Nuts N More Salted Caramel Snack Pack Review | Low Carb Running Snack?

Nuts N More Salted Caramel Snack Pack Review | Low Carb Running Snack?

Do you want an alternative to high sugar gels
and snacks when your on a long run? Well if you do you’ve come to the right place because
this is my review of Nuts N More Salted Caramel flavour. Hi there Jon Brampton Valley Runner here,
and welcome to my first ever product review now just before we start I’ve got to say that
i’m not sponsored or affiliated by this product, I’ve not been paid to do this review or anything
like that this is just my pure unfiltered thoughts on what I think to the product so
yeah your gonna get an honest opinion on it and I’ll tell you what I think’s good about
it, what I think’s bad about it whether I think you should buy it and all those type
of things, so yeah lets get started. Okay so today’s product i’m reviewing is Nuts
N More high protein and peanut Salted Caramel, well it’s not really a gel but sachet, it’s
an alternative to obviously like sugars and stuff when your on long runs, more for sort
of like low carb dieters or people who just don’t want to have too much sugar or save
the sugar gels for those times when you really need a bit of a kick on your run so to speak,
so yeah it’s a gluten free product and it has 8 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat and
12 grams of protein, it’s marketed as sort of high protein as it says on the packet there
if you can see that, and yeah these are my thoughts… Right so the first thing I like about this
product is that it’s obviously low carb so it’s low sugar, it’s got 1 gram of sugar in
it and 3 grams of sugar alcohols, so that’s a pretty good option if your a low carb athlete
and you just want to keep your sugars down if your low carb your probably fat adapted
so this might be a good option for you if you want to go out on a long run and have
some energy without having the sugar spike and insulin spiking, so yeah the first thing
I like about it is the low carb factor and also the low sugar. Okay the second thing I like about this product
is the taste, now this version here I’ve got is the Salted Caramel, yeah it’s very very
tasty I can’t criticise it I used it for my first 50k in July this year and tastes really
good, yeah in fact it tastes so good you could probably eat too much of it which I wouldn’t
recommend because it’s got sugar alcohols in it and that can do funny things to your
stomach, so taste wise can’t criticise it it’s another positive. Okay so the third thing I like about this
product is that I found when I did my ultra back in July it helped me maintain my energy
levels pretty well, it didn’t give me any spikes in energy like a sugar gel would but
yeah it did the job well it kept me going kept me ticking along nicely and I felt that
it did a good job, good source of fats and protein and if your fat adapted it could be
a good option for you. Okay so those are the things I like about
this product but however now I need to move on to the thing that I don’t like about it,
cause there is only one thing and it’s that when I was out doing my ultra I found that
to get it out of this sachet was really hard work, there’s no two ways about it. I mean
it does to be fair to it, it does says there’s oil separation and that you have to nead it
and stuff before you can get it out, but, that’s my dog making that noise sorry about
that, it’s yeah it’s a real pain to get out you can sort of nead it up like that and you
can nead it around and it does get a bit of it does sort of get it to move around and
sort of make it a bit more sort of fluid to come out I suppose is one way of putting it,
but yeah it’s not great it gets stuck, I mean yeah and also when your on a run you don’t
want to be spending ages and ages neading it do you, even on an ultra you’ve got a lot
of time on your hand but yeah that’s not really what you want to be doing is it, i mean i’m
still neading it now and it’s not really moving around much to be honest, but you can get
it out eventually but the thing about it is though you don’t really want it when your
on your run you want it to come out quite nicely and it’s probably the nature of the
product because it’s oil based and that it separates and that’s fair enough but it’s
dunno they could do with finding some way of stopping that happening and make it easier
coming out because even when you do nead it I found that I was neading it and stuff and
when I was on the run doing my ultra there’s still like about half of the packet at the
bottom I couldn’t get out, so yeah that’s my only critisism of the product apart from
that it’s a good product. Okay so that’s my review of the high protein
nuts n more salted caramel product, and would I recommend it, well yeah if you can get past
the trouble getting it out of the pack then yeah it’s a good product tastes nice, good
alternative to gels for low carb athletes and fat adapted athletes and so yeah I think
it’s worth giving a try if you can work out how to get it out of the packet easier than
I did. Just looking on Amazon it’s going for about £12 to £13 here in the UK i’m not
sure about America but it’s probably relatively similar price and flavours you can get are
Birthday cake and Toffee Crunch i think it is as well as Salted Caramel, so they sound
quite nice I might give them a try in the future, once I’ve worked out how to get it
out of the packet a bit better. So anyway that’s that for this review, my
first ever review hope you liked it and if you did please give me a like, consider subscribing
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product as well for you in the description as I say i’m not affiliated to them or anything
like that but if you want to check it out I’ll link it in there for you so you can have
a look if you want to but that’s it for now so catch you next time okay bye now.

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  1. Have you tried this product? How did you find it? What other low carb snacks do you use on your long runs?

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