hey guys welcome back to another video or if you're new welcome so for today's video I thought it would keep it very chill I'm filming it on my blog camera so I'm sorry if the audio is a little bit off but I'm going to be talking all about my current or my updated fitness routine and diet ever since I posted my pictures on my Instagram from when I was on vacation and also my last vacation vlog I've been getting a ton of questions about my current fitness routine and my diet there's going to be a ton of different parts to this video I'm gonna start with my current fitness routine and then I also have an athleisure haul from Publix you guys know if you follow me on instagram if you've watched a few of my videos I'm a huge fan of athletics I've purchased from them with my own money I think around 4 or 5 times I've done reviews on their stuff before so when they reached out to sponsor a portion of today's video it was like a dream come true I love working with companies that I've already worked with that I already love so I'm going to be showing you guys I'm a few outfits from them and telling you guys a little bit more about them a little later on in the video and then I'm also gonna do kind of a typical what I eat in a day at the end of this video so it's gonna be a pretty long video because I didn't want to sit down and film a bunch of different videos I would kind of compress it in also I'll leave time stamped down below for the fitness portion for the athleisure review and Tryon and then also for see what I eat in a day it's not really what I eat in a day because I'll give you a few breakfast options it's kind of like I don't have meals that I tend to eat more often than not so I think we should just jump into the first part which is my current fitness routine just so you guys know I am a five foot one I am currently around 118 pounds which is actually the most I've ever weighed in my whole life for a really long time I was going between a hundred and eight to a hundred and fourteen pounds and I'm 5 foot 1 frame gaining an extra 4 pounds you can feel it like it sounds like just 4 pounds but on me like I can feel when I gain even 1 pound just quickly because I don't want you guys to get bored I it was a very petite case when I got older I would say starting in grade 4 I started gaining weight I think it was just my genetics my mother was a little bit of an overweight child as well my sister was overweight I'm not sure why I gained weight at that time I just did I was a heavier kid then I would say I started losing weight when I entered grade 9 and I started losing weight for the wrong reasons I wasn't losing it because they wanted to be healthier feel better I saw all these skinny girls at my school get all this attention and I thought that being skinny was gonna make me happy that's not the truth I did some things that I was and that I'm not proud of to lose the weight and I lost a ton of weight in grade 9 to the point where I stopped getting my period when I was 90 pounds I would look in the mirror and I would I would think it was never enough I always thought that I wanted to get the number on the scale as low as possible I was just so unhappy and caught up in it and I think that was probably the most unhappy I've ever been now the reason I'm bringing that up is because what that taught me was that diets like that are not sustainable and I'm not here to talk about a diet for me this is really a lifestyle I cannot be that restrictive with myself or else I will go crazy like as someone who loves food as much as I do if I restrict myself that much I'm just gonna say F this and just eat what I probably one and the same thing goes with fitness if I force myself to work out seven days a week where I like working out I don't absolutely love it I will say F this and I won't work out at all so it's really about finding a balance with food and with working out I mean if you working on to the poor you want to do it seven days a week and that's what makes you happy go for it for me what works best is working out three to four times a week and then on the other days I just try to be active and do something at home unless I have someone to tell me do these exercises run on the treadmill and ends there to tell me what to do I just want to do it I can follow workout plans that say run on the treadmill for 20 minutes I'm not running on the treadmill for 20 minutes like no way running for me was something I always didn't like I dreaded it I did it I still don't particularly love it in the past I've had many many gym membership and let me tell you they were the biggest waste of money first of all I don't particularly love the entire gym environment and second of all like I just said I would kind of slack off I would tell myself okay you need to do 15 reps and it would start hurting and I would end up doing seven so for me I really needed like a personal trainer however personal training is so flippin expensive the biggest part of my current fitness routine is Orangetheory I aim to go four times a week I'm very happy if I go three times a week I do have the unlimited membership if you're going any more than two times a week is really worth it well it's the only option if you're going more than two times a week there are an hour-long workout pack the class you're on the treadmill which sounds daunting and sounds like hell but what I like about this portion and what I like about Orangetheory is that there's a trainer in the class and that's telling everyone what to do the treadmill is not like okay get on the treadmill and run for 20 minutes the treadmill is typically high-intensity interval training and you will alternate between walking sprinting jogging you can go at your own pace however your heart rate is going to be elevating and going back down so you're never just running at the same pace which is something that I hate it because you're not just running for 20 or 30 minutes the time goes by really quickly another thing I have to say is that you will never have the same workout twice at Orangetheory there was a new workout every single day when you are not on the treadmill you're on the floor and like I said every day can be different typically when you're on the floor you're alternating between the floor and the row where you will do some floor exercises then you'll go to the row where the rower is like my favorite part I love rowing when you are really into rowing you get such a good workout some days you'll focus more in your arm some days you'll focus more on your legs so typically half the class is on the floor while the other half of the class is on the treadmill and then at the halfway point you guys will alternate and the people who are the floor will go to treadmill and vice versa so that is basically what Orangetheory is however the most important part is that your heart rate is being monitored the whole time by this little heart rate monitor I have the one that goes right here however there's one that you can go that you can put here I don't know I just like this one the best it goes from right where your sports bra hits this is your heart rate monitor so basically the entire workout you get to see on the TV screens you get to see your heart rate and there's three or four zone how many sims are there there's five different heart rate zones I'm gonna read them to you the first which is gray it's very light activity I just this is basically like your resting heart rate the second which is blue which is the warmup the third which is challenging but doable and then you have the foil advanced the fourth is the orange zone which is you know orange theory which is a zone you ideally want to be on which is uncomfortable and then the fifth zone is the all-out effort the science behind orange theory is based on epoch which an excess post-exercise oxygen consumption machinery does to you because I don't really know how to explain it it says that if you challenge your body at the right intensity your body will work harder to recover oxygen loss during exercise that's revs your metabolism and makes you burn calories long after your workout is over the goal is to get 12 Splatt points I know it's like you're like what the hell is this blah pointless flat point for every minute you are either in the orange or the red zone the goal is to get 12 throughout your entire workout meaning you spent 12 minutes in the orange or red zone so that you will get after burn or epoch every single person is different everyone has a different heart rate maximum but you enter the orange zone once you hit 84 percent of your heart rate maximum for me I know that I enter the zone once my heart rate reaches 160 however there are people who enter the orange zone at once that our heart rate reaches 140 and that's why it's kind of frustrating because for me I have to literally be sprinting to enter the orange zone whereas someone else can be doing a light jog and be an orange zone the point of this is just so you can make sure that you are pushing your body to the right point where you will receive the maximum benefits and let me tell you I feel like all of my other workouts that I've ever done we're kind of a waste because I wasn't pushing myself and just seeing that number wanted to get those 12 splat points and to go into the afterburn motivates you to push yourself harder you want to earn your points and then you can do something with your points I don't even remember the more points you get there's like a reward system I have to look into that because I don't I don't really know also an app that you can track your progress so that is a little orange theory is I absolutely love it a little bit pricey but it is way way way less expensive than the personal training the classes are pretty small you do have to book an advance on their app it's a fun workout it's the only workout that I've ever ever ever looked forward to going to to the point where like I wake up early to go to them which is something I've never done so like I said I'll typically do Orangetheory three to four times a week and then on the days where I don't do that I will list the YouTube videos that I follow for my butt workout my booty workout down below I do those workouts with resistance bands that I get on Amazon I will leave them linked down below and another thing I really like doing is actually doing workout guides by my friend Isabella her name was picked by Bella on Instagram she has an incredible incredible body she just released a new booty guide and I do that on days where I'm not at orange cereal like follow that and that's very very good so I try to be active every day you know what if I'm not active one day it's not gonna kill me as long as I'm active at least three or four times a week I'm happy and I've seen changes in my body currently I'm 118 pounds I know it's hard to look at the number either stay the same or go up when you're working this hard and eating healthy but muscle weighs more than fat and I always go by how I feel how I look and have my clothes fit rather than the number on the scale honestly I probably look at my scale maybe once every three months I don't scales it can be very dangerous and very bad for your mental health let me just tell you that now let's talk about the most exciting part of this video the athleisure hauls do you guys know I've been a huge fan of fabletics for months now when I first started getting back into fitness I realized that I don't have enough athleisure wear I have a lot of lugging so I wear leggings on the daily but not only do you need clothes to workout in I found it very very motivating when I had really cute new athleisure wear to wear to my workout because I workout pretty often and I wanted to switch it up I wanted to you know get some cute outfits to workout in but I just honestly love athleisure wear when I'm not filming it's literally all I wear a lot of people I was recommended fabletics to me which is what motivated me to place my first order I have to say I think my first order was just a basic pair of black leggings and grey leggings and I think a sports bra their black leggings are one of the three brands that I wear and let me tell you two things one I'm extremely extremely picky with my leggings and the second thing is that they are a small fraction of the cost of the other leggings that I wear so normally I was wearing the lemon or TNA and right now you can get two pairs of leggings for $24 at the same time I was ordering fabletics I got a pair of Lululemon leggings and they were over $100 so getting two pairs of pathetic leggings for $24 when they are just as good if not better they have this way of just like lifting your booty up and really giving you that hourglass body so that was really fun Blahniks goal to supply really really cute athleisure wear at a really affordable price basically how it works is you take a quick 60 second styling quiz so that Publix can really show you and put together outfits for you that fit your style that are best suitable for you you don't have to think about it then you enter your email so that every month you can get exclusive discounts and that you can see their new collections they're releasing all the time I really recommend putting in your email so you can get these discounts and be the first to see because there's so many times I go on and see these cute outfits and then they end up being sold out in my size or the color I want because things go very quickly you can use the link in the description box down below to get two pairs of leggings for $24 my favorite are the power hold leggings I have like I think I have five or six pairs of them they're the ones that really shape you real nice I'm I'm obsessed with them I also get them in the little crop version I think it's called seven eight legs I add five foot one and I don't need to get them tailored they go to the perfect lengths on me leggings by the way look how cute this color is like I said I'm gonna show you it on some blush pink they also have sports bras they have tank tops and t-shirts which is actually something I don't have enough up and they even have jackets like look at this cute bomber my favorite part is when you go into the outfits section there's outfits all put together for you where you can save a ton of money it is kind of like a monthly subscription you don't have to buy it every month you can skip the month if you skip it within the first five days but personally for myself I love getting new leggings every single month I have so many but there's nothing like getting a new fresh pair of leggings every month so now I'm going to show you guys a few of the new pieces from products that I got I'm gonna try my best to say the sizes don't forget to click on the link down below to get two pairs of leggings for $24 mind-blown especially with the quality the quality is so good and they are all squat proof I tested them that was the first thing I looked at and I simply cannot stress how happy I am that I get to work with them and that you guys know I have a genuine love for the company because I've been talking about them for the even knew existed so you know my love is real okay so let's get on develop it these are the Capri power touch leggings they have mush on the back and then this is a Kessler high impact sports bra look at that back detailing this sports bra is definitely very very supportive I definitely love the color it's something different than what I usually wear the material is very thick it definitely feels like it's holding you in which is what I prefer in a legging this is the next outfit you like those leggings I make you really feel like you're free these are for you they have mesh detailing and then it kind of cinches in at the bottom this is the ELISA seamless solid bra you can see it's in a beautiful nude color I absolutely love how the different shades of like blush pink pair with this jacket it's just so flippin cute and I can't believe how affordable this all was already so this is the next outfit either the power touch capris what's really cool about these is that they actually don't have a seam running down the front which is something that like I very rarely see on leggings but actually really like this is the medium impact sports bra which if I do say so myself very flattering that is the back which I love details like that whereas like these straps match the leggings I just think it's very very cute here's a closer look at the material if you wanted to see it up close alrighty and I saved the best for last these are my absolute favorite leggings they are the power hold solid leggings and at these 7/8 lengths and then this is the low impact one-shoulder sports bra these are removable straps so you can have one shoulder if not that connects like that you can get two pairs for $24 which is a $99 value I just simply cannot get now on to my diet I'm gonna show you guys a few meals that I like to eat during the day the biggest thing for me is that I don't like restricting myself if I want a bite of ice cream after dinner I will I tend to go crazy when I was shipped myself and don't let myself eat ice cream I'll have a few bites put it away it'll cut my craving and I won't go crazy and then like eat a full tub by myself you know I have a lot of salads I have a lot of chicken and love chicken and one of my biggest tips is besides don't restrict yourself is to eat enough during your meals like I was never a breakfast person but when I don't need breakfast I find that I snack during the day and that makes me feel really bad I'm like internally I just hate snacking so for me I have to eat a little bit of a bigger breakfast and a bigger dinner typically I'm I kind of even skip lunch I'll have like a few rice cakes for lunch with hummus and a few vegetable that's like my favorite as long as I eat enough I won't have cravings for unhealthy things I think the best way for me to show you my diet is to continue to do what I eat in a day videos because it changes all the time however I'm a creature of habit and I do have a few meals that I like to stick to you already so for breakfast this morning this is something I eat a few times a week I'm gonna have an egg white omelet with some cheese I'm a huge Instagram is playing let me turn that off this is the beam in case I'm obsessed with it by the way I haven't taken it off it's so pretty I love cheese alright whenever I can add cheese into my meal I always do and then I'll have turkey bacon on the side and in the omelet I'll show you guys but I like to put a little onion and cherry tomatoes I cook that in the pan first but you'll see that and then I'll have some fruit on the side so I always cook with avocado oil it has a higher smoke point I just heard it's ready to cook what then olive oil I got this at Costco it comes in a packet too and it is my colors really easy so here I have my onions tomatoes and peppers cooking and peppers what I like doing is that the beginning the detail cut up a big thing of like onions and peppers and then keep it in the fridge to make it really easy for myself I'm also sort of Tomatoes like what middle part just so it's hardly really wet once the vegetables are cooked I just have two egg whites and wonderful egg with a splash of milk salt and pepper we're just gonna pour it on I also added a little bit more boil just to make sure it doesn't stick which you're probably well knowing me I have no worst luck when it comes to making omelet now I'm gonna go ahead and cook up my turkey bacon my eggs normally come out looking more like scrambled eggs in an omelet then I have my two pieces of turkey bacon and I'll also add a little bit of hot sauce she would have smacked her this is kind of like my lunch I don't really get too hungry in the middle of the day cuz I'll have a bigger line a bigger breakfast and then also have a bigger dinner basically I'll either put hummus on a cracker but today I put a little bit of pizza marinara sauce my favorite Israel's and then some fresh mozzarella cheese and I just put it in my toaster oven for like five minutes it gets all warm and I crave Pizza at least three times a day so this kind of takes care of that carbon for me well just a little salt pepper and truffle oil for dinner I'm going to be roasting this pepper and some of these cherry tomatoes that my mom grew in her little garden with some oil and balsamic vinegar like the last video or what I eat in a day video and then I have some chicken breasts that I already cooked already so this is my dinner I have brown rice the chicken I showed you the roasted vegetables and then I also had a salad I forgot to film us it's literally just lettuce balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a little salt it's my absolute favorite salad I don't know why it's so simple but it's my absolute favorite so I'm gonna have that this is something I eat all the time I'm just so obsessed with it okay so this is another breakfast option I have quite often I have yogurt this is the okk the Oh Gert this is a yogurt I really like it is I don't know pretty good with blackberries raspberries and a little like cereal oatmeal crisp granola I need to have a crunch in my yogurt I'm in here I have half of a cinnamon raisin bagel with some cinnamon not cinnamon sugar just regular cinnamon and two pieces of turkey bacon this will completely fill me up I realized that two things one I used to eat the full bagel and then I would feel like so Twitter eating only half it's perfect for me second normally I would only eat like the yogurt or don't need this I switch to eating them together because I realized that when I eat a bigger breakfast I snack less and then I just feel better by the end of the day I think snacking is what really kills me because I'll just like eat anything when I'm hungry so I have my current exercise and diet routine and also a little athleisure haul thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to check out five lenox down below to get two pairs of leggings for $24 you have any other questions be sure to leave them down below I will make sure to answer them if it's regarding my workout or my diet or politics I will answer everything thank you guys so very much for watching and I will see you guys back here next time


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