1. We're a few videos into my lead series. Tips on what to do about lead are coming up. If you've missed the first few videos, catch up here: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/lead/

  2. For a while I've been using a butane can to torch my food for decorative and cooking purposes.

    Problem is the can says "may contain lead".

    Shit, have I been poisoning myself?!

  3. Yes, aviation fuel emerged as the largest source of lead emissions in the U.S. once lead was "phased out" of automotive gasoline beginning in the 1970s.

  4. Those young folks who were too young to realise how "impossible" their suggestion were, they need to get a medal 😊

  5. I would guess that the same type of people that are fighting to bring back coal and want to eliminate the EPA, are the same types that fought to continue lead in fuel and paint for so many decades.

  6. my hair mineral tests shows (0.12 μg/g) (normal is <0.80)- but im guessing that not good either. might be from the old paint in the house.

    the mercury is still 0.40μg/g (normal is <0.80)- even tho i took out the mercury filling in my teeth

  7. "we were too young to know it was impossible"

    man that is sad…i can only imagine how messed up the kids are these days with their bodies stuffed full of lead and estrogenic tofu…

  8. I cannot wait to read your book and get the cookbook later this year! I'm thinking of going to grad school for public health

  9. There are now scientists who face enormous opposition to the efforts to remove other metallic contaminants ( mercury and aluminum) from our children's brains. Like leaded gasoline, there huge amounts of money involved in vaccines. Lets hope we are as successful as these folks were with gasoline.

  10. We want to call ourselves and intelligent animal, and yet the things that have been done throughout history make less sense the more I learn about things. It is not just lead in gasoline, there was so much lead in everything. Paints, colorings … and for some companies and families who had lead manufacturing businesses and needed to make money no matter who they hurt or killed or how long it would last in the environment.

    What other evidence do we need when you cast your attention from industry to industry that it is Laissez-faire capitalism itself that is the greatest killer on the planet throughout history – not carnivore. A strong case can be made that it is not meat but processed foods, sugar and salt that everything year needs to increase production who are killing and increasing number of people throughout the world.

    Does it make sense to be vegan, sure, but most people are not going to live much longer for that than they would if we would clean up our act and start behaving intelligently as a species.

  11. Isn't it nice to have the government of a free country watch out for the interests of the people. but all about money. now we'll big business change or will it still go on the same as put money in the pockets of the rich in the heck with the health of the people.

  12. Oh, I'm certain there's nothing sinister going on (VIOX) , and if you actually believe that drugs are designed to heal disease, I challenge you to look through the latest PDR and find any hint of the word "cure" or "heal" in it. They are designed to "treat". Why would pharma care who gets injured when they they have total immunity from liability? And if chemo is the best we have to offer for the treatment of cancer, we're in deep doodoo. Fact is, medical "care" is the third leading cause of death in America. Thimerosal studies linking mercury with neurodevelopmental disorders PMID 2469081, 21350943, 26166425, 20803069, 24354891, 19357975. Now, Mr. Stuart, you're either profiting from the sale or promotion of vaccines, or you're a dupe—Which is it?

  13. Dr Greger, I need your help. My blood test results where very good, but there seams to be a problem with my MPV. I'm almost 3 years vegan and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. It is too high. My doctor says that I should eat meat and that this is the problem. My MPV is 11,8. What do you suggest? Also my creatinine is only 0,6. Thank you for your help…

  14. Finally! An explanation why technology is more difficult for me than for my son. I may have slight drain bamage from lead! 🙂 Thanks, Dr. G!

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