My Fitness Journey| Being at my Heaviest, Weight loss, 5 Month Transformation,Before& After Pictures

My Fitness Journey| Being at my Heaviest, Weight loss, 5 Month Transformation,Before& After Pictures

hey guys and welcome back to our YouTube channel I am so excited for this video this videos will be so much different from the videos before I usually walk with my family but I am so excited I'm happy and I wanted to share with you guys last night I was up I could not sleep I literally was awake till like 2:00 in the morning I was putting pictures together of my then and now and I am shocked I decided to make a video of my journey with gaining weight and losing the weight and to where I am right now right now I'm not near where I want to be I obviously want bigger goals but just for the five months that I've been doing this that I've been working up and I've been going to the gym I am pretty happy with the results I do what I'm actually frightened start that all of this and my progress or whatever has been just strictly in the gym because I have not changed my diet I feel like I feel like that has been my biggest struggle and they continue it continues to be my biggest struggle right now I just started fasting four days ago today's like for the fourth day I feel good and I am vlogging this has already a separate video of me fasting and how I liked it I wanted to start off with mentioning that I had my first start I went up my first daughter who is not five years old I had her when I was 16 years old so I had a really young and all my life since I can remember I was so so skinny I was used size 0 or size 1 for pets I was so small and this was up until I want to say ten til I got pregnant and even after I got pregnant even after I had my daughter I mean to me back then my weight did not bother me and didn't care for it I think at one point I do want to say that like in middle school I wanted to gain weight because I was so skinny so when I got pregnant with my daughter I went from 120 to 140 I had only gained 20 pounds okay and that that's me overestimating I honestly think I was probably less I literally just had a belly and my it was just here literally as long as I have my daughter I went back to using the same clothes I used to wear my pants everything fits so good and I was surprised I was like you don't want like wow like I just had a kid at 16 years old and I ain't nothing changed so after header I went back to 125 I want to say maybe I'm gonna add my my pounds but I don't doubt that I went to back to 120 I was at 125 and it all went downhill from there people were always like to tell me you know take care of your body now you know it's gonna change blah blah blah you know watch what you eating and I did not care I did it I had went back to what I was so to me I was like there's no way I'm gonna gain weight but in just one year I went from 125 after and my daughter – 160 so I have gained 40 pounds me and Tony we would always go out to eat you know we used to live with his parents and we would always just want to eat instead of eating at the house maybe in the middle of night we will go to McDonald's or to get fast food and this was very often I mean we would go out to eat so much and there's this famous place in El Paso Texas it's called Chico's tacos and chicken stock also was my freaking weakness like I ate Chico suppose so much I honestly I cannot I I honestly I can't even believe I don't know but and fun fact I did Alex chick I did not like Chico's tacos before I had got pregnant I like toe burgers but not their actual main dish and when I got pregnant I fell in love with it I absolutely loved it I wouldn't let it when I was pregnant with breat three times a week – Chico's tacos and I would always get a double one that was quite a lot yeah so I gained 40 pounds I was obviously not happy with my body you know my clothes didn't fit I didn't even I pretty much allowed myself go so when Tony decided to turn the airports he ended up leaving February of 2015 I decided to lose weight to try to lose weight to go on a diet okay so as crazy as it sounds I went to Mexico I live I'm from El Paso Texas we're right on the border of Texas and Mexico I knew a few people that went to Mexico to take some pills and go on a diet eat right and you were moved a lot away so that's exactly what I did I went to Mexico I took I went to this doctor he gave me some pills he gave me this paper and it was just like a little package and it was just things that you could eat in the morning things you couldn't think I mean this diet was so strict and I was like my first I was like oh okay woman was it gonna work or not but in just two months I lost 25 pounds I went to the basic training graduation I saw Tony you know he know it is that I had lost weight a little what's 140 didn't seem too bad I was not well I wasn't complaining you know I was happy with where I was um Tony went to tech school he went for about six months he ended up getting station here in Guam the time that loss was 20 pounds I did not do anything different with my body I didn't go to gym I didn't I diet I was okay I 140mm and then I got pregnant after Hadley Sophia I gained I wanna say and my whole pregnancy was Sophia I – I must have gained like 20 pounds 160 then I had her I went back to 135 and I was happy I mean I would weigh myself all the time and go oh you know one third wonder if I okay that's you know but I wouldn't change my way of I wouldn't wake out I wouldn't eat better as long as I stayed out 135 I was happy and and yeah that was that as long as I was 135 I was good fast forward to a year and a half later and this was February of this year I was so done with the way I was I looked I mean I it's crazy to say you know I'm how was happy I'm 135 as long as I was 135 I felt like I was healthy I felt like I had a good body and that was not the case I feel like a lot of a lot of times at least in my situation I thought you know 135 that's good but your body is not you know your body doesn't have the the nice little you know that because you have you know you have the fat and to me I realized that just this year that I was like you know what wonder if I means nothing if I have no muscle I think everything changed for me I decided you know what like at the scale I'm done with it I I think I still have it but I have not weighed myself in maybe like I want to say five six months I decided to go I decided I go to gym but now having two girls two little girls of one and a half year old and a five year old it was more difficult than I thought Sophia I hate it absolutely hate it the gym yeah we would step foot enough in the gym and she was good you know up until the point where I had to put her inside the gated area the kids get it get it area she will lose her and at first I would like you know try to work around it you know I kind of hold her and then we let her calm down then I wake up if I'm in I think I'll hold you again then you know she would cry non-stop and at first I mean I was considerate of others and I still am I would you know apologize you know so many times you know I'm sorry you know I'm trying or whatever there be no you know what no it's fine like I sometimes I had moms that were really nice and were like don't worry about it I had I had kids that were like that my kids were like that you know and then there was times there was this one time where I kind of didn't get into an altercation where we me as a mother girl we kind of like you know I asked you what was her problem with just staring at her and but eventually two months after that Sophia she would sometimes cry sometimes she wouldn't it was a hit or miss something she can't be 10 minutes I'm sure sometimes she'll crack at 15:20 sometimes she wouldn't cry it off and to me that was progress I now go to the gym whenever Tony is home we shift on my car to Spain so we're using Tony's car now he goes he goes to work he comes back we didn't it I end up wheat we hang out for a little and then I go to the gym I do want to say that I am still very very shy I if I could find an empty room at the gym I will go to that empty room if I could go into this crowded I will go and at least cry I wanna I also do what I mentioned that I have not changed my diet all this is just because all this is just work out working out you know I think my biggest struggle till this day is eating right eating healthy not I did start blasting I always wonder because I do see so many changes in my body now in these five four months that I've been working out I wonder like you know well my body will look like if I did you right if I did eat healthier I can't wait to see what the body my changes my body has I go to the gym quite often I go to the gym four to five times a week and this is my first week where I will be going six times six times a week I mean the weak side over here today is my fourth takes I still have two more days to go who knows if I'll be able to make it or not I'm happy where I am right now I've had my struggles with others days that I wake up and I'm like wow look at my body you know I see that it's times where I wake up and I'm like what in the world like it's a gin even worth it you know I have had bad days and good days I've had of cádiz and that is okay yeah but I am so excited guys to see to piñas along with me I hope you guys continue to watch us as a family or moved to Spain and continue my fitness journey I am tempted believe me I'm talking to weighing myself but I'm not I mean I want to just like to show you guys what I weigh and maybe I gained weight maybe I lost weight B if I did think weight it would have to be muscle weight muscle and stuff but I can't wait to you guys to see how much my body changes to bring you guys along with me please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel like our video share a video comment down below and see you guys on the next one bye


  1. I had the same experience with my pregnancy!! I gained like 40 pounds and lost it all..interesting how the body works 🙂

  2. Omg girl I'm so happy for you!I'm literally going through my fitness journey and you just motivated me some more😭 keep up the good work mama!!!💖💖💖💖

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