Nutrition News Tonight! 05 July 2019

Nutrition News Tonight! 05 July 2019

Pena's first of course cost your first vain did that aha would know which button to press something was the truth Amaya nice to see you honey hi just a quick volume check how is the volume is the volume good is it distorted does it all sound the way it should all aboard the bad Express indeed I still don't know how to really pronounce your name silk silk wave slipway whatever spell it out phonetically for us so we get it right Dave you're in the house glad you could stick with us until fuckin midnight your time good good I looked on the Middle East Allah awesome volume is a-ok thank you very much soft wave self way visit very soft way there you go now we know good good fences girls and boys hello girls and boys yes girls and boys says sis vein vein of course was first yeah vein was here before you yeah yeah but let's just let's just get vein they're just shall we excuse me bumping the table well here we are I've been looking lovely today there's a bit chilly here but not too bad we've got the heater on we've got the fire going it's all tucked up with coal oh your stop turn the heater on so that we don't freeze out twit seize off troyzan the house and he wants to say hello to all the attack helicopters quite rightly so – yes hello attack helicopters and Troy hmm destroy an attack helicopter himself or I don't think so hmm maybe he has some relatives maybe maybe yes can you make some more noise over there please professor snoozy that'll be great if you could just make more fucking noise while mommy and daddy are doing their thing that'd be awesome Cheers cheers for that and then my phone's going to do the same as I can thing in the next room my hair looks them interesting today Keter cowboy is an attack helicopter all right this we need a good is anyway it's the point of error so let's have the introductory my god material here it comes you'll earn a platinum plan Kaka each Italy had Alejo or Jordana Plata my panko gotta can you bend semester store the same and you know here the soul Juden apartamentos ang lahat alejo oran a platter man will say on the emic fearless a man in fact distorted yes there you go wrong screen how's that one that looks a little better so we thought we'd destroy that little I think they all left they were left I think they think they're they've worked out that we finally fucking lost it not my fault after all mmm yes so would you like to give us a translation of that lovely little song there for those that don't speak Swedish it's a pancake and the split is the ocean yes and anyone can see mmm yeah I particularly like the yearly huddled ho ho ho your screen is very empty today you don't have the chapter on your own yeah yeah I haven't actually selected that chat screen year so that one is zero they told it oh this is 26 in fact but you just came back hmm turn it off so there we go the world is as flat as a pancake according to the nice Swedish man singing that was song with a little reading reading really Italy Henley Hall so that settles it the world is flat I've been wrong all along I apologize so good I guess we're done so maybe you folks have some questions yes but we just wasted five minutes of their lives no it isn't it was introductory it was giving them time to get there get there get their shit together and really the troops and yeah just like things right so seems to be fairly common that switching to a carnival can lead to sticky poo maybe from excess leakage of fat or bile question mark and sticky poo my feeling is that if there is any issue with people's poos when they transition to a carnivore diet it is generally a transient effect that lasts several days maybe a week tops and then it tends to sort of self out I think it's probably this is an educated guess I think it's probably more to do with electrolyte balances than it is to do with vets or anything else like that if anything FETs gonna make it more slippery isn't it sure it's gonna like torpedoes and stuff well there is this thing called like the diarrhea or something nice like that which is basically when it all comes out as a mess and floats yes and that's probably an indication that you're not digesting the fats very well though I don't think that's what he's really talking about okay no I I yeah I haven't personally experienced sticky poos I have heard of people that have thought they were constipated because the volume and frequency of number twos has gone down so remarkably and that's because you actually are digesting and absorbing the meat in fact and there's not much waste so there's not much poo mmm are you not actually constipated at all mostly I've I think I've seen about one case of genuine constipation in 20 years okay particles Maximus yes do you intend to use Instagram more often um I would if someone would show me how to use the bastard thing is I'm a technophobe really genuinely actually um I think that I've got to the level even that I can run this software here that does these these live streams and then I can do the animation stuff that I've been doing I think is remarkable I wouldn't have even believed that I could have done that myself I thought that was your friend yes but hmm I mean the video is no I don't mean the Talking Heads thing that's that's the master of chaos I see the master of chaos what people turn over the master of chaos visit friend of mine who makes videos that take the piss out of people you've probably seen me post a few of them directly on my channel here the master of chaos has his own channel it's spelt KH AOS the master of chaos look at it it's good there'll be more of that coming up he tells me at some point so when I'm talking about doing the animations I'm talking about the videos like the introductory videos and stuff yeah I see yes so you've got me confused yes indeed there you go and so anyway even getting to that level where I can do that and I thought 5 years ago even there's no way I could possibly have achieved such a thing so if anyone wants to show me how to use the software that does Instagram and stuff properly then we'll do a Skype session hello vegeta what's a new subscriber that was just up there yeah a new subscriber right welcome I hope you won't be disappointed that's almost certainly will be but welcome anyway for at least 5 minutes until you workout and we completely made here by Jove atop the ripped I'll humor says hey legends what are you thoughts on activated charcoal and diatomaceous earth depends what using a full really I give me to eat for or suspect that that is the case that's usually what you use activated charcoal for if you are a person if you're a pet diatomaceous earth can be quite good for killing fleas and things if you sprinkled on the carpet shit it's a non chemical poison way of dealing with that also it's good for absorbing things like toxins and shit and heavy metals and such if you think there's a toxicity issue yeah it's fine I wouldn't overdo it it can back you up it can jam up your your system if you overdo it oh hello professor fluffy fluffy is in the house everybody now we can start the live stream hello fluffy boys nice you know that already I'm here I'm gonna start the show fuck you yes good yep so don't ever do it with the charcoal and such do follow recommended guidelines on its usage if you do want to consult with me on such things then you know what to do the link is down yes yes approach Frenchman okay yeah I got a bit distracted by fluffy but I don't know if you said it's activated charcoal binds to a lot of things so if you're taking any medications or supplements that you actually want to absorb don't do it with new taking activated charters at a very very good point well made indeed that's why I have her around because he knows shit about stuff mm-hmm don't take activated charcoal and your meds at the same time it can fuck up your meds so there you go this ask your physician Troi is asking you but what video would you recommend someone watching of yours to start with that would help them break the vegie brainwashing took my uncle keto good results when you still think upon's owns meat okay I I would probably start with the video where I actually say very little because most of what comes into my mouth is short words about such topics I would actually go directly to the oxalates video it's called the best oxalates talk you will ever see and it is the very very brilliant Elliott Overton who had his birthday the other day so happy birthday son oh yeah and he he goes through that over about an hour or so covers oxalates very very well I think you might also go to other sort of chats I've had with with characters like Paul Saladino dr. Paul Saladino those kind of videos it just depends on I'm in judge the person that you are suggesting if if it's someone who's going to be offended by short words their limits your choice on my videos to be honest I tend to use one or two short words you'll be shocked to know that I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and I do tend to say what I think quite descriptively at times as you'll see if you watched my latest video about this crackpot called dr. Alain Weisberg who did the usual seventh-day adventists veg tad indeed tirade against one of my videos via Twitter anyway I think it's a new world's record that video for the most number of times I've said see you next Tuesday in a single video yeah it's this Sheldon ah yeah you probably can't see it it says don't you think if I was wrong I would know it hmm yes good yeah that was a question okay so Sheldon that's what it is and that's what it says yeah hi guys thanks for the great service what do you recommend supplementing with calcium on Carnival or add certain things in your diet RDA is trash anyways what's your educated opinion on that I don't personally advocate or suggest that people take dietary supplements for either macro or micro nutrients on speculation I don't think that supplements of that kind are indicated I don't think people need to be doing that some things that you can take a harmless some things that you can take will not be homeless if you overdo it example you know there are some theories out there around over doing it with certain vitamins and things calcium might be one of them calcium might be one of those that could cause you a problem so you know don't don't take supplements my my opinion not advice but my opinion is don't take supplements on speculation for me a person it is indicated that a person takes a supplement if they show clear a diagnosable signs of deficiency of that mineral or vitamin or whatever it is that's that we're short off does it make sense is that yeah good good Patricia is asking do you think that drinking carbonated water is problematic if so why yes I do because it directly immediately affects the pH of any solute – which is added because of the carbon dioxide content in it via the ship together today fuck oh we laughed and laughed when when you told me that there was a TV series in Sweden in this 1975 mego 1975 where it was all about how the world is as flat as a pancake in there was just a little lost in the pancake but that was one episode lost him the pancake there you go yes that's a it's a great little song isn't it we will hear it again I'm sure it's what I was born by witness yes that's a Dicky boy so were you done with a company yeah I think I think it can absolutely be a problem because it can immediately deranged the stomach pH in a negative way which if you are in a position where you are predisposed to ulceration it will exacerbate that situation it can also lead to the leaching of calcium from bones that can lead to osteoporosis and at the end of the day there's no indication for carbonated beverage and human diet it's not a requirement therefore it's probably not something you need to be doing mmm okay good Dave Paul is asking Dave how are you mate this time of the day to lift weights when to consume food in relation to work out also and most people lift weights in the morning if they're going to me um I always used to lift in the morning when I used to lift many moons ago I guess it depends on when your energy is at its highest as to to be able to maintain the intensity that you need for to actually be an effective training session most people don't train with enough intensity and they spend too long between sets sitting on a bench congratulating themselves for the last set that they did at too low of an intensity they do too many reps with not enough weight and they do too many sets and there's been way too long in the gym and it's just you know you actually need to get at it I have I'm sure we'll get to you in a minute goodness good yeah you can have an opinion you just blah blah blah blah I'll tell you when I'm finished yeah and you need to you need to get it and you need to get in and out of the gym within about an hour and that includes your shower if it takes longer than that you've been in there too long I think in my opinion and food consumption generally seems to be best around about 30 minutes post session from what I've seen and from my experience such that it is Tim may have different ideas also has a history as a personal trainer she does know about exercise she has been there she has done that she has talked classes and all that kind of thing for many many years and another life so her opinion is warranted and here it is what if there's a difference it's fine can they absolutely opinion I I don't necessarily think that lifting weights the first thing that you do in the morning is the best thing because I don't think that you will perform your best at a time because it does take some time for your body to actually wake up hormonal it as well so I will probably you know i know i'm i've been gym seven in the morning and with you well i was working at the time sometimes it's a necessity because you don't have the time and you want to go to the gym and some of the sessions felt good but I still don't necessarily think that that was the best choice in terms of getting return on your your input so I want to ask you a questions why wouldn't you eat straight after you've been exercising my thirty minutes just was that wasn't in equals one observation on what what worked quite well for me I felt and it also is in line with but some bobs of literature that I've read here and there over the years I don't think it's a hard and fast rule I think if eating straight away works where you should absolutely I mean it's one of those things that's not broken yeah I was just wondering if it had anything to do with cortisol combating insulin release turning that off and straight after or something yeah that was being too long so I didn't get the yeah but yeah it's all about the hormones giving them time to set themselves to the optimal ratings to allow you to absorb and yes because a lot of people are downing their protein shakes right after the session mm-hmm so maybe wait maybe wait Justin I mean that's something that you can you can experiment with them and see you know what happens that said I actually was never a great fan of protein shakes either no I don't think they ideal no don't do it there you go have some eats there's a mix see how this accent X eggs are you watching Wimbledon any predictions we don't have a TV we don't own a television at all time depends on genre but for probably overall probably just edging out a few other things I would say the princess pride is my favorite hmm it's inconceivable inconceivable yes I don't think this what is meaning what you think it's me hmm the ripsaw human sisters do you guys think that their jest of enzymes would be worth a shot to help digest of issues associated with a bacterial infection I guess specifically in the context of salmonella infection as I suffered possibly but that is very very clearly very definitely a consultancy issue and you should come in consult so that we can get a proper history and give you an informed decision based on the full knowledge of your situation so where can you consult there I'm just wondering why would it help because enzymes work in your stomach you send the Salmonella sitting in your intestines which is after your stomach generally if the food is more completely broken down into digestible form before it enters the digestive tract to eat pretty well digested before he does unless you have a dysfunction in that regard in which case you might still be passing quite under justed food into the digestive tract which will be feeding bacteria but then that's not actually a sama no issue it's a digestive issue to start with isn't it yes thank you goes you mean quite right it is absolutely and that's what you know these are all the kind of things that we need to talk to you about and get a proper history so that so I'm asking the questions today busy so that we can give you you know advice that's tailored to your situation that's why we have a consultancy service it's cheap as chips to be fair and speaking of which thank you very much for the super checked there Nate code yes we appreciate that and the question is about to do 15 rounds of radiation low-dose on my lymph node doctors believe I'm I still have seminoma post removal okay should I take anything during treatment that is absolutely a consultancy issue fasting is good fasting could well be good yep absolutely for after and absolutely after yep however yes thank you very much for the superjet but we really need to answer those kind of questions one on one behind the scenes having first gained a full and complete history from you make sense that we do that yeah we don't want to subject ourselves to any risk of people saying you go some shit advice by the way we don't give advice we're into scientific opinions on what's in front of us see the difference very subtle but very important yes good opinionated no I hope fake please and do fuck Pete probably isn't here fuck he doesn't like it when we say dirty words any signs supporting ionic detoxification eg those food sparse yes possibly very much depends on a number of things including various ionic concentrations within the cellular and extracellular fluids etc and one of those things that might work and might not work depending on all sorts of things yeah okay Sima is asking or saying how about all the money we'll save on toilet paper wicker Center Pym and Bart yes good don't send us for toilet paper give us your 50 Cent's we're not go demand don't send us your shit research to support the idea that milk sugars or proteins are harmful to human health on milk proteins and bad for health not inherently necessarily but some people do have a tolerance issue a specific and tolerance issue I've not personally heard that they are inherently bad or damaging to everybody oh it's not so bad is it I wrote an onion says loved your climate change critique any plan on covering 5g yeah I think I will absolutely 5g is a very very serious very real and very imminent issue boys and girls for those who are on the fence on that one and it covers the whole fucking earth the whole fucking earth which is what shape plots omit Bangkok ah good you'd literally hope yes as flat as a pancake boys and girls cuz the song told us so and then suffix dirt with some really good supplementary material such as util II totally whole yes have you seen the chat between Saladin and dr. nadir Ali on LDL it's a good one no not yet I don't really have as much time as I'd like to to watch what other people are up to online actually because I'm so busy doing my own thing pretty much but it's on my list of things to get through on the liver liver mmm okay a lion Albert Oh beer enjoy this bonsoir probably yes yes I was told off in France once I was there and I said don't you and she looked at me in the supermarket and she was really angry she said bonsoir so so that wasn't me told well you go now I'm doing it again yeah but it's actually morning here anyway what does la have to say hey Carnevale I've been having lower leg foot toes cramps at night been taking 50 milligrams money Smith bedtime yeah it helps but taking more monies and gives me heart palpitations it's quite a cure yes and you you'll be very very shocked to hear where I might actually find such a discussion I will need your full and complete history so that I can give you the best possible advice on how I might potentially ameliorate that situation hmm good good okay we have a super chart oh yeah from seeking truth in Christ thank you very much I only conceive one meal a day consisting of red meat and dairy where's my strength seems to be increasing is that suitable well your strength is increasing it has to be a good thing doesn't it problem either I mean I eat once a day not because I plan to eat once a day or anything like that I'll have a I eat once a day philosophy I eat one today because my body tells me it wants some food on today mmm and I say oh okay then and I give it some and it goes thank you very much mmm yeah good apparently Elliot over town had a good video on detoxing including activated charcoal and de not too long ago very good if Elliot had something to say about it I'd listen frankly Elliot is a good lad he knows his stuff he won't be watching yo though because it's 25 past midnight where he is so goat milk has lots of potassium which helps us with leg cramps we work outside a lot good good if that works keep doing that are you not eating your bananas no goodness freely will be pissed mmm I like the idea of grounding but not sure it's safe to use the house wiring for the earth why not hmm that's my answer to them why not yeah why not let's just do it it's cool it's right yeah I mean so long as the active and phase wires are not connected to the pins at all there is no electrical connection between anything except the earth pin and a single wire coming off that earth pin that's connected to your body you are as safe as houses unless there's an electrical storm in which case disconnect no think that shirt is perfect for you yes yes you know you perhaps Oh quite well to be fair yes okay I pretty francium says is there any reason to believe celibacy semen retention would provide benefits to men I have experienced benefits in terms of mental acuity and energy but I haven't found any good science justifying okay that's what about women that's why I'm so fucking stupid clearly that's what the problem is I'm trying to think cuz I I've heard several people actually talk about that okay but I can't come up with why am i first that doesn't mean research they must have a first instinctive response to that as it sounds like crystal waiting woo woo I mean there might well be reasons behind it that I'm gonna wear off and I'm not saying there isn't I'm saying there might be but to me that sounds like problem self-love torture that's a self torture hmm I think what I've heard is a bit that it does take a lot of energy to produce more semen because obviously it has to be high quality and is always produced oh and all of that could be taxing somehow maybe depleting I don't know we have to be producing top-notch stuff good okay it's just in the house hello hello ah mineral tests accurate yes my understanding is they are as to what was going on to what was going on at the time and there here came out of the follicle which they didn't need to accurately trace if they're going to be you know using it for forensic purposes or anything like that you take them island waste Bay was amazing yes so it was unfortunate that itchy joined us just when we were having a great big long discussion about whether we should be retaining our semen or not well how is that got to do with itchy oh no you dare was just the person that you told me you joined us just at that time right I mean anybody that joined justice at that time gonna go Mike go what the fuck's wrong with these people on this channel they're just talking about semen it's not my fault no Ryan sure all right Ryan it's your fault mate Ryan mmm come on clean your act up yeah come on goodness sake ABC IBC says Ellen has made more tweets about another video I think you can absolutely destroy him there buzz he's still going okay good he doesn't learn clearly alright good good okay somebody send me a URL to what he's been tweeting about another video and I'll deal with that one as well good good McFadden watched your videos of young waste by all day every day good you can if you like that'll be awesome good how many kind of asshats funks books are to what record anybody that wants to see a world record for me you know saying very very bad words in one single video it's the one I posted yesterday on dr. crack crackpot ylan Weisberg yes I've never said such foul things so many times in such short succession well it was freeform gesture it's from start to finish but we saw this maybe the other day I know someone was really good at swearing there think he could taking you on oh yes it's called whiplash for those who want to see that one it's about a young lad who is training to be a percussionist and it's about his college professor who was a complete count basically and yes I'm swearing because he has a script yes it wasn't a very good movie was it not really but it was just funny as if I sometimes yeah good what differences have you witnessed between being a high fat carnivore 80% calories from fat and moderately fat the carnivore 60% of calories from fat and is there a benefit from high in fat consumption by percentage I have found yes probably on the basis that the higher your fat intake the lower necessarily your plant and take the problem is the intake of plants the same kind of wood is this if you are eating more protein and less fat that can cause problems for some people I the problem either way myself and I've never counted macros to be fair or worried about it actually I trust my body it tells me what it fancies what it wants so I give it to it this that's right I have no self-discipline anyone surprised Stephan W says I used to drink about 15 to 20 cans of coke every day for about 67 years holy fuck mmm that was just a comment I needed to read cuz that's like insane yes I mean I like sugar but I like chewing it but 15 to 20 cans of coke every day Malaysia still here do you still have teeth that's too much coke any coke is too much coke but fuck may that has too much coke there you go it's my professional opinion is it true that as we age bacteria now we've got to grow exponentially I don't know is it I think so why would they they always grow exponentially if there is food I think the meaning of the question was more than usual oh no yeah I don't think so either let's say no I very very much I can't see a reason why that would happen you might be talking about some bad bacteria might be that it's harder to maintain a good good health with age and therefore get more of the bad shit going on literally mmm but I don't think it has anything to do with the excess bacterial growth it's just a different balance of them because there are a lot more bacteria in your gut then you have cells in your body always maybe not when you're newly born I don't know first lots there is lots ok thanks for the super chat Gabriela polos your thoughts on fond some and how bad is it appalling really bad because they feed the found em absolute fucking shits like farm animals any animals oh well depends on the method of farming in the feed and that kind of stuff but yeah farmer say you know what I mean that if you've got the the omega-3 omega-6 ratio is all fucked up because of the food they feed them they're kept in too high numbers too close to you know too close proximity I guess is what I'm saying and they're stressed and unhealthy and have all sorts of tumors and shit on them apparently not I think you think you're they don't the problem is that they actually feed them grains good and then they get omega sixes and they will just contain a lot more omega-6 than natural as the Kiwis would say it she says yes first thing I did during my rants yeah and iron pills is consult this is worth it guys get in don't know why what's with it yeah I mean I'm sick of hearing your voice I paid for it you have to live with me well you don't actually there's nothing you don't have to do anything it's all voluntary but you're in my house who's fucking for that but you open the door you feed him he's never gonna go home is he no it's like the fucking cat yes can't come in now I'll get one of those doors Micra tricky yes one you're approved you can come in we got one of those for our dogs because we have this cat that was coming in and stealing shit out of a rubbish bin and licking my buttered oh I forgot on the bench fucking hell awesome thanks cat okay yes I'm Safi daughter take the cat mm big piece should I supplement with magnesium on a carnivore diet why I was it maybe are you deficient in Magnus you are you showing any signs of magnesium deficiency of any kind so perhaps hmm but in your past videos you had stated you knew of exercises you recommend then and exercises you didn't recommend you benchpress this can you make a video giving us your opinion yes I will it is actually already on the list I'm making some exercise videos for folks who don't really know where to start with exercise the idea was to use pretty much your own body weight or a proportion of your own body weight depending on the exercise and using no exercise equipment just things that pretty much everybody will have around their house anyway so that just about anybody can go ahead and do that if they they want to end it'll be like here's the easy version here's the intermediate version here's the harder version of that exercise sort of thing how does that sound is that where you're after good Stefan WCS what's your thoughts on GcMAF curing cancer um GC AMF okay no I know a thing to that and I think it's legit if you can get the right shit I don't know where you are Stefan I you could I don't know there's a secret Facebook group which I'm actually eating or secretly anyway you just blew it ah I think a secret so you can't find it but if you send me a message I can direct you to that group and there are people there who do that stuff and where you can get hold of it and what does jucier me stand for I can't remember okay what is it basically is it it's a thing I think I wrote a blog post about that right it's not what I've come across but I think to me sounds like it's legit it's most of America had abandoned this it probably wakes okay that'll be why so yes I'm a message p IM @p imja an SS o and o fucked it up I'll type it in here and personally I've had very little to do with that's my email assaulting with people who have cancer at all so it's not really an area of expertise so yeah so yeah send me a message to that email address and I'll hook you up with some people don't know a lot of stuff apparently fluffy matches my beard yes Korean stuff hmm is it a squeak squeaky you mean distinguished the word is distinguished not great no physical removal cess are there any other hoaxes you know of other than the modern diet they're pushing and the climate change oh god there's gotta be hundreds of different hoaxes floating around there that people believe there's one float there's one that's going around that's that that's posits that the world is as flat as a pancake Italy I know one hmm running it's the best way of losing fat oh yes running and so-called aerobic exercise is good for you and there's a best way of losing fat that's a good hoax that's an episode of Lou that's a hoot snort of that one yeah and okay any ideas about bruxism about Brooks's is that how you pronounce it Brooks's bruxism tell us more again that's a term that I don't think I've heard before believe it or not boys and girls I actually don't know everything for your eyes no dear we're being stupid we don't know everything about everything boys and girls just even together no holy shit there's quite a bit about various aspects of things really mm-hmm seeking truth in Christ this is to God of gods through the roll it wasn't even for us I'm wondering if I should add more varying types of meat okay you can absolutely won't hurt you good sir stench forty war mmm have either of you read the book the visions of the anointed or are familiar with the term think you'll find it very interesting thanks for having the live stream guys always find it very informative no I haven't read that book but we'll make a note of it you need me to make a note I've got fluffy here in the news probably maybe it's my own moustache okay usually who books isn't mega bruxism paroxysm good oh yeah that's what it is grinding teeth oh okay what about it I think some people think that it could be related to mineral deficiencies possibly that could also be psychosomatic it could be psychological it could be X eugenic ly related there's all sorts of reasons why someone might grind their teeth okay yeah yeah removal from the Sun equals bad that's one hoax they push also that you need sunscreen yes sunscreen is another one did good awesome sunscreen there is another good hoax for people the fact the fact that the Sun causes melanoma that's another good hoax doesn't oh yeah yeah yeah we go why do experts claim that the best foods for erection are bananas beetroot and foods that increase nitric oxide via nitrates but meat is bad because they have an agenda to push and their works yeah hugs meat has plenty of nitrates on a plenty of nitric oxide precursors and meat what they're suggesting is that you should get some nitric oxide precursors but you should avoid that nasty meat which will give you cancer and heart disease so have some fruit instead and then you'll be good and hard good and hard and high did a beautiful pic and the dynamic part everyone my name is pic good pin yes we know I was watching Nagar it's just announced he no longer eats animal meat this fucked he needs a bar consult what he needs to do is shut his ignorant fucking mouth actually and stick to what he's you know good at doing you and then suck and that's making fucking movies actually and not so much politics movies movies do that bodybuilding bodybuilding movie well it's 12 or the other these two pumping iron I'm sorry you said pumping iron yes basic pumping first it's a title this it's also a work that describes an action shut the fuck up yes good hey but any comment on bone marrow is it a superior type of fat nutritionally how it does it differ nutritionally to other fat deposits on animals thanks dude mmm it contains a number of minerals it contains a number of different proteins it contains quite a good fat with a good whether it would make up in terms of the ratios of various different movies and papers and things on it superior superior I think it's just a part of a well-rounded mixed cannabis diet really I mean I think it's all good stuff people look down on the muscle meats for example it's all you must have more than just muscle meat no not so you can live perfectly happily on muscle meat alone however you can also add in other things and that's good too yes I think maybe bone marrow is more nutritionally dense and the fats capture but I don't know about the composition if it is actually very different or not hmm our professional bodybuilders really genetically gifted or is it the hormones insulin supplements or steroids mostly the last one There is obviously an element of having the right genes so that you're on the right side of the ledger before you start there are some people who have a genetic makeup that's never gonna lead them to be a good bodybuilder absolutely but you once once you get started doing that track it's the gear basically that does them wrong pic youtube speech it keeps changing PIMs name to fake bastard I have to do yeah hmm YouTube I'm gonna suit you oh my goodness okay yes Shaun Baker put out a bid today on a fleece and veganism it was spot-on good yes I do like Sean I think Sean comes up with some good stuff I was watching last night a video Sean did which was quite quite informative quite disturbing he was talking about his service when he was dealing with military injuries and things in Afghanistan and some of that was pretty fucking horrific to be fair some of the stuff that they had to they had to fix up hmm to ensure your question is read send it in super chat forum we have Mississippi Jets before we have be careful we do statement on pill yes who knows but yes thank you absolutely please do super chair to super chat Lots super chance until you can super chat us no more all we have to eat puppy we will have to eat fluffy and that would be sad wouldn't it for everybody hmm in your opinion what is the best body fat percent range for health they're very much depends on your individual circumstances your individual genetic subvert your individual environment what your activities of daily living are what sports or recreational activities your own etc etc how long's a piece of string and indeed most of the methods that people use to determine what someone's body fat percentage is are so wildly inaccurate that they're laughable anyway so yep neurosis I'll sign up for consultancy today tomorrow start my first session Monday five days a week for three weeks people keep saying to consume blue-green algae like chlorella oh they say go vegan nope good awesome we look forward to that well III will set you straight well it's good thing that means people are standing hearing what we've got to say and saying things that they want to say and and fluffy has something to say what do you have to say fluffy she wants to say the witch from tall they can't stop watching these q and A's cuz you not mmm-hmm let's hear from the shorty we're showing I would agree with that hmm it's all move on Leila says a patient on my warrior today was at the start of her chemo cycle she went vegan when first diagnosed and is so so skinny she was dead against trying some meats so sad yes well if she doesn't she'll probably be dead dead actual dead very soon and that has said of course the meat may not necessarily solve the situation but I tell you what it's much more fucking likely to and eating poisons oxalates 80 nutrients fiber and other such irritants anything given that sorry I didn't hear what you said given the cancer is an inflammatory situation eating a diet which will cause you to become vastly more inflamed it's probably contraindicated I would say in my opinion mm-hmm yes ABC NBC's thinks that you take down videos are amazing cool good I'm glad you enjoy them I guess he likes swearing beautifully wouldn't you do we know ABC ABC is a he he might be a she yes fasting in me is great for healing are you a pancake what's great for healing sorry fasting and red meat yes obviously you know mutually exclusive of course you can't fast with red meat any more than people said I'm doing I'm doing a juice fast you're not doing it fast red meat fast yes that's not fasting that's eating red meat good thing with fasting is that you want to avoid any protein when you do that to ensure that your immune system is actually doing what it's supposed to do mmm and becoming more effective Gabrielle Apollo's thank you for the super chat yes thank you our blueberries and other berries toxic to humans have heard some people making these statements wasn't it a part of our ancestral diets well blueberries and for Oh yummy yes they are ladies they contain fructose which is not good for humans obviously anything in very very small amounts is probably less likely to be problematic so a very very small amount of fructose and you diet here and there probably not going to break the bank as we're however of course when you do fail as a carnivore we will point our fingers at you say ha ha you did it wrong that's why you're not part of our club we won't we won't be doing that actually that's just a funny ironic joke the other thing you'll find in blueberries is fiber and which is not good however hmm berries what blueberries and now I'm talking about blueberries the ones that we have in Sweden anyway not the genetically modified superb or else they are actually fairly low in everything like fructose and stuff like that so they've got basically nothing in them good got some sweet mm-hmm it's not the worst thing that you can have well no and this year I love real blueberries not the ones that you buy they are not blue inside that's just bullshit hmm that's fucking fake berries mmm good has sent us a couple of she's abusive to Canadian pesos sleeps in the bathroom tile completely we I think we have saved up to one bathroom tile in there Lord we're getting there hmm well we were until we had to get the spark yet to fix the fucking cooker yesterday so that we could eat some drumsticks yes yes the thermostat on the cooker busted so we couldn't use the oven mmm so we had to get a Sparky to fix it so we need more superjet permaculture pagan hello is there any hope for me to tighten up the loose skin from two pregnancies there were c-sections possibly there's a number of different you know approaches there you go yes again the sting personal what fasting yes absolutely but the short answer really is personal history required consultancy issue please do consult and then we can get a full and complete history and give you the best possible advice but yes fasting ketogenesis low-carb all good a high-fat or good vitamin E potentially bio oil Aviva to bio oil that's good stuff um a lot something what the bio oil with my voice it's that skin rule that's supposed to be really good if you have stretching and scar tissue okay been ma Alex s please stop bring up the Holocaust and World War two in your various it's annoying for obvious reasons you fucking what it's annoying for obvious reasons I'm not sure what the obvious reasons are and how many times have I mentioned the Holocaust or World War two in any of my videos hmm fucking nun who's he talking to me I'm fucked if I know not me know you maybe someone else in the chat maybe hmm and the dog much is your beard yes you yes we saw that going vegan is shit when you lean going vegan this shit for healing fasting and red meat yeah okay vegan is being vegan is just shit for everything it's just the worst thing you can do just about the only thing pretty much worse than being vegan that you can do is go on the standard Western diet that's worse everyone says that bruxism is grinding taser noise good before good okay so would an exponential bacterial growth in the government mean that over the course of one's life the end of consuming an ever higher rate of nutrients from the food we consume and therefore less for us no because there's an equilibrium balance of the population and you'll got depending on the circumstances at the time at various times you have bacterial growth sometimes you might have overgrowth and other times you might have a die-off for various situations for example maybe you take a course of antibiotics maybe you do an extended fast citrus etc so you meant to actually absorb the nutrients before the bacteria gets whatever they get and they supposed to get whatever is left over some of the nutrients are made available by the bacteria exactly mmm so I don't see that will be a problem if you have a certain amount of nutrients for the bacteria they can't grow any quicker than they can grow with us food are they giving good your bit looks awesome thank you who says Stacy B Thank You Stacy be Stacy shall I buy him a wizard's hat to go with that do you see pitiful helmet I did not say helmet you said purple helmet wizard's hat in my world you said purple helmet fuck off oh you know fun it's justice the Brooks is can cause your pain yes we can and headaches hmm just jumped all over the place again all right could one thrive on bacon only you could potentially but you might also run into a nitrates problem I wouldn't be basing your diet entirely on bacon there's a lot of salt and nitrates and very one-sided hmm but you probably okay so here is a question yes what do you throw better on a bacon or vegan diet if I had the choice of those two I would go bacon only any day of the week and twice on Sundays parasites make you grind teeth do that wim says so no worm is a parasite aren't you yes you motherfucker hmm how rude I'm high can atherosclerosis be reversed yes yes again absolutely for more details you can do that by one or several different actually nutritional interventions one of which is the vegan diet that will do it and then of course after three to five years you'll suffer some nutrient deficiency problems and become ill again it's not a good diet to maintain long term or indeed you could eat a carnivore diet which will also reverse atherosclerosis I have no research to back that up at this point that's been published yet but it's coming basically it's about not aggravating your system by way of the activation of the Rendel cycle hmm I do have a video on my patreon channel all about that if you'd like to go and have a look but first you'll have to part with ten dollars mmm vain who is a spider yes boys hello boys and girls thoughts on exclusions so neat is it water is it with a try I'm still looking into that one inherently it is at odds with several areas of physics that I'm aware of in terms of the functioning of water etc it's not impossible that it has some merit I'm not yet at a position where I can say yes this is good or no it isn't good I mean easy water is not a form of water it's a state of water and if anybody wants to sell you it in a bottle didn't eat you being had because that's not how it works easy water is water that is placed in a certain set of circumstances that causes to behave in a certain way and there's my understanding and it happens in cells I'm told but as I say still looking into the veracity of such claims yes good what diode has the most and aging properties kalabaw in my opinion or indeed fasting mmm good yes fasting intermittently and kind of all we do not fasting she took cowboy yes Frankie boy had a good video on bone marrow today ok your Frankie is good people you know Frankie has good information on many topics well well worth I mean I'm not really telling you guys anything you probably all subscribe to Frankie anyway but yeah Frank's a good lead I like Frank a lot shame that he's not talking to me but he go if she says the about mind is in the gutter today long pinion today the patience of a saint today I have the patience of a saint no you fucking don't yes I do it just say so oh she must be running yeah if she says that's the end of it really isn't it yep thank you good blah blah blah there's nicotine home more benefits than harms no I've heard about micro dosing on nicotine as well and that should be really really good for you to focus but I have never tried it but you'll probably have to buy a nicotine supplement or a very low dose and try it out by round yes Oh lifters use some cheat that's not really true that's a very generous sweeping statement isn't it to whom it may concern question for Bart yes what's the best way to induce hypertrophy for naturals there is a set sort of band of percentage of 1r in and a set number of reps and of sets which is ideal for that it's all based on a calculation on your 1rm or indeed an extra measurement of your 1rm if you have access to the right professional association for that yeah if you want to consult with me on that particularly the meth house all done and worked it all out for you individually we can do that Michael Ferrari is it me or does Frank define try and claim that the term nutrient density is his creation look Frank must declare my ownership of all sorts of things that he doesn't own how old is he nutrient density must have been around before he was fucking born yeah it's kind of his shtick it's his thing he likes to claim that you know tall his idea and anybody that actually agrees with him which is a good thing has stolen it that's the one area that Frank and I don't see eye-to-eye that's why he's not talking to me because he had a crack at Paul Saladino and I said Frank pulli hidden say anyway whatever as I say Frank is a great lad I like Frank a lot I'm very fond of Frank he's got some great information on his channel he knows a lot of stuff about nutrition and things and he's well worth listening to except maybe a simple easy fix to that yeah maybe he would stick to that except when he's going mad and fucking you know that's what stuff did you a lot of people say I should stick to you know doing certain things and not do other things too yeah that's fine people don't talk to their opinion but they're not entitled to put it in writing on my channel if I don't want them to so fuck your those of you that want to write things on my channel and go you shouldn't dilute things us freedom us that's not freedom of speech my fucking channel and oil god I didn't say that God you've sent it to me many times well you don't want the secret getting out if people knew will you ever do a video on video on a Jonas Banda plenties kind of pun it's a mite curious what you think about his bacterial parasites theory he's a fucking idiot okay he's an absolute well he was he's not anymore he's dead he was a complete fucking idiot yeah so he was one of these guys that wants to that wanted to behave like he knew what he was talking about no sorry next permaculture a page and bacon Pig and pig and pick up a pen sorry to correct your English for Jesus you bloody pagans what about fixing mom bod from two c-sections layla says she looks like she belongs in Jeremy Kyle who will have a missed what did we miss Layla I must have missed something new my scrolling you don't watch Jeremy Kyle do you surely Steve pin Mentos sup guys hey Steve what's new who's up who who's next who hasn't paid in cousin boys yes girls and boys a lot of conventional produce is sprayed with known carcinogen this is what do you think about eating potato with raw beef for taste tears are nice I like potatoes I'm fond of potatoes potatoes are full of oxalates and starch and anti-nutrients and various toxins potatoes are the tubers of a plant they are protected by that plant they do not want you to eat them they want to be planted in the ground and grow they are not here to supply food for people they will do absolutely everything they can to discourage that and they do with aplomb good right little Pegasus one and a half years for the most recent I can't afford a consult or I would love your guys cool yeah hey listen if there are people who really disparately are in a bad way and do need some consultancy style advice and there is a genuine financial issue send us an email we'll talk about it and we can certainly sort something out we are not we're not that mercenary that we would turn you away because you can't afford $10 or $50 or whatever this question for Bart if you hook up a subscriber mwah there's a discount code for there's sweet stem cell supplements yes I can get you access to wholesale instead of retail it's actually not special it's not limited to you actually anybody can have wholesale all I have to do is go to my web page where you can get access to that supplement which you'll find a link teri clearly in the video which is called stem cell nutrition opportunity and you just need to click I want to make money instead of I want to buy product and then they say okay have for sale good and that also gives you the opportunity to on sell product to others if you want to and make retail profits good so yes miss pagans I'm still breastfeeding so I don't know fasting more than 48 I was when dropping my milk production very likely again that's something we should talk about yeah yeah maybe not do that if you still breastfeed you flick us an email we'll sort something else to whom it may concern question for pin and bath yes what books are you guys reading now what books would you recommend for students such as myself interested in nutrition any research journals that I should subscribe to mmm no first off I'm not reading nutrition books anymore I have a ton of them hmm I've personally I've never been a fan of textbooks particularly and I have never actually even when I was teaching as a university / college lecturer I never had a recommended reading list I never required my students to buy any particular textbook I never talked about textbooks as being good sources of information because at large they're not actually so I've always been about teaching students two things number one the best information comes from a proper critical analysis of the available peer-reviewed literature and two I've taught my students how to appropriately undertake such a critical analysis of the peer-reviewed literature and they're really pissed my colleagues off frankly but there you go so yeah it's always been about not just peer-reviewed literature but the stuff that's good as opposed to the stuff that isn't good because actually there's bad stuff in the peer-reviewed literature do so yeah that's kind of where I've been out with it rather than any particular journal I generally tend to do a search on particular topics and read quite widely around that topic and in a very critical way and looking at the stats and what was done and where the flaws were to give and give myself an overall picture of any given question or moot point I guess so I would suggest the best way to train your mind as a student is to forget about the textbooks pretty much and go to the period both you can refer to text box if you if you have absolutely no idea about the underpinnings of a given thing like you might say you might want to know how the textbook will tell you a resting membrane potential is generated for example when you can look that up in your yard so that that's about the pumping of ions against their concentration gradients across the across the membrane in either direction call that cell that set up now let's move on to the literature to look at all that kind of stuff well you can read some I mean I'm in the past I've read a lot of Paleo treated books this book specifically on vitamin D for example are there specific nutrients and they usually have a long section with references if you need to find references Gary Taubes has half the book you've written is what references so if that's sort of thing that you're into look into that yeah hmm so then you can read the the we say there the easy version I'm just reading some a book where someone's compiled it for you and they can go back and find the references if you need any for for you study the studies mmm okay WT do we all get protein during sleep breathing in bugs not very much beef is a plant based product made from grass this is true yes if you like to pin and button know of the water fluoridation hoax I've written a little bit around it fluoride is now apparently recognized by the authorities that be Hoover they are to be a neurotoxin and not a good thing fluoride was added to water originally in order to harden teeth and bones mostly teeth which was a reaction to feeding people the wrong fucking diet in the first place what you'll find on a carnivore diet is actually teeth are great they don't rot anymore you don't have holes developing you don't have that very shit growing on your teeth because that's all sugar fed stuff actually you know blue rods are necessary and they're off from that standpoint and it's it's a neurotoxin apparently mmm good that's my that's the extent of my knowledge on fluoride how about you well it's very similar to iodine which is why I fuck your thyroid up is that a technical term yep good vein says Maya from Chula made a response video on your Mick and climate change video good good I'll have a look later I need it laughs why is everyone in Charlie I don't know why anybody is in Charlie Charlie's fucking dire it's oh my god what a depressing fucking hole I've not been there oh my god your pagan but K kind of what god oh hey don't do that his head would just like swell swell swell swell and explode and then I had to clean shit up next I'm looking for questions did you hear what Bob said about hypertrophy it's based on 1rm okay which belongs on Jeremy ah okay I see think you can be fries mmm nice happy for us before a long time ago hmm hey but I believe you gave that doctor in your last video at least six new orifices yes good yes super chat this must be a question thank you again the special race there you have any benefits you answer that and I'll find another question okay my opinion on dairy is that it's not required or necessary in the human diet at all there are people who swear by the benefits of either pasteurized or raw dairy and usually there's two factions and usually people strongly believers and one or the other I just think the dairy either pasteurized or not actually is completely unnecessary I don't see the point I don't find any benefits from it myself so you the reason that milk is pasteurized when it is pasteurized us to kill off any pathogens that might be in it BOTS channel is not a democracy its monarchy which is from sure will be burned at the stake correct we all serve at Her Majesty's pleasure you're right it isn't monarchy so what's up right what's up prostitution John is up I'm up today you'll notice because I'm sitting on a pillow so that I just look to be told today pathetic isn't it no it's just cuz I wanted you just see my lovely Sheldon t-shirt this is don't you think if I was wrong I would know it mmm good is that my artistic inner circle I'm not part of yes you're not in your club you suck right I am just getting over a cold flu does from cruise ship when sick and/or stressed sometimes I give in to Cola sugar cravings big time tips to stay away wow that's your department yeah well that is just intense cravings that you have so you could just choose to actually just feel what's going on and how that feels and note that is there and not respond to it you can always choose to not respond to it as when you're fighting it whether your willpower which you probably try to do when you're sick but it's gonna feel like it's overwhelming so I would say that it's a coaching issue if I can't teach you all that here in 30 minutes there you go contact time for coaching so there mm-hmm what's next my crack pot is here cuz he's your court jester yes we need someone to do the bobblehead thing Oh Oh dr. Michael Craig pop from the treadmill and I gotta answer your questions at least a lot if I could read anything on the screen which is the emergency button and turn this shit off oh my god how long have you been carnivore but I think it's about T months 11 months maybe Jimmy mother running off nicely on with your discretion in discretion I should say yes 11 months royal sonnet says I've eaten pastries in the last week after being a mostly meat key to eat of every year and all of a sudden the beginning of gap can I expect it to go away as I stopped eating that stuff yeah pastries yeah go back to where you know you need to be and things will come right again yep and if they don't contact us for consultancy to find out why what is the root cause of tooth decay I know diet is involved but what specifically largely tooth decay is down to sugar at loving bacteria that attach themselves to your animal of your teeth because you keep feeding your mouth carbohydrates and shit and they live there and they as a waste product they exude acid which basically chews through the tooth enamel over time and makes holes pretty much Corino MCCS are there any plants that want to be eaten parts of various plants do for example fruits are designed for animals to eat them but they're not designed for the health of the animal that's don't know what we're saying we're saying the plant doesn't fill them up with over toxins and things too to discourage you from eating them the plant fills them up with with with fructose and stuff to make you want to eat it and that's purely to serve the evil purposes of that plant and that is to spread its seed widely around because you'll eat the fruit and the seeds and then you'll ship them out to somewhere else mmm oK we've reached the end the row we can't have done it's only one hour and 22 minutes isn't perfect isn't it uh and it's pretty good I suppose we don't need to be here for two hours if we don't need to be any last requests any last questions before we hear from the Swedish singing people finished finished ok so once again thank you for your attendance today on the live stream we do appreciate every one of you we are glad of your support and your patronage there's a question cushion going good I but great Channel what's your take on the importance of vitamin D should we supplement it vitamin D is absolutely crucial to just about every single enzymatic reaction that occurs anywhere in your body and there are thousands and thousands and thousands of different enzymes which rely on vitamin D without vitamin D you are going to be a very sad puppy very very quickly should you supplement it if you are short not with that show I mean short of vitamin D you should if you are going to suffer on as premises you should take it with k2 at the same time but you know the only time that you would actually supplement is as if you are you know demonstrably short of vitamin D and one of the best ways to get vitamin D is to get yourself into the Sun and enjoy some Sun yes love you climate change stuff with I've been mostly on patreon yes well and doing the main concerns there's no keep asking questions haha oh we're gonna stick around if you want to ask questions my guru bad is processed meat love your channel purchase meat not ideal that's probably not the devil that it's made out to be but certainly it seems to be you know associated at least with worse health outcomes over longer periods of time than unprocessed meat and you know there's been a real shock there and we're done thank you very much next Friday says cause of God's through the role yes same bat-time same bat-channel different questions yeah don't miss it yes it is miss pagan mmm good cheese it's okay – that's fine thank you thank you all once again one and all one or all thank you but one sec toy toys an ass I don't know what try once Thank You main cheese abuser destroy what oh come on you dear superiors as always Trisha do you not have any better channels to watch no there are no better Channel Thank You Troy why do people think nitrates are so bad everyone says I got bacon with no nitrates nitrates can cause problems and worth various things including neurotransmitters of various kinds nitrates can cause problems with vagal tone what is your knowledge on nitrates what else does not trace cause yeah oh they can they can mess up your um your microbiome as well you have nitrates in plants yeah surprise yeah okay okay good good this is a question it ends with a question mark yes very good sold at noon thank you for clarification we loved it was that rhetorical mm-hmm thank you very much Gabriela all right right okay okay all right let's let's hear all about let's hear all about what shape is the lovely planet that we live on the pancake mmm debate through lingonberry jam yes dueling a pétomane Bangkok Italy had a later but you learn a plot I'm a punk rocker I can give em some hits the store to see you do it Juden a platinum Nusa Anjali headily home or you'll an apartment CEO at the humidity is tuning anyway thiquid done all right go to bed you lot for fuck's sake yes pancakes at IKEA yeah I can't fake you can get meatballs in there too yes anyway


  1. Lmfao that introduction was awesome…you need to set up retreats…who wouldn't want to spend a weekend or a week with you guys ❤️

  2. Vilse i pannkakan was the horrible type of child abuse swedish children had to up with in the 70s. Luckily for me, I was too old by the time that series came around, more busy tuning my moped, making noise in my rock band and ragga tjejer förstås.

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