“Nope:” Bernie Sanders Refuses To Even Consider Not Eliminating All Private Health Insurance Plans

“Nope:” Bernie Sanders Refuses To Even Consider Not Eliminating All Private Health Insurance Plans

now this question comes from mr. Joe apparatus who is from Dallas Texas sancho Sanders I'm a math teacher and I love polling data whether it's good or bad I love polling data based on some recent polling that based on Democrat voters more than half of them prefer to keep their private health insurance even though Medicare fraud if Medicare for all was an option would you give them that choice nope you


  1. Wonder if Colorado RINO's are going to sell out and sit out the vote this next presidential election like they did in 2016. Those at the top of GOR need to be removed before next election BEFORE you can repeat your attempt at damaging Trumps chance. We don't forget how you screwed real republicans over in Colorado and don't forgive!

  2. Liberals are tyrants. They claim to be about freedom, but they are NOT. They are the true fascist, authoritarian, tyrants.

  3. Seriously, there can only be 2 reasons for why the Dems and the opposition are being the way they are: (1) This is all a charade and they're trying to help Trump win (highly unlikely imo). — (2) These people are Stupid Sick & Evil.

  4. Why would you even want to keep your insurance company? If you can get the same treatment at a lesser cost why would you not want that? I have never heard anyone say i love my insurance company. I do hear people say though that they love the treatment that they received which not by their insurance company but by their doctor. My wife loves the doctor she goes to but if she she get rid of her insurance company she would do it in a heartbeat. Anyone who loves their insurance company loves the trouble they go through to get them to approve a claim

  5. Wow u r for real sanders will get ride if all insurance but his Medicare for all now that WRONG Dictator Sanders no no no

  6. At least Bernie is being straight with his answer. Free Medicare for all would bankrupt the country. Millions of illegal immigrants would flood the country and head for the nearest sanctuary city and collect welfare, food stamps and free Medicare. No need work, just make babies and watch TV.

  7. For all the those that say “muh Canada” and “muh England,” in those countries people CAN HAVE private insurance. This dumbass is a complete commie shitbag.

  8. Sanders is a low life commo Marxist lying son of a dog… this clown if ever he had Authority would sell every American to the global cabal and let millions of undesirables all on welfare of some kind in,, to break the back and completely bankrupt financially and worst of all morally…. Satan’s little helper is this heathen.

  9. Bye bye Bernie. I really don't even know why he chose to run again. If Bernie didn't have the balls to stand up to the DNC and Hillary when they cheated and finangled the nomination from him in 2016, then he doesn't have the balls to be President… I'm voting Trump again!

  10. The questioner was asking for a job? 😄😂😂 "Bernie do you think you have a snowball's chance in hades????? …." nope"

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