One – Golden Ratio Open Pod – Does It Live Up To Its Name?

One - Golden Ratio Open Pod - Does It Live Up To Its Name?

let's see what is the definition of golden ratio the golden ratio is a mathematical ratio it is commonly found in nature and when used in a design it fosters organic and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye so what we're looking at today is the one vape golden ratio [Applause] welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm Tony today we're looking at one from one vape if you remember they had that one that looked like it was kind of modeled after a Lamborghini it was called the Lambo well this is their latest and it's called the golden ratio kind of a cool name it evokes the thought that everything is perfect and it's pretty close it's just a nice little pod system come to the box that looks like this it says one golden ratio one vape I think they meant to have an S on there golden ratio series of course they got their nicotine warning on here even though there's no nicotine in there this one is a golden golden ratio and it's got all their certifications and stuff over there here on the back it says that it has one device it has one pot it's a two mil you get one grm 0.6 ohm coil so it's a mesh coil Maxx with 27 watts but you have to worry about your wattage on here because it figures that out for you then you have a grr 1.2 coil and that is not mesh it is 14 watts max again you have to worry about that USB and a user manual they do tell you right here to make sure that if you have a fresh pod that you let it sit 5 to 8 minutes just like I've been telling you all along make sure that the coil is fully wet by juice now they say that you should replace the coil to refilling no more than five times I find with these pod systems with replaceable coils you can usually get at least 5 to 10 fills on these things so and then they want you to replace the pod itself after no more than one month I gotta tell you I don't think you'll ever have to replace the pod personally if you just wash it out and clean it and take care of it but that is what they recommend so inside the box for their QC or their warranty they're giving you a QR code so you can go there to do that and they do have some warranty total period of 90 days there's a USB cable inside of here it's a standard USB mini and then you get a manual and it's just it's a super easy to use device but they are pretty clear about how to use this thing and I do appreciate that so here's all the specs over here if you want to read all those go ahead and pause that and you can read through those like I said you have a 1.2 ohm regular coil and then there is a 0.6 mm mesh coil and they say that the 1.2 ohm regular is for nicotine e-liquid and then the 0.6 is for non nicotine eliquid and maybe they mean nicotine salts I don't know but I mean that doesn't mean you can't use nicotine with a 0.6 OMS coil this does have an 1100 milliamp hour battery in here there is a 2 mil refillable cartridge the unique side airflow adjustment without leakage provides easy airflow adjustment and brings smooth airflow I think what they mean by not having leakage is that this is over here on the side of this whole thing so it's not directly underneath the coil so I don't know if that means it can't leak I haven't had a leak yet so of course there is an LED on here it's on the side you can see right there one that does have some different indicators to it you can turn it on and off by pushing the button five times I'll go through all that stuff it does indicate the power level and when you're charging it and that's all right there if you want to posit look at those it also has a nice color picture showing you how to use it now they show an absolutely clear pod on here and that might not have been a bad idea I can see through this pretty well though I mean you can even see through it on camera and usually it's kind of difficult to do that I'm gonna pull this one out of here now they don't put the coil in it when it ships and I think that's probably a pretty good idea that way you don't have to worry about anything you know burning it up so this is the gold golden ratio they have a little resin panel on the side and then they're named one right there we got one and this is the release button will go through all that in just a second I'm gonna pull this coil out of here so this is the coil these coils there there there big coils in their proprietary you have to use these coils which it might not be such a bad thing but if you ever get into a situation where you're like I can't find their coils you're not gonna be able to use it 1.2 ohm on this one max watt 14 you can't really see down inside there very well but it is a you know regular standard single wire type situation one thing that got me right off the bat does it's not as pronounced on this one but on here it's like boom golden ratio I don't know that they really needed that on there I mean it's just kind of it's not an ugly logo it's just I don't know that you need that on there now what I want to do is pull this off of here so much like the Orion got this little button that's over here you push this down that unlocks the pod and it comes out of there as you see there is no coil in there yet to install a coil on here so we've got these little flat edges they want to go towards the edges of the actual pod there's no screwing in or anything like that of this it just goes like that you can see that's the airflow that's right there on the side of it lines up with that so that's kind of separate from the juice so you put it in there and you just push it in got to work it in a little bit and it goes in just like that so what press fits in there really good I was a little concerned about that at first like mmm that gonna leak because it's not screwed in there but it seems to work pretty good we'll see over time but I've been using this one for at least three days so once you get your coil in there then you'll just pop this in and slide it down and pop it down like that the mesh coil looks exactly like this except for it just says you know mesh on here instead of that I wish they would maybe put different colored over ings on it or something just so it's more easily identifiable because I have to wear actual readers that are like what four times magnified to be able to read that properly but it's small so going over the rest of the device five clicks on the fire button right here on the side one two three four five there we go that's turning off one two three four five and it turns back on and you got your resin panel over here maybe if they would have put the resin panel there instead of golden ratio maybe they could have even put gold and red for whatever reason that just it really stands out to me there is a little lanyard hole down here I'm I thought maybe they would put a lanyard in there but they don't but they do indicate that that's what's for they say it's for a chain you got venting down here at the bottom of it the fire button is on the face of it or I guess maybe however you look at it to me that's the face of it it says one down here you got the one logo there and yeah there's your USB on the side here so you can stand it up when you're charging it look at this airflow so this is pretty cool adjustable air flow you can just twist this like that and it opens it all the way up or twist it the other way it's pretty easy to get in there you do have to have a little bit of fingernails to do that though and you can close it all the way down to a little tiny hole if you want to with the 0.6 own mesh coil I've been going about half way just like that so I'll pop this off and there we go this coil has been in here for a while you can see that it has not leaked which I'm I got to say I'm a little surprised about that the plug that's on here it's a silicone plug sometimes a little bit hard to get it back in there it's a big stout plug so that's good you just pull that out and fill it right there so you got to kind of line it up right get it in there just a little bit fidgety sometimes they'll just take something there we go once it gets lined up it goes in there real well but that is also good because it makes sure that it stays in there and stays secure again to put it on you just put it on like this and line it up pop it on and that's gonna flash telling you that it is activated and good so that is the golden ratio from one vape so I have to admit when I first looked at this I was like yeah okay it's another one of those Orion typestyle vapes but you know what I gotta say it's it's that and then some well it does have some too nine cues from that style of vape and you know once something is out everybody goes well let's see that's a pretty good design let's see what we could do to make it better I kind of think they have with this thing the coils work really well as far as these types of pod systems I'm not a big fan of the draw activated and if you do have draw activation it's nice if you can turn that off and use a switch on this one it's just a switch and I like that that airflow design on the side there that's pretty brilliant actually it's really easy to adjust there's a lot of range in that and I like that a lot too if you watch the channel a lot you probably realize that if it's a pod system that has a choice between a 1.2 ohm coil or whatever 1.4 yeah it's 1.2 ohm or a 0.6 all mesh coil I'm gonna choose the 0.6 on mesh coil you know I don't like something that feels like I know math too long is all about that tight draw but I don't like something that feels like I'm sucking through a coffee stirrer straw you know what I mean I like a little bit more airflow but that said I got the airflow on this thing closed about half way I like it that way I'm gonna do this I'm gonna open that all the way now that is a lot of airflow and a lot of vapor that comes out of that right now I have the airflow closed halfway still a lot of airflow still a lot of vapor but it's just it's smoother somehow I don't know but I really like it a couple of things that I didn't love about it you know okay I like the resin that's on there and it's cool it's just a little accent piece that's on the side there but it would have been nice at that right there was the resin panel and it didn't say golden ratio on there I mean look I bought it I know that it's the golden ratio I don't need to advertise it you know it's not a ugly logo or anything like that but you get what I'm saying also the light that's on there it's pretty big alright I don't mind that it's there I guess I mean it's not too obnoxious but just a little indicator light would be fine but darn it it works really well I'm really really impressed with the overall use of this thing it is a little bit heavy though it's not your super light little pod system and that's one thing when it comes to pod systems I kind of like them for the portability factor you know they're usually small they're usually lightweight drop it in my pocket and almost forget that it's in there this one it you're definitely going to feel it in there but some people like their devices to feel more stout and if you like that this one is going to be a good one for now a little bit concerned about the coils because it's just press fit in there using a rings but I haven't had any leakage out of it yet so that's a good thing I guess as far as coils going concern though you know it's not a company that we see a whole ton of so we'll the coils be available later on definitely can't use somebody else's coils in here because it is very proprietary it's always a genuine concern for me when I buy a device that I will be able to especially if it has coils that you can't rebuild yourself that I'll be able to find them later so hopefully you will be able to but yeah I mean aside from those couple little things I think it's pretty darn good flavor from the coils is spot-on it looks good and I think it's an improvement from the lambo that they did I like to see that one vape is improving and I think we'll probably see more stuff from them in the future that's the golden ratio from one vape I want to thank you so much for your support here in the channel likes comments shares subscriptions always very much appreciate it if you like what you see there's the like button down there or you know thumbs up you can click that and there is a subscription button down there if you think you're subscribed and you look at the button and it's great yeah you're subscribed if it's red again you're not subscribed anymore and I'd appreciate it if you click it again there's also a notification bell if you click that you'll get notifications when I upload new videos and give you chances to score there are links down there for my Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram if you have one of those social media accounts I'd really appreciate a follow sometimes that's my best way to communicate with you in between videos and you know sometimes it's just communication on YouTube isn't as easy as it is on social media so there you go there's links down there for that I'm getting myself ready to go out to New York for the NVE convention that's coming up this weekend if you're in the area you should come by and check it out especially if one of your favorite reviewers is gonna be there and I'm guessing they probably will because there's a lot of us there's a reviewers lounge hosted by Mike vape so that's gonna be really cool and I'm sure there's gonna be some advocacy stuff out there and it's always important for us to educate ourselves so we can educate others I've got links down there at the bottom of the description just for that reason August 8 org allows you to send letters directly to your legislators and apparently we need it because there's just laws coming up all over the place they need to understand that this is keeping us off of cigarettes that the Royal College of Physicians in the UK it says it's 95% safer than smoking cigarettes and we'd like this to be around for people who currently smoke cigarettes to have an option just put in your zip code add a little but of your personal story to the forum letter that's created and it'll send it directly after your legislators you can do it seven days a week if you'd like to well that's going to do it for this episode we'll catch you next time on the vapor trail Channel


  1. Another great review Tony. Will you be at NVE New York? Thanks for the videos brother. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Thanks Tony, I think I'll stick with the #SWELL…can not wait to receive. It would be nice of you to develop the pod version!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  3. Nice one, airflow control and mesh coils ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ
    I agree as well that a companies logo shouldnโ€™t look like a billboard on the device.
    Presented nicely Tony,
    Thank you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. I hate obnoxious branding. The only thing I donโ€™t like about my pulse dual is the eyesore next to the atomizer. If someone likes your device, they will ask what it is, I donโ€™t like advertising. I donโ€™t even leave dealership information on my cars.

  5. At least they didn't go with the "standard" shape lol there are a few more look a likes coming. Thanks for reviewing. ๐Ÿ’›

  6. I to am in fear of my favorite pod joints not making pods anymore. Then what? Thanks for the review Tony tone.


    Not to be a bother. Just want ya to know I fully support you, and that the notifications are reaching me.

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