My WHOLE Fitness Transformation + Losing 50 pounds

My WHOLE Fitness Transformation + Losing 50 pounds

hi everybody it's hot see and I'm back with a new video on my second channel and this is going to be a whole fitness journey from start to right now tower not to finish because things not every that's but this is exciting because I'm relaunching this whole channel is like Fitness based and I never thought I'd do that I never thought I'd be saying that because I'm a gamer like this isn't what I do but I have been really into fitness for the past year over a year and it's become such a big part of my life and I want to share it with you so this is going to be a big story a very dramatic story and we're gonna start oh my goodness but I've had a lot of people push me to do this and I just want to say thanks for like all the support and all the people that have like followed me over from Instagram and you know where the YouTube channel saying like do it do it like you've got to see what I want to hear it all because I told you all bits and bobs but I've never told you the whole process that I went through so I've seen a lot of fitness journeys on YouTube and people usually start like quite early on so I'm actually gonna start like very early on I know this is ridiculous but like because I'm 23 but we're gonna start when I'm 16 now we're not gonna stay there for very long but I think that it's important for you to hear like my past a bit to kind of then know me more know me for what I used to be and okay yeah I'm just I'm getting too deep with this okay so I left school when I was like 15 16 I think this was when I was about to enroll in college now the thing is I always ate what I wanted to eat and I didn't have a specific diet I didn't go to the gym or anything like that I did a lot of walking though because I had to get the train to school and all that but yeah during the summer holidays when school was finished and I was just about to enroll in my college and doun beauty therapy because that's what I wanted to do at the time I struggled a little bit with my way and I wanted to say that I was like over way bigger anything like that but I would just say that I was unhappy because I felt like I was under toned so yeah I'll probably share some pictures throughout this video so you can kind of get an idea of me during our summer holiday when I was going to enroll I decide I was going to rebrand myself and become like almost a completely different person and I thought how to do that would be if I lost a little bit of weight because then I thought I'd be like pretty like all these beautiful women in the magazines and like everybody would look at me and they think oh she looks nice and all that so I decided to go on a diet and I actually went on the Atkins for about a month to six weeks and that was really when to be honest I discovered that I have a bit of an addictive personality because I got a bit obsessed with scale you can get much more intensely than the average person would this was very serious to me I'd step on the scales every day and I would be very disappointed in myself if I hadn't meet the requirements that I'd set myself the day before so it got to the point where I was very obsessed with my weight and that actually happened and it rolled over to you when I did join college and a lot of the girls realized that that was one of the first things they realise about me you know rather than oh this is Hathi like she's a great person it was yeah that's Hathi she's not obsessed with food she's been obsessed with counting you know the carbohydrates that's in all her bars and she's been obsessed with the Atkins diet because that's all she eats she just brings in these Atkins bars and that's really all the girls to be honest we're talking about like I say this new me a lot of them just realized that I was just very obsessed with what I was eating after a very long time of me being obsessed over this food in this diet that I'm eating I'm committed to that's when I developed an eating disorder and that was something that I think is important you mentioned especially in a fitness journey because I think when you have something like that I think that you have to be very careful of what you do because it's very easy to get obsessed over things to the point where a normal person may enjoy activities but for somebody with a background who has an issue with food and the issue with things like that it can be something that isn't just a hobby it is a complete lifestyle you live and breathe it to the point where nothing else matters so that's why it's really important for me to mention and if you want me to go into a little bit more about that than I will but that may not be a very happy video but I don't mind because I would rather share it and in the hope that it's gonna help other people that may be going through that right now cuz it's a horrible thing if there's anything I can do to help then I'm here so moving on from there I want us to get forward a little bit now but I just I really did think that was important to mention so I want to talk about when I was probably like 19 to 20 kind of aged maybe even 21 this was like years sort of forward now to be honest I kind of got to the point where I was just happy eating what I wanted to eat and I was kind of back to how I was maybe before that summer holidays before college started and I was happy in my like size 10 I guess I was I could go out I could have a burger and chips oh I didn't I don't really think about it at all and then I think when I was 21 that was when I got into the gym was kind of getting to the point where I realized that I didn't have the metabolism that I used to and maybe things were changing with me you know I couldn't just go out and have a burger and not even think about it like I noticed a few weeks later especially if I ate a certain way so I started going to the gym and things started to work out really well for me I started to feel more positive feel a lot happier and I went to the gym probably about 14 weeks in a row and there was this TV commercial thing like weird thing that had to shoot it was like with my family it's a really weird thing to explain basically I had to be in a red dress in this Lamborghini and it was something that was happening and I felt phenomenal being honest I felt probably one of the happiest times in my body that I have for a while but it just took so much hard work and effort to get there to get that result I was probably going to the gym for five days a week or six days a week and when I was there I was doing 40 minutes of cardio and then about 30 minutes of weights a nice to hate the cardio Barre oh my goodness the cardio was the worst it was it nearly killed me every single time because I push myself I don't go and I don't Nick it easy I and I gave my all my my husband James he ended up getting a job transfer to Germany and that was where things really went downhill because when we arrived we did enroll in this gym but it just wasn't the same like it wasn't in my routine anymore you know I sort of finished work I went to gym I got home I was happy like that was my Swiss life Germany was different it was a 20-minute drive out to this gym if I wanted to get there and then you had to park and like you're not that you don't have to pose it's not like I just get like courage throw away the keys and no no but then it was just a lot more difficult and then on top of things I also found out that it was a nudist gym which put me off going I wasn't happy and the last thing I remember seeing was this eight-year-old woman squatting on the floor giving me directions like that to a place like it's a guy and I was like to know what I think I'm just about done with this gym I think I'm going home so I didn't go to the gym even though we paid a lot for this membership I decided that I didn't want to go anymore and I just it was stopped because I saw all the results I worked so hard for in those 14 weeks just disappear and just like just integrate over time pretty much and I just kind of gave up because I thought well you know if I'm not going to the gym I'm not exercising then what's the point eating healthy and I just ate whatever I wanted to eat and they didn't do a lot of exercise and that was when I really got into gaming because that was like the launch of my gaming channel so I spent a lot of time on YouTube just like sat at the computer all day and was in Germany for about a year so you can imagine like my daily routine was I get up I would game I would practice I would make a video I would watch TV and I might sleep like there wouldn't be much time to gym and it seemed like that no healthy eating everything that I ate as well we just be fried and it just it wasn't very pleasant to be honest I don't think he would have enjoyed my company because the food that I was kicking wasn't very nice it was all sort of frozen if it wasn't covered in bread and it didn't have chips it wasn't a meal for me basically and where the department was I indicated oppressed in Germany because I wasn't leaving the house I hated where I was I hated the name the situation I hated everything about my life apart from the new cheap thing because I was in love with that but fitness-wise things were getting worse and worse and worse me and it was getting to a point where I wasn't doing anything about it because I didn't feel like it and I went to the doctor's because I started feeling really down it was like the same routine that I was repeating he insisted that we did some blood tests not both of us just just me just let me have that and that was when he told me that like he'll ring back in a few days the next thing you know he brings about the next morning at 8:00 a.m. as soon as the doctor's surgery opens and he tells me I need to get down as soon as possible so I'm driving like crazy in my car and I overtake the whole queue it's not social it's huge there's like so many people that and he sits me down in his office and he tells me that I have something called hyperthyroidism but he insisted he was like no you're gonna have to be on medication for the rest of your life if you don't take this you could potentially die and it was a very difficult thing with it and I started to rethink about it I start to think maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling just hungry all the time maybe that's the reason why I'm depressed and I started blaming it on that which was really bad because it kind of gave a bit of a walking stick like okay just blame every single issue in my life on hyperthyroidism anyway long story short end up taking this medication and I was on it in the September September through to November I took it for two months the worst two months of my whole entire life so from taking this medication our bare mind I don't do any exercise and I ate whatever I liked from taking this it mess my body of complete I don't know what it did and nobody can explain it to me but I went from a size 10 to 12 to a size 18 in two months and nothing changed nothing about my lifestyle I'd live like that through the whole year and I was 10 to 12 and then as soon as I started taking it I was like 18 like it happened so quickly the first things I started to get from taking that medication was heart palpitations and I also start to get tremors like that like just shaking just like randomly throughout the day there'd be times where like I be emptying the dishwasher essence and I just started shaking like crazy had to put it down and I don't think my mood got any better I think that I've got some really bad mood swings often stuff like that so anyway we ended up moving back to the UK in mid-october 2016 and I decided right there and after two months of using this medication that I'm just going to pack it in and not gonna use it so when we got back I had blood tests taken in the UK and as she turned out that I don't have hyperthyroidism and I didn't need this medications first place and I tried to ask the doctor about like okay but I was prescribed it and my body has significantly changed in the last two months nobody can explain it no one can explain why I was given medication I thought I didn't need and I don't understand it at all the lady was shocked she was just like I've never heard of a situation like this I don't know why your body would have changed but you don't have to go on that medication you have nothing medically wrong with you you're absolutely healthy from what I can see so I was relieved in a way but also very sup because whatever this medication has done to my body it wasn't a good thing and I was very annoyed at the German doctor for telling me that I needed this medication and if I'd have stayed in Germany there is no doubt that I'd still be on whatever he prescribed me right now and also I would be taking injections every three to six months thinking that I had hyperthyroidism for the rest of my life it's not fair to do that to people and it put me into a enormous amount of stress but talking about the physical effect that had on my body when I gained how many stones in two months I can't tell you how I felt I honestly felt like I was breaking out of my own body I genuinely felt like a snake just like shedding it again because everything just felt so stretched everything I had stretch marks on my thighs my inner thighs my out like my outer sort of areas in arm like around here I had one on my neck so now we're gonna go over December 2016 probably the worst month of my whole life that was when my parents saw me the last time they saw me I was getting married I was happy I was a size 10 to 12 and then the next time they saw me just in the short space a few months I had drastically changed and they didn't know didn't understand what happened my mom was really worried about me because one of the things that she didn't tell me then but she told me later on was she went to a river cried because she was genuinely concerned if I can gain that much way in the space of two months what can I gain another six or a year or two years like is it gonna get to the point where I'm not even gonna be able to leave the house is it gonna become that bad for me and my parents were very worried about me there was a lot of hints dropped as well I remember you know sitting down at new year and going to bed early actually cuz I was just I didn't want people to look at the food that I was eating but even though I knew I need to do something about it it was like I was putting it off every single day and I don't really understand why like I was still eating the way that I wanted to eat just kind of hoping that things would get better but I remember how insecure I felt in Prague with my family on new year and it was just the most upsetting time for me you know I felt so worried about altering things at restaurants because I was worried in case anything looked at my plate I remember having on like the biggest baggiest clothes around me because I wanted nobody to see what I look like and I wanted to like sit in the corner of every room and just hide because I didn't want people to see me I don't want people to see how bad it got I'd rather like only having black clothes or gray clothes and I only wore those colors because I thought that they hid parts of me that I didn't want people to see and it was just so obsessing like I just remember and then like mine's this big party on New Year's night and I went to bed at 7 p.m. because everybody was dancing and all these women looked absolutely gorgeous and I just felt like I was the odd one out I felt like I didn't belong that and that is absolutely not how anybody should feel because you know it doesn't matter you should go out and you should have her no matter what size you are but I just felt so miserable and so down and I just I really wanted to change at that point so it was actually January that I decided that I would do something about it and it was mainly after one of my family members said something really hurtful to me and I think that if you've watched my videos before you'll kind of know like who that probably is but it was just hurtful it just it made me want to change and if anything I'm kind of happy they said it because if I don't think it just pushed me further the first of January I enrolled in a gym and I started going and guess what I obviously hated it I remember turning up and I wore black I remember looking and feeling absolutely terrible I was there and I would sit in the corner and hope nobody noticed me and then I'd go home feeling absolutely worn out and never wanting to go to the gym again and the thing is not like I'd sit on the stairs before I went and I probably went like once or twice a week in January through to February and I just remember like I tried to talk myself out of it I'd say things like oh you've had your hair done today there's no point there is no point in to Jim said you're not gonna feel it like it's not gonna work out you're gonna lose the shine in your hair and it's gonna get greasy like you can't go to the gym today or the weather's bad the weather's real bad today there's no point or oh you've got not enough petrol in your car let's not go to the gym things like that ridiculous excuses that I would try to talk myself out of going gone you feel tired I'm ill like things like that that I don't do now it was a real shame but I understand why I did it because I felt really down when I was going and another problem is I was doing what other people like doing when they get to the gym and what I mean by that is if you look at a lot of like fitness routines online and you find one and you think oh I'll try that out and then you try it you don't like it well don't do it again you do you have to keep doing it find one that you do enjoy if I wonder they issue and makes you feel happy and excited about going and try that out because the same thing is you know if you choose somebody else's diet if you read in a magazine like your favorite celebrity okay if someone told me she's not my favorite celebrity but if someone told me like Cheryl Cole eats 20 avocados a day and I tried it and I didn't like it why keep dropping it why not just adapt it to me and what I'm enjoying and try that because that was a real issue when I first started I just I picked a lot of other people's different fitness routines and I didn't like them so that was it so how did you stop going to gym through March to May and that's where I got a Fitbit and I started walking a lot so I started doing about 10,000 steps a day and that was the only exercise I did and I actually really enjoyed it and I'd honestly say that if you want to lose weight slowly and you don't want to do anything as intense as a crazy gym workout where you're going to be sweating and running and panting and all that then walking is actually a really good alternative because I lost a ton of weight doing that and adjusting my diet as well but being completely honest I had to be very careful with restricting things and with the numbers because I struggled before in my younger years getting obsessed with her and that's where I was heading I was heading for that if she would guess I still had a bit to go I was still in the overweight scale of the BMI as I started to lose more and more weight I start to lose it very quickly as well just like I did in my younger years and getting obsessed with things I think things started to fall into a very clear perspective for me that makes sense I started to see that it doesn't necessarily matter how much weight I lost I wasn't looking any better I really wasn't and I might have lost a pound or two pounds or three pounds or thirty pounds up to this point but my hair my skin my overall body was starting to suffer because I was putting myself grandma's dress again and I was getting too obsessed and I was losing it too quickly I know needed to slow down so I realized this in May I realized after I'd lost probably like 30 pounds that I needed to do something because I was developing an issue here my hair was falling out I felt dreadful I was kind of restricting too much I needed to change and I was in a real dark place as well so that is where I started to watch loads of videos online and I started to figure out what's the best way to you know make your skin healthier target hair loss deal with loose skin no but I was having an issue necessarily but I was kind of getting to the point where because I'd lost so much weight in such a short space of time my body had it really adapted when you figure so I was having like loose' parts of my body but it wasn't as drastic as like you see someone's skin hanging off so in May I steps back into the gym the gym that I hated in january/february where I wore black no makeup was in the corner and every person that looked at me I'd give him a look at it say get away from me I wanna talk to you don't you dare approach me and things were different things were massively different I noticed that walking into the gym and going up the stairs because these huge stairs in my gym it didn't feel as hard I remember getting absolutely worn out the first time I use those stairs but now you know a few months later and thirty pounds lighter I felt insane and I just remember that day when I stepped back into the gym I went on the running machine and I hadn't ran and I'm gonna say a good year year and a half even more than that probably and I ran like I ran my heart out on that machine and I was so excited about it because I hadn't done it in ages and it felt absolutely incredible I loved it so from then on every single day I went to the gym and I ran I loved here I love the feeling I love the fact that I could do something but I couldn't have done with that just overwhelming amount of body mass on me and I just I felt so good about it but from May to June July August September I started to take it very seriously I went six days a week I had Sundays off I did thirty minutes of running every day and I was just 30 minutes of wait but I was doing like random body waves so what I do is I would just like work out my whole body and then bear with me because I'm not suggesting this I do like a full body workout every day I knew what the hell I was doing but I was having a great amount of fun doing it and from there like honestly the cardio mixed with the random weight even though like I was not doing it correctly and I didn't know the focus of what I was doing I lost a further like 20 pounds just from doing that and I started to change my diet and have very healthy foods like fruits vegetables starts have a lot of coolness locks I don't eat a lot of meat but I did try like I have some a protein with every single thing that my body needed I just I had I had a healthy balanced diet I ran and I did weight and I did that six days a week I started to see real programs and that loose skin or like the looser areas of me that I was worried about they actually went after time like for me just working out and from the cardia that I was doing and I guess the weights that I was doing as well and my hair started to get in better condition my skin starts to get in better condition and I felt full of energy again and I stop dieting it's not restricting myself I think calorie count or anything like that actually got into something called macro units and this is what I would genuinely suggest for anybody that is looking to lose weight and what it is is it basically works out exactly what your body needs to sustain itself so every single person needs proteins carbohydrates and fats those three things and what it does is it works out you'll hide your weight all the things you know how much exercise you do calculator and then it puts it into a result where you have about proteins can be certain amount of carbohydrates and a certain amount of fat and then you apply it to your diet and do this that way that's what I did and I restricted those little things to do a little bit of a cut and that's what I was doing from May through to September and it worked I lost another 20 pounds because of it so 50 or no I was very excited about that because it was very difficult to lose that 30 pounds when I first started I'm like genuinely wish going back but I did it this method because the best thing about that creaminess is that there's always room left at the end of the day now what I mean by that is like you can have meals that are very high in protein you can have ones that are very high in carbohydrates and ones that are very high in fat the issue with counting calories is like the number goes down throughout the day it's quite depressing and it's just not nice it's not nice mentality I don't think anyway but if you use it with macro units what you can do is when you've used up a lot of your carbohydrate intake then you can switch over and help something that's maybe very high in protein and do it that way that's what I do and it's work for me and I genuinely suggest it it was very hard at first to start counting everything and looking at each and every nutritional label on foods but after the first couple of weeks it gets so much easier and then you know what's in everything so it gets a lot easier yeah that's what I'm still doing now I just don't take it as seriously as I used to like I don't carry around a pen and pad and write everything down that I'm doing I just kind of know what I'm doing and I just stick to it so from September but that was when I went to gym and actually found somebody at the gym that I would have called a friend that helped me a lot with just what I needed to do but they taught me a lot we don't speak anymore a lot of you will know a little bit wrong surrounding that as well but all the way through to September 2 right now which is January the 31st I learned that you can have separate days the separate things so what I've been doing for the remaining months is splitting it so I'll do a chest and tricep day back and biceps and legs and then I'll repeat but I've got a new cycle now that I'm doing it by myself right now and I mainly just focus on ways now so I probably go to the gym for about an hour to an hour and a half and I have bird that is it I get up I'm excited to go I used to go for a lot longer when I did have someone to work out where then it was different there but that's what I've been doing at the moment and honestly I'm loving it like it is just such a lifestyle changer and it makes me just so emotional like when I think about just how far I've came since January 2017 to now it is just mad and you know you do not have to go to the gym six days a week and follow a very strict diet to get the results that you want even making little changes in your life and just starting out with the smallest of things could really help I think what a lot of people forget is starting something like this I think you should start small because you want to incorporate it into your lifestyle you didn't want to just shock yourself and then you know think no no I don't want to do this because I think that's what I did in January to February like when I first began this whole fitness journey and that was the issue that hard and you know if I did in January what I do now at the gym God hated it I need to take it in little steps and those little steps to me were starting with walking and starting with cutting things out and trying to be a little bit healthier and yeah I took it too far with calorie straight thing I will put my hands up high and I'll say I'm an idiot I like genuinely wish that I just started doing the marionettes and just started using the cutting method of that my opinion I'm not a scientist but I'm just telling you from experience like you don't want to deal with the hell off the skin issues and the loose skin because it's just not nice yeah I'm so happy and excited that I get to share my journey with you I really hope that they'll be simply out there that this has helped and you know I'm always here if there's any questions that you have for me I'll try not to raise many the comments below but thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my story and I'll see you on the next video


  1. Height- 5'4
    Confidence: uhhhh 😂😂

    Anyways I'm gonna start this over summer break!! Eating healthy starts today, I already have my lunches packed with a apple, salad and some water 🙂 I'll be back in 15 days when summer starts! Keeping track each day 🙂

  2. I don't usually comment on videos but I relate to that running thing so much. I began my weight loss at 248lbs, I'd previously broken both my ankles so I struggled with pain and I'm asthmatic, I was wildly unhealthy. I'm now 193lbs and I can sprint for a couple minutes. It's not much (I'm still on my journey and I plan to get much healthier and build stamina) but I truly believed I would never be able to run again

  3. That’s amazing! That’s will power. My channel started with Make up and now I’m diving into fitness too 🙌🏻🧘🏻‍♀️

  4. I needed to lose 70 pounds, so far I've lost 40 but it's been really hard especially because of my BED (Binge eating disorder).

  5. I don't know how to loose my fat i am 15 and i wheight 68 kilos but the normal wheight for 15 years is 40 kilos.all the local gyms say that i need to be 16 to go to the gym what can i do?

  6. OMG hahaha LOL the medication they would have given you was to slow down your thyroid functions which effects all of your systems; and if you didn't have hyperthyroidism then it probably gave you and underactive thyroid causing your metabolism to slow down and gain weight increasingly faster than your normal rate…BUT SIS SUPER PROUD OF YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY! KEEP THRIVING!!!

  7. im a 17 yr old girl. a 175 pounds and im 5'1 …im having trouble losing weight birthday is coming up in march and i really need to look fit for my 18th birthday..can u help me

  8. You kind of remind of Holly H and SSSniperwolf… which is a good thing! She was going to enroll in college at 16!?! She must be very smart… also congratulations on your progress! You should be very proud!☺

  9. Hey! I am a nursing student and we discussed hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in depth in my classes! So hyperthyroidism means that your thyroid is over producing. Hyperthyroidism makes you lose weight gives you heart palpitations and so much more. Your body is basically in hyperdrive, so the medication you recieved would be to slow it down. So if you really did not have that problem and your hormones were being suppressed it actually made you have more hypothyroidism (the opposite, making you gain weight). I hope this helps explain what happened to you! I am sorry this has happened to you it sounds horrible but I am so happy that you made the best of it and took control!

  10. Really inspiring, love it! Actually… I'm not sure if I should share this but I'm bullied in school because of how curvy I am. And it isn't very pleasant. But now I have seen this video I'm dedicated to work out, to go for a jog, to go on walks and exercise! Thank you Hatsy

  11. I am 12 years old and weigh 172lbs. I do not think I am obese, and I am not. I get bullied for this, yet I am very active. I play softball and soccer in which I am very good at both, and I like gym in school. Both my family(especially my mom) and I are confused.

    Thank you for reading this😊🤗

  12. I'm not determined enough
    I'm not willing to give up anything
    I'm not happy at all with this

    But I cant make myself change it

  13. Only problem , I need to lose wait , but my parents don’t think so , so I’m stuck eating things that I don’t want to

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