hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be doing a video on my favorite Instagram accounts that I love to follow so this is specifically I'm calling it lifestyle there's no makeup accounts in here because once I pulled everything together I was like whoa makeup needs its own video if I'm gonna go through makeup accounts that I love to follow so if you guys want to see a specific video on makeup Instagram accounts that I love let me know and I can film a separate one I don't have any of like my friends that I hang out with all the time on my favorite Instagram accounts to follow those are just assumed okay I'm going I'm branching out in this video alright so these are not people that you see me hanging with tagging you know best friends desi I know she's already gonna be like wait what but this one's really gonna be just people that I love to follow fashion food fitness fashion food fitness it's a lot of F's but I just want to share like people that I've just really been loving whether it's their feed their IG stories their energy which by the way if you guys don't follow me on instagram you should at Katie very easy to find very easy to find on Instagram if you have any that you think I would love let me know because I'm always looking for new people to follow new inspiration motivation help me get out of bed in the morning kind of accounts let me know so we're gonna go ahead and jump in here I think I also need to point out I don't know how to pronounce everybody's name okay I'm I'm really great at spelling but pronouncing things I'm terrible at I'm just throwing that out there like if I butcher it I'm sorry I am trying my best alright so the first person I have on my list is somebody that I've been following for quite a long time now and she was actually at our dose of colors party which I was like totally fangirling but there was so much going on I feel like I didn't get the proper fangirl moment but the first person her name is Nazanin Mandy I hope I'm saying that right one I really like her fashion too she's like one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen my life I think I also love her energy I feel like she has one of those energies that just like you know how sometimes you feel like you know somebody through Instagram even though you really don't I just feel that way through her and she just got married to Miguel who is one of my favorite musicians of all time even for our wedding John – John wedding throughout the whole dinner we pretty much played all Magill music it's just something that I always have on it's like his music relaxes me at call me and I think them together I think they're like just one of the most beautiful couples ever I love their energy together they had a really cute video for Vogue it was like the 24 hours before their wedding and I don't know I just think they're so cute together look at how pretty she looked at her wedding oh my god I love it alright next person that I love to follow is Ricky Thompson on Instagram does he actually introduced me to his page and I mean it says right here on the very top of his page in his bio I'm just here to make you laugh and I can tell you he makes me laugh all the time I have a bunch of his videos saved that way whenever I'm just like you know what I need to see something that's gonna make me laugh right now I can go watch it and I actually do laugh this is a good one look I do whatever the fuck I want to do period alright you don't own me so therefore you cannot tell me what I can and I do bitch lets you either pay my bills no is your name on checks I don't think so do I even know you know so therefore shut your mouth I'm sick and tired of seeing these lips flapping shut those lips sweet Oh oh my god seriously like I start crying when I watch it even I don't even have to be laughing out loud I could just start crying like I could feel it start to burn inside me and I just want to start laughs crying alright this is the video right here you guys that if you're not feeling yourself you need to watch this video okay because it's that good it's just that good okay you know sometimes you really are that bitch you really are you out here really doing shit look at you yes you look Randy today but it don't matter cuz you separate next bitch everywhere in color doing that bitch he's just funny he's like once people you have to follow him you need to go if you don't follow him you need to go and look through all of his videos all of his posts because they're so good okay next person that I follow I've been following her I can't remember how long now but her name is Valerie Starr on Instagram and she just has the cutest feed she has the cutest post it's like girl what are you doing how are you doing this tell me please she also posts a lot of cute stuff like home stuff on her IG stories so actually that right there I got from her IG stories from home goods that piece of art but she's super cute I mean if you look at her feed everything is just so different I I love that I struggle with doing different posts like this I don't know why I feel like I don't go enough interesting places or I haven't gone enough interesting places lately but her stuff is just super cute she also has her own business shop star low and she just wears cute stuff all the time she makes me wish that I could wear a hat but I don't think I look cool in a hat like that you know so much good in spell on there and she motivates me to try and get cuter pictures you know even though I can't eat that maybe I'll take a picture with it I don't know ya know one of my next favorite people that I love to follow is cardi B this is her most recent post and I am obsessed I just I mean I feel like that goes without saying I just love cardi B she's awesome I've really liked her for a long time the next category that I have is fashion like people that I really love following just for their I'm gonna say vibes in this video because it is I mean literally this video is about vibes and if you come for me I'm gonna be upset okay just let me say vibes it's what I need to do the first girl that I wanted to share with you guys I believe her name is Carm just has such cute posts like all of her fashion posts when I look at her page I'm just like where are you all the time I do love her style because I feel like a lot of her looks I'm just like oh I would totally wear that you know sometimes you see people and you're like damn I love that I wouldn't wear it but I love it okay but her stuff I'm just like I would love to wear that give it to me and let me borrow it real quick okay look how pretty this is like it looks like she's in some magical place and then look at that so this is now on my bucket list in Japan I want to go back to Japan and I want to go see this place I mean I would love to go back to Tokyo anyway but that post I was just like oh my god I want to go there she changes his up a lot too you know that's what another thing that I really like just a really great account to follow if you guys don't follow her all right next up for one of my favorite fashion accounts to follow she's actually a new follow for me I just found her in the other day oh I really like her posts her name is Alice Olivia but she just has super cute outfits like every single one of her outfits I'm literally like I would wear that let me borrow it real quick look at this one how cute is that love this super chic just like effortless I actually looked into trying I tried to find this suit I think it's a Ted Baker suit really really cute I just really loved her page so far I just think everything that she wears is like alright next account that I really love to follow I've been following her for quite a while I think she also lives in I believe she lives in London her name is Naomi she wears a lot of sweatshirts a lot of sneakers with like trenches she just has a super cute style and she's just gorgeous I also like how like raw her pictures feel that's something that I personally like when I look at her page it just seems like very candid you're chilling with her in the south it was really cute she's always got a coffee I'm on to you Naomi okay I see you always with your coffee she makes everything look like effortlessly glam but like even if it's not if she's wearing sneakers with a hoodie in a trench she just still looks very put together and that's something that I love and the last person I have on my fashion list is Olivia culpo I may not know how else to say it I really like her fashion pose I think she wears really cool stuff I think she wears it really well she seems like she has the world's longest legs this is like so adorable anyway so I just love following her for her fashion and she has a lot of good like picture inspo kind of stuff too on her page alright next category is fitness so the first one her instagram name is kim french 87 so she's got a lot of great workouts on her page but also just her transformation and her story is really incredible looking that's our transformation picture and it's after two years so I totally respect the fact that somebody is like it took me two years to get to where I from where I was to where I am now it paints a very realistic picture of how long it takes to get from point A to point B so that's one of the reasons why I really like following her but she also has a lot of good workouts on her page so it's easy to see like when you look at it like you can see like okay there's ABS there's leg day there's upper-body I like that when you look at her page you can kind of see everything all at once so she's somebody that I look up to fitness wise and I just I think like damn she did that another person I'd like to follow on Instagram for fitness is Susie underscore KB or Susie B fitness her legs girl she just has a lot of good workouts she also posts these workouts on Instagram I personally like my goal my fitness goal is I want to be really strong like that's something that I personally really want it doesn't happen overnight okay that's something to remember it does not happen overnight or in a year it takes a long time so I like following these people they're very motivating to me they're very inspirational to me and she like her body is insane like she looks amazing and I'm just like damn I need to start doing these workouts another person that I also like to follow for fitness is Brittany male on Instagram she has a lot of videos she posts a lot of her food too and she is just super motivating to me she is ripped she shredded she looks incredible it's funny though cuz she does a lot of like jumping workouts but I watched them and I feel like I did them I'm like okay you know what that's enough for me this one right here when I saw it I was like how do you do that she does a lot of hit training so if you like a lot of that like a really cardio focus that but she does a lot of different stuff too I feel like if I follow all these people that have abs I should have abs too you know so I have two people that I really like to follow fur hair the first person I like to follow fur hair is Justine marjan I hope I'm saying her name right but she is incredible at hair she's so talented she posts a lot of IG tutorials she talks a lot about product on Dory's I meant I do story tutorials she's just so talented like I don't know what else to say she also came out with these hair pins they were like bobby pins that are have jewels in them and I've have them I've been wanting to wear them so bad but I don't know how to put them in all my extensions because this is where my extensions are right here so I haven't worn them yet and I can't really style my hair up that easily by myself so that's all my list of things that I really want to use is those bobby pins cuz they're so cute every time I see somebody wearing them I'm like yeah but like look at these curls that she did on Chloe's so pretty she did my hair one time I was lucky enough to have her do my hair once and she did a really really good job hopefully you know one day in the future I can have her do my hair again but look at how cute she is with her dog you're matching I can't the other person that I really like to follow is Brittany Sullivan and she just has really really good hair post too she does this like texture it's like right here like up here it's always perfect there's one of them do you see what I'm talking about how it's just like it looks I don't know how to describe it's like it looks like it's frizzy but it's not frizzy you know what I mean it just looks so good I feel like if I try to do that I would look like a hot-ass mess but anyway she just does a lot of textured looks that I really really like so I save a lot of her pictures and I think she's just a really really amazing hairstylist so she is on my list for top hair stylist to follow as well this is the food category I don't know why I do this to myself but I love watching food videos like when they show them making tacos or show them making like funnel cakes I get sucked in on the explore page every single time so my first account that I have is Los Angeles underscore eats I follow this account because they just post all sorts of random stuff and I'm just I'm here for it I don't know what else to tell you besides I like watching videos of food you know what filter do you think they use on food photos because I don't know if you guys have know this all food bloggers they have a very specific look you know what I mean like it's very like the color is like punched up but it's not oversaturated it's kind of like is it an HDR filter is not the other one is foodie mob on Instagram and they have a lot of la places I actually have a list of places that I want to go there's this one taco shop I probably have it saved actually on my IG stories tacos ebuddy yeah la única the actually just gave me the chills watching that video my last one that I have to share for one of my favorite accounts to follow you're probably gonna think why the hell do you follow this account why I follow noodle worship on Instagram and it's all noodles pasta dishes wontons of this carbonara lemon butter vinaigrette pasta are you kidding me noodle I love different shape noodles anyway so that's like my last food one that I love to follow I feel like if there was a cinnamon roll Instagram page which there probably is I would probably follow it I just want to share with you guys some of my favorite accounts to follow obviously that was a really broad range from fashion to food I'm always looking for new people to follow so if you guys have anybody that you're like oh my gosh you need to be following this person please share them down below and if you guys decide to follow any of these accounts that I share with you let me know so let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching do I look like a tech YouTube channel okay yeah go there weird me trying to say I don't need to they also I want to let you guys know you know yeah also I'm very cliquey that was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life


  1. Hi! Love your videos! I've been following this account for a while, see if you like it – very down to earth girl talking about hair, make up, fashion.. k8_smallthings

  2. Just followed most of these people! do you have any insta accounts for healthy foods?
    I'm hoping to get some food inspo to stick to healthy eating lol

  3. @katy check out Whitney Simmons; she’s also a gymshark athlete. Great workouts posted regularly plus her two pups are sooo cute!

  4. Daaaaamn the definition and quality of this video is fire! Good job katy and joons, keep up the great content 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Okay was tripping for a second since I don’t get notified alll the time on your videos searched lusterlux and let me find out it’s @katy on YouTube also! Whaaaat!

  6. Whitney Simmons like everyone else is saying for fitness, also love Ashleigh jordon for fitness and Niki Sky for fashion and everything! Her IG and YouTube is the best 👏

  7. Girrlll for fitness you need to be following Whitney Simmons! She’s amazing and she’s mentioned you before!! Also Linn Lowe’s she’s awesome😊

  8. omg for fitness definitely Whitney Simmons she is wonderful and so positive but also @nattbfit on instagram she goes to my school and posts amazing workouts I'm obsessed

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