MY MORNING ROUTINE 2019 | Healthy & Productive Lifestyle | Alex Costa

MY MORNING ROUTINE 2019 | Healthy & Productive Lifestyle | Alex Costa

what's up everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Alex Kosta and today I am doing a morning routine video showing you how my day usually starts my routine changes up a lot depending on what I have going on so this is the most recent routine that I have developed also this isn't one of those super few good videos telling you to wake up meditate write about things that you love you know not not that I don't think that you should do that but right now in my life I'm in hustle mode man I'm building a brand I run this channel and other social media I have employees that depend on me I have partners that need me to get things done and I pretty much have no time for anything else so my morning routine as boring as it may be it's all about efficiency I wake up early before 6:00 a.m. I check my phone right away yes it's okay to check your phone right when you wake up because I check my emails I have a lot going on and I check about how my videos are performing to make sure there's nothing crazy happening any crazy comments about any mistakes so yeah I do that check my phone and then when I'm good I get off my bed and I wash my face with cold water to wake up and then I head downstairs to start my day chugging water is literally the first thing I do in the morning cuz you wake up you have that really dry mouth right terrible breath so I do that while I'm making my protein shake which I make with strawberries blueberries water protein powder and sometimes some coffee to get my day started then it's time to get to work la is a very quiet place at 6 a.m. which is good for me because it means that it's a perfect time to get things done everyone's sleeping while I'm already ahead and that's a great feeling nobody's calling me nobody's texting me after two hours of working it's time to hit the gym one of my favorite parts of my day here I grab my pre-workout right now it's this amino lean from RSP which is linked in a description if you want to check it out I like it because it's not super strong doesn't make my ears tingle I hate that feeling so this is quite mild and I love it I hit the gym around 8:00 8:30 and when I get back around 9:30 I've already worked for two hours I hit the gym I'm feeling accomplished because no time was wasted so I go to the bathroom I play one of my audio books in the bathroom right now I'm actually listening to negotiation genius I think it's a really good book if you guys are negotiating any type of deals in your life I brush my teeth I hop into the shower and when I get out I work on my skincare routine this is one of the most important parts of my day as you get older and I'm getting older you want to take care of your skin right actually you should start young you know don't make the same mistakes that I did your skin will definitely thank you later first up I exfoliate with this Dermalogica powder exfoliant this thing is amazing I've been using it for months now and it really cleared up my skin better than a lot of other products that I've used so I'm really happy with this right now then I moisturize this is well like I said I'm working on my own brand and I'll tell you more what I can but I hope you're ready to have amazing skin then house 99 eye cream very important this is one of my favorite brands and I think if you have dark circles or puffy bags under your eyes you really get a lot of benefits from using an eye cream like this one here Old Spice deodorant because I want to smell great all day and for my hair Moroccan oil intense curl cream as a heat protectant and to condition my ends before I style it with a blow dryer it usually takes me five minutes or less to do my hair I finish it with my own clay texture that's all I can say man look at this like I'm talking the best texture on any clay that I've tried plus the volume this thing creates you have no idea how excited I am to launch this sign up to my newsletter it's in a description if you want to know when it's dropping because we are finally getting closer and closer and I cannot wait to launch this thing then it's time to eat if you watch my what I eat in a day video that I posted earlier this week then you know that my diet is very very healthy right now I'm in full Coachella prep mode which means low carbs for lunch I'm having chicken meatballs with asparagus and mild rice it tastes amazing and it makes me feel incredibly healthy then it's time to get back to work you know that's what that's how my life is right now Justin here that he's my full-time videographer he usually comes over every day and we start working on you know new ideas to create amazing content on Instagram on YouTube of bringing guys only the best if you like this video don't forget to hit that subscribe button below to become part of the family we're growing every day which makes me very very excited and happy thank you guys so much for your support you know follow me on instagram it's at alex cost that we have a lot of trips coming up so very excited for that and like I said thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon Pete's


  1. Hope you enjoy my new morning routine video!
    Follow my instagram to see some FIRE pics I've been posting:
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi alex, you are such an inspiration. Please make your full day routine video including your diet plans…would love it

  3. this is just for the video. once the recording is over..they must be like i am very tired and gonna sleep whole day.

  4. Wow this is a great showcase of narcissistic personality disorder. It’s like this guy thought the routine scene from American psycho is a life guide.

  5. Me lembram os vídeos do Dr. Mike, n tô 1% perto de ser estiloso e saudável que nem o Made mas adoro assistir 🙂

  6. Bro I am koushik from India I watch your channel daily if you don't mine tell about for collage style or uniform style and maintain some like this for take this concept do one video on this for so many boys has don't know how to style collage at teachers and girls ,like this plz bro ……I am very big fan of you ….

  7. Sir I became a great fan of you from althrough the years and wish you to remain as happy and fit as ever you've been
    Lots of love from India

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