good morning everyone welcome back to my series my orange journey I am grace today is the benchmark to May Day okay today is the mild benchmark I am here it is 4:40 I have to go in because I want to get a treadmill car even though I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon but I want to be sure I get the treadmill that I want and I get some stretching in and smarter and before class starts I had a goal to go six times this week and so far this is how it's going just a little update didn't make it to class this morning because today it's cow appreciation day so work was crazy so instead of six days it is now five but I'm going tomorrow but I'm here today that's only one day I still have today tomorrow Friday and possibly Sunday I don't know maybe somebody maybe not it just depends this Sunday I am also going to be spending some time with a coach in that video will be out next Thursday but while I am in here running this mile and crushing my goals hopefully I'm gonna go ahead and do some killer cruise shoutouts so take it away grace that was corny alright you guys let's get into some Keller crew shout outs so a couple of weeks ago I put out a question on my answer story I wanted you guys to tell me some of your most favorite non scale victories thus far in your fitness journey it does not have to be at Orange dairy just your fitness journey and so what I'm going to do now is I am going to blast them all over the screen and I'm gonna read through them and we are going to frickin celebrate together okay first one is from OTF addict which love love love for content she said I bought my first bikini in over ten years and girl I remember when you posted that picture and you look fabulous bring its if I had said my change in my mental strength I tell myself I wrote four thousand nine hundred and fifty meters I can do anything absolutely like that is one of the biggest things that has changed for me as well is up here jenna beam 17:17 said completing the dry try for sure yes girl that is also my favorite non scale victory uh Disney Sydney seventeen us this girl is so adorable I think she works at Disneyland um but she is just the cutest thing ever but she said baby gains no shame girl I'm still working on them booty gains I got no butt WW Sammer's my heart rate recovery time is insanely fast now that is something that I have noticed too that my heart rate recovers so much faster than new I first started Disney Sydney seventeen said again I have actual muscles in my arms now something I never thought was possible girl don't you just love you some OTF Selena grace I love that name she said running a mile for the first time in at least five years or maybe ever that is something to celebrate girl I cannot wait to talk to you about this first in which I'm sure if most of you are subscribed to my channel or whoever is watching this has probably heard of this person because she is amazing hashtag sad said being able to plank for one minute without stopping that is in and of itself a great non skillet victory because blows planks are hard but speaking of sab you guys y'all okay so if y'all are not following her which I'm pretty sure you probably already are but if you're not following her on Instagram you need to go over just stop what you're doing well finish this video first but then stop what you're doing and go follow her on Instagram and go subscribe to her youtube channel she is amazing she is hilarious she is real she is funny but anyway on her Instagram right now she is doing a 12 week giveaway it's called 12 weeks with SAP its hashtag 12 weeks of sad and basically you just go on your Instagram and whenever you post like anything that's like bettering yourself use the hashtag 12 weeks of SAP and every Sunday from now until I think she's in the middle of August it's like the first or second week of August she picks a winner and she gives you a customized water bottle so she asked me what colors I wanted and what I wanted it to say and so I chose three two one shut it down because that is my favorite quote from Orangetheory I love win coach says three two one shut it down toric said running a mile without stopping in under 11 minutes oh girl so that is actually the perfect one to put because when this video is out we have we would have done the mile benchmark two days ago but yesterday I'm filming this part of the video on Tuesday and then tomorrow Wednesday morning is the mile benchmark and so right now my goal is to get it under 11 minutes so we will see if I'm able to get in there 11 minutes in the next clip I guess which is weird to say because it hasn't happened yet so excited okay okay so last time we did the mile benchmark my time was 1116 and that in and of itself was a PR because my time before that was like close to 12 I think so I I was not in the right headspace this morning I really didn't think I was gonna beat it I thought at my best I would match 1116 I said but if I were to hit a PR I would want it to be 10 59 just right under 11 minutes you guys I don't know I don't know what is going on with me it's a good thing I hit 9 freaking 59 like I don't know how that happened that is way way faster than I thought I would ever do fastest mile I've ever run in my life because I'm just not I I'm not even gonna say this anymore I'm not gonna say I'm not a runner because I am now like like Andrew says like I am a fitness person and so I am NOT gonna say that anymore but I wasn't a runner before Orangetheory so yeah I'm just like incredibly incredibly pumped and proud of myself although now what I'm thinking is holy crap the next time we have to do this I really have to step it up look something I learned is that I think my base pace is a little too low and I think my pushes are a little too low so my push pace right now is 5 miles an hour but today I did 6 miles an hour for the whole thing I bumped up to 6.5 and then for the last point three of the miles I bumped up to seven thinking maybe I need to adjust my base in my pushes am i all outs palsy I don't know so heading into work now I'm in the parking lot I actually need to go in because I have to change I hope you guys enjoyed this video I just wanted to touch base and document how the mile benchmark went and then I wanted to shout all of you guys out because you guys are amazing the Keller crew is just growing and it's just full of support and encouragement and I'm just so grateful for all of you guys I'm proud of all of you guys even if you didn't go do the benchmark I'm still proud of you if you did the benchmark please comment below and let me know if you hit a PR and what it was and yeah I love you guys um I hope you have a great weekend don't forget to subscribe before you leave if you are a new visitor we put out we put out new videos every Friday what else it is on Friday I put out new videos every Thursday at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time all right guys keep burning


  1. Great work on your PR!! I knocked 20 seconds off my last time which felt awesome but I also felt like you did – now I have to WORK to be faster again next time 🙂

  2. Congrats on the PR. Try rolling out/extra stretching each night it will really help your hip. I did the benchmark it was a success I stuck to my plan and didn’t get injured (entire goal). I ran a 7:34 not a PR but an absolute win.

  3. Grace! Once again we are so freakin similar, it’s spooky! My goal was also to get under 11 (last PR 11:36) and I got 9:56! I’m so proud of us!!! I never EVER thought I would get under 10, still can’t believe it. Yay! 💪🏻🧡

  4. Awesome job!! Did the mile benchmark…it was my first one I got 8:05…wanted to be below 8, but now I have a goal! Great vid and kickass job!!!

  5. I was resting on bechmark day, but I PR'd on my last all-out today at 8.3 mph! not bad for a PW haha. so happy for you & the rest of the keller krew killin' it right now!!

  6. So dang proud of you, Grace!! 🧡🧡 I also got my PR on the mile benchmark and my emotions were all over the place like yours 😍

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