New Glitch in Breath of The Wild – Infinite Hearts and Stamina Duplication Glitch

New Glitch in Breath of The Wild - Infinite Hearts and Stamina Duplication Glitch

hello and welcome to another video today I'm going to be going over a crazy new glitch that was just discovered in brothel the wild and this is a very very crazy and useful glitch that is not only going to be useful for the speedrun scene but also it is also going to be useful for all of you guys out there the might want to have extra hearts extra stamina or maybe possibly even your completed file at the game you would like to full rows of hearts and three bars of stamina so you don't have to get furious about seeing three hearts being missing so how do you actually do this well there's first off I want to mention a few things do you need on your save file if you want to start a new save file and try this out for yourself so that you don't actually ruin your first save file now the items you need are you need to get the camera which you get from the laboratory after you actually unlock the camera you need to have at least one memory watched so one memory and the camera unlocked after we have that the minimum requirement is to actually have gotten four spirit orbs so you at least have one heart however I do want to mention that the more hearts slash stamina that you have the faster this is going to be and the last time you need to repeat this glitch because let's say you have five additional hearts then you're gonna every time we do this glitch get five more hearts five more hearts well if you only have one you need to repeat this you know 20 30 times but without further adue when you have all of that you want to head over to this part if you go with down from the laboratory obviously and you're gonna find this shrine now from here you're gonna go back behind this little mountain right here and you're gonna find this statue now if you do know what the statue is then you're gonna know the effect of it but basically if you don't know you can basically trade in a heart or stamina whistles and the idea of this is that you can move around so let's say you pick the bunch of stamina but in a current situation you would like more hearts then you can actually swap them around so how this works is this statue will actually take a heart or a stamina vessel from you and it is going to give you a hundred rupees and then you can buy them back for a hundred and twenty rupees basically losing you 20 rupees each time so you're going to want to give as many of your hearts and my pieces as you possibly have in your file and minimum of one however like I said are there the more you given the easier this glitch is gonna be because it's gonna take the last time to do and it's going to be a little bit less tedious after you're treated in all of them and this is in this specific file you can watch on the screen I'm gonna trade it out a lot of them you're done going to use one to save your game and remember to save your game after you've done that you want to head up the dish Reiner now here's real actual glitch comes into play so first off you need to know what actually cycling is so siding is very easy all you have to do is basically by holding in the CL button basically the left shoulder button you will know that the camera locks behind Linc and he's kind of side walking right now after you actually figure out which button that is you need to do two inputs at the same time and now the timing is not too difficult for this you should be able to get this down within one which we try Sivan what you have to do is while holding the CL button you need to basically press the button for the camera and the Crouch button at the same time so I'm just gonna take an example of a video comp on the screen so basically while holding in the zero button press the L button and the left analog stick which is going to be your camera button and your Crouch button now if you press all three of these in at the same time you will notice that you can actually walk around while you're in the camera now if you've done this thing you know you did the first part of the glutes correctly and you're now gonna get on to the second step now the second step is to go up to this little kind of pedestal where you normally take control with controlling this platform with your gyroscopes actually try and complete the puzzle for the shrine now all you want to do when you're standing in front of this so this is a to examine it just press the a button and what the game is going to do is it's going to take a picture at the same time as you're trying to examine it now after you do this you want to go to the left to pick delete now this is the only part where it's actually a little bit precise on the timing but you can try this as many times if you want if you do fail this part you can simply as retry the second part again which like I said it's really easiest holdin basically the target button the CL button and the espresso left analog stick and the L button at the same time so press delete and then pause the game now after you pause the game what you want to do is you want to basically make links start to hold an item in your hand now after holding an item in your hand what I recommend you to do to be a little bit safe on this is basically is double tap the start button so you basically let a little bit of time in game progress so yes double tap the start button now one of two things will happen if you stood close enough to the actual little pedestal you examined link is gonna automatically take away the item you started holding if he didn't do that however which is the most common thing for happen then just press the button to stop holding any item in your hand so that you have nothing in your hands at that point do not unpause the game but instead switch to the left section of your menu so that you can actually go to actually rewatch memories now what you want to do is you want to select one memory and just click on watch memory and where you're gonna notice if you click on watch memory it's not gonna take you out of the game but instead what's gonna happen is you're actually going to be in this kind of a weird state where the game is just kind of you know just playing and you're also gonna notice that if you move your joy icon you're gonna notice they can actually move the platform so you're still in the examination mode but you have control over link now just basically is waiter for one second or two and then after that you wanna simply pause the game and go to your load safe house and load the save file that we just created and be a little bit careful here because sometimes the game will put an auto say when you enter the shrine just make sure you actually select the file that you saved in front of the statue now after you reload the save file what you want to do is you want to actually take out every single one of the hearts to put in so basically just accept all of the hearts back to use put in now after you accept all of the hearts they use put in you're going to notice they have a lot of hearts and that the actual statue is empty now what you want to do is you want to simply not save but just going right back into the shrine and do the exact same thing again so once again whole target then press camera and Crouch at the same time go up examine it and then the wall takes a picture the lete the picture pause the game start holding an item in your hand um pause and pause but just double tapping the start button then stop holding the item go left in your inventory watch a memory and then go out of the pause screen and unload the sample again and even though as you can tell in the top right corner of the screen where it shows how many hearts I have it's gonna show that I still only have three you're gonna notice that when I load back in I'm actually gonna have all of the heart status took out and at the same time if I talk to the statue you're gonna notice that he still has all of the vessels so I can take out even more hearts so but at that point I'm gonna take out even more hearts now you can do this a lot of like basically back and forth back and forth continue all the time until you have a full inventory now here's where it comes becomes a little bit tricky so you need to watch out now as you noticed when I say for example when i lo to my save file that it still only said that I had three hearts and that's because these hearts actually temporary the game does consider them to be real however the game also does consider them to be temporary so what you want to do when you have all of them is don't can start playing the game normally don't save the game and quit out because if you completely kill the game and then come back and play you're gonna notice they have lost everything is dead so what you want to do when you actually have all full hearts is you want to trade all of the hearts and all of the stamina back so you have enough vessels to basically go full-out now after that point you then can save the game now sonst actual statue consider those hearts use duplicated to actually be legitimate what is going to happen is he's gonna accept and he's gonna take the vessels and then when you actually save the game I'm gonna show a example here I'm gonna dashboard the game turn off application a reboot the entire game you're gonna notice that even though I still only have three hearts he actually does have all of them saved so at that point you can just take them all out it's gonna take a little bit of time I'm gonna get full hearts I'm gonna get a full stamina vessel and then I'm also gonna do a little bit of a showcase you definitely know so I'm gonna save the game here again I'm gonna quit out the entire game close application start the game back up and as you can tell when I get right back to the game I'm gonna have all of them left and they're legitimately on my file I do not have to worry about it I officially got every single heart and stamina now like I said this is actually pretty simple glitch now if you can't have copyright questions that might come up is can you get more than two rogues unfortunately not even if you have more at the Statue he's going to tell you oh you're full and if you go up and try and trade in actual orbs even if you still have them in your inventory they're just gonna tell you no you're full sorry you can't do anything so unfortunately you even if you have extras you can maximum get two rows of Arts and three basically circles of stamina but either way now you might be wondering like how this is discovered well this was actually discovered from a Japanese runner I will link his Twitter and the description down below if you want to check them out now another thing some people might be wondering if you're interested in the speedrun aspects of this is verse it's going to be useful well an easy example would be the masses or category rights there is a category called mass where we need to get the mass or as fast as possible and if you've ever done that quest you will know for a fact that you need to actually have a lot of hearts to even pick up the masses word so you can just imagine instead of having to go to every single shrine in the game to get enough hearts to pick up that massive sword you just get basically four hearts get a little bit of money get the camera get a memory ending is duplicate hearts over and over again go through the master pedestal pick up the master sword any now officially have the masses alright and that's it and it saves in a huge amount of time so definitely for the categories that requires shrines and upgrades and either stam in our hearts this is going to be incredibly useful and I'm also sure that there's going to be subcategories now that's gonna split up you know new no-heart duplication and hart duplication so that people that prefer to use get the shrines can do that and people have referred to do duplication glitch can also do that but yeah without further ado that's gonna be in file for the video I do also have something I have gotten a couple of requests for making more speed related tutorials or just glitch tutorials in general I'm going to show two clips um in a screamer now one is a bullet time bounce or basically you can fly across the entire map of the game as you can see in this clip alone it was actually able to fly across a quarter of the map so if you're interested in that or maybe just an out of bounds click for easy to play around or if you're gonna pick up the speedrun sure let me know down in the comment section down below and if there's enough interest I will within the next few days make tutorials on every single glitch that I do know for the rough of the wild game so you can either play around with yourself you know speed up the overall movement in your casual playthrough or if you want to pick up the speed on for this game you can actually pick that up as well thanks to those tutorials I put out so yeah like I said if you're interested that I'm sure let me know down in the comment section down below but that will be it for me for today thank you so much for watching the video don't forget to check out my twitch channel for live speedruns on all the different sell the games and Mario games and without further adieu thanks for watching and I'll see you all in the next one


  1. Hello everybody! Thank you all so much for the great feedback on the video. I have seen many of the same questions from people interested in trying this glitch out for them self so I thought I would answer some of them here!

    Q) Does this work on Wii U?
    A) Yes, this works on both the Wii U and Switch Version.

    Q) Is it patched? Which version of the game does this work on?
    A) This works on all the versions of the game, including the most recent patch.

    Q) I tried it and the trick doesn't work?

    A) There are multiple ways to fail this trick, so its a bit tough to answer which part failed. If you get to the part where you click “View Memory”, then unpause the game, move your controller around to make sure that the platform itself is flipping based on your gyro scope controls, if it does not then you failed an earlier step. If it does in fact work, then pause and re load the save file like stated in the video and it should work.

    Hope this answered at least some of your questions ^^

  2. how do these even work.. hey pick up an apple, while throwing the apple, hit backflip and sword swing, when you land, hit crouch forward slash and you will have dropped two apples.

  3. Once these videos come out you have these stupid squeaker morons who complain that these glitches are irrelevant and should be patched they are the ones that ruin the fun why patch glitches they make for good content

  4. It's not working, I did exactly what u said in the shrine and then I reloaded, my hearts were the same when he took them away, I didn't get my hearts back in reloading, I didn't get copies of my original hearts

  5. I found a way to do this glitch without any Spirit orbs. If you sell your essence to the statue, then save then by your essence back, you can then do the apparatus storage glitch and when you load back to the statue you will have the extra hearts or stamina and the statue will have the amount of essences that you sold to him.

  6. I can confirm this still works as of today, July 2, 2019, and I did it in the Wii U version. You just gotta follow step by step, didn't really struggled to get it. Thanks Linkus!~

  7. Update: as of july 2 2019.. Its still working!!

    Note: try to return back the hearts after 3 consecutive runs because the autoload feature might erase your progress.

  8. i tried this and i think i did it wrong i quit game then went back and i literatlly restarted the whole game again FML

  9. Still working the 28th june 2019.

    Just, found and read "A Shen" comment.
    He explains that we must give ALL hearts.
    Then save.
    Then get back all hearts and immediately doing the glitch.

    I just did this step more and its worked perfectly.

  10. OMG, Thank you so much. I got it first try on my main file and now i'm a god. I have max MS, all divine beasts upgraded, full hearts and stamina, all runes maxed, and a wolf boy. (p.s. I did this at 3:00 am in the morning so I got Satan's luck!) (extra p.s. I subscribed!)

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