My Self Care Routine (Hygiene, Mental Health, Self Love)

My Self Care Routine (Hygiene, Mental Health, Self Love)

hi guys welcome back to my channel for today's video I will be showing you guys my self-care routine and a huge thanks to Schick Hydro soul for sponsoring today's video do not forget to Like and subscribe and let's go ahead and get started first things first is getting a good night's sleep I'll either sleep in early the day before or sleep in the day after that way I am well rested and ready to tackle on the day I like to start off by making my bed that way it makes me feel productive because if I don't do my bed I will be stuck there just watching Netflix and I'm sure we can all relate something I like to do when I first wake up is light up a candle you guys know I love candles candles just make me feel good inside and out just having my home smell good makes me feel amazing then I'll head over to the restroom and I'll start off with bath now while the water is running I'll go ahead and wash my face if the candle doesn't wake me up the cold water will I feel like to start off with the clean face does make you feel good especially going into the bath you don't feel all gunky I like to grab some bath salts as well now what this will do it will help relax your muscles this is just a gel foam that will help create bubbles and we want to make you feel like we're at a spa that we feel really luxurious and bougie but we're on a budget then I'll go ahead and I'll place my bath essentials like my shaving cream Mike's low leading gloves my razor my exfoliator my shower gel and my soap now this might sound little bit weird but I love reading books while I'm taking a bath it's super soothing and relaxing if you guys haven't tried it I highly recommend you do so after I'm done reading I like to put on my exfoliating gloves that way we can prep our skin before shaving it'll just get rid of all those dead skin cells that we do not want now I'm sure we can all agree that shaving gives us that extra boost of confidence that makes us feel good inside and out when I'm feeling myself it gives me the ability to take on the day and work on my goals also what's great about the Schick Hydro silk razor is that it features water activated hydro boost serum formulated with shea butter and moisturizers up to two hours after shaving once again thanks to shake hydro silk for sponsoring this video once I'm done taking a bath I'll follow up with my skincare now I have a full dedicated video on my skincare routine so if you guys would like to watch it I will have it down below after I finished my skincare routine I like to lather up my entire body with lotion when I mean entire body I don't mean just legs I mean arms stomach neck and everything it is very important to apply lotion throughout your entire body you have to treat it the same as your skin we want our skin to feel nice and fresh now once I'm done with that I'll head over to the kitchen to prepare myself a chamomile tea now coming LT has a lot of health benefits the number one thing being that it improves your sleep quality it promotes digestive health not to mention that it relieves anxiety and even boost your immune health so if you guys haven't tried it I highly recommend it it has a lot of great health benefits here you just see me spraying the room I like for my surroundings to smell good if I don't have a candle lit there now something I love to do is read either right on my journal update my calendar or play some Sudoku now I do want to share something with you guys that I've been doing month II and that is keeping a mental health chart it just makes me feel good I like to keep myself updated just to see my progress see how I'm doing I also like to write down my monthly goals this journal just keeps me motivated if you guys want me to post a picture of it on my other social z' definitely let me know in the comments down below that way you guys can copy it and have your own little mental health chart I feel like you guys would love it and if you guys do try it definitely let me know after I'm done writing in my journal I will go ahead and read a book you guys know I love astrology I had just picked this one up at Barnes & Noble's now after I am done reading I will go ahead and I'll play some Sudoku I love mind games if you guys love playing Sudoku give this video a thumbs up okay because people make fun of me because I play this but I love doing it it just relaxes my mind and makes me feel good after I am done doing that I'll go ahead and now relax for the rest of the day or do whatever I have to do do not forget to Like and subscribe and I will see you guys next time bye guys


  1. Btw the person who created the mental health chart is @jaysc0 on IG and she has a journal!!! So you don’t have to do it yourself it’s already done for you 🥰

  2. When the effort is only there for sponsored posts lmao , we all know you get your body lasered, it’s not even something you actually use tho

  3. Is this also your routine before you go to the gym?:)

    I’m obsessed with this whole vibe💓 proud of you🧡

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