Nutrition For Fat Loss Pt. 7 (Supplements)

Nutrition For Fat Loss Pt. 7 (Supplements)

today we have part 8 of the nutrition for fat loss series this is the final episode for two months we've been building up to this not that this is the end-all be-all of the program I'm going to talk about that soon but the point of this series was simple I wanted to educate you on how to structure your nutrition get you halfway there I do believe coaching is imperative to see consistent results but what I've taught you in the last eight weeks will set up the foundation for what you need to do to continually lose fat or sustain your fat loss for literally the rest of your life so I'm super happy you're here I'm super appreciative of how well this went and I can't wait to finish this series with a bang so today we're gonna talk about supplements and this is everything you need to know about supplements just joking there are a few things we need to talk about when it comes to supplements but my point with that being you do not need supplements by definition a supplement will supplement your diet it is literally something that is supplementary for your diet it means if you have a deficiency if you cannot intake something if you cannot do something you use a supplemental thing in order to replace or benefit that deficiency I want to make that very clear before we get into the weeds of what we're gonna talk about today because so many people rely on supplements and for a long time everybody was turning to fat burners and they thought they needed a post workout shakes and they get so frustrated and confused with all the minutia and get almost hyped up and overwhelmed by the crazy marketing that is out there that they spend billions of dollars using on supplements but the reality is is if you train hard you sleep well and you have your nutrition locked in and individualized to you you do not need supplements now however being an American individual especially but this is also prevalent in other countries you're gonna have some deficiencies along the way and that's what we're going to touch on today so the first one is vitamins not very sexy but it's the first one we need to talk to about about because at the end of the day if you were in a deficient state of any vitamin or mineral you need to be supplementing with that vitamin now if you get a wide variety of food if you're following parts 1 through 7 of this nutrition for fat loss series you're getting a variety of foods you're eating fruit you're eating whole grains you're eating produce and veggies and meats and all these different good whole foods you're gonna get a ton of vitamins and minerals naturally you're probably not going to need that many but in some scenarios especially in an athletic individual who is training really hard who is sweating a lot who's drinking a lot of water therefore is urinating a lot and flushing out a lot of nutrients potentially you it's common to see some vitamins and minerals deficient now magnesium is gonna be one calcium is one iron is one vitamin D is one there's a lot of different ones that can become deficient zinc is another so you might want to supplement with those if you have the extra income to dispose of or if you do not enjoy the foods that are high in those vitamins so go to google it's this crazy thing that can tell you a lot of information type in zinc deficiency see what foods can give you a supplemental income of that zinc if you can get it through foods it's going to be better if you cannot because you hate spinach for example take a sink supplement it's that's easy if you live in a place that doesn't have that much Sun you should probably supplement with vitamin D vitamin D is a very important thing if you do not get any foods with potassium or magnesium those are going to contribute to recovery and muscle cramps therefore you should probably supplement with those so there are some that are going to contribute to your nervous system to your hormonal system and just your general well-being of your hair your skin your eyesight your joint health things like that so the first thing on our list is just general vitamins and minerals but anytime you can get those from foods I highly suggest you do so this is just here because if you are deficient you do need to supplement with those things to make sure you don't have any health consequences on your fat loss journey the next one omega threes this is something as a culture unless you live in an Asian country you're probably going to be kind of deficient in these fatty acids these are going to be e pa and DHA these are fatty acids that are found in omega-3 fatty acid based foods things like fish for example we are almost always going to be deficient in this unless we're consistently consuming fatty fish on a weekly basis this is pretty rare the other place you can get it would be walnuts you can get this from omega-3 fatty acid based eggs so some eggs are fortified with that or if they're caged free natural organic eggs they're probably gonna be higher in omega-3s but you got to eat a lot of eggs to hit that number or a lot of salmon most of us are not omega-3 fatty acids are super important for hormonal health metabolism muscle protein synthesis joint in total body inflammation insulin sensitivity there's a lot of reasons we need omega-3s and it can directly help your fat loss so this is actually one supplement that I will almost always recommend to clients unless they tell me that they actually do consume fatty fish one to three times per week if you're getting a good amount of fat from fish like salmon or fatty tuna or halibut and things like that then I think it's okay to skip the omega-3 fish oil but if you can supplement with these you're gonna want to be in that range of 1 to 3 grams of combined epa and DHA that's dependent on your weight the safest place to go is right in the middle about 2 this means you're probably going to be consuming anywhere between 3 to 5 actual capsules but that's ok it seems like a lot but if you take one it's not gonna do much for you make sure you're hitting one to three grams of combined EPA and DHA which can be found on the nutrient label on the back the last thing I will say about this is omega-3 fatty acid fish oil supplementation can be negatively impact from standing on the shelf for too long so if you go to the store and you buy a general fish oil pill one it's probably not very high quality impurity and number two if it's been standing on that shelf for a long time it's probably rancid see a lot of people get that fish burps they smell the bottle it stinks but they're like oh it's official it is what it is it shouldn't smell horrific it should not be rancid so what you can do is you can put it in your freezer if the capsule gets very cloudy it is potentially rancid Oh it's actually not a very pure supplement and the reason we know this is because compliment companies will fill it with other saturated fats to save money but it becomes clouded in the fridge this is a funny example but it's like if you put water in a vodka bottle I remember being a kid and my brother probably shouldn't be talking about this on live YouTube but my brother tried to take some alcohol from my parents he put water in the vodka bottle he put the vodka bottle back in the freezer thinking they wouldn't notice but the water froze alcohol doesn't freeze the bottle changed consistency in he got calm same exact test you can do with your fish oil put it in the freezer if it gets really cloudy and the consistency changes it's not good fish oil it's not pure fish oil your fish oil should stay crystal clear it's gonna be yellow attendent obviously but it should stay clear when you put it in the freezer so that's the freezer test you can put it in there for a few hours or overnight test your fish oil my favorite brand is Viva fish oil I am not affiliated with them but I will put a link in the show notes because it is ranked really high on Labrador calm which tells us purity but I've also done the freezer test myself and it is a pure brand of fish oil so again omega-3s very very commonly deficient in most Americans and most countries in general unless you're eating fatty fish I suggest supplementing with this if you're a vegan or vegetarian who'd wishes not to consume fish oil take algae oil capsules it's very very similar and you will still get that omega-3 fatty acid which is the most important thing we're trying to get from this the next one whey protein this is very much so optional I've gone through periods where didn't consume any I've gone through periods where I've consumed a lot this is a convenience thing whey protein has a very high leucine count so it's a very good protein source to stimulate muscle protein synthesis very beneficial protein source however it can cause gut health issues digestive stress issues if consumed too much so it's something we want to keep pretty minimal and we only want to use if we can't get to a solid meal or we don't have time to cook a full actual meal of eggs or chicken or steak or fish or some other whole food protein source so whey protein is great check out lab door comm to get the best rated I will link my favorite protein in the description so you guys can grab that but at the end of the day this is purely for convenience everybody who's trying to lose weight or get in shape should probably have some in their pantry just in case they run short on time and they need to grab a shake the last one is going to be creatine creatine is an excellent supplement that's been studied over and over and over again creatine monohydrate is a great supplement to saturate the muscles for recovery when we get saturation of creatine in our muscle stores which creatine by the way is a naturally produced nutrient so it's not something exogenous it but it is our go genic aid which means it supplements our performance to be enhanced and the way it does that is it helps hydrate and recover the muscle so we can actually train a little bit harder and we can usually pump out a few more reps like even just one rep per set more that's small of a difference but the reason this happens is because our muscles have more nutrients and they're recovering faster therefore we can perform a little bit better a little bit harder and a little bit longer and that is going to lead to more muscle growth and strength over time possibly more fat loss through more strength and energy expenditure during a session that we've pushed a little bit harder in creatine has also been shown to increase children's IQ and actually brain function so we can actually be more productive and more focus from creatine you do not need a cycle creatine and you usually should be between points re 3 to 6 grams per day excuse you about a teaspoon a day but we just want to take creatine monohydrate and the best thing to do when looking for creatine and again anybody can take this I mean I even have family that are elder I want to have taken this because it can help prevent Alzheimer's they're seeing in studies so this is a very powerful supplement that actually helps with a lot of different things but it's mainly used for performance and recovery to enhance more muscle growth the one thing we want to look out for is Kriya pure creapure is a copyrighted and trademarked nutrient from a specific lab in Germany that makes the most pure quality product it is known around the world and some of the top brands that actually use creapure have been tested in the labs to be the best and highest quality creatine you can get again I will link these in the show notes so you guys can get the best ones because I've done all the research you need to do to make sure you're getting the right supplements but at the end of the day is safe for damn near anybody it's good for fat loss it's good for strength it's good for muscle I am a big fan of it you do not need to cycle it you can take it year-round and you can take three to five three to six grams per day on all days and it does not matter when you take it some studies have shown that post workout with carbohydrates might lead to better saturation and absorption of the creatine but we need to remember that the goal with creatine is to saturate our bloodstream in our muscles which takes one to two weeks so what I take this morning isn't necessarily gonna kick into my system and work from the saturation of it to stay in my system and continue helping me with recovery so guys supplements super super simple we do not need them but what I would recommend is supplementing with any vitamins and minerals that you are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids for 90% of people because most people do not get enough of this from fish whey protein as a convenience item in your pantry just in case you're running short on time and last but not least if you want to train harder take creatine it does work well it's very safe and it's been studied for years and years and years guys this is the last episode of the nutrition for fat loss series I've got a lot of fun creating this and we're gonna do more series just like this to keep educating you so you can not only get results but you can sustain the results because that boom boom performance we believe that education is the key to actually seeing and sustaining those results over time and it's why our clients come back to us years later and they still have the results that we help them achieve because we taught them how to do this we showed them why and we showed them how to do it on their own and that's what this is all about paying it forward thank you guys for watching this if you want any more content from me completely free go – boom boom performance calm


  1. Hey Cody, I was just wondering about some article that I read about creating. It's sad that on its own it is a tough thing for your body to absorb just tossed into your water bottle. The article said that it works best if you dissolve it in hot water first. Thoughts?

  2. This has been a phenomenal series, definitely one of the best on YouTube. Thanks for the excellent content.

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