My Fitness Transformation! Slimmer Stomach, Reduce Cellulite, More Lifted Butt.

My Fitness Transformation! Slimmer Stomach, Reduce Cellulite, More Lifted Butt.

hi my name is Victoria Kay I am from Germany and I came to the USA several years ago with the dream of being a model I got a gym membership and started working out but wasn't seeing any progress then several months ago bikini model Fitness contacted me about being in some fitness videos I did a shoot for them and after it was uploaded a lot of people left mean comments calling me out of shape saying my cellulite was gross and that they should never hire me again I felt so embarrassed and thought about giving up so I just went back to Germany then bikini model Fitness called me and said they think I have potential and they're willing to hire me again as long as I follow this new home workout plan and nutrition plan they were creating since it would get me fast results so on the days I didn't shoot with bikini model Fitness I followed the home workout plan they gave me and I started seeing results immediately my butt started becoming a lot more lifted and round my apps got a lot leaner my endurance increased and the workouts got a lot easier and my cellulite started going away my cellulite was really bad and I thought I'd never be able to get rid of it but after a few months of doing these workouts it was barely noticeable I have to say bikini model fitness calm completely changed my life and I am so happy with my body now not only did I improve physically but also mentally my lifestyle is completely different now I eat very healthy now I workout consistently I am so much happier and I feel healthy it was one of the best decisions in my life to work with bikini model Fitness it is amazing to see that my abs are visible my butt is very lifted and my cellulite has disappeared I feel so confident wearing a bikini now or actually any outfit because I feel amazing in it I have lost almost 20 pounds of fat by following these nutrition and workout plans and I've become more toned I had no idea that I could actually like this and know that many other people feel the same I do feel that so many more people could benefit from bikini model fitness calm and change their life completely again I cannot believe that I was able to make such great results since nothing I had done before had ever worked in the beginning I had no knowledge of fitness and or a healthy diet but I told myself to at least give it a try and I'm glad I did it was challenging first but I just focused on following the bikini model fitness calm diet and workout plan and the results turned out beyond amazing if you want to get into amazing bikini shape and give the workout a nutrition plan at bikini model Fitness , try the workouts can be done anywhere you don't need any equipment and they'll get you amazing results [Applause] [Applause] the light I'll take the chance for the guys [Applause] I feel so [Applause] [Applause] those arise seek fair and I won't change mine can't shake the light I'll take the chance and roll the dice just wanna feel the star surround the atmosphere never to come down I'll stand alone we're the right it takes me home [Applause] you


  1. "before" was not so bad, more like normal…also "cellulites" was invented by some fashion-magazin in the 70's, its not an actual condition…its just fat

    in the end its all about the passion in the sheets, better flabby than boring

    but nice body and ambition anyway

  2. Wow your amazing and i think that you are a inspiration to Alot people. You were never to me overweight or whatever those people said. Kepp up the great work and your beyond gorgeous

  3. Your body transformation is amazing! Loved seeing the progress you made. You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. the booty before is amazing the booty after is still amazing , ppl just be hating to hate your very beautiful keep up the good hard work

  5. God damn they have women that look like this in Germany now i can see why men move to Europe.

  6. I just don't understand why people make such a big deal over cellulite. It's natural and should be nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to shame people over.

  7. 5:20 I know you were running from those cold af beaches in California…,come to Florida if you want to get in to a nice beach

  8. people are mean and haters! i
    I love your transformations! It's inspiring!! Thank you for sharing! There is hope for me too! 😃😃

  9. Fantastic from the start! Your dedication to yourself and your work ethic is inspiring and amazing… a true fan…

  10. I've been subbed to Bikini Model Fitness for years. I've only recently found this other channel. Any who, sorry you had to go through what you did the first time around. YT is awful, but glad you're doing better now.

  11. You really look much better, but you could continue the program to have even more results. I didn't do it, but people should understand that "mean comments" usually not directed towards the person but the "defect". It only targets the person if he or she protects the defect for whatever reason instead of fighting it. Also comments usually less sugar coated and more honest than in real life. In this case it should've been better if the "project" would be described from the start that way probably most of the commenters would wait for the results before judging you. Good work!

  12. thanks for the inspiration . i'm working out but i still not get any results , but i'm gonna keep working 🙂

  13. You Are Absolutely GORGEOUS Viktoria…..But To Be Honest…I Liked The Before…You Were SUPER Healthy & Thick! …But Even Now You Are Ok Too!!!! Dont EVER Worry About What People Have To Say…Just Do You Boo….and Be Real!!!! Tchüss <3 !!!

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