Pelvic Floor Release Stretches | FemFusion Fitness

Pelvic Floor Release Stretches | FemFusion Fitness

hi I'm doctor breed doctor physical therapy and I have a great pelvic tension release stretching series for you today you are going to love this if you have tension your malthus pain in your pelvic area if you feel like you have any problems or difficulty urinating emptying your bladder completely sometimes that can be due to tension that you're holding in your pelvis sometimes you may experience pain during sex sometimes you may experience just a chronic feeling of tightness in the pelvic area it's been referred to as a headache in the pelvis and this is something that really means a lot to me as it's a condition that I treated many patients with when I was working in the clinical setting as a physical therapist and I've had some people email me about it recently so I thought it's time to make a video now I wanted to share one quick thing and that is that this is not just for women alone this is an issue that men can deal with too so whether you are male or female or you know someone who deals with this share this flow with them let's get started now I have two yoga mats today just for my comfort so this is all about being comfortable and relaxed so if two yoga mats feels better awesome I also have two yoga blocks if you don't have yoga blocks you can use a really firm little pillows that works but yoga blocks are ideal I also have another rolled up yoga mat but you can use a folded blanket as well carefully come to your side and then down and the first thing we're going to start with is just a very gentle relaxed breathing exercise so what I want you to feel like is that you're breathing deep into your pelvic floor as you breathe in breathe down into your pelvic floor let everything expand all the way around 360 degrees around into your back down into your pelvic floor into your belly just let everything all with air and then exhale all that air comes out so keep doing that and I want to show you that a really nice way to relax into this is to let your legs flop apart if you feel like you have pelvic tension and this is a problem for you this is going to potentially be hard and so you might want to use pillows under your knees or you can use yoga locks if you can get down that low you can play with the height you can tell my yoga blocks are pretty beat up it's time for a new pair of yoga blocks but you can just play with something that feels very supportive for you you want to feel really just like ah totally relaxed and even though you might feel like oh I don't want to take the time to go get my yoga blocks or to go get my pillows or props I can promise you when you get them and when you feel how supportive they feel and how released they make you feel you're going to want to do it every time so don't skip this part so keep breathing with that D belly breathing where you inhale and let everything expand 360 degrees around down everything is expanding and as you exhale everything comes in and up again inhale down expand and exhale out I like to count even numbers so maybe five counts inhale and then five counts exhale I'd like you to count in your head now five counts inhale five counts exhale and I'm going to share with you just one little tip that might really illustrate to you how this should feel and this hopefully doesn't offend anybody but if you think about breathing down into your lady bits or if you think about if you're a male breathing down into your testicle area think about that feeling we want to really be breathing down deep down low and then sailing it all comes out it really can help to think of the B Anatomy that we are breathing into so let's do one more breath in and out so inhale for five four three two one and then exhale five four three two one let it go alright so remove the blocks or the pillows and grab your knees and you're just going to roll out your hip joints so stirring the pot is what I'd like to call this it's like you're stirring a big vat of chocolate or something fabulous with your legs as stirring sticks so use your arms to make this movement happen the legs are just kind of going along for the ride this should feel really relaxed and not like a stress or a strain go the other way just breathing steadily and treat yourself to this take your just take this time for yourself and treat yourself take it slow and easy this is not a workout this is a release session a session to release and let go all right you're going to grab the inner ankles let's go around to your outer ankles on both sides grab and hold shift your shoulders walk your shoulder blades under you and just hold on to those inner through the inner ankles hold onto the outer ankles actually hold on right here and flop your knees apart this is called frog stretch I really relax into this all of these exercises like these stretches might take some time to get the hang of but once you get the hang of them you're just going to love the waiting you'll breathe deeply slow and easy and think of opening that pelvic floor area the muscles at the base of your promise thing of opening and releasing now either stay in this position this frob stretch or if you are familiar with yoga and know the happy baby pose you can just walk your hands up a little bit on the outside of your foot on both sides and just hold your feet up like this think about pressing pulling your knees down toward the ground and lays it in your tailbone down so your tailbone is pressing toward the ground down low and your knees are coming down toward your yoga mat on both sides in this happy baby pose you can play a little bit you can rock side to side if that feels good to you or not just close your eyes and let it go deep breaths one more deep breath and then release your feet hug the knees to the chest and put your feet down now you're going to bring your right leg so that your foot is right on top of your thigh just this way of your knee so you're going to leave it right there you're going to press out and for some people this is going to be a nice stretch in the inner thigh area and also you're going to feel it on the outer hip so just press out now we're not going to stop here we're going to make a nice twist of this that's going to really stretch all along the outside of this of this hip so you're going to take this foot this flat foot and you're going to come down toward the ground so that the foot is then on the ground shift yourself around a little bit and use I'm using my left hand to press against the inside of my right knee and a right not on my knee joint but on my inner thigh pressing outward you can have this right arm out to the side and you can look toward that right hand or you can look toward that right knee and you should feel this right along the outside of your hip and waist your low back and also your inner thigh now if you don't feel it play with shifting your bottom leg the leg on the ground bringing it upward and then pressing a little bit more out with your hand against that inner thigh area just deep breaths again you should feel this right in that deep in that hip joint right in here deep in there feel it also in your inner thigh your outer hip maybe even your low back and breathe deeply remember to do the belly rest where you are really inhaling letting everything expand 360 degrees and then as you exhale your belly gently pulls in and lift one more deep breath and release really carefully bring that knee up and the other knee up and we are going to roll like a book so you're going to roll to one side and then open like a book and roll to the other side this is a nice back massage and it's also opening up the inner thigh and pelvic floor area this rock a few more times back and forth and I actually describe some of these exact same exercises in my book called lady beds which is available on you might have seen these moves they're really nice exercises to do to just relax and release the pelvic floor alright let's do the other side so feet down shift yourself up so that you're centered again and now we cross the left leg so that foot is just this way of the knee you are pressing out and just feel that stretch to get started for some people you won't feel much here and that's okay because we're going to go into our twist so you're going to come on down again this flat foot is going to touch the floor and be flat on the floor so flat foot on the floor there's the twist now we can play with the angle here for me I like to be a little bit higher so I'm going to move my legs just a little bit higher and the key is to press against that inner thigh and outward right here you're going to feel that all along the outer hip deep in the joint feel so good deep belly rest keep breathing deeply just think you were releasing the pelvic floor and all the muscles that surround the pelvis so the outer hip area the inner thighs the back so good for you if you're having any pain any tension any problems with your bladder health your bowel health sexual health you might very well need this one more deep breath and then unwind yourself bring that knee up carefully carefully always carefully wrap yourself a few times bring both feet down and this time instead of opening like a book we're going to windshield wiper the legs so my feet are as wide as the yoga mat and we just drop one knee and then the other and take it as slow as you'd like take it as low as you might really get that knee down but don't go so far and push so hard that you're tweaking anything you don't want your knees to feel twiki and you don't want your back to feel twiki and yes I'm pretty sure TWiki is an official anatomical term but not really but you know what I mean I'm sure so relaxed on the top and relaxed on the bottom too but pushing it just a little bit push the envelope just a little bit then not too far not to the point of TWiki all right one more on each side it feels so good hold on to the legs rock it a few times and we're going to roll like a ball roll like a ball nice back massage and then come up into a butterfly stretch so you're going to potentially if your hips are very tight you can be sitting up on a rolled yoga mat or a folded blanket that just helps decrease the angle right here at your hips it props you up it's going to be better if your hips are tight so you can do this butterfly stretch seated on a roll yoga mat or folded blanket but I will do it without you're going to put your feet together you're going to open them up just a little bit and you don't have to have your feet particularly supersuit clothes just be comfortable sit up tall so not round me not punchy sit up nice and tall and feet are open slightly and you exhale come forward just be straight as straight as you can from your lower back hinging from your hips but you can go ahead and let your upper back round the key here is to breathe deeply just like before breathe down into your pelvic floor and think about breathing also expanding into your low back again expanding 360 degrees around into your low back and your pelvic floor as you breathe in and then releasing and lifting as you exhale so as you inhale you expand as you exhale you release go ahead and come on up and our last move is just a really nice hamstring stretch so I want everyone even if you're not particularly tight through the hamstrings I want you to put a rolled-up yoga mat or blanket underneath your knees so this is a nice release of the entire back of the legs back of the back even the whole back side so you are going to pull the fleshy part of your bottom back actually use your hands and physically pull your seat back and what you're doing is separating the flesh of your butt cheeks separating that and you're also pulling the sense bones that is Sheol tuberosities the sit bones kind of apart this allows space and allows you to get a better stretch and it just allows for safety tool so you want to really feel this along the back of your legs your hamstrings and your low back in a good way never a bad way so I'm going to show you from a slight angle here just for the best view pulling the flesh back separating the sit bones just a little bit you might want even more of a bend in your knees especially if you're tight you're going to want to have any two yoga mats or doesn't a blanket and in this position feet are close not too far apart you don't have to be touching but they're close hip distance apart we're going to use a yoga block or two you can play with the position of the yoga blocks maybe even put them on your mat but you're going to rest your head on the blocks so your knees are slightly bent and you're just going to lift up inhale and then exhale tail rest your head on the blocks again this is where you're going to need to play a little bit and I want you to feel like you are just easily in this position there's nothing holding on no tension no strain take another deep breath and we're not done but I want you to play with your positioning one more time so inhale straighten from your low back way down here straighten play with your positioning so you felt what you needed now just anything you need to adjust straightening from your little bag and as you exhale fall forward again again your forehead should be resting on the blocks or maybe pillows or a bolster should be very ly releasing and restful this position take some more deep breaths and just release feel the tension in the backs of your legs and your spine area unwinding breathe deeply feel the area between your sits bones widening the area of your pelvic pelvic floor your pelvis widening and opening all the tension just melting away even the back of your neck is releasing from your head all the way down to your tail you're just releasing and letting go we're going to do three more breaths so if you need to adjust your positioning again go for it for me I adjusted my block set up so that it's now off of my yoga mat and just on the floor as I release into the pose I feel more flexible and I'm able to go farther into it so three more deep breaths I'm finish up and then very carefully lift your head lock yourself up walk your hands up your legs bend your knees and end with a little windshield wipers seated one knee down and then the other knee down just go your own pace and keep going you can finish up with any of the stretches that we just did if you feel like you want another frog stretch or if you want another one of those nice twists that we did that's a wonderful way to end and I hope you really enjoyed and feel great activist pelvic released stretching series you should feel open relaxed and connected and remember that pelvic floor issues are not just for women men can have them too I was really touched by an email that I received from a young man in his early 20s who has significant pelvic floor tension issues and he was actually nervous to seek help from a pelvic floor physical therapist which is also known as a women's health physical therapist because they do tend to primarily treat women but that is it's it's something that I told him when I was in clinical practice I saw men and young women men and women can need help with this issue so if you are a male and you have issues with your pelvic floor that makes it difficult for you to urinate makes you have some sexual difficulties makes you have just pain and tension in your pelvic area there is help look for a pelvic floor physical therapist look for a second opinion if you're just getting a prescription for muscle relaxants there are other things that can be helpful for you and definitely do this routine as a great place to start as long as nothing was painful for you it's a great way to open up that area laughs the area start working with this area to release it and connect with it and know how to let it go so thanks for watching and as always remember eat green move every day and you will shine brighter you can check out more on my website then you should fitness comm be sure to check out my book lady bits available on and I have some great courses and ways to connect with me further on my site again check it out then you should fit this and we'll see you next time bye


  1. Do a video on Pundenal Neuralgia and Clitorodynia.

    Go to Pundenal Neuralgia Hope group on Facebook to get information on how people is suffering with this.

    This caused flares.

  2. I was told I by my gynae that I have knots of tension in my pelvic floor and it's very tight and over active pelvic floor, is this exercise good for that issue? Thank you.

  3. I am a healthy male in my early 50s, and developed a tight pelvic condition, related to my prostate. My urologist diagnosed my condition to be related to a tightness in my bladder neck, and recommended that I try to find a pt that can help me relax my pelvic floor muscle. I found your video, and started to incorporate your exercises into my daily stretches, and have started to get some relief from the tightness within 2 weeks. Thank you for making this video, and hope that other men can find this, and get some relief. So grateful! Jeff

  4. I love thinking about stirring chocolate as my legs as the sticks. <3 Not only am I getting my body in a better space but my mind as well.

  5. Thank you!, never really understood how to perform pelvic floor exercises but this video gave clear instructions which were easy to follow. Hoping to memorize the movements a bit because kept finding myself glancing over at phone to make sure I was getting movements right. I got recommended to try pelvic floor exercises to fix ed issues I've been having, so really got my fingers crossed that this will work 🙂 (Male in my early 20's) So easy to feel alone in situations like this

  6. This is a very good demonstration for people with problems I applaud for the young lady's effort to make and upload this video. Also the world of meditation is truly amazing it can even revitalize a person's energy beyond an extent. Due to a meditator that taught the people on how to practice yoga he was able to help many people on different certain of places. Unfortunately I have forgotten what his name was but he was one of the enlightened conscious people in this world a guru.

  7. I really loved this it was super relaxing but sadly as soon as I stopped the pain just came back I'm not sure what I'm dealing with at this point I'm confused.., I can feel pain like I'm holding my bladder and in my rectum it just started out of nowhere it feels awful

  8. I'm so glad I've found your video ! I've been suffering with pain and irritation in the ladies bits since Christmas, been checked out for cystisis, urethritis, had three lots of antibiotics and no joy, and definitely none of the accompanying symptoms. Had internal and external exams, three ultra sounds and a back examination and have been told it is nothing to worry about! Have spent hours on internet reading different things and more and more am convinced it is some sort of nerve pain troubling me, esp as the only relief I get is from the use of a hot water bottle or an ice pack wrapped in a towel and from a mild sedative taken daily. My house is so full of meds I could open my own chemist shop! Am awaiting recent test from Urologist, no joy and I will be embarking on your excersises asap!

  9. Thank you so much….
    I was facing the problem of bladder infection and lower abdominal pain…..
    But when I did this exercise I felt so good…..
    Now there's no infection and any kind of pain….

  10. Thank you, Iv been popping pain meds for years now, but came across something online which led me to YouTube exercise n picked your video. Iv only done it once but it felt so good and got up feeling less tight. Will do a week of these then add on core strengthening exercises. Thank you.

  11. I have grade 2 prolapse. Currently seeing a PT. I have a tight pelvic floor. Can I do too much relaxing of the pelvic floor? Thank you so much. You are a bright light in this horrible journey I’m on.

  12. Hi! I'm a 25 yrs old male, who everyday straining on the toilet. Can this exercise help me beat anismus if I do them once per day?

  13. Im not sure if my issue is the Pelvic Floor. But i can tell you that after having INSANE amounts of stress and tension in all my muces for 2 years , I developed this muscle tension issue where it feels its taking place in my penis and under the my testes. I can feel muscle that wont relax like it use to , and i think it came about from stress. I’ve tried exercise, saunas, cold showers. but it hasnt gotten that much better. Sometimes after i pee and i squeeze my legs together i can feel a slight uncomfortable feeling like not all of the urine came out , assuming its because of the tightness and tension. I went to multiple urologists and doctors and they said everything is healthy, I was wandering if anyone has any idea what his could be , or any tips or advice to help. Im going to try all these stretches here on youtube and see how it goes. But again. No relief from exercise and relaxing methods. If anyone can relate or has/ had this issue, or have any idea what it is from, please contact me . comment or email me at [email protected] This matter is a bit private and uncomfortable to talk about but at this point i dont care lol. i just want to know to help it

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