Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga

Non Surgical Facelift With Face Yoga

hi I'm sue mica from the face of the method many people have asked me how they can lift up the dropping eyelid and also lift up the side of the face so in this video I'll show you a post called the ultimate facelift which works great to lift up the site and post eyelid instantly so before we start an actual post I want to take a look at yourself and which eyebrow is higher which is bigger and which eye lids are dropping more and which miss Olivia falls are deeper and longer which cone of the mouse are higher and also check your face line okay and this is a really good time to take a photo so that you can see before after so let's start those sit tall relax your forehead and relax your shoulders and breathe in and out from your nose right hand 45-degree shoulder pushing back Breeze in and breeze breathes in and yo left and up up toward the ceiling shoulders so relaxed shoulder blades down breathe in and the stretch toward the ceiling and also 45 degrees your right hand and breathe out and bend your left elbow and your linked finger is at the corner of your eyelid and middle finger is at your temple and this is very important way you put your fingers so link finger is kind of lifting up your eyelid and middle finger lifting up the side of your face see that then there's a little force should disappear and also you should see your face line changes when you lift this side so practice in front of them you know until you feel very comfortable where your fingers should be look straight over your chest breathe in lift your fingers up and tilt your head to the left tend to feel the stretch from head neck and to the tip of your fingers don't hold a press breathe in and out from your nose and keep lifting up the side of your face his fingers breathes in and now we're gonna add a time to it reason from your nails and the stick your turn out to the left and stay and come up from the bullseye relax if you want you can take a look at yourself and see the changes or you can take that after photo too so let's to the other side left hand 45 degree shorter back we use it and a breeze from your nose and breathe in and the right hand up and a bend your elbow and ring finger the corner of your eyelid metal finger temple and chest open head straight breathes in breathe out until two head right in the feel the stretch from head to shoulder and shoulder to tip of your fingers make sure your chest is open now keep pulling your fingers breathe in and breathe out shoulder so relax breathe in and now we're gonna stick a tan out to the right and when you stick your tongue out feel the stretch and move your tongue so that you can show the maximum stretch from inside like that and come out so it is important where you put fingers ring finger the corner of your eye lifting up the eyelid like this see that and a middle finger on your temple and almost pulling back 45-degree angle so that you're lifting up the side of your face there's a labial fold should disappear and also the shape your book face looks sharper if you liked this video like it and if you do not have my free either come on over to my website at face yoga mess-up calm and get it right now


  1. Девушка просто супер, буду заниматься с вами !

  2. Oh my you're sooooo amazing! What a wonderful person you have to be to help people stay younger with these exercises looking at all poor women buying face creams thinking they'll help them! Respect to You!


  4. omg my face is so much better and am loving my smile. IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS. THANK YOU. I HAVE HATED MY SMILE. BUT YOU HAVE MADE ME LOVE IT AGAIN…………………….

  5. 韓国の番組出たのを見た

  6. I can’t stop laughing 😂 My son entered to room and got scared thinking mama got crazyyyy 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I love this one. I was having a slow day and instead of just mindlessly eating more sweets on my lunch…I did a couple of facial yogas 🙂 Feeling refreshed. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Should I do it more then once in the side that I have more drop eyelid then the other side ? Someone tell me pleas

  9. Excellent! Thank you! And who needs laughter yoga when you have such great face yoga poses? Your explanations are also very clear. I really appreciate! <3

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