hey everyone is flora and in this video I'll be showing you guys my oral hygiene routine and also how I whitened my teeth a lot of you have been requesting this video and to know how I take care of my teeth and how I keep them healthy and also how I want my teeth so if you're interested in that kind of stuff then keep watching another one who wants to see you brush your teeth no one all right so right now it is about 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night I actually just ate dinner and so I'm just gonna run through my routine as if it were a normal night all right so the first thing that night that I do is I floss and so here I'm using Listerine dental gum care mint floss I really like this one because it is threaded it's not just a waxed floss you okay so flossing is done and I gotta wash my hands cuz that's Chris so I want to show you how to properly floss so here is a little cloth thread I'd like to wrap it more on one side than the other um it's gonna have floss my incisor so you can see the method that I'm using so what we want to do is a c-shape gliding against that side of the tooth and then I'm gonna go again and go like that the other way so that makes sure that you clean both surfaces in between those teeth I buy with going along I try to rotate my floss or move it along to a new area about every quadrant and so I'll unwrap it from the long end and then I'll gather it up on the shorter end and then I'll have a new area of watch to use so that is the proper way to use floss you want to glide the floss along both sides of each space so that you are grabbing all that plaque and not just going up and down with the floss and between your teeth because one that's not gonna grab any germs – you're gonna hurt your gums in that process so make sure to do it gently but also with enough force to you know get it clean after I floss I usually brush my teeth and so I'm just grabbing my sonic hair and then I put some toothpaste on it this is one I've been super loving I just got a new refill actually because our oral D representative came to our school yesterday and she gave us more so this is Crest gonna be toxify deep cleaning toothpaste and this is my favorite toothpaste so far so I'm just gonna grab a little bit so I want you guys to feel like how much to kiss I'm actually using now I'm gonna run this under the water real quick grab my hand grab water all right well clean now okay then oh yeah when it's my toothbrush head I like to turn it on run it under water a little bit shake it and then boom done a common question that I get is do I recommend Sonicare or oral via electric toothbrushes and to be completely honest I do not have our preference I just used my Sonicare because I already had that but both are great electric toothbrushes if you use them properly what I mean by that is don't put too much pressure on your teeth or your gums when you're brushing because the point of the sonic hair or the oral-b is so that it does the work for you and you just have to hold it there and move it slowly for the oral-b I know that you have to go tooth by tooth and that's the best way to use it for sonic care how I do it is I just go along all right so now after I brush my teeth I'm going to spray my tongue and I do do this once a night so take me I have this tongue scraper from years ago that my mom got me it's the brand tango I don't even think they sell these anymore but you can use a tongue scraper or you can use your toothbrush if you would like I'm gonna wet it and then get all that gunk out so when you're using a ton of scraper or a tongue cleaner or whatever you want to call it don't scrape too hard because that's gonna ruin your tongue and then I'll clean it shaking it let it dry and that's it so after all of that is done I'll go in with the Listerine so that's a big one from Costco which is the deal I don't use Listerine every single night but I do when I've had a lot of janky foods or if my breath smells particularly bad someday and I will I usually just pour it into the cap and then take it from there I barely filled it it's probably like a fifth of a way full and then I'll just swish it and spit it out and then I like to rinse line up a little bit too because wheels turns a little bit stronger and then I'm done after the Listerine is when I put on my retainers so I've got this type of retainer I haven't learned anything worth though yet so I actually don't know the difference in the names of these but I've got mine a wider retainer which I don't use because I like these ones better because I do crunch at night these ones are just clear retainers and I wear them at night and I do this every other night even though I don't need to wear them every other night I just like to because I want to make sure my teeth don't move cuz we were expensive and so that's it for my night routine Wow okay just now I realized that by placing the camera on this box you guys are barely seeing my face and it cut off but I'm not gonna rebuild everything so hopefully that was enough by the way my neck has been so itchy lately I think I may be allergic to something that I might have eaten earlier or it's just irritated right now but it's so itchy something's scratching it and that's why it's red so yeah that is my daily routine for oral hygiene and now I'll show you guys how I whitened my teeth I actually don't whiten my teeth that often I got them professionally bleached by my mom who is a hygienist I had her professionally bleached me in the office right after I got my braces off which was when I was I think 20 years old I got them bleached because my teeth are so yellow from having five years of braces and after my first bleaching session I continued or maintained the whiteness with crest 3d white strips here's a box of the ones I use they are the crest 3d white strips professional supreme here's what it looks like so I'll show you guys how I apply it so what I would usually do this is I do it twice a year maybe and I spread them out because my teeth do get sensitive after using them I don't even use it for 14 days straight which is what the instructions say to do I do it every other day because my teeth get so sensitive so here's what it looks like when it comes out of the packaging the top one the bigger one is for your upper teeth I'm gonna take it off it's best to stick it to dry teeth and so what I'll do is I'll like like I'll slick up and like swallow my current saliva in the mouth and then put it on now time for the fun of ours I like to make sure that I get up close to the gum line as possible but not on the gums then I leave it on for an hour don't leave it all in longer than an hour because that was just me your teeth really sensitive and you don't want that after the hour I'll just take them off and then I'll go on to brush my teeth so usually when I'm doing this I do this but before I brush my teeth at night and then your teeth will become wider now I actually don't know the full effect of these without the initial bleaching because I did get my teeth initially bleached and so I don't have like before-and-after photos to show you but my other friends who had used the Crest Whitestrips swear by them and they're great more budget-friendly alternative other things that help keep my teeth white are the fact that I don't drink that much coffee I don't drink coffee or tea every single day if I do drink cheese bubble tea oh my gosh okay some things that I need to address is charcoal toothpaste is not good for you oh my gosh okay so this is such a new trendy thing that actively charcoal toothpaste is really good at whitening your teeth and it's so good for you because it's it's charcoal but no it's not don't use activated charcoal in your mouth I wouldn't say it's dangerous but it's definitely not healthy for the tissues or your enamel I do not recommend using any activated charcoal products inside of your mouth I feel like because I did not recommend activated charcoal toothpaste that I should recommend some good ones crest Colgate Sensodyne if you have sensitive teeth Aquafresh I'm not really sure about because I haven't really researched it or used it that much but for sure Crest Colgate since that I and those have fluoride and which is good I recommend floor it and so do most of your dentist which they should oh my god I'm gonna go handle this rash that is taking over my if you guys enjoyed watching my oral health routine video then please make sure to give this video a thumbs up and comment below some ways to keep your mouth fresh and healthy and also how you whiten your teeth because I'd like to know and for more videos and dental school blogs make sure doesn't scribe to my channel Laura smiles and I will see you guys on the next block


  1. Oh my god
    Dentists have lovely and sexy teeth😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. I’m 22 and just got my braces off after 3 1/2 years. I am obsessive about keeping my new beautiful smile white and clean lol right now I’m using an organic whitening toothpaste and just a cheap spin brush with the pro whitening heads and then a water pik to floss because I have permanent retainers on top and bottom plus removable retainers top and bottom and the pik helps really get in between my glued in ones

  3. Super love your smile and your video. Cuz you are helping us to get know more about oral health. That's absolutely worthy in watching. How could I have in touch with you.

  4. Hi Laura! The clear retainers are called essixes or biostars depending where you work. I make essixes at my office. The watermelon retainer you have is called a hawley retainer!

  5. hey girl !!! i’m a rda student and i hope you pursue your career I wish i can work as your assistant one day !!! i would love that 😭😭😭💕

  6. I was skeptical when I first came across this product. I noticed it's effects with the first dose, and the results have gotten better as I've been taking it regularly. It has increased my focus, my energy, and my overall feeling of well being which has a big impact on my work and my day-to-day life. I highly recommend it.

  7. never use ya toothbrush to clean the tongue at first you may experience blood with the scraping the tongue

  8. Great video! I’m new to your channel as I just decided to get into dentistry!!! I used to use crest white strips in high school until I got severe sensitivity issues and I still have sensitive teeth. 😰 Right now I stick to coconut oil pulling and my teeth and gums look AMAZING!!!👏
    Keep up the good work!! 😘

  9. btw you have nice teeth also i had braces but my teeth moved apart because i never wore my retainer i would take it out at night and ive have tried both the wire and plastic one

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