Nadia Kassem looks to return at UFC 243, talks Mental Health + more

Nadia Kassem looks to return at UFC 243, talks Mental Health + more

it's kind of been in me just to be aggressive and stuff so I kind of wanted the whole experience I'm not really keen on receiving the punches but I do love to give someone a bathing so that was kind of what pushed me to it basically just been getting back into it the last few months obviously come from the injury but I'm been training you know pretty actively the past few months I'm really trying to get that arm ready and of course improve my skills like and you know perform better and you know better myself all around but yeah I mean I've been keeping you active definitely injury was tearing my MCL off my elbow from the arm bar that I that I had from the last the last fight so yeah it's pretty um it was pretty painful and it's been pretty stressful you know it's still it's about five months post but you know it's still it's still pretty painful and you know go to work around it and you got it you're gonna keep training you know and like arm I can just be sitting around doing nothing have to be active in this one perfectly I can get on the Melbourne card or the Aussie car is coming up towards energy you in the wedding car and iPods on your card so you know I'll be looking to begin to do that I think they would we'll see how we go it's cool like you get to meet a lot of different people and you come across a lot of people to look up to as well when it's it's kind of its kind of different when you realize you're giving back to someone like you don't even realize that what you're doing people look up to you and you know the things you do day to day like does impact some people more than you think and especially like younger generation and stuff like they're younger kids or whatever yeah I think the rewarding thing and that's something that I like as well I know sometimes just like receiving messages or people come up to me and saying things like so Sharon they mentioned that I've helped them you know come out of something that was like hard to get out of it mentally or whatever it is I think that's really crazy and it's it's intense but I guess if you can handle the type of thing and you know I do believe that I'm somewhat like I do advocate like I can mean advocate for like new mental health and stuff so yeah like I really for it people that you know interest off like that I've had you know anxiety and some of the things I in depression since I was 11 years old and you know there were still moments well you know there's those things Rock her and come up out of nowhere like things that won't be triggered but it's always good to know that there are people around that will help you and support you it's good to remember like not to you know not to feel like embarrassed and things like that a lot of people do and hence why they don't go and speak someone about it so I'm happy that I did and I didn't know da legit and you know going to take the food hope that was required a hundred percent you know like I always like encourage that you know that it's it's not weak to speak have people as people say or it's it's really like important you know in people who don't understand how important please until they lose somebody close to them or experience those know deep and dark thoughts on on their own feel like it is therapeutic and remain in that sense there are days or like there are moments when sometimes I'm in my own zone and I can't really focus on what I'm doing and even if I'm actually not training there are times I'll just go to the gym and just so now I'm watching it and it brings you back down to earth a little bit and I just feel like it's it's really helped me in a lot of ways I mean I think it's important for athletes or even non-athletes know whoever experiencing things like that to make sure they are getting the correct up around them you know it's not good to just rely on just just rely on yourself for people you know just replace that with consuming drugs or things like that because that is just a band-aid I think he needs to be like a lifestyle change but um yeah support is everything I think that's like the main thing but yeah you


  1. Dream card for ufc 243
    Whittaker vs Style bender
    Holloway vs volkanovski
    Jim Crute vs glover
    Tyson pedro vs erik anders
    Tuivasa vs justin willis
    Shane young vs sodiq yusuff

  2. Girls why do you do this to yourself? Everybody can instantly tell you have lip injections it doesn't look cute and sure as hell doesn't look natural. She can barely move her mouth

  3. She seems really down to Earth and has an inspiring personality. Good for her for speaking truth about her anxiety and for taking the proper steps to deal with it. Therapy and counsel is important. Mad respect 👊🏼💥

  4. Nice lip injections whore. Definitely shouldn't be in the UFC. or mma at all. Go fail at being a model then do porn.

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