My fitness journey (Diet + Workouts)

My fitness journey (Diet + Workouts)

hi everyone I'm Danny Walker welcome to my channel today's episode is going to be about my nutrition and fitness routine if you're new to this channel please be sure to subscribe and hit that notifications button so you can be updated on all the new episodes as well as follow me on social media at Danny Walker this has been a very highly requested episode and I have not done it so far because I am NOT a nutritionist and I am NOT a personal trainer I still have a lot of questions for myself regarding those things let's take things back just a little bit when I started this whole fitness journey I only started working out outside of taking dance classes when I was about 21 and I was getting serious about getting to Miss USA and I thought that I could look a little bit better during the swimsuit competition all my life I've been pretty small up until senior year in high school I was only 98 pounds and I'm five seven well that changed in college when my physical activity came to a halt so from a time I've senior year til about 21 I put on about 20 pounds so when I first started working out I did get a personal trainer and I would say if you want to get in shape please go do that especially if you don't know what to do in the gym and you're super lost like I was I think it's important to talk to a personal trainer about your personal goals also just learn how to function in the gym there were so many exercises that I had seen other people doing and I honestly was working out the wrong muscles because I just didn't know and then when I met with the personal trainer I started understanding a little bit more about what muscles I was actually targeting the really important thing about that is that it will prevent injuries as well so my number one piece of advice is go get a personal trainer I know that it's expensive but it is literally worth it to do just a few sessions with the personal trainer so that's how I started in the beginning when I really wanted to cut fat and lose that body weights you can see more definition I focused on cardio I was doing about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then I would do my workout with weights I know that when I say weights so many girls are like oh my gosh and I don't want to get bulky and I know that for some body types as soon as you start lifting weights yes you do start to bulk up which is why you should get that personal trainer so then they can talk to you about the right exercises for your body type and your goals if your goal is to lose weight and get super shredded so you can actually see the tone you're gonna have to do a combination of both and you don't even have to necessarily lift heavy for anything but I saw the biggest difference in my body in my shape when I started focusing on lifting weights within three months I saw a big change in my body from cardio and weights and honestly that is what ended up keeping me going after even Pageant know what do I do the thing that I love to do because I travel so much is called people it's an online workout you can actually go take classes in New York if you live there this thing that was created by Steven I don't know how to say his last name P but he just goes by P and he has trained a lot of influencers and Victoria's Secret models and he actually doesn't really incorporate too much cardio into his workouts it's basically a lot of low reps there's minimal equipment and low weight and then it involves a lot of stabilization and stretching and just pinpointing muscles that you weren't aware of or don't normally use and I have loved it I just love it I feel like it really brings out those small muscles for tone and definition and for me it's been the best thing for my stomach and ironically it's not filled with tons of crunches or abs but the exercises that are in these workouts still target the stomach the core your back and you can still see that difference I do peeve all about five days a week and if you guys want a link to get a discount for p valve and putting that in the description below I'm not getting paid for that I just really love them and ever time somebody asks I just rave about P vault because I'm so obsessed I believe that they also do student discounts as well I have taken a step back from actually going to the normal gym just because I love to evolve but I still think it's important to incorporate all of those things aside from that I love being active so I'm constantly looking for ways to do physical activities with my friends so the other day I went out dancing with my friend when I was in New York Sarah Ellis and I went to grumble boxing classes I'm really open to try new types of physical activity I love to go hiking with my friend Emily and there's lots obviously lots of great hiking spots in Montana I tried wakeboarding I tried racquetball so that's really helped me a lot if anything in this episode is surprising you so far or something that you were like oh my gosh thank you for saying that because that's what I wanted to know then just comment health below in the comments and then also share whatever else you guys are thinking while watching this episode or if you have new episodes that you want me to create for you I love hearing all of your requests last just gonna be nutrition and diet and all of that stuff I do have to say guys you can workout a ton but if you're eating very poorly you're not going to see a change if you want to lose weight you need to be on a calorie deficit so you have to be burning more calories than you're taking in every single day the first thing that I did in that journey was start to cut out carbs because that was my biggest obstacle I used to take tons of dance classes and every day after class I would go to this bakery called 85c and I would eat an entire box of bread and I was wondering why am I not looking like I'm in shape because of the amount of carbs and sugars and sodium that I was putting into my body I was just gaining weight so I had to get really strict on my diet and I started cutting carbs the way that I did that was cut them one at a time so the first thing for me that I got rid of was pasta I didn't eat too much pasta I loved it I'd love to go to a restaurant and have a great pasta dish I stopped ordering pasta dishes until I didn't have cravings for pasta anymore the hardest thing for me was getting rid of bread so when I went to restaurants and I always offer like free bread at Place I started turning that down and then I stopped ordering dishes with bread I also stopped eating rice and potatoes in any form which is hard for me because I love mashed potatoes and then I did my best to minimize all desserts when it was pageant time I didn't eat desserts I pretty much only drink water every single day and a ton of water and then every night I like to have a cup or two of tea that's pretty much all I drink when I go out to eat or when I'm making things at home what I pretty much stick to is protein and vegetables and tons of it really more vegetables than protein if you can for example in the morning for breakfast one of my favorite breakfast that's really easy is just half of a grapefruit which I put in the fridge and chill it at night and it just makes it so good and then I'll do a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter on top and then I'll have a cup of green tea with that that's kind of a typical breakfast for me and then for lunch and for dinner I'm sticking to like I said lots and lots of vegetables I try to incorporate some fish and then I stay away from too much red meat and then whenever I go to restaurants I know that the dishes can be really high in calories so I always first check if they have a lean menu and if they don't then I just try to make health conscious choices I have a really simple diet I don't really count calories I would say I'm calorie conscious whenever I do go shopping or purchase something at the store yes I am looking at labels I'm reading the amount of sugar in something I'm focusing on the amount of sodium in it and then also obviously the calories and the other thing I feel like really helped me to motivate me and think of things in a different way were two quotes and the first is don't work out because you hate your body work out because you love your body and I think that's so important because working out and diet and nutrition for me at least it wasn't easy to get on track or build any type of habit with this idea of like I want to look hotter like I want abs that was never motivation enough for me to eat better or worked out more and when I realized oh my gosh I need to work out because my body is capable of so many great things because I live in it every day because I'm gonna have this body until I die and I need to really maintain it and take care of it and aside from that I used to always work out and that I would treat myself to extra desserts or snacks or things that I wanted to eat and then I heard someone say okay your reward for working out is not a sugary snack or a salty snack and something that you love to eat your reward for working out is your body and the way it looks I know a lot of people will work out and they're like I'm gonna treat myself I worked out I stopped doing that because I was I realized that I would work out and put all this time and effort in and then I would go and eat things that were so high in sugar and sodium and I was basically just canceling out all the work I had done in the gym so now when I look at things that are really high in sugar or not the best for me I'll think okay is this worth the amount of time that I'm gonna have to work out to burn it off to maintain how I like my body to look so that's basically all of my fitness and health and nutrition and what I do all the time guys it is work and it does take time there's been many times where I have just fallen off the wagon and I've had to start all over again and every time that I did that and just over indulge or binge ate I regretted it every time so I would not encourage you to do that I'd encourage you to start just making healthier choices for your body so you can feel your best I hope that this episode was able to enlighten you a little bit to let you know how I maintain my physical appearance if you enjoyed this episode please give it a thumbs up subscribe at this channel hit the notifications button share this episode with your friends if you're watching on a mobile device then screenshot this episode and post it in your Instagram stories and tag me at Danny Walker I want to know what you thought I want to see who's watching and engages all of you aside from that thank you so much for watching this episode and I you're going to tune in for more you


  1. Great video Dani ! You have trained / motivated yourself very well- & it shows ! Love your Tahoe pic also.. Your Supermodels sisters ( esp. Cindy on the wall ) is a bit jelly lol ..

  2. So Helpful!! I would like a episode on Pre-Teen styling. Specifically on formal and casual! <3 Thanks so much, you are such an inspiration to me!

  3. thank you so much for these tips! especially the diet portion, i’m also a dancer and involved in pageants so i want to feel my best when it’s competition time and carbs are my weakness😂

  4. Dani, you got a lot of self discipline and self control. I really admire how you trained yourself to be physically fit and watch what you eat. I have to be more like you. I cannot resist ice-cream and chocolate. I especially like Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate Fruit and Nut and Skor bars. Oh my gosh! I only exercise when I see hot women around otherwise you would have to drag me to the gym.

  5. I love your videos! I'm competing for Miss Maryland USA 2020 this year and watching your videos has been so so insightful. I'm feeling very prepared. Thanks for everything!

  6. I love u Dani! Ur so amazing and I feel so lucky I got to meet u! Ur just as amazing and inspirational as I imagined!

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