NEW Tank Battle LTM in Fortnite Battle Royale!! (1000 Health)

NEW Tank Battle LTM in Fortnite Battle Royale!! (1000 Health)

what's a very typical game room with your daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you I got the final day of the 14 days of summer I think the challenges go on for a little bit longer but the actual events I think I think they conclude today it would make sense since today's the 14th day of the 14 days summer but today is the LTM the limited time mode the game mode that I've been most looking forward to and that is tank battle now in tank battle playerhealth and shields drastically increased so you have a thousand total health healing items removed and replaced with syphon health granted on elimination let's the best tank win so that's what we're gonna be doing today we've assembled the squad of all squads you got me that's it that's all we need I'm just kidding we got me every X op and samara about to crank some fat 90's in this LTM so if you watch and joyce do be sure to drop a like on this video let's go for 10,000 likes let's see freakin it you guys are watching enjoy hit that like button super net 10k and if you're new render hit that subscribe button as well I'm also gonna be going for these grills because I want to get the smoothie back bling we're gonna get that today and we can take out six more grills so let's go ahead and do that you gotta have glowing slow quip to do that item shop bottom right supporter created typical gamer in the on shop will refresh during the stream an hour and a half from now so be on the lookout it's gonna be a real great time grab a drink grab some snacks and let's get to it alright X often Avery I guarantee when I pop into the chat they're gonna be saying some weird stuff watch listen what's up guys what were you guys talking about I told my chatot guarantee you guys are talking about some weird stuff oh you came back came back no no that's not nice okay so as you guys can see oh you did change controller Oh Avery oh yeah hey your controller every change is changed that honestly chat they change up so quickly nowadays welcome to tank battle are we know let's land somewhere safer let's lend Megamall it the houses okay so we get a thousand health we got five hundred shields 500 HP there is no healing items on the map at all there's nothing no healing items at all do I get 30 HP or do I get like ninety that's a good question how about we don't know ever because we're never going down because we're to go to five oh you're both those things huh okay so there's no healing items you get siphoned you get a lot of health if you takes you black no what the hell is wrong with you Avery you're dying someone's shooting him no you do the same damage nice they're all mega skins by the way oh no that's not good I see they're kind of following the theme of the game what it's the Omega skin is like the the the wallpaper is for this game up well I think poor people run together and I totally forgot yeah well all for them random me and no no okay well uh don't die please coordinated are they I don't even have a shotgun how you supposed to play this game oh well let me get yeah dude there's more Soph okay I'm coming I mean I might come in and just get your cards and back out okay I got more impulses so I'm gonna come here you guys you just said you tried to squad wipe them oh my gosh the bear what the heck all right I'm gonna go get him run away Samara I'm gonna go get him I'm gonna go get him run away I'm gonna go pick up their cards yes ow it will never hurt me there's a million up there Andre it's okay I got a secret way of getting on your building we got your card where's exile skirt I'm taking it back let's just go away just go away there's a lot of people here now probably not how much help do you have no matter help you have a shoot I need get X offs card where is it Brock can't find it is underneath tell me I don't know you don't know where your die drew yeah I got it holy shoot Oh The Silence car what's up Samara get back out of here okay go I'm getting out here did you tell me what that someone banned my grandma yeah that was a few months back and my moderators decide a ban my grandma Jesus your mother hitters it is a bunch of savages anything thank you I feel like a newborn baby people have a lot of home this would be very annoying to fight somebody like this they were the only one with more health why is this what do you mean I'm speaking English I wonder what the best weapon to use in this game it is probably your landing here I don't know where you're by yourself geez yeah I can get out of here if I need I got the proper escape mechanisms where is it oh you know what there's still campfires around the map so just so you guys know camp fires still exist just campfires it's kind of nice cuz I don't like having to hold on me oh shoot oh shoot oh oh you're an idiot kid oh why would you come at me he had no shield and he came at me why would you do that like she was lacking there was no idea it does so much more damage anything there's ballers up there there's ballers up there all right you anyway I Drive on a controller well you actually you see controller yeah I can pick one of you up I is just so bad what's her barbecue near me there's a bollard up there I'm going two miles an hour I literally can't drive oh my god I'm going ex off what's going on over there get out of the zone bro oh my gosh ex I was gonna die psych five oh it hurts it hurts rollout Autobots that's it I'm sick of this I'm taking my controller elsewhere I'm weird I think we're all dead yep this is why I am NOT riding with Samara ever again for summary oh my god some kind of fighter jet that was me three people there is that Oh shoes are over here over here oh are you kidding me well this guy here this this yeah this yellow guy yep oh yes one health oh my gosh I got him I'm nuts honestly this game was kind of lit cuz like you can't get one shot from like a sniper zolina so it's kind of nice that you can always kind of find a way to survive it is nice that you can live if you've got high IQ for what for what okay I'm coming to you I put a trap on that guy I'm like wait that's not gonna do much Oh bro he just tried to trap me off [Applause] I don't have shield I need to get a kill I'm well that guy doesn't have that guy doesn't have all dude die holy shoot he wouldn't die don't worry I'm here it's okay can I get shotgun mi5 you just picked all of it up Avery said I need you to drop it Avery my friends take the stream on victory I like how many more people are alive because it's so hard to die so beautiful thing interesting to tell you very well the quadratic I tell you very well wait and any games and games are gonna be kind of lit all right right you see the quad item 71 this new one I just I mean like we're not gonna be able to like there's a guy coming your way by though oh I bribed you saw Silver Surfer from the comics dude I saw Silver Surfer from the comics oh practice yeah the deagle is not bad in this game mode I'm not gonna lie miss the sounds car in the game Southwest funnies I feel like the first like five shots are either super accurate or not I have this guy live in this guy 425 why not them let's go let's go let's go don't let them revive I had somewhere that's horrible news was that you what bro he keeps launching his teammate away from me stop what are you you fell to your death exile this guy's hey dude the other guys take the company a company I'm throwing nades at him throw nades at him just keep right there came right there Oh to Nate's or fricking mob DF shocking mo now I'm gonna go get some air I don't you don't have any big plays big place from Avery man are they lower they left one of them is gonna get help now some dead die why won't you die this is like a noobs right do they won't die they should have although I need some backup these guys are nuts do a coward do it pick up some oversized card yet me no do one oh I just got it I got you got it hey get may okay I got you do you have shotgun ammo Nasir yeah no where is it I dropped it okay I probably got it I don't know if the shotguns worth it I don't know if we can can we even go back in there is that too deadly let me see what it takes I got a launch pad okay let's say it takes 10 do you think I could get it I could right yeah okay exile pick me up if I die you're gonna be you're gonna be breaching the height of Israel by the way of what I said even me I got a launch pad so just come with me we have invented the bloody Sumerian till we get out yeah come on you guys something that's a whole baller squad oh my gosh I'm there and there stop stop them from running I'm right here I'm ringer they're bad they're bad left side left side get the left side with me later oh they're actually not bad apparently that guy's light that guy's light on you with 17 people up I got it stuck in my truck I put up a traps and I wouldn't let him leave the box he's so mad I can use oh that's really cool of you yeah no problem dude here uh here I'm splitting look I'm putting 70 ammo here Samara 70 mo year what else do you need I need SMG mostly SMG I'm dropping half here Samaras half shotgun question of drop you half but holy shoot that was hilarious I had seven traps I just trapped him in the box and kept kept plugging away at him Oh oh my gosh Avery I saw that I'm gonna work for a trickshot oh that's your work wait yeah I heard so much hi I don't have a lot of hell 10/10 white head him a lot I'll tell he has no help help you out to baby let's go well to spam you can now run away from the ghost are you running out of acid Oh Brett what are you gonna do these guys can't be any more annoying with the Flint knock I hit him for a hundred in there the guys hit for a lot bro it's like all he got there is a guy up there baby yes thinks might be super and they I mean they probably won't do much damage but you'll grab these drops X off how did you die huh I got rushed by school squad I think decent or no empty loads they call it out late times you might be too low or we might be screaming too loud Andre follow me they're up here okay I'm coming I don't have the capability of defending myself thank you just like we drive it no no that's this card maybe I'm throwing all these things I'm out doing like it's okay I can't hear anything can't even hear my own buzz hi air-cool guy died let's go baby let's get it actually I should really like that game mode I actually really like it it's a lot of fun what do you guys think oh man that was nuts that was actually crazy I can switch up my army army skins oh this girl this girl's good one that's an El Clasico not really no classic kill that's actually pretty good let's go Avery on the sticks – dude I'm on this sticks out here carrying this theme like yeah I expects I'm gonna be if you guys watch to enjoy that bye though I do be sure to smash that like button and if you're new that subscribe pin as well we're trying to add 10,000 likes on this stream so hit it it's good don't forget to use code typical gamer and the item shop refreshes in an hour so there is that yeah he kills people there is a valley police's chirp like what no no it's cool just like a little older mm-hmm we're still waiting for Avery to ready up that's okay I'm gonna be on this way oh wow for y'all Wow are you playing on action controller you plan on like freaking there you go look at that what my rainbow it's not war like hi then I'm going to my 1d I'm putting on my onesie you know you do you think they're gonna do overtime challenges right what do you think the skins are gonna be that they switch oh usually just switch up the main ones or it so the robots gonna get one the chicken Oh I can a copy I can't I copy the air I'm a ma'am okay hey oh oh don't touch don't touch that's too risky that's to risk are now touch not touch don't touch that won't I'm not touch not touch oh oh that's kind of fancy right no you're not how did you do that oh oh like that huh yeah we lighting saltier we shall a dusty and get weapons what do you think oh I need some light I need some input yeah we should let dusty and get weapons what do you guys think you could get that anyway I was talking by the way for the past minute but I wasn't muted yeah we know it was kind of nice oh that's what my dad said when he left at least you have a dad I'm typically a leus all right we got to run together as a slide whoa hey as I proceed to not laying with you guys I'm coming to becoming I got all the fat lead okay I got an infantry rifle real you came literally oh shoot that's so messed up the whole squad I mean it I'm coming here yeah run run run out run out right now I can get I can get you just run out I got you dog I hit this guy so much let's get him together come on next up that guy's late that guy's lit you simply can't won't be doing that I got 42 light there's not a guy pushing you guys like i pushing you guys how shoot what's up either revolvers filthy in this mode die their revolvers filthy you hit him for 150 in the head every time no you don't miss your TG see you later guys alright so we all have like nothing oh shoot this guy's Chunkin me I need to kill as well I don't I don't have health Oh chill don't for you can build these news to me are you actually we got behind your lip oh no I'm sorry on me I'm a me hit him for 132 revolver sucks so bad but it's so good oh they're all like they're all like they're all like yeah but we've no ammo they have no ammo – just pickaxe them in the corner no I'm coming over here exhales oh shoot I have doing everything listening run away run away run away I don't have family there no but I mean like I should have like five kills right now a little bit there's a guy underneath me I'll drag crack one of the kids I'm not near you guys at the moment I'll come back they're right under here come on come on Cohen I booked you ball myself get Bobby for me a bloody bum buh buh buh buh just no whole summer do you have a mo for anything coming in a sec no one's on the out guys come dear I have three SMG oh shoot I'm gonna die don't play with youtubers like I just got to break this grill I'm gonna be honest I okay during 94 health if you want to come revive me yeah I'm gonna come pick up all your cards but I have no method to escape I don't understand how they have Emma it's literally the a-team that's why they're like a party all right you can revive me I'm coming I love pie throw that you better not I think I might've just killed you I think I just killed you oh oh I just killed somebody holy shoot I'll be a distraction you need get out of here and get help I'll try to fend them off nice three two one I got it again at one second you know I'll peel it off yes Pulliam the guy above okay okay I'm still alive so nobody has a moat they didn't have em ho ho how are we alive can we just talk about that we should be alive a little kid we should not be alive oh shoot Oh what the heck I said Oh where's that guy I have two bullets in my gun I don't know how that guy just shot at me from still only get five from the field nice Oh get it stop get it stop give me give me my I got guys give me an ammo ammo someone killer okay I got I got shocking him I got a little bit of shopping I'm dead mop them up in the streets get potty oh oh shoot wait hold on hold on they're going out the back they're going out the back I need shocking image is anybody got any I have a lot of AR I have a lot of I can trade hey 100 an art this guy's this guy's late why is it wrapped oh my gosh bro I like I'm so hurt Hakan give me a sec thank you Pro I have two people shooting at me right now do you understand you could just leave what do you mean I could just leave what is his Arby's come in come in come in come in come in when you want well good morning boys and girls good morning boys and girls Boxton I should probably plan him housing holy shoot bro where's hex off at my ex off thing oh my gosh rahama gets get your car then you guys are high maintenance man go to the van oh my gosh you're welcome all of you listen I'm on a controller and on 90 ping all right yeah you know what bro who asked you to go on a controller was it Samara nervous okay I will pick you guys up where's the safest one lonely Lodge yeah man might as well be they just rebooted yeah they just rebooted at the salt Jose giddyup I don't know how I'm alive because I should be down we're QP that means you are that's examined damage so far good man they're bushes you gotta give me a second guys I could easily do it yeah well I just see that Bush would have no idea oh my gosh the pressure plant 1ia pressure by one squishy holy smokes Dada Dada a little bobbin weave there no I'm like Bob Oh remember the struggle never forget are you just gonna have guns look at the robot though the robots getting kind of jacked to be honest yeah maybe if he lays off the steroids that looks very cool yeah oh this is eluted I called the guy please please help me all right so I screwed a missus because I accidentally hit my keyboard so now I have to play mousing keyboard all right good well now but next game I'm going back on okay good that's good oh that's bad my dad quickly Luke quickly Luke they owe me grandpa too low okay if you guys don't mind I might need a killer – yeah everyone super weak that's what I got nothing I want to kill her – what yes click by title if he wins he gets my Lamborghini oh I can click bait so well guys easy there's still 24 people left that's right like with his mouth it's always like you're always fighting oh there's fight over your Southeast cinema diaper oh you might have died to fall damage I became a pescetarian ah so you're religious now huh yes I like dolphin alright dolphins where did you guys find good oh there's three people here there's three people here are we gonna fight him or no are we gonna fight him for now bro there's I see eight people what am I looking at apparently eight people this just in hundred seen eight people there they're rushing me why they rushing me I know I believe this well this guy's lit some air oh I have no I've know if I'm waited this guy's literally trying to crank 90s on me and he sucks but like I literally don't have anything else so I come to you guys you guys have this guy coming down you gotta come down Oh God boom boom boom one this guy but this guy Bob I have no ammo I have no bills hold on builds thank you oh my gosh oh yeah get the hell out of here guys landing on them arrey arrey arrey the sketch so let's get him let's get him oh I'm hurt I'm hurt bro I've shot him so many times can I get the skill please I guess go let me guess it yes thank you oh my gosh I don't have well I mean like having 400 HP is still nice you know welcome play I've turrets so if you want to go create oh oh are they over there Kobe I have a bro you're white that's me that's me for I I just smoked them all out they're all eating it with that bad another there's this box right may you shooting at somebody holy I got em I gotta go let's go zone zone zone zone zone there's a lot of people left a lot of you left there's a guy based up on the lava oh oh we are not in a good position I grenade launcher this guy this guy this guy beat him up beat him up let's go right here yeah gumgum turret turret ammo now let's go thank you what do you need somewhere I can drop it what a truck any materials here drop yep oh you're bullying Avery the other guys lit oh he just shadow Nate it away bro this the last two let's do last guy pickaxe um fit cast him to death everybody trap me in a box and let's pick axe um yeah you try them in a box here we go get him in a box as little as the last guy yes let's go I know Matt I got him I got I'm gonna beat him beat up beat him up beat him up okay how did we win that game when's the first game el to spam no talent this is awesome when second game peeve keeper was better that's fun what do you guys think the best gun in this game mode is 3 Ranbir's it's really funny it's one of them my most favorite mode so far though they brought out ah thanks man I'm stalking Avery my fair part is he was just aiming his pump at Avery's head and shooting the entire time in everything they can't even see my broads would probably be the most exciting I'd be pretty funny we should do that it's a battle thanks Mary you know if you guys are enjoying this this has been hilarious hit that like button and just subscribe from you I know I did yesterday hit the subscribe button and yeah almost 10,000 likes so let's get it I'm a toy soldier look at my feet handsome man right here hey don't do that I love this song bro I I knew you probably went nuts when this came out I did I went career I was doing it every day every kill I get like okay let's go salty but like be mindful that we should all target people set we don't waste that much ammo salty and we all go in the basement of blue we're not gonna have any ammo or weapons we have pickaxes yeah we should we should just mob somebody like get 80 traps get them into the basement pickaxes there's four of us okay I'll on 40 times its damage that's like 12 hits I mean not totally bad I don't know how many every seven seven suckering succotash I got a pistol I've had two pistols Oh front of our front our forms are oh he's got a nice gun I don't got that gun oh you get a lot of an erotic no blockage barb luck is our black star black star keep them in there it's cumin there yeah oh how did you have such kazoo I guess he actually went outside but him frickin nerd him right Oh how's the pistols not bad by the way where it where the mini guns actually goaded on this there in this house I'm leveling ahead Mac something light where's the lease help ex off Kip killer let X off no health so we got to help him oh yeah yeah if we had a heavy sniper and just oh there's a guy with butcher butcher oh he's ugly he's ugly kill him no he's a demagogue indeed yo the TAC action slaps in this game mode I need a shot Andre see I have 18 bullets 131 I needed help I need help and now kill him he gave up I did this kill him he gave up I know I just like though he said it kill him he gave up okay I got asked how come at the end of the game we find like 80 people with like so much ammo is because it just like keeps steamrolling into one person there for real no can we ever lose this game I wonder what situation would arise when we almost lost it that other game are you on controller right assuming I can chase him why the heck are you so thick Samir's going in for the kill Oh coming I'm coming they're coming leave my girlfriend alone you loser all right kill them I have 14 total I'm using the tacker honestly it kind of slaps two ammo crates have more ammo or no and it gives you like three different things no we should lead all that done we should just land the block every game we'd be decked out well if it's over there we can land on that but Samara at the blue tack if you ever in the market I did I just did that although I kind of wish there was tanks in this game anyone have light ammo I could use sound ray 950 total I need right near in dusty and dusty here thank you I feel a nice I'm not oh they're broken they're going at it here they're going at it they're going at it so you smell like cracked on a cracked on the crack would I think I just killed the review oh there yeah like 600 damage that's not the grenades are actually deadly the ar mo I have a hundred I don't have any shotgun here some 130 130 I need uh anyway I have 15 total but I've been I mean I've been hitting 130 left and right we should definitely land at block if we land at the block we'd have like infinite ammo oh don't call Santa Claus like do you really need more than can we just talk about your ammo usage very poor today oh I found some more shotgun Emma oh why found a bone this should definitely increase the amount of ammo you get in this myth yeah you know what I agree oh nice impression thank you I felt like it was spot on it and working on it for a week alright buddy what are you dehydrated yep can we all get 9 grenades can we all get Nitra nades trap a guy in a box and just throw like all the medicines from where he's from the week oh my gosh oh there's people fighting over there I'm going oh he's trying to eat apples poor guy I cracked this guy's shield up can I get the kill I don't have help it's like oh you guys are aggro I got him Samara doesn't have much else either but is bull with a portance oh they're ballin bro there's so many over here yeah at least two at least tubulin we gotta we gotta go oh shoot Albie tell me tell me tell me there's their sweat their sweats oh god why would you mean Guanajuato Ameri we got a lund I made a dog bark in my block right now yeah yeah this guy is no shield living oh oh I see all that life this guy's won it bottom there you go can we gotta get out of here do you have a launch better now no get glad to redeploy sit again where are they uh there's one inside the storm back here I got it I got it now what Dad now fly over to the and you're actually completely right my dad is 5 HP there was a guy that I forgot how much HP it is ok Oh be good we're gonna go find a campfire I mean I don't want to heal you 50 listen here bud 50 is new 80 oh there's a brawl going over there there's a brawl going on let's just third party it yep oh they're frickin smacking each other's lips let's get in I got a John offense long Daniel is hot this guy has no bottoms like a nice third party by the way why you market the gun with each other did your head snap oh well how much does a heavy sniper do 307 that's an ex-junkie alva I might do things this guy for 150 this guy fuck me there is a peel on you yep Adam got everybody no more people somewhere people Oh oh god what a final battle which one girl she's like she's like she's like Connor why don't let up let's go Samara needs a kill though yeah I have so much ammo if you guys need anything I have a lot for once can you swap many guns go there's 16 people left and we have quite a bit of kills we have 27 kills right now jeez this game was fun man actually liked it I liked it too and so good players start playing it yeah wonder I have max mats as well no I didn't lose the peppers oh I want to be a psychopath with a minigun I just wanna be a psychopath just say hello and tell us about your childhood well I was locked in a basement with wooden hammers from behind somebody right here doesn't mean logic oh yeah they're still back that it's still back there yeah once go scurrying up to me hey that guy down low for a lot it's one got that guy down there so low the other guy has to know HP's oh I just he thinks I'm a man bottom for sure that's him for everything there's actually good practice for like aiming in fights yeah is that a sex I'm bad at close quarters oh sure he's lagging he wasn't even moving yeah yeah guys near you Avery you were like far north I think yeah be careful this campfire right here somewhere is he in there do you have a large battery no here I have a lunch bed well I could just go up here I'm gonna think that I'm not gonna do anything exile for you good oh there's a guy up there look at that code me editing dude I'm on 9 under par here I got height that's why I'm editing we have whistle blows here's jumped off his game nineties human head oh he was that way go yeah he's the camp fire hall rip Sammy oh yeah you see this guy right here look right he just raped a little bit and then died I'm gonna go on that box up there I'm coming with you I'll come with you listen I went too far down these people down here though oh shoot I'm call it uh Samara good luck yeah we should all land together what do you think go to Avery we're back oh just two on you every 20 there try arts there tires my guy was lit 20:20 like I drop him down he doesn't have help I hit him again more that's more coming remember to use traps if we really need to yeah I just put one down if you trap him in the box it's the best thing ever use metal yeah metal Sochi you have max mats okay it's three people left here I've launched bad here same let's get over there over here on this hill we literally about 30 kills else okay where to go out the up oh man there there yeah there trihard it I'm holding him in here will he give in here last guy last guy think he's flying away let's pick Aksum let's fake Aksum finish everybody else off would know there's one more dude dude somebody to get enough finished up I think I got Bennett okay just shoot the guy that's fly yeah this guy let's pick accent let's pick him he's white though yeah alright box my box him up locks him up he's metal nice metal I was was gateway he's coming up to some errand I got him I got him hey buddy cuz users try hard to this arena Road damn how many kills we have I had 13 36 and I'm gonna assume some airhead like 15 so that's like 51 kills [Laughter] how are you shut up it's a lot fair enough that's that I do the same some nose okay so I still need it I need to find grills guys cuz I've I've knocked out two grills I need to knock out at least five more grills for this challenge big girls grills look at your challenges and go to 14 days of summer I've never knocked out nothing okay what color is it it's purple isn't it ABCD efg hijk why are we all ready dub I'm so pissed I got I got it I got it I got it come on put it on put it on dude it's purple yeah it's purple and it's right beside the football skin the girl one and the vampire and the vampire no what you've ruined everything Rus Lords idiot Oh stupid head you dumb dumb brain freaking dumb dumb dumb of gum gum dumped him getting gum gum actually just leave just leave I'm just kidding we need don't we we need to keep up the win streak we're gonna have the biggest win streak in this game already doing this hey who are you Oh Oh mobbing in the streets Hey I saw you let's go I really didn't bro oh let's go block let's go block block block block block block block block block Milly rock on any block oh my god it's an analog okay I really need fun these Kirill's trick there act like barbeque grills okay wait didn't they have this one before this block a recycle them a lot what's this with nobody's cream there's a little there's a lot of people here yeah it's Marie you can order the heck you like okay there's an L fear I'm learning Alf on the shelf it's George the Bobby shorter okay I trapped him take this Lachlan take this Lachlan scoundrel oh my gosh Wow that guy's a shotgun bro well I need help I can't help you know I used all my ammo on that one guy he jumped out of my boots good dad good oh he's reviving his teammate please help help me I'm dying yeah I cracked the back I'm really gonna die literally Shockley the guy is trying to revive a ski mate and when you take him out it's like I need health where is he he's on the grass right beside me he just got revived I swear to God if I don't kill this asking yeah I really need help been following him since Nam I shot him so much man I have 189 health gonna die out in the Thai have a pistol you know this is the worst idea to go to the ball yeah what this block sucks a guy who's what made the block is crying BAE's Nam goes down my believe I'm just farming stuff when when I said how do you lose his game mode you lay in the block hey your elf revived I never picked an air shot of me I couldn't they kept shooting me down I know and he revived yes I'm Vera Vera I'll be honest I'm trying comingcoming I am 30 shot Rizzy fuckin our Andre oh I got a kill okay I guess he never got revived oh I'm sorry wait it's a mare got it no no no I didn't get the kill someone got the kill but wait I get I guess the guy the guy that I down was still down this entire time maybe my guy was too yeah no you down the elf Andre he's been dead I'm so confused yeah so he never got picked up you never got picked up oh I thought they'd bleed out how much help do you get when you bleed out that's all it's a lot dude okay so I thought we lay in here for more ammo I haven't no ammo well if you think of it every ammo box has been looted I literally just walked into a room and you can hear her spell through the roller coaster let's hear somebody hiding in the bushes I found some ammo let's go it's a WoG wide iva the new shotgun with four shots in there can we get a yeah heat I could give you shotgun ammo this block sucks no linear box trash dude only know why people in evenings it I wouldn't recommend it to my own my own you know you're just saying that so what's his name Calum sweatshirts doesn't feel bad you know any should feel bad no just getting it oh you should I'm sick of them mmm-hmm can you bring it for me please pretty please everyone follow me if you want to live I am NOT going the direction though I'm looking for a girl I am looking for a grill Oh somebody right here somewhere leave me alone hello mr. cat something very unsatisfying about somebody hate annoying times that's why I kept it shut up yesterday Goku fun nice I don't care it's just a recount a rude actually yeah well it's kind of rude that you give George all the attention I don't I really don't I love me gift because my babe my babe why you I'd be worried about it why you'd be weirded I don't know I'm a lay so shy shut up how about you shut up I'm literally using a campfire the moe where the heck are the grills Alex what I am currently getting bodied oh you make me go go mad he's chasing me Excel can you help me holy smokes there's so many people there holy okay I'm gonna come back you guys up because I need help oh the rubber duckies over here yeah we know Andre we know the rubber duckies over here that's not the problem right now I've thrown a million aids of them I downed one please which is next to me oh you leave I have no help from this guy's know all got flying away 105 but you can't that's a lot of whoo it's a lot I have a scar now summer I don't need you anymore coming coming Avery yeah I'm coming for my boy oh my god Avery I'm about to die Oh God where are you I can try to defend your honor and I go yes I need that health so bad do you guys have Chaka never wears man wear on you this guy will not die what killed him let's getting in wait oh my god now I got some HP oh you guys have a shotgun ever did shock and hammer know can Selma drop it to me holy smokes I show you mr. Broaddus I hate everyone who's saying their shock and mo not dropping where are the grills I love grills can you yeah whatever you drop a grill this guy right over here this guy right here drop it Avery drop it right you're on your own here what am i dropping Chaka nu thank you fight it fight it I thought for sure you're gonna drop one do you have a little ammo to S&G I'm now I'm using a mini gun you be good that's nice the way you said that just saying oh there's people this way right here stand right here there oh he just hit me I'm literally securing up Shakira Shakira I was actually gonna OH oh my gosh get in there get in here five six eight six let's fix our skin that's what the skin Vic is does anybody have like a million traps can I get your trap Oh fight over here fight over here you're so funny Samara oh my god I'm sorry why I can't play with you anymore [Laughter] okay all gonna be the guns right yeah that's what I like to see Oh lick gang 12 is not happy other overthrow Vera ones in the river only it don't know any bigger though oh they're all here oh there's so many there's so many there's so many oh he's reviving his friend that's my actually honor dude that's a bad idea though they suck they suck so bad that's a miracle let's americo him go doesn't matter you got it he's right behind you he's right beside me I'll shoot his bill down shoot him I'll shoot it knows that the shooter how did I kill Oh exile kill I like the wall up okay wait someone's resting someone rest no way yeah heard it well there wasn't down guy but how would they get out I don't know but they sure do yeah they're building up so they're all right where are our final opponents well baby when you talk like that you make Russian Shakira yo I think over here oh my god you look like a rad dude home sweet home bro straight home at least you used to be other unzip lon no flex zone here take take this series of launch pads oh they're all coming through come out with you I got it I put like 80 trap so this is last guy last guy let's get him you guys know the visual you guys know the plan pick a pick axe and pickaxe um please still shootin pickaxe it's funny he's lazy he's escaping he's very evasive where is he now oh he's going up the hill I think he's up there right is he up the hell where mark yeah I see him I see him uh get ready for a world of hair the marsh mellow music – you trapped him in the box he's stuck in the box right here how many is trapping trapping so you can't run he lies off my endless me how do i met crack the shield these are 200 HP let's go pick X all right I should get a I trapped in matrimony I got him i got a gum I'm gonna die I'm straight-up gonna die okay got him we got him we got him oh my god alright and it doesn't get any less entertaining it I'm gonna really support my book how to win the tank LTM every time I need 20k more XP to be ranked 100 finally X off his frickin okay everybody back fling off everybody give your kindergarten intro we're gonna give your kindergarten interest get going hi my name is avery i have four years of smoking under my belt aren't you like ten kid wait eggs off wait your turn k XL go ahead hi Serena I have you changed it's not even funny that's wrong with this kid channel it no bueno no bueno salty No alright let's go to salty springs I have watched an episode in a bit I finish it I cried out it's okay I've been spoiled in a million times by everybody in chat so hey did you know the devil walking Tsar bad did you know if you jump in the right at the end of your jump you hit it it stays in the same circle the spot every time the back what's your ham sandwich busted right X have ate something weird is more than we gotta help some routes embarrass friends a no skip somebody today oh yes no yes no really Oh Marie you didn't even have that much health floss why the heck wasn't gonna find me a frickin winner Oh what the heck just nightmare right he hasn't a me once I swear we're on the same team get my bag away from the loot okay oh there's more people oh shoot this guy's insane bro this guy this guy's literally insane like he's clinically stop what are you doing toxic and it's not even gonna be dairy free ice cream oh that's I don't think she could ever forgive you honestly I don't want her to she's lying about my birthday party oh great you're on the fence there oh my I'm sorry for what she's done nobody's talking about you okay no you're banned who says who how's your birthday I'm every head chief of invitations yes and you're fired I need to go get more girls so I'll be back wants to make some more steak Samara no he wants to eat some more steak not gets more idiot well you got a preview uh-huh idiots there's a grill over here her name is Samara idiot aha I can't find the grill lives in Chicago once somebody kind of committed to that for it it's actually saying it was mostly just me Pro there is a lot going on there in the biz we call that light oh they're all here that guy is dears you does not get to crab delight how did you be a health pack number 99 I honestly they might think I'm a hacker because I just shot him straight up for Lois invisible oh my gosh one pump wait I got it didn't there oh it didn't oh oh he has no obvious no get him get him get him I'm not shooting them anymore yeah I mean I'm shocking Emma are you talking about shocking Emma tell me oh my god yeah oh yeah hey Emma I can give them did you have a lot what the Frick did you track did you I'm sorry dad shut up hey you got white ammo oh yeah can you give me can you be shocking quick oh I brought a little Bobby back here thank you okay we're good don't worry Debra oh yeah that's gonna have a lot I can't hear you the landing sweet you right over there they're gonna go revive let them revive revive revive revive revive nothing revived LEM revived I need shotgun oh my god you're an idiot why are you attacking me that's like I was letting him revive so I can get more kills than you just everybody hide everybody hide around here he's gonna revive just make a coat and hide it everybody just shut just hide hide just hide somewhere just not smart you don't know that I know this for a fact LTM kids are dumber than bricks Jesus she's see reviving he's here right wait till later someone's gonna go you gonna do it yeah I gotta pee anyway come closer come closer in the code she's a girl 2019 she's a girl thank you Dad she said that our shows went on just funny any more girls student like come on I need five more girls for real comeback comeback and reviving hunk goodbye let's do a head on Exile for you here huh Onew I got a new a new terrible camera to waste money on Mitch oh he's your back he's back he's batty I told you I know away from the revival Irma to provide Avery Avery why you know I wanted to see all these little teammates with pistols come out yeah yeah one's gonna come back nah do you guys have shotgun Emma no I meant ahead he's mentally smile I don't have metal Oh oh yeah madam yellow that I got on that guy's head wasn't me let him it might make their way they have right here but we want them to revive they don't want to feel threatened I'm being shop I did it let's get it let's revive their right Samara where are you going wait okay she's a peacekeeper I'm bait and I got a flight knock hey you just go to the van Dijk when do they add a music get up this is war mother trucker oh we are not noobs you can you shout our peacekeeper that's like an active 100 savoury that was so made here yo south west rthwest are building up I can't even I need this kill you think I had no help bro you're the only one with full health ex off and you take it my gosh bro glutton Latin dude mutton hope you're happy dude now you got to give me a shotgun early give once hmm I'll take a lunch do those people flying everywhere I love it love lunch I do anybody have shotgun or miny mo all I got is a scar with a more I know that's it when you guys bean gluttons evil I can give you a little bit oh there's a big fighter let's go here just over I'm a bush I'm a big baby oh I have nothing I have nothing I'm dead I'm dead oh no actually my die I'm that I'm dad I'm down in bed oh my gosh thanks man well we lost this one boys yeah buddy acts off I play max off primarily just get our cards don't fight phew let's get our card there's nothing good in the item shop LLL get that glad to redeploy huh Miss America got Avery's card to get my card I'm right up I'm right in your mega mall like the house isn't mega mall it's right I'll mark it see it's right down by that floor right just go for that don't find anybody cuz you're gonna take eight hours no awesome Eric you go to long life it'll only watch that's kind of mean he was just knocked by fall damage ex huh you'd actually get health if you finished them Samara go to lonely logic again making my way downtown be back top leave I lied Oh probably a little much less exhale can somehow make it over here oh yeah go go go right Tamara make it right yeah go up this hill to the right again now go this way yeah I'm so left go left okay no when you hit that path go right yeah now follow this path go left yes no this guy there just be careful just go to the left go left go hard left hard left yeah this might hurt though no you boosted the wrong way no no you wouldn't it would have been better you're gonna die to this guy like a legitimate rim battle except just leave this third party in camp for final play no just go for that just go for that van right there nobody's on it I wanted Meaghan well that is true maybe we could actually help right there is not your life Oh what is the arrows talking about okay America good try just fly away fly into the slipstream and then go revive that lonely you can actually wait it off maybe I know that yeah that thing's charging they're mine yeah I think you go too lonely in it or another or that's America if you're if you're quick you can make it precise Christ uh go for the revive now go for the refine now if you can what's the vanette turnaround except no no don't don't take it no you gotta make em oh hey the Megamall one you're not gonna be able to get the lone Lodge one I wanna fight anyone and then this one will grab the storm flip go into lonely yeah that's smart idea that's actually really smart idea – Rhett you're right you're right you're right over there when you get that you need to get it like you don't want masa snagging give a shadow bump okay grab that scrap from this side okay so I'm curious why did you go through the inside of the box to try to get it yeah but why did you go through the more dangerous part to try to get it damn bro they're eating shots I think you've outputted at least triple the amount of damage baby with its rise you just show much damage honestly what what's in the item shop Oh work it out work it oh hey oh yeah I actually really like the Sun yeah but everything else what else is there everything else I have here Oh turbulent that's pretty cool what you don't like that the right now I'll I like that what is it I don't know why you would say thank you just said it I love fork and knife I love in my name we don't for now we're not for not for me know what I'm going to make the perfect wrap with this bad guys what what are you do us get rekt doesn't solve it I'm not even gonna look until we're in the game look at it please oh you're pitiful – I'm really I'm really purple what are you saying some are you saying something are you speaking English man what did we tell you about speaking hold your breath when you speak to us oh my gosh okay good morning boys and girls oh shoot accent you're going paradise huh boys and girls oh I'm gonna mob in the streets yeah yeah oh this beats laps dude when every closes the stream up he's gonna start dancing oh that's nothing yeah yeah whoa whoa oh my god all right this time let's make it we're gonna paradise paradise paradise paradise Oh oh my god so much talent than one what do you mean Pleasant you guys know I'm Dyslexic oh my gosh I'm t-pain you know me I like hot sauce snappy boy you be let me buy you a drink oh I'm gonna take you home with me I got money in the piggy bank baby why I mean at all my my just a little um I just sighs sorry for 260 this guy's a pickaxe somebody help me has a bleep in it okay thank you sir but I can't I literally can't turn around fast enough that's what I thought oh my god I can't I have a sniper somebody kill this man runs jump 40 was too much I'll be here a while oh girl oh perfect I got all the girls I needed hey you good run away I snapped him for 100 every what on earth are you dancing I sniped him he has no shield don't worry you're not dead you're not dead actually and I guess I need a nice gun serious dad I'm done I'm done you all teammates how are you bro right here I don't have a gun I don't know you I'm gonna do wagon what kill this guy oh my gosh I'm the air finally we're helping your ex huh I level them I gotcha can I got to kill help there we go I had no more ammo I'm leaving ocean 40 times that doesn't have health this guy doesn't have hope they got running away I wanna borrow you is right you tried one more time apart don't one Oh Mike Duke just level this I don't know if that was his friend or what that's kind of messed up Danya all right got more ammo good thank you sucks I'm sorry I had to go find ammo I have a lot of people owe me fish too you know the repo man neighbor yeah yeah oh my gosh I feel revived oh my bro what are you using there we go good morning boys and girls huh good morning and boys and girls you guys need help are you good hey what is he doing I'll come up here everything I say my GF er sorry we get it I'm cute as hell we're just looking for other girls yeah I got all the girls I needed I can oh went back to the real one how about the girls I needed I need seven I got him look needy prick it's actually a dope song trash yeah oh he's in there he's in the sack okay kill them but he never buys mothertrucker what roof the roof the roof is on fire I need help i need help and you don't please these guys suck on our TV no no that's bro what is that bro you can't do baby someone just for five again there's no way I can't fight anymore I stay continue to watch you guys do it be at the back how much Hudson is following all right so these guys should come anybody in sick you do that pocket knock one you think letter 32 Micah my gun doesn't shoot I swear oh my gosh is hop this little guy tie doc there we go holy smokes I don't have I don't have I don't have a single thing of ammo okay I 0 er0 shotgun oh my gosh well we have 14 kills so there's a lot if we can get ammo we would actually hike over the gun she doesn't wear a lot for sure there's no way might I have a star with was always great with ideas it's a fun idea for sure there we got lazy with it yeah I feel like there were like a vacations coming up we're not gonna actually put okay definitely a good ldm though just I could easily do like she'll get a little a so ideally if we get someone down give him her MF like Samara or J do there's a ball rear spoiler yeah he's looking down at me oh I'm just gonna try to find guns that have ammo and I mean jump off a cliff or some of these ARS and literally have nothing in it yeah there's nothing takes too long to die jump off a tall cliff onto a smaller cliff and then yeah I don't know like the animal situation so bad right now ABB's zero at all guns I've zero and all guns except for one for what Mia give twenty home if 20 help you Lily said you were gonna go die a second ago just give me your mo your Ambo I don't need your gun hmm hey yeah thank you hey yeah I'm too shocked and I can give you I I just put it all into my gun I have 18 how's the guy in front of me yes kill me kill me come on if you don't give me the worst playing this game now just give him health or head game oh we're screwed Avery I'm gonna try for 35 Flint knock shot set oh he's on the bloody tree dude how can we get knocked in three down but there's a lot if the twenty-nine it's 10:59 skewed bill thank you boy your hands I'm 85 who we attacking for us check the summer in the summer yet Minnie Anya white good summer nice nice okay I sneak get it heimo I don't I literally don't have any bullets to help you dude there we go there we go I got bullets no I didn't I didn't get bullets I lied how did I get bullets oh I have under 75 i fou I have a hundred seventy-five ammo I can give you guys Emma grab everything you can quick okay let's get out of here this hurts okay whatever do you need I have mo of everything how did they find so much yeah we're good your every need you got light yeah thank you thank you shotgun if you have a little bit of shotgun I'll take that dude everything I'll give you a she's some air can you drop me a little shot can I give you a lot give you like 40 I know I said okay well now I have 25 – I have 23 jacked-up what the heck yeah I hate when they both target you just like like now you do well I'm gonna get hurt surviving ex off here I don't think I could do it ooh a lot of good Lunia you are a true friend brah I'm gonna have 10 HP drop your guns yeah there's a man behold my goodness hey look at that dude yes the material yeah thank you do you have my breasts would thank you there's there's a loot down here if anyone wants to volunteer and give me a bill at some point oh yeah you might need oh okay so I'm just tightening once I was one of you oh they're up top hey hit me I'm dead actually if you guys provide me do you think I'll revive with more health if we like just no on the ground like on the ground just pick X awful gave me full health from from fricken reviving us in us don't worry he's gone he's gone that guy was a dog and bro you're really purple of shotgun ammo pwease yeah okay so uh here thank you guys right here alright you hear that guy yeah well I read the play I'm playing my GL my chills can I get that can I get it can I get it I'm really lit yeah I got the guy got the guy I got him yeah oh sorry I didn't see at Instagram oh yes who is grenade launcher history of them yeah I got it I got it here no my name is ally 3 375 holy shoot forget it on this side first this guy in this house oh he sucks he's sorry I'm gonna go for him first oh there's a whole team here they suck the all-time no no I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna need more I go on that's how you get your HP back you fight a really bad team okay we apparently had a lot of ammo we had a lot of ammo I have a lot of mass to what's coming up here with me in it forget ever I you heard me I put so much effort into this guy to marys what would you like oh my god I cracked them I crack that's all you knocking it down let me knock it down let me not gonna other the metal Oh oh my gosh my left leg the best more like the worst if you ask me listen I got 10 kills with no shield for the last 30 minutes I have zero kills oh this guy Revere sorry how did you miss again I adore was evident door was is that it yeah is that you either through that Exile was a no you know trap : no oh my wife just launched padding hit this guy three times our last guy last guy left guy he's keeps hitting launchpad so I'm just gonna shoot him all out my dude's name is dodge my better all right yeah nothing let's let's get your pickaxes now it's time I've 300 elf he's good really sweating I know we did he's just cranking nine days he's not good he's glider a blind he's back on the ice just get him to I get him way at all he's watching someone he's white he's white I'm doing six damages oh we were hitting him for five I thought he was gonna have like 400 Ella I'm just doing it for fun expected a lot more health as well yeah me too well that's an AC jig G right there that was a very stressful beginning right it's like we we had so many kills so she's like no ammo nothing I'm surprised we made out of the interaction with uh that's that X off squad when the eggs off sacrifices health feel you know wait exit just just run to the storm and get knocked out you'll die in like 10 seconds blighter congratulations here's a reward tailwind twister what color is it green tail when toes ABCD efg hijk LMNOP qrs tuv oh that's for getting a four bites i have 88 4 bytes bro I'm so excited for singularity no pretty no British oh my gosh she gets time I got the smoothie on my back now it's a blot a smooth a brilliant changes with new dance yeah if you like if you like try like smoothie cries I didn't prank him I did not bring what okay yeah else lay out lay out what the way out all right guys we'll play oh let's lay out guys don't worry about the layout good good good job today guys we only lost one game that's cuz X off so you didn't see it on the left side of the base I just like a flabbergast all the time we should play single soon when you guys down no we need to do a hike oh yeah you gotta get the bag in sumo remixed in I will figure it out what were you guys raid this game out of 10 I got a 10 the the rules and implementations by epic is 5 out of 10 what do you think Chad don't let me give my opinion I hate I hate I hate the fact that you're a lot of them good morning boys and girls yeah then we get it you eat why summer egg indeed that me a picture before you go to bed yeah same alright guys I'll see you later GG good night Mary alrighty Chad we got a goal of 10,000 likes for this video so if you have a very smash that like ones subscribed for new daily for night sometimes daily streams I've been doing a lot of survival games sleep you guys like anything like games on national videogame hit the subscribe button real quick alright I will be streaming again ah might not be streaming to get it eh I think I'm uploading something really cool I think I'm gonna upload an oculus quest video I like the VR stuff I went to the art and played some Star Wars some lights camera action so if you guys are interested that beat stay tuned alright I'm gonna tweet out it's also gonna be if you're subscribed and Trump posted up kitchens you're getting notified Schad – vixen janice beck forward and luke's lip syncing all free become members welcome you enjoyed those emotes if you want to join this well link in description below and we got a bunch of super chests here i want to read out so i hadn't read them sooner i just caught up with the game mode was there's a lot of fun I see thank for that mitchum vlogs appreciate that don't start you broke you didn't say what you broke but sorry you broke something and soon man jacory must be shouted to you oh you broke his arm shout-out to you man I hope you feel better really really soon and hopefully that serious will be back soon Alejandro's san román shoutouts you I will have to check out that tweet Alejandra logan Mitchum Mitchum blogs to my other camp and started up I see you again Chevy bruh well lead with 10 today Jess Russ and family had a member of their family passed away their sweet beautiful dog named thorn – Jess and her family that usually sends their love Thorn is part of weed the elite oh that's for sure I saw on Twitter Jess we're watching so sorry to hear that he looks like a real good boy and I'm sure you'll never forget them and the memories will be with you forever I can't imagine losing a pet that's so hard that's so hard Chad you Jess we love you Jackie will lead as well for the kind of message King Kong gamer shout to you raise plan Chelsea do Rossiya typical Kaden Jermaine Taylor you're at gota on the sticks Thank You Man Logan Crowder shout to you typical Kaden again Richard ball vixen thank you thread nicks that Craig fashioned of liquid you know it's good legs to gaming shoutout to you thinking for the con when super eraser sup man Oreo boys quack-quack gotcha al fool little orange Destin Luke you're going to do an ice cream cake to customs of this but if you're not do regular customs I love to watch play okay well thank you man I definitely add new customers soon but to play with you all in chat Jeremiah Faro thank for that we got Janice Beckford Tori's bent B and lanky attitude thank you for the kind words Makena wrote love you and simmered so much channa team and lets me know he said he said this kind of words and I don't add anyone personally but I do random judo sometimes and that's your best chance to join up on that note that's can beer after this one don't forget to use code typical gamer in the item shop if you want to support me just like that and I'll see you guys the next one probably a video maybe a stream so be able look at all right my Twitter Instagram link in description below see you soon for birches out through the summer collection the glasses are back in stock head on over a typical da store and cop yours today link in description below nope I'll see you guys later thanks for watching hope you an awesome day MP Sam got a good way to to get us off there it oh I got a good way to sign this off the other way senator ah thanks for watching hope you've got stood there in peace


  1. The work it emote is from that one video of the security guard at a baseball game just destroying the mascot with some sick moves

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