1. Of course! This is the work DEVILS Donald Trump and his soulless apostles, the Republicans—they should not belong here on earth; THEY BELONG IN HELL!!!! This EFFRONTERY IGNOMINIOUS RAPACIOUS FILTHY REPUBLICANS aren't human they're all E.t wild animals. TO HELL WITH THEM

  2. HOW much $$$ from tax payers did it cost to make those poster size photo's??? Schumer looks so creepy( as within so without") I will NEVER vote for these Demonrat Deep State CRIMINALS !!! How did NASTY pelosi get $400 million in her private bank acct from a Govt wage ??? WAKE UP PEEPS" These SNAKES are ALL LIARS THE whole world is waking UP to how CORRUPT they are .. TRUMP IS draining the swamp..The ones who HATE him are the GUILTY & in Panic mode now.. JAIL for the Whole dam lot of them !!!! including the MSM owned by 4 Billionaires (NWO) who push Propaganda ..OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD- CIA/CNN-research it !!

  3. Health care so expensive I got two choices, sacrifice my food income (especially when minimum wage is below 20 $ an hour )for healthcare, or work 16 hours a day and pay, so how is it not fair for these poor souls to suffer, when I gotta suffer.

  4. Free healthcare to the most lazy and useless dregs of society? No thanks.
    I would like to keep my tax money for myself and government, get out of healthcare business.

    You want a health insurance, go get a freaking job, you lazy-ass moochers. Repeal the communist obamacare.

    Vote Trump. MAGA 2020.

  5. Give Healthcare back to the States!!! Congress n Senators n Representatives are a do nothing so far… just digged their heels n refused to work with the PRESIDENT. Healthcare is Expensive!!!!

  6. We need a healthcare program republicans call those requirements welfare but when they want to give taxs cuts to the rich is their right he sees unlimited amount of money he gets gitty like a cheap sugarbaby wanting to spend every last dime he can get a hold of

  7. Obamacare was a tremendous mistake which has created a terrible butterfly affect on the American healthcare system. We needed some degree of insurance reform, but there was no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Per typical when you count on the government to fix a problem it ends up worse off than before. P.S. Chuck Schumer is a troll

  8. Life is precious and beautiful. Watching peoples pick on each other is not good.
    Hopefully one day I can see Americans people can work together with kindness and care for America to conquer the worldwide market. Stay strong and healthy for our future generations to conquering the worlds

  9. everyone should stop complaining or stop picking on each other so much. Stop being like a little kindergarten classmates.
    America needs everybody’s work together for solutions and success in life together….

  10. Just sad as Trump continues to say he's going to give Americans the best healthcare, but he has no plan. Admitedly what we have needs improvement. That being said.. He tries over, and over, to destroy the only healthcare that our most vulnerable has, and desperately needs. But, he has a great plan. It's going to be wonderful, the best, the biggest ever. What is his big, wonderful, best ever plan? Nothing! He has "nothing" to replace it with. That's his big, wonderful, best ever healthcare plan. Oh that, and to deny millions of people coverage while he takes his good old time (as he has been doing) to put "whatever" out. But as long as he, and his buddies, can afford to pay out of pocket for anything, and everything.. That's supposed to make it alright. So if you, or I, do not have millions of dollars at our disposal.. To bad for us!

  11. You really believe that trump care? He cares about Putin, and Kim he cares about them but they can care less about him. He is trying to belong the American people are way down the list.

  12. I never expected Trump to win. No way, I thought, would America choose him for a president. I assured myself the American presidency is the most noble and honorable position in the world. Now that he’s been elected, Trump has been occupied settling scores on Twitter, I will display class, compassion, humility and grace in the face of a President who lacks any of these qualities.

  13. Obama care is so expensive my sister and husband couldn't even get health care, and on top of that they got plenties on there taxes.

  14. He have no heart. It's falling on deaf ears. He only cares about money instead of people and who created the insurance. Only to get back at President Obama. Very vendictive and cares not of people

  15. Why does ABC have so many trolls?
    Majority of Americans Want pre-existing conditions healthcare coveage. In America we pay More to Die Younger. Only death panels are now Djt's DOJ trying to sue to take what little healthcare we do have away from US.

  16. They need to work together stop acting like children by attacking each other and find a solution to our health care problem.

  17. If your Israeli passport holding congress stopped throwing trillions at Israel you'd all have free healthcare.

  18. Nancy Pelosi, pass the gavel. You have no credibility at all. You have done nothing to hold the pig in chief in check. Impeachable offenses call for impeachment of the pig in chief. No matter the Senate reaction. They are complicit in high crimes and misdemeanors and they will certainly vote against conviction of the pig in chief. Doesn't mean it's the right thing to do and it should not stop your constitutional duty of impeaching the pig in chief.

  19. If the USA is so “great”, why do they not have universal healthcare like almost all other nations? As you can see, they are number 37…… SAD!!! http://thepatientfactor.com/canadian-health-care-information/world-health-organizations-ranking-of-the-worlds-health-systems/

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