My Fiance Eats Korean Food For The First Time! | SLICE n RICE πŸ•πŸš

My Fiance Eats Korean Food For The First Time! | SLICE n RICE πŸ•πŸš

Wassup Ninjas! This is SLICE and RICE! If you’re new to the channel,
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can become a Ninja. So, as part of this
Korean series, We wanted to try something
a little bit different And I thought of this, and
then I instantly regretted it WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY Slice is going to try some
different Korean foods that I PICKED OUT You have to eat whatever
I put on your plate Not the whole thing! Put it in your mouth, swallow,
and then poop it out later What if I don’t poop it out? That’s kinda concerning Let’s just do it. How many items is it? Not that much actually. (laughs – This not even Korean, man. Yes it is! This is sushi! No it’s not okay, I knew
you were gonna say that This is sushi! It’s called Gim Pab What does Gim Pab mean? Gim is literally,
seaweed, Pab is rice. Pab is a soda. (laughing) Well I wanted you to try this and see if you liked this
better than sushi or not. I can’t believe you
literally never had Gim Pab, and you’ve been dating
me for how long? Who fault is that? Yours! (camera beeps) You know I’m a
struggle with this. – I’ll tell you what’s in
there after you eat it. After I eat it? (laughs) Alright. Whole thing, whole (thump) (groans) This is pretty good. Really, you like it? Better than sushi? It tastes like sushi. (dramatic beat) I’ll tell you what’s in there, there’s egg, carrots,
spinach, crab imitation– – Wait, hold on, time
out, crab imitation? (laughs) So it’s some animal
imitating to be a crab? (camera beeps) And then the yellow stuff, I’m not really sure what it is. (dramatic beat) (laughs What do you mean you
don’t know what it is? (crosstalk) I don’t know, oh it’s
right here, pickled radish. That’s what it is. – So where’s the
crab imitation at? I have no idea. Where’s the crab imitation at? I don’t know it’s
not written on here. I’ve never heard of that. (laughs) Ow. (laughs) You don’t have a bed
to fling back on, do ya?>(funky music) I don’t wanna hit m
head on this microwave. Rate it on ten outta ten. It is like a six and a half. Six and a half. (dramatic music) Really? That was dry (dramatic boom) It was dry, what do you expect, there wasn’t no sauce
or nothing in there. I mean it was good. (camera beep) Alright, I was gonna
save the best for last but we need some Korean
authenticity up in this joint! I know you know what it is! (laughs) Oh, gosh, is it kimchi? Oh, yeah! (laughing) (spy theme music) Why do you look like that? Yo, this looks like a heart. This looks like intestines. Matty, what the heck? You’re disrespecting! (lid pops) (laughing) (coughing) Ah, no, I’m not gonna
like this, babe. Oh, it smells so good. You want me to give you
some rice with it? That smells good to you? Yes! I don’t wanna eat it. You know what it feels
like right now? It feels like, there’s
somebody under my nostrils with a pickax, and
it’s like, ah! (laughing) (camera beep) I’ll give you the one
that tastes the best. Listen to the noise it makes. (sad music) (gagging) The smell is hurting my stomach. This is a good one. I gotta eat all of that? (music thumps) Yes, its only one! You’re lucky you’re
even eating this. What do you mean I’m lucky? Like I got the privilege. Now in Korean culture
before you eat kimchi because it’s your first time,
you have to go like this No you don’t. Yes you do. Then you go like this. Yo, you’re trolling I’m not trolling,
are you serious, that’s so disrespectful And then you go kimchi opah! (laughing) I’m just trolling you. (laughing) I knew it! I’ll give you a
little bit of rice,I felt it like, all right here. Let me smell your breath? (camera beep) Alright so what would you rate
it on a scale of one to ten? – Get a whomping
four out of ten. You know, that’s not that bad, compared to what I
thought you would give it. I thought you would
give it a one. One is like eating
straight doodoo. (farting) Anyways we’re on
to the next thing There’s more? Yes! There’s only a little bit more. (thump (laughing) – What is this? (laughing and clapping) This is like jello doodoo? – No! (laughing) That doesn’t even look edible. It is, and I don’t really
know what this is but, I’ve eaten it, I eat
it all the time. What do you mean you
don’t know what it is? I’ve never asked cos
I just don’t wanna know. What is this called? Acorn starch powder. (laughing) This doesn’t even sound edible. Matty, it’s really good, you
just gotta give it a chance. Never judge a book by its cover. After I show this to you, and then my parents see it, they’re gonna be so
happy that I bought it. I eat this all the time. Ready? Uh-uh, no, no, no, this
is why I’m gonna do it (laughs) – A-oh! I don’t want this, man. What’s the Korean name for this? I don’t know, mook? You should go in there
and ask your parents Don’t you think? Okay, if they ask
you how you are, you just have to say
that you’re fine you’re not really fine, but– It’s called dotori mook. Dotori mook. Yeah! If this ain’t good. Don’t smell it. (laughs) If this ain’t good
I’m spitting it out That’s not respectful (camera beeps) All at once. (music thumps) (laughing) Come here! (laughing) What’s wrong baby? (cringing) (mumbling) (coughing) – Matty! (laughing) Nope! So what do you think? To be fair, nothing
was cooked fresh, you’ve always liked
my moms food. It wasn’t like I cooked
all this just now, I bought it at the store today. Who knows when it expired? (music thumps) What do you mean who
knows when it expired? Where did you go? So what was your
favorite thing, The least favorite
thing was that, (gibberish) mook. That was my least favorite. I loved the sushi. – It’s not sushi! That is sushi! That’s offensive Anyways, I’m thankful
that you tried. Oh man, it’s time for you to
learn about the black culture Well, there aint gonna be
nothing to test me on because I think I was meant
to be born black But as far as this food, I don’t
ever have to eat it ever again in my life. And I will not be
missing anything EXCUSE ME, IF YOU
MUCH EVERY HOLIDAY Especially the dotori
MOOC MOOC Anyways Ninjas, thank you
so much for watching If you enjoyed this,
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  14. Crab Imitation- "Crab sticks, krab sticks, imitation crab meat or seafood sticks are a type of seafood made of starch and finely pulverized white fish that has been shaped and cured to resemble the leg meat of snow crab or Japanese spider crab. It is a product that uses fish meat to imitate shellfish meat."

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