Nutrition AP & TS Class 10th State Board Syllabus Biology

Nutrition AP & TS Class 10th State Board Syllabus Biology

now let us look at the health aspects of human elementary can all our elementary kunal it works remarkably well it does it does a very wonderful job of digesting the food because we use different kinds of food sometimes we eat the spicy food sometimes we eat the alkaline food whatever it may be it carries out the process of digestion and it secretes the juices to maintain the balance of pH and it secretes the enzymes to digest the food and to make the nutrients available for our body for the use but sometimes because due to taking excess amount of food or poisonous food or inappropriate food it leads to some malfunctioning or false conditions inside the elementary canal now let us look at them the first thing we observe is vomiting so vomiting is a process of expelling or repelling the food out of the stomach this is observed in such cases like the stomach it wanted to send out the unwanted or poisonous food our food which is excess in amount in such cases we observe the vomiting so this vomiting happens that is reversed to the pear aesthetic movements in the esophagus and in the stomach generally the barest oolitic moments help the food to pass through the use of egis to the stomach but in case of vomiting that is reversed and which sends the food out of the body so this is happened in two different cases like overeating over eating eating stomach full and second thing is eating inappropriate food or because of the dean digestion or poisonous food poisonous food so the poisonous food also initiate the vomiting process and sends the food out and we can observe the vomiting in having the food which is high in fat content the food which is rich in fat content excess amount of fat in the food also leads to vomiting sensation and finally it may result in vomiting so these are the different reasons boomer eating in decision-taking poisonous food taking the food which contain high amount of fat results in a condition called as vomiting the second kind of disturbance we see that sometimes people feel bilious or liverish so these kind of feelings happen when people take a rich meals for a long period of time having the food which contain high amount of fat so the excess amount of fat and nutrients that are taken in the food for a longer time they get accumulated in the liver because our liver is the storehouse of food materials so when fat which foods are taken for a long period of time the fat get accumulated in the liver and it leads that conditioned feeling like leverage or bilious condition in which it causes nausea and it causes sometimes headache nausea and headache or the symptoms that is because of these excess intake of fatty food for a longer time that is having a rich meals for a long period of time so now let us look at about the indigestion how it happens in digestion so what is indigestion indigestion means ATSA because of some reason if the digestive system fails to digest the food such condition is called as indigestion so healthy people they can avoid the indigestion by following certain things what are those things let us look at the first point by following which we can avoid the indigestion a that is eating simple and well-balanced diet we should see that the food which we eat contains proper amount of fat the food should not have excess amount of fat the food should not have excess amount of calories and we should see that the food contains at an amount of fiber proper amount of fiber and it should be a balanced and wel koude food so by eating such a simple and well balanced and we can avoid the indigestion healthy people can avoid the indigestion by eating the food leisurely without any hurry the food should be eaten leisurely so if we have any hurry or tension in mind the digestive organs may not be able to produce digestive enzymes so by that it hampers the process of digestion and which may result in indigestion now let us look at the point see that is proper mastication proper mastication it is important to eat the food leisurely and at the same time the food has to be chewed well with the help of our teeth the food should be mix it well with saliva so we know we learn that our teeth tongue and saliva helps the food to make it soft and well mixed so that is happens with proper mastication so before swallowing the food should be properly chewed to avoid indigestion and the last point here is avoid violent or vigorous exercise after eating so avoid violent exercises soon after eating so now after having a meals do not go for any violent and vigorous exercises which may lead to indigestion this we can observe from different mammals different animals if we see that various animals after having a meal after having their food they get relaxed they take a nap and get relaxed so by that they can help proper and healthy digestion here we can see one more serious form of indigestion that is caused because of ulcers so ulcers are also reason for serious indigestion continuous or chronic indigestion how are these ulcers are caused so all cells are nothing but the holes that are formed in the digestive tract that is in the stomach peptic ulcers or in the intestines so these ulcers are found in the people those who are having a hurry or worried lifestyle if we observe the lifestyle of certain people who are engaged in specific professions so they do not have proper time to have their lunch and their meals so they eat their food in a hurried or a worried situation if you observe the politicians if you observe the business executives doctors teachers lawyers and policemen in their profession they may not find proper time to have a healthy food habits it leads to a condition called as ulcers it is also found that there is some kind of bacteria which is responsible for peptic ulcers so these are all the different reasons what might be the reasons here these ulcers are also reason for the indigestion okay let us look at one more problem associated with this elementary kunal is constipation so constipation is having irregular bowel movements so that is not excreting the waste material or undigested food regularly out of the body that is called as constipation and this constipation condition is caused due to lack of fiber and water in our tight so if the people are not taking a balanced diet which is not having proper amount of water and proper amount of fiber content it will hamper the bowel movements so no movements in the intestines and the food is not the undigested food is not excreted out of the large intestine so such condition is called as constipation if the food remains in the large intestine for longer periods without excretion it may increase the bacterial activity and the bacteria may produce it in toxins and these toxins may be absorbed back into the blood circulatory system and which may result in many diseases so the constipation can be avoided by taking the food which is rich in fiber and good amount of water these two are the important things to avoid constipation you


  1. Form 1year I watched u'r all lessons explanation fully that results me today 10points in all subjects because of u'r pebbles ap&ts board of biology& social(some what)thank u so much sir. It's very nice.14th may 2019

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