Nick Wright Suffering Health Issues Immediately After His Bodybuilding Show!!!

Nick Wright Suffering Health Issues Immediately After His Bodybuilding Show!!!

hey everybody its Jason blah here you guys another time it is time to talk about current events in the online fitness community and something that came through my feet the last few days in the last update I thought it was Nick Wright talking about he's going to the hospital getting some testing run after his show so plus $5 beechcraft let's talk about this all right guys this is kind of what I've been talking about a lot with with the whole bodybuilding thing or when people say Jason why do you rag on a bodybuilding compared to other things related to strength or lifting or related competition because quite frankly bodybuilders have more problems it is simply a far more problematic situation I'm not saying powerlifting doesn't have issues I'm certainly not saying strongman doesn't have this user CrossFit or Olympic lifting or anything else I they all have their risk in issues but bodybuilding brings a completely different element of risk that goes beyond just training injury risk goes just beyond even even steroid abuse things like that there's a whole nother component this psychological and nutrition related and that's what I try to tell people and they don't get it they think I'm messing with them it's like look at the psychological problems that so many of these bodybuilders even big social media people have as a result of dieting down that leaned the overwhelming majority of you out there not going to be able to die at 8% body fat or 7% body fat safely you're not going to be able to do it and even fewer of you are gonna be able to sustain it so so this whole concept is an unsustainable thing and that's kind of like why people will ask why don't you just cut down Superette know I always trim a little bit of body fat here and there and that's I've been coming down successfully for pretty much a year now every couple months everyone pretty much agrees I'm losing body fat I'm not gonna ever cut really rip because it's not sustainable like why would you cut to a body fat you can't sustain because this is the the result and look at what happened to to Nick here Nick was perfectly fine when he was doing powerlifting before in fact I was very encouraging of that when he was hitting powerlifting he and I even made it amends talked behind the scenes we made a peace between us and then you know I observed and complimented the fact that he was really pushing his powerlifting and he was doing well he was being successful as a power lifter right he was being successful then he dealt back over into this bodybuilding thing and then look would happen as soon as he got done with the show he admitted he did an enormous Bend she was like something over 10,000 calories he just gorged himself post-show yes know how common that is yes remember with the whole Branden hardening of the binging that he was doing a week before his show he couldn't contain it anymore we were saying well that's all just trying us all just drugs well I think Nick was doing technically a tested show yeah when I remind people you know just because natural bodybuilding is tested doesn't mean you're clean but if you're going to be drug tested most guys no matter what they're doing they're probably going to be off anything other than non-detectable drugs you know going into a show and I'm not saying there are things you can do but let's be fair there's no way Nick was doing a bunch of trend and a bunch of tests or anything like that going into a tested show this is not gonna happen and I think that's what he did so you can't even blame all of that on drugs right you can't blame it on drugs well can you blame it on dieting down getting emaciated becoming basically a male enter exit and that that's what competitive bodybuilding is I mean that is the equivalent of anorexia you can call them whatever you want maybe doesn't always have the full psychological component but essentially dieting yourself down to a body fat that is unsustainable and unhealthy that's what anorexics do the only difference is that bodybuilders use weightlifting it's a protein intake to hold on to their muscle better or in some cases they use a bunch of drugs they don't lose any muscle at all all right but you've got to look a lot of them do under normal conditions the sort of caloric deficits and body fats that they're dieting to would basically make someone a skeleton right it's it's it's a starvation process it really is and the only guys who are like I got to whatever body fat while eating 3,200 calories and it's like well you're doing that with a bunch of drugs because that's not gonna happen otherwise you're not gonna pull that off without chemical assistance so you know you didn't just do it with diet so the guys are like I didn't starve myself so yeah you did or you used to bunch of drugs to get around starving yourself completely so you got guys like Nick who do this and then look what happened he benched and already a few days ago before all of this days before what did we see on his social media oh man now I'm constipated anyone else have problems after a big binge after a show of not being able to go to the bathroom so then he had GI tract issues in other words he over consumed in his gut wasn't able to process everything he was consuming and he had some sort of issue going on where he did he couldn't go to the bathroom then he started putting the post about a BBF and that means gaining water retention swelling around the ankles everything else so the guy had edenia happening after his show after his binge so he went through this whole psychological torture to do this and I'm not even sure how you place but I'm assuming it probably wasn't worth it he probably didn't make any money out of it this wasn't some sort of professional show who was paid put himself through this then he was so craving foods that he benched over selling so much food that his body couldn't handle it got constipated then had addy Mia then what happens next he puts up a post he's going to the hospital he's getting an EKG done some other stuff done to make sure that there's not a heart issue related to the anemia that there's no fluid in his lungs all right if we're talking about IV Mia to the point of where you're worried there's fluid in your lungs or you're having hard issues I mean let's talk about the problems associated with natural bodybuilding as anybody in the world think that that isn't just as bad if not worse than someone who abused very large amounts of anabolics and now suffering some health issues aren't we dealing with the same level of issues that a otherwise healthy young man is now on a potentially life-threatening situation they could kill him will cause permanent organ damage purely as a result of dieting down some lane that he psychologically bunk and then benched and it not a problem with all of it so when I talk about bodybuilding being unhealthy this is what I'm talking about a lot of guys will say well I'm healthy and I'm the body what are you're probably not a bodybuilder or you're lying to yourself about your health bodybuilding is a competitive endeavor okay bodybuilding is one where it's not too hard it's not body space building that would mean building your body right bodybuilding bodybuilding is one word that is a competitive endeavor so hopefully people grasp that what I'm talking about bodybuilding I'm talking about the guys who get on a stage in their panties covered in oil flexing next to other left that's bodybuilding there's nothing to do with the fact that you like to do sets of twelve hundred curls it's not what we're talking about because I don't identify as a bodybuilder you guys see me dude says it five sets of ten all curls every upper body workout right that that's not bodybuilding my case that's called powerlifting because there's part of my powerlifting it improves my bench press so it's only bodybuilding if you're doing it specifically for a bodybuilding show so that's my argument of semantics you guys are never gonna change my mind on that you're never gonna convince me to ever identify someone who doesn't and Peter's never stepped on the bodybuilding stage as a bodybuilder there's someone who enjoys of lifting these training goals are generally hypertrophy body composition or to improve your aesthetics but you're a recreational lifter and that's fine there's nothing wrong with that you don't got to put a competitive label on it you know you're not a tennis player just because you go to you know corner and hit some balls for the racket once a week that a machine shoot at you okay you got to play a tennis thing to be a tennis player so over to the point of that I know it's an argument of semantics but that's just the point I mean bodybuilding is bad it's a problem it not only has all the different helpers associated with the psychological aspect of it the psychological aspects of the insane or restrictive dieting that ends up happening and the hormonal effects and brain chemistry affects of that dieting affects you psychologically in a way that can also harm your health and we're seeing right now with Nick all right this is why I'm against bodybuilding this is actually why I'm in this bodybuilding it's not because I'm upset that some guy has nice arms it's this shit all right guys well that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time you


  1. Guy is so frail obviously orthorexic eating disorder. Retards like that are probably the ones telling you to get 'ripped' like a teenage homosexual, they probably get off on that kind of thing.

  2. Nick actually did a video not too long ago titled 'Bodybuilding is an insecure sport'. He changed the title though, obviously just to not cause upset.

  3. That is very common if you binge after a show. If you way over-do it, you will hold so much water you will get pitted edema in your ankles. It normally means heart issues but in this case, it is simply due to your body sucking in ever bit of nutrients and water like a huge sponge until your body adjust back. If you are a larger bodybuilder, you can gain 40lbs in 3 days after a show due to this. It isn't healthy at all, but it is more common than you think. That is why you need to learn to have a binge meal, but don't keep binging.

  4. Coath, it’s pronounced Edema, not edemia. Body – building , is building of the body. Is power-lifting when people have powers, and lift stuff? Cuz that sounds like some made up telekinesis magic right there. Powerlifting lol.

  5. Coath plz coach me!! I wanna be inducted in the “Strong A’F Non-Negotiable Hall of Fame”.

    Fuck Clen Jones cookie cutter Hoe Ready Hall of Fame

  6. Jason, as you are no longer a competitive lifter do you see yourself any different from someone who just lifts to enjoy lifting but edges on the side of physique rather than strength?

  7. Nick is a dummy! He does NOT have the genetics to be a bodybuilder so not sure why he is even wasting his time/money and risking his health!!! Just stick to lifting and being a youtube, millennial dummy Nick!!!!

  8. I told the kid every video for along time that he wasn't a body builder and anything other than 1st is a failure and that's how it went. These kids just don't understand. Smh

  9. If bodybuilders don’t abuse drugs they can still be very strong. And will look jacked compared to most people. Powerlifters are in the orthopedics office with injuries more so than an other group of lifters, except for the cross shitters.

  10. When I was younger I dieted down for my spring break to Florida. Not sure what BF I was at, but I had veins in my abs. I was absolutely miserable! Going to bed right after my last meal because if I stayed up I would want to eat more. I lost all my strength, I’m telling you I was weak as fuck.
    Never was a bodybuilder, but I had that mindset of getting shredder. The guys that do that think women find that really attractive, but they don’t.

  11. Jason you should do a video about Greg Doucette making his girlfriend eat clean. He calls her fat and says she eats like a pig when she looks amazing and he thinks she needs to get leaner. It's absurd. Watch the video titled "she's all in" or whatever

  12. Nick hardly has any mass, like a decent amount any avg lifter would get after 2 yrs, not sure why he would do a show. Yeah he cut down, but if you don't have that much mass, why even bother? It's all narcissism, lack of self-awareness, etc.

  13. I had Nick Wright send me a dm on Instagram bragging how amazing his body is, and I was like is this kid deluded?

  14. Competing naturally in any sport (especially bodybuilding) is futile. You're going to have to push your body too hard to compete with guys who'll get away with being 220+ lbs lower than 8% bf while you're going to be a 150lb stick. If you're going to do bodybuilding then hop on the gear so you don't starve yourself. And if you still have to starve yourself even while you're on gear in order to look good enough to win, then bodybuilding is not for you. Don't risk your life for complete strangers. Don't feed your ego with your life. You can be 170-200lbs with 12-20% bf (all depends on your frame and height) and look good, muscular, and have some definition all natural and without starving yourself. You can still sculpt your physique in a healthy and sane manner. Don't kill yourself over the approval of others (complete strangers who don't care about you at all; random g4p judges)

  15. 150 lb novice be like,
    Im fat af I can grip the skin on my belly I need to shredd for summer.
    3 months later, 130 lb shredded novice be like, oof im so jacked and shredded look at my chest definit1onzzz and bic3p ve1ns I'm a bodybuilder now.

  16. I am subscribed for over a year and one thing isnt clear to me yet.
    What are your thoughts about bodybuilding?

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