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they are celebrating some great Black Friday sales even though it's July Darren Fitch with healthy systems USA is here to talk a little bit about this sale but also I want to back up a little bit and just talk about when you got started and you have some great success stories over the years yeah we actually started in 2010 so this would be our ninth year got started actually my brother contacted me about doing a weight loss business and I thought he was nuts on the spra that could help you lose weight and he said Darren try it and see what happens and I did it and and it exactly what it said I was about 235 and I got down to 185 exactly what it said about a pound a day and I was like wow this really works but I'm pretty skeptical so I said okay I need to get this checked out so I went into the doctor and I had my blood take and I said you know this is last time I had been in there he said you need to lose some weight because of your cholesterol levels are pretty bad so I went in there and he said wow you lost some weight and I said yeah this is what I took and he said what's that and I said well it's this thing that my brother's selling it's all-natural and bla bla bla and he said well we'll do some blood tests we'll see what what they'll come in and test came back he said your cholesterol levels are great everything looks good so we started the business in 2010 and here we are still going strong so it's been great so you have your own success story yes but you've been able to share that with so many other people yeah we've had you know technically I would say probably between all the locations that we have we probably have over 60,000 people that have done the program and very successful we've never had one person come in and say you know what I do what you told me doing I haven't lost any weight so that's been pretty good you know and and weight loss is so many people are dealing with you know weight issues and this is such an emotional issue as well I would imagine the feedback you get from people is just incredible it's great you know I used to be in another business of phone service and internet service the only phone call I ever got was hey what's going on I'm upset and now I get calls all the time very very happy and saying you've changed my life so let's see that's very inspirational and how does it work well basically what it is there's a couple of supplements there's a knee a boost which is an energy appetite support pill has some different vitamins and minerals in there and then b12 methylcobalamin b12 which is a higher grade of b12 and then Healthy Start spray which is all completely safe and natural and what the spray does it metabolizes your fat so it's taken the nutrition from your fat and feeding you so then you're able to go on a low-calorie diet in fruits vegetables and proteins real foods that you buy nothing packaged that you'll always buy nothing that when you're done that you have to continue buying it from us and then when you're done with the program there's a maintenance which helps reset the hypothalamus so the fat doesn't come back on and I always tell people you know it's not a magic pill doesn't mean you can go out and eat anything you want you got to you got to keep in check you know 80/20 80% eaten healthy 20 percent you know treat yourself every now and then but you got to learn when you introduce those things back in and aren't so good for you why do you feel so bad because these are not the right feel that you should be given your body but you make it easy for people to stick to the plan exactly and you know in we say no exercise and we're not saying that exercise is bad we're just saying there's a lot of people out there they can exercise I see people all the time in a gym and they're out there and they're trying to lose weight it's like okay let's come to me first and let's get rid of the backpack that you have on with that extra weight and then let's go to the gym it's gonna make yourself a lot easier doing it okay so let's talk about a Black Friday sale yeah yeah absolutely so we got our Black Friday sale going on right now normally our two-month supply is $5.99 retail we're selling that for the one month price which is 349 so that's a that's a great savings right now you know if you're skeptical doubts the time to give it a shot and you'll see that it really does work this is good timing we're still in swimsuit season here so yep yeah you know and people think well you know normally the best time to do weight loss is New Year's well know yeah you know like you said you know you start getting into the lake season you start you know let's keep with it and let's let's keep that weight off rather than doing it just once a year and that's what I see with a lot of people it's like yeah I need to I need to get in check and make sure that I'm keeping that weight off Darrin thank you so much oh you bet thanks for having me stay with us coming up next how to avoid becoming house poor we'll talk to the experts

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