[Part 2/2] Vidcon 2019 Panel – Tackling Mental Health Online ft. Daniel Howell

[Part 2/2] Vidcon 2019 Panel - Tackling Mental Health Online ft. Daniel Howell

yeah I was like my first discovery like like I had attracted to girls – I think of it so I remember that's that's the first time I experienced that friendship I was I try every night I was so I was so scared I just remember crying or anything like I just made life so much harder and he was sad about that in my hometown so it's so like it's just letting everybody know that we need to talk about it like oh that person's by and so that's one thing and I was very scared and I actually came out I think my family and friends new video and something I learned early on I wanted it to know before everyone else but I was too scared and so I yeah the video that they comes out don't even like that and so it was I mean everybody weighed like monetizable pain because because of this product in social media when was that label themselves and their strength No we say a few a pick up what we need is it queer your by your command and it's just one yeah but like that's the buddy right is that like being what a brute immunity is empowering but can also be in traffic if you feel that you want to say Camille I talk about what was the one issue on the back you made this video I'm a journalist right was such a huge one with this lady yoga today we are in 2014-15 just being half of what I made this time but then when you know side to side like Ted right it's suddenly on the spoon where I was like well what the hell do I feel anymore I go on Twitter and Tumblr and C equals hog dating site specifically about all these labels ate so much more stressful where I was like oh my god I just want to come out something so it's not this way to seek random order that help with stress so if we don't want to have this feeling like I was like fine line between saying like helpful people I'm talking about we talk about depression or anxiety you don't stress people out what do you talk about experience in the sexuality I felt like my to be really technical not making a story too sad or stressful but you still want to give people however this is you're asking about you know your audience and talking about this my big thing was I don't want to whitewash what happened today just like every time you got me I thought I had so much to explain I really just like to tell like the whole Richie's real story of my life but I was worried like I don't want to scare it off okay like good maybe come out your life it becomes a million times better but at the same time I want to lie I don't want to feel our things didn't go perfectly for me it's like everyone's life is a mess literally everybody's life is a mess it's not just you it's fine [Applause] [Laughter] aspiring free as my audience Oh two careers and the audience or when inserting the channel content probably balancer that about starting out to do that especially with you to Nate's today and maybe not I say they don't establish like a level you have to be act or like a factor only I've got so many followers you see does this thing they really like to hang that that's where it's like your elastic 29,000 percent less for this video we consistently others like it let's just play a little crazy no one only get to make that so I mean doing a huge joint and it starts to work out and start to grow an audience are live and find a happiness in that and find a nice like an outlet to communicate without is something that you need what it is just about for you if you feel like go ahead and do that but it don't set like a standard for yourself before you can start because it's just been oppression I was because the thing is where you should be terrifying police at what's you don't really there's gonna be a case that will work that will help robotics but can also quite advertising mental house and so I feel like you know it's just going to be thinking that I know what works best for you and you know see what your but it isn't obviously like I have either or less it took us a while to know what these are so I think there's going to be a bit of the time but just finding out what your darkness is don't they I guess I would say focus on the creation not the distribution yeah I think like at the end of the day the priority is just do what you want to do was he not that don't like look force to do something fresh surely what do other people want to do like me if you're a creative person make what you want to make make it when you want to make it however you want to make it because if you compromise anything to try to achieve something okay final break banks it's like it's like it's up to you you know it's it and just in life generally we all choose how hard you work what we sacrifice to do that and then at what point just need to take a break after yourself and do what's right for you so just I'd say always do something because you love it and then just always just remind yourself where you're at and try not to work yourself into a corner make sure that dr. something you want to do because I I know that always needs the pull of the study because their number one job that kids are saying in school but I also see a lot of youtubers who say I don't know so it looks like what a lot of people are looking for right now is actually paying attention as opposed to the career that is equal to verb which is the public scrutiny Sardarji alphabetic constant public scrutiny working 24 hour days not taking opportunities to be do you have something that I actually want to contribute or is this just a before Hawkins because unfortunately we did society in 2019 and it's finally not going anywhere where we all that's what you want to be seen and we're told that you are watched by your value as a person by the number of Instagram likes to get and that is not true so if you're only doing your duty because percent if you think your worth is identified by what we're doing on YouTube I would say don't do it do it again not something you want to create that's the drug share and because you believe that you can contribute to the world [Applause] lady said like the Lexington area cool it's cool eh I was on YouTube actively making videos in high school and throughout parts of middle school and high school nice work high school so so it was like oh whatever and I'm 30,000 more followers Federer though I just it tells me but if anybody get out what's not worth it like I've been for years with ton of followers and now on social media and I feel more loved actually for social we have most loved and I'm happy that are a bit or do you don't care and you shouldn't be around people that care about that stuff you just be yourself try to separate yourself as a performer and just example like don't tie your self-worth to social media it's a big thing and like but this is just the biggest creators and performers of celebrities literally everyone in this room has a Twitter or Instagram or something I just think it does to us it's just like singing the amount that it affects our mental health I'd be quite interested actually to I walk social media buckle even stresses you out the most say it's roundabout but it's so interesting like the Instagram as a whole a spectrum look at all these beautiful but met people with that pipeline and they're such fun things that they look so great like politicians well comedians so I can wonder the world is on fire also I think it's very tiring about YouTube creators who want to be youtubers and welcome to hers see that's was because I freaked out about Miss America it's my job you guys it's just constant comparisons then everybody's you know because this creative is given to perfection that's why I like I enjoy the kind of voice of my creativity like my whole comedy is just is every flow that I have the joy because I did it pretty so important and this is just the conversation about mental health it's don't over time if you talk about other abilities people will actually like that because it's so refreshing for someone else to just say I'm having a bad day this is stressing me out this is making action I thought that there was no solution we have my entire adolescence I'm so happy that party invites the friends houses never had lights and never seen those invited who wasn't I'm so so grateful for that and so the idea that you've got fit to live her life without sharing her life experience is true the toxic historically you look at art art reflects the moon attitude energy of the so that we as people that agreed the new wave of art in our generation are having nervous breakdowns or executing it do not follow those steps why do that yeah you know I think if you don't need to value your worth by the numbers and matter how many times to drive that home in society are all starting to that one where's my plumbers really hope I hope that one works I really do [Applause] we can we're fine with that were you during a time when you're struggling why what it must be like what do they do let me help you through it and but I still I 28 years old or 27 years old who is my best side in the world which is always there for me but this is a good example of it's really lovely to ask all the time are you okay and don't comply because my best time in the world never asked me that and I find these I came into her some time I hear what I said like a retreat or something she was like oh we watch when I don't oh you're right okay and from that moment like she's always a great brain but it was sort of like she had planned it's not no it was effectively certainly because to her it was just like also like about I played whatever and then I'd be like me nobody cares about me that's how I was feeling playing so because I opened up to her like super vulnerable and really let her go not even defined she was like this is not the time I got the tax issues like what are you doing with in hockey and she was there for me like stuck like glue to my side and that is what pulls me out of my hole is the moment I finally when it buzzes tomorrow could be the Sunday you waiting for for me what I'm going to do that whole mental breakdown thing burnout last year it's very like YouTube related and sometimes the benefits I hope to understand and so it was not that they were looking down means more like we didn't know how to help and so I had my friend Oggy she's out on Turkey on the following I understand that she was so worried but like always 100 tears ready to put it in here round people were pity and so I forgot to end it is the gobo retreat and hung out with her and her perfect they're almost identities that machine how people understand and like are able to empathize other than Supervisors yes it was really nice to kind of the stuff out she stuck with me noble monitor that was like honestly the best [Applause] it's like I think you need to just you know yourself as well and you start to kind of like look at different scenarios or just a step back first I didn't like and I just kinda like going through life on autopilot like look at like I really what how has it been going for me so that you can come over to the last year or so how you're doing because you can't always rely on someone that asks you and if you are someone who does like great this great thing to do and all of my friends my friends are always checking on each other but it really took for my fans really like dig in and really start doing as much as they could for me to just tell them and that's what you kind of like start applying you know that support but it's important underlying to just start Tigers Tigers help be nice to do so and then take notes really really this is how much tell us about this because it is important if you're someone that doesn't know honey tell people how to ask the questions so if someone says to me hungry at the end I'm like fine yeah but it says what are you thinking about I'm like I think you can answer really terrible those meetings are like different things to different people and so once you know what opens up your door communication you can take that miss information to give it to someone that you love and say hey this is what I need you to ask when to check in with me like there's so many moments where real life might not provide to you the kind of people I had when I was a teenager I was like I literally thought about in the universe I had my standing we heard speak it or reject it up like heavy air or whatever but it's just I think we're at the time I couldn't understand the impacts or just how important it was to be like none of you pressure on you but like all the people that he might be someone's pressure a lifeline but just I think that makes me feel less alone talk to the baby like me this one girl and we were like I just added or myspace know each other in the same country but it's like a little bit human contact a little bit of a piece of I feel I don't know you know my girlfriend like I asked for multiple times but like person has a different way to communicate I think just from the office inside telling someone – question easy he has like I waited I check looks like a right way of saying just like so you go but just make sure that like both sides of communication there okay those conversations are easier to have when you're not in the moment they ought to drive down me I can say we're talking down and I was might've really like in my head before this stuff and I'm just like silent driving and she's like he's tense and for me summer declaring how I feel shuts me out no way I'm talking about that after when I'm out of that moment had to be like him a lot I don't know what if I'm alone I think sometimes people on the waiting school you can get it if you say like how I'm going to talk quite not quite that some kinds of slice we all get in a bad mood I think your friend is sometimes accepting some reason beside someone could act like they don't ready to be helped but still that when they're ready I think she said she's like oh I want to get angry when you feel like this and then I get to say I don't know how I let you there I don't know what to do I'm very learning that to myself you know that's that's the mutation which is the goal yeah typing on your friends I think is what we're all dying to Italy you could do it online you could do that person via tax if you are looking for text but a necessity awkward org or what bucks can be awkward on Instagram in question from the audience Danny I understand you know what's hot compare yourself to everyone – I think just kind of place for you and like your wonderful partisan I was like it's special and like you want to change that or beat battle it's just being so keeping yourself yeah you're selfish you're trying your best you know and just you know yourself but I think they'll start to come more naturally by yourself at all when I farted feelings that Oh it was coming from the back that changes but five out of every day when I was literally Opie boat was there when I was the gym there's nothing else I'm wearing rocket separate myself in that time so take care of yourself take a break watch TV we can take the back self-care is actually so important in respect what you're saying as well it's so much about Mike just accepting who you are kasumi I was a silent awkward teenager in so many situations and I've become more confident and a lot of that has just been to let go all these pressures this thing acting as such way bike wasn't so I realized what so these negative feelings I carry it with me when I was younger when things that would actually involve the roles of my life there were these expectations that I was getting caught in social media in the world and people at school and I was like a little bit that's to know me I am this person Hey actually I'm gonna play with the question I am I don't report is I don't exchange to these things so when you look yourself a confidence is a lie but whatever you can figure out what it takes for you to go home today we're out it's like deadlifting we should allowing yourself to take hearing you know [Applause] security [Applause]


  1. I didn't think I would watch this whole thing but I did because everything they said was so important and interesting.
    thank you for uploading tho

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