Omega 3 Foods – Vegetables – an Omega 3 Fatty Acids Source❤️

Omega 3 Foods – Vegetables – an Omega 3 Fatty Acids Source❤️

This might sound like a silly question, but
I’m sure some people don’t realise how public opinion could sway them without
them realising…. are vegetables eaten by vegetarians and vegans only? Welcome to the latest The Omega 3 Zone
video, which is all about the third food type we’re covering in this series. #3. Vegetables. So what is it about vegetables? Obviously, vegetables can be eaten by anyone, but vegetables tend to be an under-appreciated source of
goodness in today’s world of convenience and fast food. And this enforces the need
to continually ask yourself: “How important is it to you and your family’s
well-being to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?” In this video, we look at the types of vegetable that are a good source of
omega 3 fatty acids, and play a crucial role in reaching and living that healthy lifestyle, whilst making one or two suggestions when it comes to
preparing and cooking some delicious dishes. With vegetables being another
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Addiction – A Shocking Findings of A Processed Poison. So, back to vegetables! Now, when your mother told you to eat up all of your greens at mealtime, little
did you realise then that she was giving you probably the best advice she could
as a mother, when it comes to your health. Primarily a good source of omega 3 fatty
acid, ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), they also contain fibre and other nutrients. Naturally, green vegetables are ideal for vegetarians and vegans, and include:
(1) Brussels Sprouts. In addition to their higher content of omega 3s, they also contain vitamin K, vitamin C and fibre. if you love your Sunday roast dinners cooked Brussels sprouts are an ideal
vegetables to have. Whether they’re roasted, steamed, stir-fried or just
simply blanched, they’re ideal for any meat and vegetable dish. Their flavour is
not to everyone’s taste, so be a bit creative when cooking with them. Have you ever tried them with chili con carne? Delicious! (2) Spinach. Perhaps there was a hidden message in the popular cartoon series of “Popeye” after all! Raw spinach is ideal for salads, for adding to sandwiches, and for using in
many cooked dishes. You can also sprinkle spinach on eggs, soups and pasta dishes. (3) Broccoli is also a source of the
omega 3 fatty acid ALA, as well as being high in fibre, zinc and protein. If the flavour puts you off eating it, try adding a cheese sauce to it; (4) Basil. A popular seasonal cooking herb, basil provides a good source of omega 3
fatty acids. The basil leaves are also used to make tea, helping to promote
calmness and reduce cell inflammation; (5) Other Green Leafy Vegetables. Kale and cauliflower also have omega 3. The only significant
amount of fat in kale is the omega 3 ALA fatty acid. It has a very low calorie
content, and is a very nutrient-packed vegetable. Have you ever tried it as a
smoothie? Cauliflower is low in calories, too. it’s also a good source of vitamin C, that acts as an antioxidant to help
combat the risk of heart disease and cancer. In the next video, we’ll list the
fourth category of omega 3 foods that you can use for making delicious dishes.
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  1. Vegetables have always been recognised as being good for your health, but do you know which ones contain omega 3? Check out this video, and then list in the comments below, the vegetables that are your favourite.

  2. I love all these vegetables, but if I had to pick one it would be broccoli, no Brussels sprouts, no spinach, wait it's basil. I can't choose. Any brassica will do.

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