over $400 worth of oodtfash *GIVEAWAY* | Diane Vanessa Fitness

over $400 worth of oodtfash *GIVEAWAY* | Diane Vanessa Fitness

love's welcome back to another video if you are new here my name is Diane and today I'm actually going to be reviewing a clothing company which I absolutely love it is called OCD fash I just love saying that name so they sent over a few PR packages in the past month and I just have it's mountain of clothes that I want to show you guys this clothing company is one of my absolute favorite like social media companies they are on Instagram and it's like an online boutique they have a few stores in California as well but I wanted to share them with you because I absolutely love it sorry if my lighting is getting weird it's like focusing in and out and it's just it's tripping me out but I wanted to tell you guys if you do plan on purchasing anything you can save 15% using my discount code and I'll leave it right here at San v15 and you can see some Queens but we're gonna get right into the video and I'm actually wearing one of their tops right now this is the Abbey top I believe but I'm gonna have to double check because I don't want to get any names wrong so I'm looking at my email right now just to make sure I get all the item names correct because I don't want to mess it up I don't want to let LC down I don't let anyone down so let me make sure that I have all the names correct I have been getting oh my gosh so I started working with them back in 2018 I remember when I got my first email from them I was so freaking excited because I've been following LC forever on YouTube and Instagram and then OTD fashion of course I've been following them and just to see them grow into this super successful company it's just it's been amazing it's very motivating LC is like a boss as girl and she deserves all the success and more but anyways I'm gonna go on and on so this is the Abbey top and this is like in a neon color I am also wearing some of the Bella high-waisted jeans these are amazing they're so stretchy I love that they're jeans are all pretty much super stretchy and they have these nice little rips in them and I'm wearing a size five I'm going to start off with some dresses and this is the tailor off the shoulder dress in red and black and I am wearing a size medium super stretchy super fitted they're just absolutely flattering to your body they accentuate your curves and this material specifically is like perfect for summer because I don't know if you can tell it's like very I don't even know what this is called but it's very fresh I just that's the best way I can describe it it's very fresh the next dress I have is the Tasha off shoulder dress which is in the color yellow and it's more of a mustard yellow which is my absolute favorite this dress I actually just wore and one of my latest Instagram posts I got a lot of compliments when I was wearing this dress I went to the mall wearing this and I got so many compliments I felt so cute dress is definitely like a summery vibe and I absolutely love it the material is a little different than the tailor dress if you can kind of see so next up is the Maddie floral dress and this is in the color yellow and I'm also wearing a medium in this this has little strings on the top or you can adjust the straps just so it's more fitted to you and your structure and this is what it looks like up close and the little designs it has little flowers super cute okay now I'm moving on to the top so I already showed you guys this Abbey top in the neon light green color and then they also have this brown color which is more like nude absolutely gorgeous I am a crop top type of person I love anything cropped I feel like it makes your body look more hourglass figure and who doesn't want that hourglass figure so some high-waisted jeans a cute crop top I feel like that's just the cutest outfit and that's always my go-to and next i have the britney off the shoulder top which is an orange black and it's giving me some like cgi Semites I absolutely love this shirt and the waste is scrunched up so it gives you that hourglass look again I want to go see I wore this to brunch and I got so many compliments and again every time I'm wearing something from OTT fash I get so many compliments that maybe it's because I'm usually in gym clothes and ya know so anytime yeah okay that makes sense anyways this is the Indiana tank button oh my god oh my god I thought that right it's called an Indiana tank button and this is in the color rust and I'm also wearing a medium in this I like the little straps that it comes with because you can't tie them around your waist make it nice and cute make it nice and tight and interesting so – who doesn't love a bodysuit so this is the JA Surrey off-white bodysuit and it has the scrunchie right here and it has the zipper going all the way down bodysuit so yes it's all the way that and then it's off the shoulder yeah so before I head into the Jean portion of this video I want to show you guys this jean jacket so cute the distress in the back so just it's just like that oversized kind of fit and it's just surprisingly this is one of my favorite parts about OTT fash is their jeans they are perfect if you have like those issues where you go try on jeans and it fits your butt perfectly but then the waist is like out there and it just doesn't fit your curves and all that these are amazing they're so stretchy and these are the Logan high-waisted jeans and I wear a size 5 again I told you guys I'm five six and I weigh around 154 SH you can just see the stretch in the it's like look at that stretchy if you are looking for a nice fitted stretchy Jean these are you guys right here so the Diane after trying on the jeans so the light blue jeans I would recommend sizing up in those they are a little more fitted the size 5 was just a little bit too tight I feel like maybe a size would be a lot more comfortable but anyways that's all I wanted to say about these jeans and these are the Toby high-waisted jeans they are more of a relaxed fit and they are as you can see a lot more stretchy than the other ones but I need to know they're pretty similar I feel like once you start wearing them more often they start molding more to your body so these are a little more stretched out I ask that bang I don't think so but although they are more of a relaxed fit they still are skinny jeans and I also wear a size 5 in these all the sizes are pretty consistent with everything I wear like all the dresses happen medium all the stops have been medium and all the jeans have been size 5 and last but not least I have the William black waisted jeans I actually haven't even tried these on as you can see they're still new I've been waiting to film this haul for you guys so that's why a lot of these things still have tags on it and now I'm excited I can play this right so these are also a size 5 and they have little tears in them which I absolutely love I love ripped jeans and I swear I always feel so attacked go ahead and like family and seeing family they're always like it would be you Jesus you're so funny uh-huh and then for the black jeans I recommend sticking true to size for those ones I am a size 5 and those fit perfectly I'm wearing them right now and they feel very stretchy like I can squat in them and Saric they're great so that's why I wanted to say here yeah that's gonna be the end of this hall I hope you guys enjoyed it I definitely have more pieces from OTD fashion in my closet but I just grabbed some of their newest stuff just in case you guys like some other older stuff and that's no longer available I don't want to do that to you guys so and if you do shop with OCD fash remember that my discount code is Diane v15 I don't make any Commission from it it's just a discount code for you guys so you can save some money if you order any of the outfits tag me on Instagram I want to go hype you up let me know any other companies that you guys want me to review try on etc the next one I'm gonna be doing is a workout clothing haul so stay on the lookout for that and if you have any questions please comment down below give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you like alright I'm gonna go ahead and end the video here I hope you guys and I will see you in the next one


  1. Love your outfits I’ve been wanting to order from them. The Indiana tank button has to be my favorite ❀️
    IG: g_teresaa

  2. I love the Karen Cropped Denim Jacket!! its so cute!! & girl were the same size!! πŸ˜€ My ig is @babyzulmaa

  3. I loved them all my absolute fav was the Indiana Tank Button & Karen cropped Jacket.I loved the Spencer jeans I would love to win & it’s definitely my size.Thank you for the opportunity to enter in a giveaway.My Instagram is Stephyniaa.

  4. Tasha off the shoulder dresss!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Love mustard yellow colors!!!!

    Ig: aselitortillas

  5. I loved the tasha dress on you. I actually just ordered mine too. I hope it fits as good 😍.

    Ig: diana.hernandez_

  6. Jeans giveaway details are mentioned in the video! Watch for a chance to win!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• winner will be chosen when we hit 100 likes!! πŸ™πŸΌ

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