In number 5
because of its vitamin C content, the tomato consumption helps to strengthen
the body’s natural defenses and helps fight against free radicals
Who are often at the origin of the various diseases and infections
Apart from the vitamin C contained in the tomato this one also contains Iron
which are particularly suitable in the treatment of anemia and that also helps
to facilitate the skin healing and to improve the
the bloodstream besides it’s excellent for
help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as
atherosclerosis the tomato is rich in potassium and is very
important for the proper functioning of the heart
Now that we know what tomato can we bring in our lives in term
of health, then prepare our tomato juice In
ingredients we will need 3 tomatoes, 150 ml of water, one
pinch of salt and a bay leaf or basil
method of preparation Put all your ingredients in a blender
, mix and crush once it’s , put it all in a glass and consume
the, or so if you want it fresh put the first to the refrégirateur to consume it
Cold That’s tell me what you think of
all the benefits that consumption consumes tomato? If you decide to start
also to consume this juice today then I would be here to read your opinions with
great pleasure , thank you for watching the video
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