Open Format Friday At-Home HIIT Workout | FYR: Hannah Eden's 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

Open Format Friday At-Home HIIT Workout | FYR: Hannah Eden's 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

yo guys what's up we are here it is the end of your first week I don't know about you guys but I am so sore I don't care where you're at in your fitness game after a week of this style of training which is probably something that you have never done before there's no way that you're not sore by now so I know the hamstrings are on fire so why don't we start by warming up and I'm gonna explain our workout today so don't bring your feet right underneath your hips soft knees karate chop and hinge your hips behind you keep that back nice and tight I don't want you to hinge back and forth stretching out those hamstrings to come all the way up and all the way down good now open format Fridays you meet for the first time so things are a little bit different today every Friday there is no set interval I'm literally gonna just throw some crazy shit at you and see how you can perform it's there to challenge you it's there to change you so we go through adaption stages and I know that if you're beginning then you're absolutely so sore there's no way or not but the problem is is that most people that are start their fitness game you guys ready to switch it up let's go for a squats feet between hip and shoulder width they've hit it most people that begin this journey they end up getting so sore that they stop you're never gonna with that your body will never understand how to break down that lactic acid and adapt to the new toxins that your body is creating unless you push past it and get over the hill so please understand that there is a huge difference between pain and soreness and trying to understand that it's pretty difficult but know this you are not supposed to be in pain if you have a lingering painful area there lasts for more than 72 hours that's not normal pain is not normal muscle soreness is unfortunately but you'll get used to that as we go keep breathing nice work now come down into the base of your squat and stay right here butt down chest up keep the weight on the heels I remember the beginning of my game man he can tell you I go home and bitch about it every night and he loved that so I wouldn't complain in the gym I go home cry about it to everyone else at home but hey it happens to us all and that's okay shift your weight over to the left ball of your foot open up that right knee how you guys feeling good feeling good they're quiet I don't like that bring it up all right it's Richard over another thing that you're gonna notice as we go through this program you're probably gonna understand what your body needs in order to get through it so make sure you're fueling your body in the right way and when I say that I mean nutrition everyone is different myself I could eat like a ribeye steak and do a workout in two seconds however most people can't do that place your hands on the floor raise your hips there's those hamstrings damn well my point is I will need to experiment experiment to see what works for you maybe you get a shake it but all I know is that you guys must have something in your stomach before you start this program this is not fasted cardio by any means your body needs fuel in order to perform and to grow and to recover and all of that great stuff so let's get some high knees I'm gonna stop talking in second a sweaty guy so today's workout is like a sandwich we've got or well let's say it's like breakfast lunch and dinner for breakfast lunch and dinner we have 60 seconds of jump rope at the beginning in the middle and at the end butt kicks and now in between breakfast lunch and dinner you have a lot of snacks the first ones a week of kettlebells you're gonna spend 30 seconds on with a 15 second rest period immediately afterwards and you're gonna hit three rounds of the same exercise bike to back once we're done with that one throw it away we move on and we continue that same interval hands up by your side opposite hand surfer so 30 on 15 off three rounds we're gonna start with four exercises with your kettlebell we're gonna put it down we're gonna eat some lunch with a jump rope and then gonna pick up your dumbbells and we're gonna hit four more exercise with those does that make any sense my brain works very differently than most people I know I'm weird toy soldiers guys opposite hand to foot come up and touch good breathe now if you're really sore pause the clock do a little extra warm-up and jump in whenever you're ready breathe good now let's add a lunge so a reverse lunge into a toy soldier same leg let's hit five reps it's two three four and five switch it up back and down one good two good three four and five good swing those arms in side to side try and clap your hands behind your back you got that can you guys do that are you just so jacked that your muscles are in the way got it got it arms up and down breathe hah alright since today's gonna be challenging but it's only thirty seconds we have a 15 second rest every single time so hey we got starting with 60 seconds of jump rope you guys ready yeah yeah alright grab that jump rope 60 seconds if you're beginning give me some singles and if you're advanced bring out those double unders we're gonna get going in about 10 seconds here we go this is here to spike your heart rate and get us going in five four three two one let's go good remember singles if you're beginning doubles if you've been doing this a while if you're intermediate maybe a single single double single Single Double whatever you doing I want you to spike that heart rate up keep going boys you guys know the deal what happens when you chip in the jump rope you get what I will whoop your ass if you do that again 20 seconds stay calm stay focused 60 seconds of jump rope is a long time so don't try and go as hard as you can and end up tripping over and over again and if you continue to trip I know it's frustrating take a deep breath ah let it go and start again you keep going while you're frustrate you just gonna trip and trip and trip we got 20 seconds let me join you we've got 15 seconds of rest immediately after this let's go come on great nice lag 15 we've got about 10 seconds let's go let's go nine eight seven six five four three two and one rested up you have 15 seconds to chill and grab that kettlebell one kettlebell throughout the entire workout same weight bring it over feet about shoulder-width behind up apart behind it about a foot in front of it soft knees karate chop the hands back and bring it in we go on Russian explosive power thrusting my hips squeezing my ass squeezing my quads at the top allowing the Catamounts to float and come up to eye level keep breathing nice big mistake people make they often squat on kettlebells no imagine a sheet of glass right here you want to hinge your hips so you have space between your hip and the glass to generate power if you're here there's nowhere to go over danger rest that was round one you don't have 15 seconds to rest so you pick up that kettlebell and we repeat the second round of kettlebell swings you have three total five four three two one here we go set up correctly bring it in eyes up fast forward good pouch exhale on the way up inhale on the way down 20 seconds get that nice smooth breathing pattern I want you to be explosive and generate as much power with every single rep be aggressive less than 10 come up breathe squeeze we've got three we've got two and one please put it down carefully so you don't hurt your back how are you doing how you doing great good you great job we've got three seconds till our last round as soon as we are done with this putting it down for 15 and starting another exercise let's go in up Oh breathe be aggressive don't let that fatigue get in the way you need to rest you rats and you jump back in whenever you're ready 15 seconds hinge it back and forth good allow your chest to come down we've got ten seconds almost to a tabletop position and aggressively dust those hips forward and rest oh boy kettlebell swings are done throw them to the side no more next up kettlebell lunges pick up the weight hold it in front of you and we can hit some reverse lunges step back and down go now in the base of your lunge I want you to ensure you've got two 90-degree angles I will explain this every time so you hear my hat my voice in your head every time knee on top of your ankle weight in the middle of the front done in the back knee underneath your head chest up nice and tall load that back ass-cheek to help you with disability let's go boys they can make this harder or easier by decreasing or increasing your weight rest deep breath in oh my lord you have ten seconds till we go again that's round one let's hit it again one you count your reps trying to hit that every single time three two one back him down if you can't kiss it and your knee is slamming on that floor hold it an inch to two inches above it stay in control we're never disengaging breathe chest is up nice and tall core is engaged you got this shit we've got about ten seconds keep it up keep that kettlebell in the front of your body elbows are in squeeze it nice and tight five four three two and one nice jump two down one to go legs on fire are you ready yeah are you ready here we go five we've got four three two one let's go back and forth good at any point if this is too much fuck the kettlebell put it down good body weight it's alright we're still moving we're still burning breathe fifteen seconds another thing keep that chest up don't let that chest come down keep your eyes up the rest will follow ten seconds let's go breathe we've got five let's go four three two rest legs can take a break for a hot second in 12 seconds we're going to care about high pulls ass down chest up stand up soft knees fell in front of you you're gonna bring those elbows higher than your shoulders three two one here we go one two control try not to drop I want you to feel the way down just as much as you feel the way up that negative portion is gonna help you grow get those gels lookin all sexy and shit where here we go we're halfway fifteen seconds breathe come on let's go soft knees otherwise we end up leaning back and hurting ourselves leave those hips and that ass behind you we've got three come two and one nice work shake it off disengage for a hot second I'm already drenched in sweat we're about six minutes in maybe seven into your workout this is impressive shit what's never supposed to be easy here we go three two one ass down chest up to pick it up three keep your eyes up keep your core tight and don't let your shoulders come up keep your shoulders down just your elbows I'm coming up high breathe control if you're moving super fast chances are that your weight is either too light or you're rushing the movement take your time time under tension you're gonna get far more out of it if you slow it down then if you chase fatigue we've got three two and one great job rest it up shake it off shoulders on fire these guys are quiet we've got grasshopper and turbo he goes between grasshopper and anti pain but we're working on things he's got a pretty sound thanks Sharon now and then here we go my lady what are you gonna give us a little tune sing a little something something for us let's go sing it ten I've gotta get my breath back lame I knew we'd let me down come on let's go you've got the physical side town of oh no no about those golden pipes I'll have to see those later come on we got ten seconds pull and down pull and down control that core keep it nice and tight stuck up bellybutton in breathe we've got three two and one great job press it down shake it off next last exercise with our kettlebell we're gonna go for a kettlebell press so you gonna pick that kettlebell up elbows in hands either side of the bell bottoms down I want you to do a strict press using nothing other than your arms let's hit it go all the way up bring the head through the window cover those ears with those biceps and bring it back what I'm trying to avoid is you guys pushing in front of you you're gonna lean back and it's a very vulnerable place to be head through and back head through that Horace Heidt ribs are in abs flex let's go seven six five four three two and one great job bring keep going I'm a little wet – how are you doing Blagh he's a little dry maybe glowing would be glowing sweat what do they say sweat is like you're fat crying okay here we go elbows up Dan babe when you got some baby oil on that body huh keep that going to engage keep the ribs in don't let your back arch keep it nice and tight hard work I know it's hard work I don't know that you can't see it but this guy's got some adverse steel they are solid they're not relaxed they're always engaged when you focus on core engagement you're actually working on your ads all the time even when you're standing in line at the grocery store you better not be here you better be flexed and tight ready for any ones that got punched in the stomach rest no one would do that the grocery store just saying focus on it even when you turn a car when you're turning the corner if you're relaxed you're gonna lean right keep that core engaged and you're in control focus on that so it's always tight no matter what you do protect your back here we got press and down press and down the sky strict press strict movement meaning only using our arms rather than using our legs – we'll build strength we'll build a nice amount of muscle – baby let's go ten seconds they tight breathe you got seven six last one with the cat about five four three two and one great job put that cat abode down and to the side you have 15 seconds grab that jump rope we're gonna have our lunch right here right now take a deep breath here we go 60 seconds on 15 seconds off three two one let's go breathe good you got it oh my god I tripped okay snack yourself on the after this guy 20 seconds grief nice what all the way let's go let's go don't stop now you can do this breathe keep pushing don't stop don't stop don't you death not now keep moving boys we're going all the way all the way breathe let's go Paulo you're getting a bunch of hits right here let's go Turner come on let's bring it bring it bring it bring it bring it we ain't done yet push look at those ABS alright persistence is key breathe come on you got 15 more seconds to go let's go boys very nice nice and smooth you've got singles we've got doubles this is your workout bring me what you got five four three two one rest alright we're done with that I need you to grab a pair of dumbbells maybe to a heavier and a lighter same style 30 seconds on 15 seconds off get ready you guys ready yeah all right here we go grab those dumbbells guys we're gonna get started in about three two one let's hit it we got 30 seconds of curls palms up go all the way in and all the way down arms are straight at the bottom of the wrap and you're gonna bring those all the way in as far as you can keep your knees soft now check it out if you're a beginning don't worry I got you we're gonna go one at a time look at this guy I told him one at a time you can't tell you can't do what I tell him can't hold me can't hold me down one at a time single makes it a little easier on their zones over here if you've got it bring it baby I want to it the same damn time and rest that is one done we've got two more to go 15 seconds breathe in through your nose I'm gonna challenge you who's the co-chair can you understand what happens in the household this shit goes down all the time three two wine we're curling again now the challenge here which I'm gonna challenge you to is to not put your dumbbells down until we get to the next set of jump rope I'm gonna join you here we go we've got ten seconds fifteen come on breathe all the way up all the way down stay focused stay in control let's go we've got ten seconds come on oh yes if you don't put him down although we're not rapping we're still staying under tension this shit's about to get brutal you're welcome Paulo huh rest hold on anywhere but the floor and none of this shit cuz I know every trick in the book this is like lame just hold on hold on we've got one more here we go three come on two one palms up bring it out single or double if you want to go intermediate you maybe you go single single and then double whatever you want to do this is your workout we're in this together make it what you want here we go fifteen seconds let's go breathe got this shit come on ten seconds let's go boys the sky seven six five four three two one hold on hold on we're done with our curls we are now gonna move on we have a push-up row so on the floor your arms will get a little bit of a rest here in your push-up plank position wrists about shoulder width apart stagger your feet you're gonna hit one push-up you're gonna hit one row on the right bring it back another push-up a row on the left notice when I do my Rose my body is not turning I'm using my core my entire body to stabilize and keeping my hips and my shoulders square good we've got 12 seconds if you need to make this a little easier Tana won't you show us from your knees drop down to your knees we're gonna hit one pushup yep one row good one push-up a row on the other side rest stand up hold on to those thumb bells I know that trick get that booty er here we go we're gonna go in five four three two one let's go push up Rock push up row it is only 30 seconds let's go and see that tank release that beast stay in control you look 15 seconds people come on show me what you got keep challenging yourself keep pushing yourself less than ten let's go elbow up good using that back to pull and rest and up oh boy oh boy we've got one more whether it's from your feet your knees I don't care if your dumbbells are 2 pounds 5 pounds 10 pounds 50 pounds it's your workout here we go 3 2 1 back down onto the ground hit it you know what you're doing now third time then I times a charm they say right I know about that during this one good if you're in between on your push-up game maybe you come down from your feet you drop to your knees and you push up come back to your feet for your row down from your feet drop to your knees push up from your knees and row let's go five four three two and one all right stand up ho boy we've got something called a dumbbell crusher you ready it's a whole bunch of shit together follow me on the first round here we go palms up front rack position here we go one squat one curl in the base of your squat stand up and press bring your dumbbells together one tricep extension bring it back squat curl up press together tricep extension keep going I'm gonna point out some key things here when you guys are going into that tricep I know your elbows are gonna want to come out I want you to squeeze them together try and get your elbow stats on top of your shoulder so you have the right range of motion to hit that tricep extension let's go baby oh just kidding breasts oh God breasts we've got one more two more maybe here we go three two and one hit it squat curl up press together tricep extension and back squat curl up press together tricep extension good squat curl press together tricep extension ten seconds let's go press together oh yeah baby rest hold on hold on you've got one more of those one more I've got hair in my eyes hair in my face but it doesn't matter eat that shit five seconds here we go come on three two one go what curl up press bring them together elbows in control let's go come on 20 seconds boys keep it in keep it up you got it you're halfway already stay up stay in it we ain't done yet ten seconds let's go down curl up press together tricep extension oh my goodness you're almost done they're not quite so uh and if you like to go skiing Aspen France like where do you want to go one France would you like to go to France we're gonna go skiing in the Alps you ready here we go feet underneath the hips hinge your hips back thrust your hips forward and squeeze notice hips come back dumbbells are by the side of my hips I am for lack of better term pumping the air and squeezing my ass at the top back is always tight come back aggressively pop drop pop drop pop good keep going I want you to keep your eyes forward don't let your head drop keep your gaze forward looking against the horizon rest we've been skiing once now that was like pizza down the slope now we're gonna go slalom and giant fun you ready here we go three two one hit it drop pop drop pop ice forward good so believe it or not I was on a ski team for a high school I'm not lying I know you think I am but I'm not Massachusetts Longmeadow high I was fucking shredding myself wait through this nut that's got ten seconds hold on let's go Kenny's no sense we've got five four three two and one great job hold on forearms on fire that pump is unreal now please power included Tanner included don't let your head drop okay keep your eyes up three two one here we go drop pop yes come on breathe stay up stay in it stay powerful squeeze that ass we're shredding through those slopes we're almost there fifteen seconds we're done with these dumbbells if you put those shits down good if you keep catching the outside of your legs bring your feet closer together let's go great Joe and one shit put him down holy forearms you have ten seconds so we hit a jump rope hold up jump rope people grab that rope you've got 60 seconds right here three two one hit it oh boy the four arms the shoulders they are on fire way to finish strong breathe good stay calm keep those eyes up the body will follow yep you got it the core is lit up they've showed it on fire and that grip oh boy take a second if you need it like I clearly do in three two one we're half way keep going come on breathe good stay calm breathe as you got good let's go oh yes fifteen seconds come on hold on we ain't there yet I dressed you too alright come on we got ten seconds so why do your back that's all I can ask come on five four three two and one oh my lord great job so we've done a lot of moving around I'm gonna hit you with a finisher we're gonna hit three planks that's it we're gonna stay up for 50 seconds and you're gonna rest a ten three times just three minutes to finish nice and strong hold it up we're gonna get ready in about thirty seconds for now breathe in through your nose hold it and exhale out of your mouth let me show you your form for your planks if you have a map put those forearms right down on the mat we're looking for some stacking in your joints you want to make sure that your shoulder is directly on top of that elbow palms are facing not together we're gonna hold it right here hips are parallel to the ground looking at the floor right between my hats sure I ought to let your hips sink and none of this stuff if it's too heavy for you drop two knees squeeze your ass and do the same thing are you guys ready yeah alright let's get on the floor let's do this here we go ten seconds take a deep breath in three two one here we go now when we do these stationary moves I want you to close your eyes and I want you to remind yourself while you're here I know this is getting deep and we always laugh and joke but this is serious then we're finishing up this first week this trainer is called find your reason if you don't know what your reason is I need you to close your eyes is there something that you keep repeating over and over and over so that you can get through this if there is maybe it's giving you a clue to why you're walking so hard maybe it's telling you what you're working towards whether it's a shallow short-term goal that is only just beneath the surface or if it is far deeper down whatever it is don't stop thinking about it right now five four three two and one take a deep breath in you've only got ten seconds breathe in here we go five four three two one Rancic hold breathe ponds are facing hands are not touching stay calm stay in control and keep breathing why are you here huh if you don't know the answer to that I need you to write some shit down so you can figure it out I don't show up to the gym every day for no reason every strong woman has a story every strong man has a story you may not know what it is yet your past does not define me what happens in your past and what you do about it is what will happen in your future you're in total control take that negative shit out inside of this place inside of this space with us and you leave this place a happy place being exactly who you want to be everyone that you love in your life he's got five four three two one oh shit my math is drenched sweat and buckets all right here we go last one three two one here we go breathe hold stay focused stay in control if you've done it twice you can absolutely do it again is too easy fee put a weight on your back it doesn't always need to be so heavy ok 9 to muscle connection use this time to think where your mind leave all that bullshit at the door and this is you working on you this is your hour no one can take this away from you no one at all 30 minutes of your day for you and for you only here we go we've got 15 seconds come on let's finish strong we can do this together we are stronger come on hold it we've got ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one fuck yes all right take a second hands on the mat guys big toes together knees apart and drop your ass to your heels take a deep breath in maybe somewhere along this journey things will start becoming a little bit more obvious for you when I began it was I want to look good you know I want to look good naked I've got a vacation that I'm going on and what a matter of bikini and then as I went through my fitness journey I started to discover this like incredible person that I had no idea existed I always put myself down I always try to blend in and be like everyone else made a lot of bad decisions in my life and inside the gym I kind of found myself I found it as an opportunity to build some life skills that I was able to transfer over to my real life and now I'm here and I think that is possible for anyone if you put your mind to it so on that note get the fuck up tomorrow's mashup Saturday you absolutely destroyed her I know you look a little like this wipe that sweat off and I'll see you tomorrow great job you


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