My Mental Health Routine | Brian Redmon

My Mental Health Routine | Brian Redmon

what's up YouTube it's Brian here and today I am going to be giving you guys an inside look at my mental health routine I have seen so many different routine videos on YouTube there's morning routines there's night routines I mean seriously I think there's routines for all parts of the day but I don't believe I've ever seen someone do a mental health routine just recently I posted a video where I talked about all the stresses and anxieties that I've been dealing with in my life and wanted to be as open as possible and transparent with you guys and truthfully the feedback I got was overwhelming not only were you guys so kind and supportive he gave me great advice and you also made me realize what I already thought to be true which is we all deal with similar things now I feel like I've been pretty open on my channel about the struggles I have dealt with with my own mental health and the truth is I kind of feel like I do have a mental health routine that I try and follow some of these things I do if I ever feel like I'm dealing with anxiety or stress or if I'm depressed and other things I do just to try to keep my mental health and balance I've found these things to be extremely helpful and I figured it'd be a good idea to share it with you guys in case you guys want to apply it to your own life so welcome to my mental health routine so the first thing I like to do in any day no matter how I'm feeling is eat breakfast and yes it's because I'd like to eat food but also I really believe a good healthy breakfast like makes me physically and mentally feel good hard-boiled eggs is like what I tend to do I do like soft-boiled eggs a lot I'll have some chicken I know it's kind of weird for breakfast but I have a very high protein diet so I'll get that out and then I will also get my personal favorite of Greek yogurt I eat Greek yogurt like it's my job I love Greek yogurt my favourite snack food is Apple and peanut butter and I can actually incorporate it into my diet it works because peanutters all right protein you have to be careful because it has a lot of fat but oh by the way my mom's filming again so guys I had to mama Redmond um what I do is I have the same amount of everything per day so I'll get like a half cup of Greek yogurt I'll get like 2 ounces of chicken 2 hard-boiled eggs an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter breakfast is the one meal for me that's very consistent I eat the same thing every single day I know it's not super fun but it does make me feel good and breakfast is the number one thing I do every single day to start my day off right so the next thing I do is I come outside here sit down luckily right now I have the dogs in town so I get a little bit of puppy love sometimes which is the best thing because nothing takes care of your physical and your mental health and just really everything like puppy love right piggy but I like to come outside or sit down somewhere and get an idea of what my day is gonna look like I have found that I get very stressed out if I don't have a understanding of what my day looks like what my week looks like kind of trying to create a schedule because of what I do for a living I don't have a nine-to-five job so I don't have a structure exactly in place I have to set my own structure and that has a lot of positives and it has a lot of negatives so most days when I get up I like to have breakfast to sit down on my computer check my emails and then just kind of make an agenda of things that I want to get done for that day if there's anything that I have to plan for if I have any events coming up and the auditions things of that sort I like to get an idea of when it is so that I can plan out my schedule accordingly but this is just a great way for me to kind of mentally be like okay this is what I'm doing today this is what I have to do today and then if I get this stuff done that's when I can kind of end my workday and move on to fun stuff so yeah and when the dogs are right next to you this part of the day is actually pretty nice and 100 normally this is the time where I would go and work out now today I'm not working out it's Sunday I tend to work out five days a week and I'm filming which is the biggest reason I'm not going to work out right now like I said to start the video I think taking care of my physical health helps me with my mental health so I try and stay on a schedule or I work out truthfully every single week multiple times a week people have different health goals when they work out and for me a lot of it is the one take care of my body but to to get a certain look so I do a lot of weight training I also do cardio I've always played sports so I'm very active every day I work out when I come back home I feel like yes check that off now I can move on to other stuff and that's why I like to work out in the morning also I've found if I work out late at night I can't go to sleep for whatever reason is something that I try to do most days I'm not doing it today even though I did just do a thousand push-ups but I do try to work out most days I have be careful though I had to let my body rest sometimes you can get injured I actually just messed up my tricep pretty bad last week but for the most part working out makes me feel good and I try to just stay on top of it as much as I can the next step is something that I just recently incorporated into my mental health routine and that's that I've started to use CBD products if you're not familiar cv d stands for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound found naturally in the hemp plant CBD is not like marijuana because it doesn't get you high I found that CBD is able to help me cope with both physical and mental stresses in my life I first became familiar with CBD products through some friends of mine that I knew that used them and I didn't really know what CBD was I also thought it was just practically marijuana but once I learned some things from them and I did my own research I ended up finding green roads and immediately became interested in their product so I reached out to them what I loved about green roads is not only do they have a lot of positive reviews but all of their products are pharmacists formulated so here are some of my favorite products that I have I have my relaxed pairs I have my CBD oil and I also have my muscle and joint pain relief topical ointment that I've been using on my arm as I told you guys about the reason why I really like these is one I sometimes have a hard time going to sleep if my mind's running which it always is running so if I'm ever feeling stressed out or there's a lot on my plate at night when I'm trying to go to bed I just can't and these help me sleep like a baby it relaxes me it makes me feel at ease and I'm able to just get a nice night of sleep and then that makes me feel great obviously the next day this has been very helpful recently when I messed up my arm and anytime I'm sore from working out because as I said I do work out a lot but really that's what's awesome is you can try out different products and see what works for you depending on what your needs are and I found products that really have helped me both physically and mentally before I decided to partner with them I told them to send me the product so that I could try it because I didn't want to just promote it if it didn't work for me but I found that it absolutely has worked for me so if you're interested in trying CBD products for your own health benefits I encourage you guys to try green Rhodes I'll have a link down in my description to try out some of the products you can try the products I have there's many other ones that you can do do your research see if it's a right fit for you and green Rhodes thank you very much for sponsoring the video and more importantly helping me with both my physical and mental health another thing I like to do in my mental health routine is listen to music believe it or not sometimes I find that listening to music allows me to either Zone in on something or zone out depending on what I'm wanting to do so for example if I'm trying to brainstorm and I want to think about things and put music in and I try to think about different ideas and be as creative as I want other times if I want to try to just mellow out and relax I'll listen to music we'll come out here and lay out by the pool it's just a very relaxing thing I connect with music I listen to music based on how I'm feeling and I get very nostalgic about music in a weird way unfortunately I can't make music I can't really sing or anything but I do love music and it is something that I do rely on to help me if I'm trying to either be creative or even just to relax a nice days like today so another thing I think is super important and I think it's awesome that my mom's here for this part is I believe having people that you trust and can talk to in your life is so important for your mental health I am a pretty open person and especially my mom like there's no one better that I probably talked to you about everything's like she knows everything about me good bad I'm got her for advice on everything and I also have a few friends that I would say are on a similar level to that and I don't think it's important to have a ton of people that you rely on to talk to but having a few close people in your life and you know finding the courage to open up about things that maybe are hard to talk about is so important and it takes so much weight off your shoulders and also allows you to get advice and hear other people's perspectives and things and a lot of times you find that you're not as alone as you think you are with whatever it is that you're dealing with so finding the right people family is always great if you have a relationship with a family member could be a parent a sibling close friends finding someone that you can really just talk to I think is super important and is another part of my mental health routine right mama that's right the next thing guys is one of my favorites right Ted how fun is that look Teddy you next to Teddy Teddy Teddy if you guys that know I have dog pillows with pillows with pictures of my dogs daddy thank you I think it's important to take breaks I'm not much of a Napper not because I can't but I just feel like napping to me it just makes me feel worse more times than not for me it's kind of ironic because I am a youtuber but I will watch YouTube videos and I think the reason why I love to watch youtube videos is it distracts me from my own life a little bit right it allows me to kind of zone out this is what I do when I want to zone out mentally it's a great way to physically and mentally just kind of reset rest for a bit next time you're feeling tired and you just need to stop stop and then get back at it whatever you're doing harder after you have your little break because it breaks gonna be nice so speaking of breaks I'm gonna take a break right now I'll see you guys in a bit I'm actually gonna nap no I'm not I'm gonna pretend to nap though cuz it feels nice the next thing I'd like to do speaking of breaks and fun stuff like that is you know I am very much a gaming nerd but I love playing video games so it's one of my hobbies when I'm done with my work for the day I'll come in here and I'll play sometimes just myself it's more fun if I'm playing with friends I played with my brother and so my childhood friends back home which is awesome because it keeps me in touch with them there's pros of that but also like if I just want to like not think about stuff or I'm I'm done for the day and I'm gonna just like get my mind off stuff when I'm playing a video game that's all I'm thinking about it's hard to be focused on anything else um I do streaming stuff on Twitch by the way if you ever want to check out a live stream with you're a fan of gaming content or you just want to hang out with me live on a more like personal one-on-one type by I'll have a link to it down below you can come off on me on Twitch and watch me struggle at fortnight but we'll have a good time doing it so I'm sure there are hobbies of yours that you like to do it could be washing TV it could be playing sports could be whatever I just encourage you to do those when you have the time to do it because it keeps you saying no I talked earlier about how it's important to have people you trust that you can talk to and I absolutely do think that's true now there's been times in my life though where my anxiety has gotten so bad that I did need to see someone that was professionally qualified in what they do and I think going and talking to someone is something that all people should consider doing more often even if you don't deal with anxiety or crushin or any mental health illness I think it's it's very healthy to just talk about your life the things you're dealing with the things you're going through because sometimes venting it out not only just makes you feel good but you do learn a lot from someone else and so there's been moments where I have done that and if I ever feel like I'm in a place in my life where I am that stressed or I'm going through that much that's definitely something else that I do it's not something I do consistently maybe it is something I should do consistently but I did just want to say that because if you are someone that's really going through a hard time and these simple things aren't enough that's something I highly recommend you'll find to be very helpful it can be scary it can be challenging but I promise it's worth it and I did just want to throw that out there and then really the last thing that I always try and do as simple as it sounds is stay positive and the reason why I put this last is it's easier said than done to say just be positive but I think if you do some of the other steps that I talked about being positive becomes easier it's not something that you can just choose to do you can't just change your outlook and perspective because someone told you to do so no it has to come internally and I found that through my best moments and through my worst moments if I try as hard as I can to always focus on the good things obviously address the things that I need to address but if I focus on the good things in my life I just feel so much better that's why it's number 10 and that's the last thing that I do in my mental health routine but yeah there you have it that's my mental health routine I know this video is very different but I just felt so called to make it especially since I made the video where I talked about the things I have been dealing with I just wanted to give you guys an insight on things I try to do to stay positive to stay healthy to take care of my body both my mind and my physical body and it has made an impact in my life and maybe you'll take something from this video I hope you do but anyway if you guys liked the video and found it helpful make sure to give it a big thumbs up let me know in the comments what other types of videos you guys would like to see all my other social media accounts are linked down below if you want to go follow me on there you can do that and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already for new videos every single week until next time keep it real banana peels stay positive hope this helped and I'll see you guys in the next one bye


  1. I'd never heard of CBD's before but now I'm definitely looking into it because like you, my mind is just constantly running! This video is really helpful, thank you for being so open!

  2. Hey Brian it’s so cool to see you changing up your video style and just giving honest life advice. This video was especially cool coming from someone who actually struggles with minor anxiety and depression. We all support you ❤️🙃

  3. This is very helpful to think about. One of my favorite videos of yours. It makes me happy you have a strong list of activites, resources, and people that help you maintain your mental health. I work in the mental health field and can tell you that so many people think it is not important but it is vital to maintaining that positivity and happiness, which is so much easier said than done. I struggle with it too and it is a constant battle. ❤❤❤

  4. I am so happy to see that you take care of your Mental health. A lot of people your age aren't aware of how serious your mental health can affect your life and health care. I love your video's. Also I can't wait to see what changes you make in your New Chapter. God Bless.

  5. BRIAN REDMON, Acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture!
    And I have more suggestions but it's not letting me type the rest here.

  6. I’ve never tried the oils before, but it does sound like something I should look in on. And I agree with all of the other points, especially the staying positive one. That’s literally been someone I’ve told others since 8th grade 😂 and it is especially important to have someone you can talk to without feeling like they’re judging you. And while I have someone to listen to me, I’ve found that there’s a few people I’m really close to who feel that comfortable with me. And though I don’t know just how true it is, I’ve been told I give the best advice 😆 and Brian, if you ever feel like you need to talk and are comfortable, I’m all ears and my lips are sealed 🤐:)

  7. Great video and thanks for talking about tips dealing with mental issues. It is refreshing to see you being REAL and HONEST. Many thanks! Keep up the good work! ❤️

  8. Thank you for this video. Right now I am kind of going through a summer depression and at the moment I feel very blue😞
    With this video I felt less alone, I have an amazing family that I can talk to about everything but right now I didn't feel like talking. It just helped to listen to this video💙 Thanks Brian💙

  9. Brian, I agree with listening to music, this helps me feel better when I’m feeling low, and to get rid of stress over things that I might find difficult. This is a great video and good advice.

  10. I love the content you’ve been making about mental health recently. I’m going through my own mental health struggles so seeing this helps. I hope you do more of these videos in the future.

  11. We are so similar it's really nice to watch a Youtuber I can relate to soooo much xx loving the new content

  12. I will always support you and love you no matter what❤ thank youu for inspiring me and helping me to be a better person. You are the best inspirational Person Ever Brian

  13. great video, helpful tips! so important to look after mental and physical health! I use my passion planner for scheduling and use fun colours for it , quite relaxing as well 🙂 I also, try to do one thing I want to do daily for myself as well.

  14. Great video Brian! Very informative upload! I agree with most of these things, and have personally implemented most of them into my own life for a while, so it was good to compare! Only a few of them you listed/mentioned, I haven’t done, but may consider! Say Hi back to Momma Redmon for me! Hope you’re having fun at Vidcon!

  15. Everything you talked about is on point…….don't forget to pray and spend time with God so he can comfort you.

  16. Oh sometimes I watch your videos and I can't understand why your not an famous actor or model your so handsome and talented❤🌞
    Best wishes from South Germany👋

  17. Thanks for sharing totally helpful actually watching movies help me forget about all my problems and zone out . 😊

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