Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins

Our Dietary Guidelines are Based on Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins


  1. I REALLY Love this discussion. So much logic and results with real life applications. Also, love love love Ivor’s Irish accent (especially “tree times…tirty times…tings”)❤️ 😛…and ❤️ Irish KG butter and Cheese 😋. The changes will be “slow” (as you guys are saying) more for the sake of $$$ rather than for the sake of egos though. But, y’all already know THAT🥴

  2. I was able to find Dr. Kraft from Australia but nothing in his discovered 44 papers validated Ivor that I could find. Could you ask Ivor to provide a linkage to his reference sources? Question: What is one to do when the cardiologist refuses to provide a CAC blood test? How does one obtain one, I live between Houston and San Antonio. Do you know a cardiologist to call? Thanks Robert ([email protected])

  3. How can we pose the question to the medical establishment in such a way to open their minds in the face of catastrophic failure of public health after years of Heart and Diabetes Assoc guidelines. What are the statistics on the amount of deaths from these related diseases over the years because of the arrogant refusal to look at opposing research. They should be held responsible for gross mismanagement of public health; failure to put lives before profits and plain incompetence. Also how many Doctors and researchers careers have been ruined because of the powerful have suppressed the truth!
    Thank you for this valuable interview!!

  4. How come Docs like Kim Williams, macdougall, Barnard, Essylton etc…are against fats and in favor of carbs when all this recent research is indicating that fats are not the problem?

  5. I dont agree on eggs. I got heart problem after eating 4-5 eggs per day. I now eat up to 2 eggs per day. I actually felt great with more eggs, but stronger heartbeat is burdened heart.

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