Officers Beat Restrained Man With Mental Health Condition | NowThis

Officers Beat Restrained Man With Mental Health Condition | NowThis



  1. I thought the first cop beating him stopped because the other one came back, but I guess he just wanted a turn to punch a restrained man too 🤷‍♂️🤔

  2. American uniformed men joined for one reason…to release their violence. That goes for the police, the military and the border enforcement monsters.
    America is the world's cancer.

  3. you see how he turned the cam off right you many times this is done in a day? that's the real question we should ask? but again we will never get a truth

  4. Sadly unsurprising behavior from the absolute lowest rung of law enforcement, ‘corrections’ officers (although ICE/CBP is fighting for their spot). I’d bet my life that the average prisoner has more moral character the average prison guard. We need a total overhaul of law enforcement for the entire US; a radical re-thinking of why and how we arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate could only do good at this point.

  5. If an officer turns off their body cam they need to be fired on the spot and not allowed to work in the field anymore.

  6. The FBI is conducting a civil rights investigation of prisoner treatment at the jail and is investigating, along with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, allegations of public corruption regarding current and former Cuyahoga County officials and mistreatment of inmates.

    Associate Warden Eric Ivey, 53, was charged Thursday with felony tampering with evidence and falsification, a misdemeanor. Ivey served as warden until his demotion in February. The Attorney General's Office said Ivey is also charged with falsification for lying to investigators about what happened last Aug. 28 when an inmate died from a drug overdose.

    Court records don't indicate whether Ivey has an attorney.

    Corrections officer John Wilson, 37, was indicted on charges of felonious assault, interfering with civil rights and unlawful restraint. The latter two charges are misdemeanors. The Attorney General's Office said Wilson on Feb. 5, 2018, repeatedly struck an inmate in the head, knocking out teeth and causing one tooth to become lodged in the man's nasal cavity. The inmate required reconstructive facial surgery.

    A message seeking comment was left with Wilson's attorney on Thursday.

    Corrections Cpl. Jason Jozwiak, 36, is charged with falsification and interfering with civil rights, both misdemeanor charges. Authorities said he prevented a jail nurse from treating the inmate assaulted by Wilson as the man sat in a restraint chair with a broken nose and teeth.

    Court records don't indicate if Jozwiak has an attorney.

    The five other corrections officers were indicted for three separate incidents. Authorities said one corrections office assaulted an inmate secured in a restraint chair with pepper foam after another officer assaulted him in July 2018.

    A guard was charged with tampering with records, dereliction of duty and interfering with civil rights. He is accused of falsely stating that a jail pod was secure when an inmate was in medical distress.

    Two other guards were indicted on charges that included felonious assault for allegedly using excessive force in March on an inmate in a restraint chair. The Attorney General's Office said the man suffered a concussion.

    The five previously charged corrections officers have pleaded not guilty.

    Seven inmates died in the jail between June and October of last year. An eighth inmate died in December. Four of the inmates killed themselves, records from the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office show.

  7. Violent white supremacist authoritarianism is rampant in the police force. The FBI showed that nearly 20 years ago.

  8. Wow!! et's give around of applause for this tough guy, come on guys gather around. Cant believe we letting these trash get away with this.

  9. I would like to see that officer's head smashed a few times with a baton. That's not how the system of justice works here in America but seeing this makes me want to get draconian. How can you do that to a restrained man with mental illness.

  10. Imagine how many were not caught? These people are lawless and they think they’re above the law!

  11. It’s time to disarm and defund the police. They cannot be trusted. Planting evidence. Brutality. Murders. Cover ups. Bribes. It it’s really rare anymore. It’s the default expectation now. Power to the people.

  12. Guess what guys? The cameras don't go off on their own. The more times this happens, the more everyone knows they're doing it on purpose! And whenever a body cam conveniently "was off," it should be treated as willfully tampering with evidence! Every time! We shouldn't have police and correctional officers like this in America! Come to think of it, isn't Buttigieg involved in overseeing a case where the officers body cam conveniently "went off?" 🤔

  13. Both these Officer are PURE EVIL….. They should spend the rest of their lives in Solitary confinement

  14. They will give them paid vacations and a reprimand but they will not be fired because they are white and a black man is not worth it; Kaepernick was right .

  15. It's all right, it's all right,
    If you're righteous it's all right,
    Tho you've had your hands in blood up to the elbow;
    You can always wash them clean with Boraxo.
    Boraxo, Boraxo, the greatest stuff of all,
    Boraxo in the bathroom, detergents in the hall,
    Your dainty feet don't touch the street
    Like people poor and mean,
    And your conscience is washed clean with Boraxo.

  16. Why do white men hate Black men so much? Who they shoot they multiple times , it’s almost barbaric .This wasn’t a threat to them . But that isn’t the point is it? I have seen white domestic terrorist who have killed multiple people treated with more respect than an unarmed black person.

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