1. 2 things
    Most products contain processed palm oil instead or red palm oil
    Does it say a product contains red palm oil on the back (aka where all those things where it says what it contains sugar this and that etc.)

  2. yeah but palm oil is in nutella too and it's way differed from this one. That oil in nutella is really reallyy badd and there's also the same in a lot junk food n yeah it's also called palm oil but not the same as this :v

  3. I wonder if Guthrie Group Limited still owned by British conglomerate, the so called palm oil activist won't spreading the propaganda about palm oil industry. Previously, Guthrie Group Limited was the largest rubber and oil palm producer based in Malaysia. Now, this largest plantation company was owned by Malaysian company and re-branded to Sime Darby Berhad after The London Dawn Raid 1981 launched by Dr Mahathir Mohamed and his team.

    Now, the European and American oil industry/companies spending money to influenced their users with false facts about the palm oil which is directly will be affecting the palm oil industry in Malaysia and Industry. I do not supporting the burning of rainforest by Indonesians company, but, to sabotage palm oil industry is not the right way. Just because some companies do not following the rules and the Indonesian government are very week to tracing or enforcing the laws.

  4. Most food product do not contain RED palm oil but ordinary processed palm oil, which does not have the health benefits, it is only cheap….
    Furthemore it contains extreme doses of saturated fats, far more than any oter type of cooking oil.

  5. stop buying palm oil from Indonesia and India(biggest Indonesia palm oil buyer). Indonesia is now top 3 world air polluter by burn and slash their forest for palm oil land.

  6. Carotenoids are in carrots too.. sweet poatoes, red peppers, and most red/ orange vegetables which most people don't consume enough of.

  7. Palm oil is a healthy oil, but the European oil industry is spending a lot of money to sabotage palm oil industry. The European vegetable oils such as sunflower, corn, canola, are low yield crop oils. Palm oil plantations produce 10x more oil than all the European vegetable oils, so the European oil industry wants to put a stop to palm oil. What do they do? 1. They fund the Environmental Groups and activists to say the rainforest and orangutans are dying "all because of palm oil". But in actuality there are many other factors to deforestation such as construction, farming, development, timber trade, etc. But they only blame palm oil. 2. The European oil industry tries to boycott palm oil by forcing manufacturers such as Nestle and P&G to stop using palm oil. 3. The latest accusation is that palm oil "the evil industry" is using child labour. Untrue. Not all palm oil plantations use child labour. In Indonesia, the people are so poor and often the family needs the children to help out in easy tasks part time such as sweep the leaves, collect some loose fruits. But only in small percentage of cases. You can't ban palm oil just because a small percentage use child labour, you might as well ban Nike and Adidas shoes and Iphones. 4. The Europeans are now forcing big banks to stop funding planters who are in the palm oil business, unless the planters join a "Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil" controlled by the Europeans. Yeah very smart, after they join, you Europeans control the palm oil industry for your own profit.

  8. There is no oil that is nutritionally healthy for you in comparison to natural vegetables, meats, grains, seeds and fruit. Despite the obvious infomercial-like false persuasion techniques used in this infographic, the damage that unsustainable Palm Oil is having on the environment and the ecological system is so dire that it will harm human and every other animals health far more in the long term, than the benefits they may get from some false added nutrition that your body doesn't even need, because the human body can only take in a small amount of these nutrients, which are in many other alternatives! 🙂

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